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Lila & David Tresemer

Illuminated Relationships


Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing, a Divine Channel and light transmitter of Accelerated Light Healing

Kristen Alexander

Energetic Healer, Intuitive, Medium, Yogi, Spiritual Teacher and Light-worker

Lori Spagna

Spiritual Teacher, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Visionary

Easter Alexander

Empathic shaman, Acupressurist

Kasey & Brad Wallis

Conduits for an advanced intelligence named Julius who offers messages of empowerment for an enlightened humanity.

DaKara Kies

Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing, a Divine Channel and light transmitter of Accelerated Light Healing

Anyaa Lightheart

Clearing timelines through the Akashic Records

Dr Jenn Royster

Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Intuitive Artist, Host of The Jenn Royster Show

JoAnne Palladino

Channels “Shmaya” The Beings of Light, Channels the high frequency of Light Language, Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive and a seasoned holistic health care practitioner

Ana La Rai

Divine Planetary Liaison, Teacher, Healer, Emissary of Love, and Universal Channel for many Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousnesses, Whales, Galactics and Light Beings

Christina Marlett

International Speaker, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Master Facilitator, Self-Care Coach and Host

Kimberly Crowe

Everyday Mystic and known as “The Healers’ Healer.”

Dr Michael Smith

Intuitive Empath Coach, Author

Moira Shepard

Transformational Teacher, International Abundance Expert, Author

Amy Flynn

Channeler of The Collective, Facilitator of Divine connection and Transformation, Multidimensional energy healer and Multisensory intuitive

iKE Allen

Internationally Sought after Speaker, Seminar Leader, Enlightenment Coach, and the founder of AVAIYA

Gaylene Popovski

Dynamic Empowerment Creator: Powerful brainwave entrainment, deletions, and healing energy that can change you life

Prageet and Julieanne

The Stargate Experience: Interdimensional doorway that facilitates healing, DNA reactivation and the awareness of one’s Quantum Self

Werner Brandmaier

Researcher of subtle earth energy fields and a Gifted Diviner

Katherine Parker

Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Healer, Author and Visionary Founder of Resonance Alchemy

Sarah-Jane Farrell

Integrative Functional and Alternative Health Practitioner, Multi Sensory Forensic Medical Intuitive and Therapeutic Coach

Miriam Katz

Shamanic Coach and Master Healer

Patricia Cota-Robles

Internationally Known Teacher, and Cofounder and President of the Nonprofit, Educational Organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

Angelica Rose

Angel Walk-in, Universal gifted Angel Messenger, Medium, Inner Spirit Activation Specialist since 1991, Author

Scott Smith

Energy Worker, Alchemist, Master of the Core of Being, and Modern Day Mystic

Cindy Mazzaferro

Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Energy Healer, Intuitive

Deb Regan

Certified Intuitive Strategist, Holistic Life coach, specializing in vibrational transformation and empowerment of People and Spaces

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Amy Flynn

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Kristen Alexander

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Sarah-Jane Farrell

Connect in with Your Healing Light

Dear Moncef, I cannot begin to tell you, how fortunate I feel to have found your wonderful show. I’ve been going through so many changes in every area of my life, I can openly say it’s been a rough ride. With changes came stress and health challenges too. Last year was absolutely painful with no job and no money. I felt I have nobody to turn to for support, I felt lonely and uninspired. This is when I stumbled upon your show, and the new door opened up for me.

You have created true soul community with many extraordinary guests sharing their wisdom and healing with everybody. I felt truly blessed, because this is what I needed the most. I learned so much and experienced healing every time I could listen in. I believe nothing is an accident and while I was in desperate need of help with my life, I was guided to find you. Every one of your guests surprised me with direct or often indirect messages. I went through many aha-moments and plenty of tears. I now understand, I needed to release so much, and I am grateful to your community for all the help that I have received. This experience changed my life and supported my heart.

I consider “Your Divine Uniqueness” my soul family where sharing is a part of true healing. Precious connection.

Dear Moncef, thank you for creating this sacred place for all who seek.

Many blessings,


Vancouver, Canada

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