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Channeler of The Collective, Facilitator of Divine connection and Transformation, Multidimensional energy healer and Multisensory intuitive

Be all that you are
Do all your heart asks
Have all that you desire

Amy Flynn is a Facilitator of Consciousness, Change and Transformation.  It is her passion to “awaken the world” to their connection with Source and access the infinite, abundant, powerful and all knowing aspects of themselves.  Embodying a loving energy and spreading instant joy with the energy she radiates, Amy quickly shifts clients into a higher vibration of love to awaken them to remember who they really are.  Partnering with The Collective, channeled nonphysical Source Consciousness, Amy makes the esoteric and profound accessible.  During this time of Evolutionary Shift Amy and The Collective are committed to lovingly support humanity in raising their frequency and consciousness.

When you work with Amy’s programs, you’ll receive a double bonus!  All Amy’s programs are infused with a very High Frequency Multidimensional Energy that clears you, balances your energy and uplifts and aligns your vibrational frequency as you listen.  You will be empowered to engage joyfully and powerfully with Life so you may experience a stream of success with ease and joy.

“The Collective and I  are committed to guiding you into the highest expression of your Self and the  experience of your Unlimited Abundance.  We are committed to lovingly supporting you in raising your frequency and consciousness allowing you to create the life you dream of.”

What if it only took a few shifts in your vibration to allow you to open up the flow of all the abundance you have been asking for?  What if doing so was fun and easy and felt amazing? It can be! You’ve already created it vibrationally and the only thing standing between you and your living a life filled with all that goodness is your vibrational alignment. Your life is supposed to be fun and filled with abundance, love, ease and bliss!

Now is the time to fully discover the power and Divine Love within you!  It’s the time for you to be the Divine Human that you came here to be and make the difference you came here to make!

The programs in this Special Offer are designed to effortlessly shift your vibration into alignment with your knowing yourself ➖ through direct experience ➖ as Source Energy and opening the flow of your Unlimited Abundance so that the magnificent life you want to experience begins to be your reality.

As you interact with these programs you will feel your joy increasing, stress dissolving and your sense of worthiness increasing. As new cellular memories are created with the powerful altered state guided meditations, you’ll find yourself waking up happier, feeling more fulfilled, less stressed, being creatively inspired and experiencing more love and abundance in every moment. Wonderful things begin to show as your vibration shifts.

Amy’s programs have been used by hundreds of people to successfully shift their vibration and their life.

All of the programs in this package are fully channeled with The Collective and intentionally designed to shift your vibration through love, teaching, inspiration and beautiful experiential journeys.


Programs, Meditations, Energy Transmissions and Sessions with Amy & The Collective


PACKAGE A + 30 minute Personal Energy Surgery & Frequency Sequencing Session with Amy

Package A

Crystalline Grid Connection
(Living Love)

25 minute altered state guided meditation

Experience yourself as Living Love in this beautiful powerful guided meditation with The Collective

“You are now standing on the threshold a new way of being, you are being Living Love. You are becoming fully conscious of being Source expressed into form with the full knowledge of your Divinity while creating in the world of form. It is a very exciting time for Earth and her inhabitants.”

~ The Collective

This unique and special meditative process connects you with the power of the Crystalline Light Grid! You will experience it’s immense potential to affect you, your life experience and the planet.

The Crystalline Grid is luminous in nature, a grid of light, and energy transmission through it is at the speed of light. The more you connect with the Crystalline Grid you activate your own “luminous body” and your intentional energy.

By consciously aligning with and connecting to the Crystalline Grid on a regular basis, you strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies.

💎 Express as One synergistic Divine Human beam of Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom and transformational energy!

💎 Experience the power of unified intention transmitted through the Crystalline Grid!

💎 Vibrations you emanate while in the high states of Joy, Gratitude and appreciation energizes the Crystalline Grid and enhances your ability to flow intention through the Grid!

Know yourself as Living Love in this beautiful Crystalline Grid meditation with The Collective

Consciousness Expanded – Buzzing with Excitement, Joy and Love!

I am still buzzing with excitement and joy after experiencing the Crystalline Grid.

It was great to hear the Collective explain what the Crystalline Grid is and why it is available for humankind to experience now.

However this was nothing compared to the joy and love you feel when connected to the grid. As my vibration increased during the process guided by the Collective, I felt much more expansive than my physical body. My consciousness was expanded even further as I connected to the points of the grid.

At the same time as my awareness expanded I was filled with joy and a lightness- Incredible!!

The Crystalline Grid is something that needs to be experienced and I look forward to connecting to it on almost a daily basis to create more joy and love in my life.

~Nathan H.

Accessing the Unlimited Source Vibration During Times of Chaos and Great Change

2 Digital MP3’s

Be held within the vibration of Source

The Earth and those who dwell upon her are currently experiencing tumultuous fast moving energy and tremendous change continues to unfold with great intensity. This intense, fast moving energy will continue to increase throughout the coming months and years creating both unique challenges and opportunities.

At this time an intense, higher vibrational conscious energy is seeking to reorganize itself into a higher state of expression.

Chaos is an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless obeys particular laws or rules. Chaos is not disorder but a reorganization into higher states of order.

As we transition through this chaotic energy, it is important that you are aware of our vibrational frequency and strengthen your ability to keep your vibration high to experience a “calm center”. This will lift you ‘above the chaotic fray’, so to speak, so that you are not knocked about by tumultuous energies as fear levels in the 3rd dimensional cultural consciousness increase.

This is SO important because the frequency you are vibrating and how you feel is exactly what creates your moment by moment experience and your reality.

In this special program with The Collective you will learn:

red arrow How to access and MAINTAIN the Source vibration — YOU at the deepest level,  no matter what is happening around you.

red arrow How to remain in the centered WHOLENESS, LOVE, PEACE, CALM WELL-BEING that is Source.

red arrow How to live your life from the Source vibration and as a full co-creative partner with Source through any and all changes and chaotic energies.

You will experience:

red arrow A DEEP and PROFOUND experience of connection to Source – you’ll become One with the Source Vibration and program your cells with this vibration so you can access it at will.

The Collective guide you into the Source vibration (Limitlessness) and immerse you in it so that you experience it on a deep cellular level. You will record the essence of vibration and the feeling of “Being Limitless Source” within your cells so that you recall and access it again and again.

The Collective lead you into a magical high frequency energy realm to access the Source vibration and blend with Source; a realm of Peace and Supreme Well-being.

Magic, power and the highest vibration creations unfold from this deep and profound connection between the you and your Limitless Source.

I am extremely overjoyed with having the content from The Collective, Accessing the Source Vibration during Times of Chaos and Great Change. I have been listening to it fervently for the last week and each time I listen, I gain more understanding, peace and knowledge on ways to maintain my emotional balance.   I have maintained high energy levels and excitement that are beyond what I anticipated or expected. This MP3 is simply outstanding!!!

I would not hesitate to put my word behind this product and KNOW that anyone who is looking to enhance their personal well being in these critical times and energies occurring on our planet, will gain immensely from the wisdom and advice.  I am very excited to learn and be blessed by the continuing knowledge and wisdom that The Collective offer to those of like mind looking for spiritual enlightenment and guidance. The inner calm I have experienced has been of immense value, beyond what words I can use to express the gratitude I hold in my heart.

~Laura E. Ireland

Solstice Solar Logos Divine Light Guided Meditation with The Collective

Deeply Blissful, Expansive Altered State Guided Meditation
1 Digital Mp3 – 50 minutes

Travel the Divine Light of the Solar Rays to the center of All That Is

🌞  Discover a Light that is brighter than you ever imagined and merge into the Divine Light of Source!

🌞  Discover and experience yourself as a shining star Light Being!

🌞  Discover the Divine light within radiating from trillions of cell “stars” within you!

🌞  Tremendously vibration raising!

  Hugely Consciousness expanding!

🌞  Powerful Solstice Light Frequencies and Activations!

The Collective will lead you on this beautiful journey riding the rays of brilliant Light into the infinite Light web of which you are a part.

Experience huge waves of energy and Light pulsing through you, expanding you outward to merge and melt into Source.

Feel and know yourself as an eternal star that shines brightly and joins with an infinity of other stars to create the Light Web of Connection and Creation.

Experience the power of intention as you are guided to create your personal intention and send it out into the brilliant Light Web.

It’s an amazing experience that will produce big wonderful shifts in you!

With the Power of  the Divine Light and the Web of Connection and Creation

http://www.allabout-energy.com/Arrows-Buttons-More/glowing-turq-checkmark.jpgYou’ll burn off all sluggishness and dullness.
http://www.allabout-energy.com/Arrows-Buttons-More/glowing-turq-checkmark.jpg You’ll burn off anything less than optimal radiant well-being.
http://www.allabout-energy.com/Arrows-Buttons-More/glowing-turq-checkmark.jpg You’ll burn off all doubt and sense of lack.
http://www.allabout-energy.com/Arrows-Buttons-More/glowing-turq-checkmark.jpg You’ll burn off old unsupportive beliefs and energy.
http://www.allabout-energy.com/Arrows-Buttons-More/glowing-turq-checkmark.jpg You’ll burn off hesitancy and uncertainty.

Your vibration will be set SOARING as you ride the Light!

This Special Solstice Solar Logos Divine Light Journey Meditation can be used on any day, at anytime.

It is extra powerful on Solstice, Solar and Lunar Eclipses and on Equinox.

Experienced the Light Energy Body:
“I experienced the Light Energy Body, the ethereal body state and could really sense the presence of all the moments in that position.”

Experienced moments of no thought:
“I experienced moments of not hearing the meditation, I was slipping into another time and dimension. It was full of light, I was not thinking anymore.”

Experienced mind stopping:
“…my mind literally stopped and at the same time I was very alert and aware.  A very enjoyable experience of being present.”

The Collective’s Instant
Joy Process!

9 Minute joyful audio meditation

Immersion into Joy in an Instant!

A must for anyone who has been searching for a “magic joy pill”!  Joy is your natural state and your Truest Nature in this life. Joy is your Prime Directive! With this powerful Mp3 you can be joyful just by deciding to be.

The Collective are going to show you how!

This magical guided meditation activates a personal “golden Sun” within you! All All the Joy you can possibly desire is radiating from it!

This delicious guided meditative Instant Joy Process will instantly connect you with the Joy that is hiding deep within you!

Recommended for daily use or whenever you need an instant lift of happiness.


Sequenced Frequency Living Energy MP3’s

with Light Encoded Divine Crystalline Activations

The feel good, easy way to make changes for your best life!


All 3 in One easy to use daily Sequenced Living Energy Mp3!

This MP3 contains Sequenced Living Energy Frequencies with Light Encoded Divine Crystalline Activations for Abundance, Wealth, Optimal Health and Well-Being.  Increases magnetic alignment with abundance in all areas, wealth, prosperity, positive money flow, cellular harmony, cellular health, cellular rejuvenation, resilience, immune strength, wellness and well-being



This MP3 contains Sequenced Living Energy Frequencies with Light Encoded Divine Crystalline Activations to activate your Special Superpower. Increases resilience, confidence, creativity, intuition and enhances strengths


No Stress, Relax and Regenerate!

This MP3 contains Sequenced Living Energy Frequencies with Light Encoded Divine Crystalline Activations for Relaxation and Cellular Regeneration increasing overall health and well-being


Optimize all Relationships!

This MP3 contains Sequenced Living Energy Frequencies with Light Encoded Divine Crystalline Activations to optimize all your Relationships including romantic, business, career, family and with Self


Increase Your Vibration to 5D and Beyond!

This MP3 contains Sequenced Living Energy Frequencies with Light Encoded Divine Crystalline Activations to increase your vibration to 5D and beyond. Increases inner peace and harmony, heart connection, Higher Heart expression, cellular light and well-being

These powerful, Sequenced living frequencies MP3’s
deeply relax you, then infuse you with High Frequency
Energy and Crystalline Activations as they
transform your vibration and life experience!

The frequencies and vibration of the channeled energy has been aligned with the 2023

The Sequenced Frequency MP3’s transmit high frequency Portal Infused Intelligent Energy and Light Encoded Activations to upgrade you on a cellular level in each area.

Each MP3 guides you into a relaxed, receptive state and then transmits intelligent  Energy of the ideal Frequencies and Light Encoded Activations to upgrade you to the next level of  experience in each area.

The effects are cumulative. As you experience upgrades in each area continuing to use the Energy MP3s will move you into consecutively higher levels of experience.

✔ Listen to a High Frequency Crystalline Activated Energy MP3’s whenever you want to experience an upgrade in a particular area.

The Living Energy in each MP3 becomes more powerful with each listen!

Value = Priceless!


Super Powerful 5D-11D Multidimensional Money Reiki and Transformation Session (MMRT)

This Special Light Encoded Activation MMRT will transmit Sequenced Frequency Light Upgrades, Light Codes and Activations as human compatible frequencies

Includes the newest Light Codes to enhance your unique Energy imprint as a Divine Human Creator.

The MMRT will also transmit:

🌷Pineal (3rd Eye) Activations

🌷Pituitary Activations

🌷Higher Heart Activations,Heart Center Activations,

🌷24 strand DNA Activation (spiritual DNA activation)

🌷Multiple powerful Cellular activations (Cellular Integrity Activation)

🌷Cellular Strength Activation

🌷Cellular Health Activation

🌷Cellular Rejuvenation Activation

🌷Increased Cellular Potential Activation

🌷Dimensional Portal Activation — This activation enhances dimensional traveling like astral projection, remote viewing and receiving information from alternate reality/dimensional Selves and Source

🌷8 powerful Wealth and Prosperity Activations (including money flow increase, abundance, enhanced receiving activations)

🌷Activations of six 5D and 7D Light Bodies

🌟 Activation of Merkaba Light Body (5D)
🌟 Activation of Divine Crystalline Light Body (5D)
🌟 Activation of Multidimensional Rainbow Light Body (5D)
🌟 Activation of Blue Ray Light Body (7D)
🌟 Activation of Diamond Light Body (7D)
🌟Activation of the Violet Ray Light Body

🌷Special immune system and microbiome upgrades

🌷Integrated Soul Activation & Light Codes for your Divine Soul Integration

🌷Frequencies and Upgrades to increase your Divine Presence and Spiritual Power

🌷🌟 Special Upgrades to neutralize the detrimental effects of 5G microwave frequencies on human cells and Strengthen the Body’s defenses (and cellular integrity) to the 5G Frequencies AND non-beneficial Electromagnetic Frequencies

⭐ SPECIAL BONUS ⭐ during this special MMRT session you will receive special Chakra Balancing and Frequency Sequencing. This really helps with flow through the energy centers and releasing stagnant energy in the body.

⭐⭐ EVERY SINGLE Transmission, Infusion, Activation and Upgrade of Energy, Frequencies and Light Codes is made COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR personal Energy Matrix frequencies for maximum assimilation and comfort BEFORE they are transmitted to you.

MMRT Sessions are Super Powerful and Life Changing!

This is a live group session

The Value of these sessions are Priceless!

This MMRT session will also clear and release non-supportive habitual 3D energies that stand in the way of your manifesting the New Reality you now hold the new blueprint for within.

The session will leave you transformed, feeling profoundly peaceful, joyful, clear, focused, at ease around money and with an activated flow of goodness in your life!

You will be contacted with all the details of this very special Light Activation MMRT Session.

I have noticed I am not getting so triggered by a lot of things would put me into fight or flight for no reason. That hasn’t happened at all since the last one! It’s like each time my vibration raises a little higher, my third eye opens more and life is so much better!

And… I finally got a payment, money has been owed to me for a long time and I have been trying to get it for over a year!

~Sara C.

I got flashes of being in the center of the brightest light, feeling loved and worthwhile, of being honored and protected. I get the impression of pink and purple light, like it’s the color of the air. I feel there are so many here. I see waves of energy that look like colored light. I feel pressure in my third eye, and in the area of the pineal gland, kind of in the center of my head, but not painful. Just feels like something is going on in there, something is being adjusted. My heart, too has being altered in a healing way. I really don’t have words for this one.

~Susan C.

This has been my fourth MMRT healing session overall.  At the time of the first session I was quite depressed facing almost empty bank account and a mountain of debts to pay, and scared that in a week or a couple of weeks we might once again completely run out of money again, with nothing left to even pay for groceries. 

Since I started the sessions we never ran out of money until the end of the month and the time of the next session!  Even when logically we should have run out of money, as no incoming flows were expected, a certain amount of money suddenly appeared from an unexpected source, on several occasions actually.  By now we have paid off the most pressing debts, got caught up on past due bills and in terms of financial worries definitely started to breathe more easily

There is still work ahead but thanks Amy for where we are now, compared to where we have been just recently before the sessions!



Crystalline Rainbow
Starlight Frequencies

Awesome, Delicious, Powerful 24-7 Energy Support for an Evolving, Abundant, Joyful Life.

A collection of Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies transmitted by The Collective (Source) each day to support you during this time of accelerating energy.  Rainbow Star Light Frequencies Uplifts and Resets – They’re an energy reset for your Being!

Daily Rainbow Star Light Frequencies for You and for Your Environmentare a Daily Energy Shower of Detoxifying and Clearing energy on a ongoing basis.

BONUS: Your pets are included! Pets love the Rainbow Frequencies!

BONUS: The Rainbow Frequencies clear your home and raise the energy of your environment!  (nasty entities and low vibration energy centers are neutralized)

The Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies renew you in the energy of feeling good … Feeling Good is the Prime Intention.  All desired intentions manifest from your feeling good!

🌈 High Frequency Light Encoded Frequencies that activate and raise your vibration to the degree you are able to allow. The effect is cumulative.

🌈 A Delicious Energy immersion into Lightness of Being, flowing and living the joyful playfulness of Source and playful energy of life!

🌈 A Daily Energy Tune-Up for your whole Being (and Chakra realignment)You’ll be tuned to the Source frequency and you’ll be able to hear your Guides  and Angels more clearly!

🌈 The Rainbow Star Light Frequencies contain the frequencies of the Rainbow Body  bringing you Accelerated Evolution into expanded Higher states of Consciousness!

🌈 A Delightful activation of your FUNbundance frequencies!  Receive monetary abundance, well-being abundance, clarity abundance, health abundance, relationships abundance!

An Oasis in the Middle of the Desert:  The Frequencies bring Grace and Ease

🌈 “After experiencing these exquisite energies I can describe them as an oasis in the middle of the desert.  They respond when called upon to help you regain peace and harmony.  I called them while being stuck hours in the traffic jam , while  standing in a long line at Post Office, in every annoying every day life situation and they are there for me supporting me to go by with grace and ease… I  really love them!

Thank you Amy for this and all you do.”

~Paula H. 🌈

Please Note: This Special Offer is non-refundable.

All items are delivered instantly via digital download.

The Shift into Receiving your Expansive Abundance begins the moment you say yes to the offer!


You will receive:

Contains all programs, meditations, Energy transmissions and sessions listed above

80% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $133

Package B

Contains all programs, meditations, Energy sessions and transmissions in Package A


30 minute Personal Energy Surgery and Frequency Sequencing Session with Amy

Your 30 minute Personal Energy Surgery and Frequency Sequencing Session is a very very precise powerful deep clearing, releasing, energy upgrade, energy transforming, chakra tuning, balance and reset. It is a full body and personal energy field upgrade and if needed and entire energy body replacement.

The frequency transmissions and activations will support you in releasing what is causing you to be stuck in specific areas as well as focus on bringing you improvement or a shift in specific areas. If you prefer, you may choose to receive a general, “all-purpose” Frequency and Activation transmission to bring you overall improvement of your life. You are the designer of your session and Amy will customize the session and transmission just for you.

🔸 For your session you are brought into a special etheric healing chamber where I and four Light Beings open up your energy fields and your energy body in order to clear out all that is not serving you. This includes clearing and reinforcing energetic versions of all physical organs. Rejuvenating areas of the energy body where there is an issue or needs support, this includes removing energy implants that don’t belong there. The surgery also includes includes massaging and infusing tired or unhealthy organs with new high frequency energy to rejuvenate and heal any health issues. The surgery includes removing damaged areas of joints and in it’s place inserting high frequency Divine Light Energy joints. (Rejuvenated joints grow out of this implanted energy. Your energetic organs are cleared and healed with high frequency Crystalline Light energy making them like new!)

🔸 YOU choose two areas that you feel are preventing you from living and expressing the Life Force and life mission as the focus of the session. These areas will be incorporated into all clearing, healing and rejuvenation done during the session.

The Light Beings and I will clear, infuse and upgrade everything affecting those areas AND more in your session. Each session is deeply personal and fully customized.

🔸This powerful Energy Session feels good while it’s happening. Afterward you will feel wonderful, lighter in being, more light filled, freer and happier. Choices will flow easier and you will be inspired to choose in line with the easy manifestation of what you desire. Your body will feel lighter, more fluid and healthier. Painful joints and areas will be healed and organs will be functioning in an optimized state.

🔸After your purchase of the Offer, Amy will be in touch to schedule your Energy Surgery and Frequency Sequencing session.

Please Note: This Special Offer is non-refundable.

All items are delivered instantly via digital download.

The Shift into Receiving your Expansive Abundance begins the moment you say yes to the offer!


You will receive:

30 minute Personal Energy Surgery and Frequency Sequencing Session with Amy


Contains all programs, meditations, Energy transmissions and sessions in Package A

87% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $168

Praise & Appreciation for Amy Flynn

Amy, you are such a blessing in my life and to everyone on this planet who hasthe good fortune to know you and  be touched by your connection to the profound truths you see so clearly.   I would have paid ten times what I did to achieve this inner peace, guidance, and direction. You were right. In one night we were able not only to completely eradicate what was holding me back in my life, but to provide me with renewed energy, clarity, and purpose.

Since our session, my life has been miraculous. I view every person I meet as an opportunity to present a beautiful gift of joy and love. People are starting conversations with me–wanting to meet me and get to know me. Suddenly my inbox is filled with leads for my business. Goals that I have “said” I wanted to achieve for years (for example, remodeling my house) are actually starting to materialize around me.  I feel great about my body and am starting to lose this stubborn weight.

All because YOU are plugged in to the infinite wisdom and provide a conduit for anyone who reaches out for your help. Thank you thank you thank you. You are a blessing, a joy, and an inspiration.

~Margie R.

I must admit something happened! A little history: I own a computer security company that sells locks and cables, alarms, privacy filters, etc. basically theft deterrents to corporations, college & universities, government…B2B.   I cannot tell you that business has been fantastic, so I won’t.

After listening for 3 days,  a potential new customer that I have been talking to for a couple of months asked me for a quote. I was floored by his request. The total order is double the amount of business that we would receive in one month when business is flourishing. Then yesterday we received six orders that totaled, in dollars, twice the daily amount, again that we receive when business is hot.

~John T.

Thank you for changing my life!

I feel compelled to tell you how grateful I am for your beautiful energy healings. Somehow, I was guided to you and that is a beautiful miracle in of itself. Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” I am choosing the latter.

My life has taken a completely different path since our first session and I have continued improving ever since with the two successive sessions following it, along with and the emotional work I’ve been doing on myself, using the strategies & tools that you’ve empowered me with.

Never before has anything resonated for me the way this work with you does. It’s mind blowing.

I feel as though I haven’t lived; haven’t been alive until now. I can’t describe it. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel like I can, once & for all, breathe and really take in oxygen! I am getting to know myself, my true inner self! Thank you for showing me how to tune in to myself and direct my energy in ways that serve me and in ways that enable me to have the highest vibrational experience in every thing that I encounter throughout each day!

I feel more alert, I have more energy, I feel more grounded and I am happier. It’s amazing what a difference this work makes!

~Patti D.

I am embarking upon a new horizon – It has been glorious. I know that this is my next step in my wealth journey. I believe that it is all ‘called in’ by me. I know that my desires are unfolding and my vision is manifesting before me. I know that I would not be here if I had not called it in (the work of the angels ) in the form of Multi-dimensional Money Reiki, One-on-One immersion breakthrough sessions and energy clearings. I am in awe of the result of the energy work with YOU, my friend. The Mp3s the newsletter, the teleclasses, the talks we’ve had and the ability to be present and conscious today. Oh my GOD — thank you. I can see the manifiestation.

Today, I have money in my savings account I’ve gone from -0- and sometimes a negative (with monthly fees) to $1,100 in my account. I have gone from a few dollars in my pocket to at time to carrying $100 in cash in my wallet (forgot it) and to paying bills with ease and not having to put out “fires.” I have this feeling of constant well-being that stays with me and an assurance that all is well. I am sleeping like a baby (especially after my vegetable/fruit) smoothies at night. I am not waking up to “panic” feelings and feeling of “fear” and thoughts of gloom at doom any more.

I am happy that I have taken steps to transform and experience the life that I desire. I thank You, my friend for your support. I look forward to more of the 5D powerful energy each month and the clearing and light that it is bringing forth in my life.

Pam K.

Every aspect of my life has been impacted and enriched!

I don’t think I’m so different from others with respect to finances. I felt stuck. Money seemed to elude me. Even though I made every effort to do a good job with money, it was an ISSUE in my life. I WAS stuck.

Hearing the lovely meditation was a delight but I did not see lightning bolts.  I went about my business, seemingly untouched. The next morning, I awoke after sleeping deeply all night, feeling as if I had been transformed into an energy machine. I came to the computer and discovered orders from clients!  And the orders continued to arrive as this new day rolled on! Where I had felt stuck I now experienced hope and freedom and creativity!

Since that initial experience, I have noticed that more concrete people connections have popped up and my relationships are richer; I can DEPEND on cash being where I need it to be; I can KNOW that my PayPal account will support my expenses. The meditation addressed far more than a “greenbacks issue”-every aspect of my life has been impacted and enriched.

~Connie B.

I can’t believe the transformation my business is taking.

Since listening to the meditation the first time…and receiving the energy through the audio and then the included Money Reiki Healing session, I can’t believe the transformation my business is taking.  I’ve gained new clients, I’ve started branching out.  I’ve got ideas coming out of nowhere and they’re working when I put them to use.  It’s been the most amazing transformation!  If it wasn’t for this meditationI don’t think my business would be where it is today just a few short weeks after hearing it the first time.

~Tonya P.

A couple of days after my first use of the recording, a $700 check arrived from a totally unexpected source! My second use was today and already I have signed on a new customer for about 4 times more than I expected her to spend. Wow! I can’t wait to see what will happen after my next use!

~Arlene H.

I was amazed !!! I was relieved of many lifelong burdens and reunited with the child in-myself. I feel so much happier and I am smiling so much more these days, and I am looking at the future as if it is a story unfolding without stress, and living the present in a peaceful harmony with each day looking forward  with a smile. My heart feels lighter and more expansive, and I feel like I can breath deeper without any discomfort as before.

I would highly recommend You to anyone who ask me why I am now so different than I was these past many years!!

~Becky S.

What a truly unforgettable experience! I felt unending joy, bliss and delight. The energy was tremendously expansive, loving and playful. I remembered and recognized that as my true nature. My body felt alive and light; it was filled with light.

At one moment I felt my spine undulating, and there was almost an unbearable sensation of joy in my heart, an orgasmic feeling and sensation that brought tears of bliss to my eyes. I was sobbing with happiness! I have never experienced anything quite like it before.

I realised I am LOVE/GOD, and I am playing and innocently discovering and squealing with delight, the joy of being in a body. What fun it is to go on an adventure, without judgment, of what an embodied life in this dimension has to offer! Ah! it is so great to be alive.

Thank you thank you thank you dear hearts.

~Mo R.

The program was a super powerful experience that moved me beyond all lower vibrations! As the Collective came in, it was like my body disintegrated and I moved into the unified field of Love, the core of Creation. I felt completely neutral, and then I came to when the process stopped. The next morning I woke up and felt that I had moved beyond all lower vibrational  energies and was totally filled with JOY.
~Mette C

About Amy Flynn

Amy Flynn is a Source guided intuitive, spiritual teacher, energy transmitter, healer, medical intuitive, Source voice channel and Money Reiki Grand Master. She is guided by her lifelong clear, strong connection with Source and her powerful abilities to clear, restructure and balance energy.

A born channeler accessing her spiritual gifts from birth, Amy is the voice channel for an expression of nonphysical Source Consciousness called “The Collective” who lovingly transform all they interact with. Amy and The Collective radiate uplifting, joyful energy as they make the esoteric and the profound accessible and fun! Together they quickly shift people into a higher vibration of love and realization.

Amy is the creator of the Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies, the Multidimensional Money Reiki Transformation program and a powerful proprietary process that permanently clears generational Trapped Emotional Energy that quickly produces dramatic results in all areas of life. Working with 7D Light Beings, Amy created a life changing Energy Surgery process that clears, heals, and transforms the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

A seer through time, space and energy, Amy enables people worldwide to break free of lifelong blocks and existing belief habits. Her mission is to bring people into the direct realization of who they are as Divine Creator.

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