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Divine Planetary Liaison, Mumara (Teacher), Healer, Emissary of Love, and Universal Channel for many Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousnesses, and Enlightened Beings

Live Classes (1 hour each)

  • Vortex Group Healing on April 6th at 11am Pacific (note, not recorded but if registered they receive all benefits)
  • Advanced Opportunities on May 5th at 6:30pm Pacific. Recording will be sent after the live event.

Self Love Package

This Self Love package is 7 recordings with various Ascended Masters & Light Beings who assist us with Self Love. Each session builds upon the energies and learnings of the previous. These recordings came through during a Workshop in May 2020.

It is important to listen in order the first time.

Session 1:

  • Part A: Your Highest Self brings forth the energy of your own Self Love.
  • Part B: Sharing and discussion on Self Love.

Session 2:

  • Part A: Lord Melchizedek comes in with instructions for next session.
  • Part B: Lord Melchizedek takes you to a future time line where you hold full Self Love.

Session 3:

  • Part A: Elohim Cassiopeia gives instruction on how to manifest from the vibration of Self Love.
  • Part B: The practice of manifesting.

Session 4: Archangel Raphael & Dr. Lorphan share how to utilize Self Love in your own body healing.

Activating the Original Code of Love

At the end of 2016 new information was given to me regarding our origin on planet Earth. Information was given about the 33 Codes of Origin (Codes we came with that are now very distorted).

In October 2020 the original code of Love, Code 1, was downloaded to all on planet Earth during a week long retreat.

For 2021 my Guides have asked me to offer a class to teach about the code of Love as well as activate the code within individuals who wish to work with it.

This recorded class includes an overview of the 33 codes, how the information was given, what the actual meaning of the code of love is and how to use the code. It ends with the activation of the code within you. You will need to lay down 30 to 45 minutes.

During this session a code guide will be assigned to you.

The session runs 58 min.

Kuthumi, How to Receive Love

This evening I wish to share with you about receiving love. And while many of us have spoken on this topic and will continue to, I hope I can give you a unique perspective that will assist you in your everyday lives and your understanding.~Master Kuthumi

Join Master Kuthumi as he expands upon the distorted perception of love, what love really is, and therefor how receiving love really works.
You will understand the crucial difference between nature and modern technologies.

He also assists you energetically in the adjustment of your “filters”, so that receiving the vibration of love can happen with more grace and ease.

The session runs about 70 minutes.

Arrival and Separation of the 12 Original Pairs

Join Lord Buddha on the Wesak celebration as he returns us to the birth of Earth’s incarnation this cycle.

Bear witness to the 12 original pairs as they arrive and separate into male & female.

Clearing the Fears of Love

During this group clearing the energy of the group was read and many fears of love were shifted.

Love is not only romantic love, but all sorts of love.

Listen again and again to continue the clearing!

You will receive:

Live Classes (1 hour each)

  • Vortex Group Heaing – April 6th
  • Advanced Opportunities – May 5th


The Self Love Package


Activating the Code of Love from the 33 Codes of Origin


Master Kuthumi, How to Receive Love


Arrival and Separation of the 12 Original Pairs


Clearing the Fears of Love


Digital Art download with channelling called Love Within

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $149

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

What others are saying about Ana La Rai

Ana La Rai, Founder of Sparkles of Love, is BY FAR the BEST universal channel for beings of light I have EVER met. Her kindness is unparalleled, love radiates from her every move, in every second. Her messages are clear, deep, thorough, amazingly delivered, and she “sees” and “gets” things that many do not. She heals in ways that are above and beyond the mortal realm. She is precious in every single way. I have been blessed and fortunate to receive many 1-1 sessions with Ana La Rai as well as participate in many of her workshops and events. There is no higher praise I can give, no soul I recommend more highly than Ana La Rai. Please, help yourself by participating in her workshops and events and 1-1 sessions as frequently as you can. You will only benefit. You will elevate your vibration, you will feel the love she brings to all of her work, and your life will noticeably and significantly improve the more you participate in her classes, events, workshops, events and 1-1 sessions. ANA LA RAI is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

~Katie, USA

Ana La Rai not only inspires and supports me/us but she is always on the cutting edge of the new energetics with the just right tools to suit the moment.I have been the awakening path many years and she is the real deal and lots of fun.

~Maureen, Australia

AnaLaRai is a master facilitator tuned into many stations of spiritual truth. Every age, ability level or seeker will grow in self-discovery and opportunities to realize their fullest potential.

A single step has led me to enjoy a Global and Galactic Community. I started with the free on-line meditations (The Alchemy Collective) and expanded to a private session: AnaLaRai is an authentic channel, who’s spiritual clarity & attunement offered me valuable insight for making personal choices. “Full Moon Meditations” introduced me to Enlightened Beings and information that opened doors to heart and consciousness. “The Advanced Chakra offerings” have given me a gentle way of clearing & aligning energy centers and Part II has led to bridging of higher chakra dimensions. I am currently participating in “Essence of Purity” and have found that my soul has its own unique signature for expression. I’m discovering my most precious relationship, and that is with my Higher Self.
The magic of Sparkles of Love is that any class, course or offering is a part of a hologram of love. They are all inter-connected.

~Kusala, USA

I have done many of Ana La Rai’s programs: Full Moon, New Moon, Advanced Chakra’s, 5D Chakra’s, Essence of Purity, and Code’s of Origin, just to name the big ones. The effect these programs have had on my life are huge. I am more in alignment with my divine blueprint, my true self. I shift out of lower vibrations faster. I am in greater touch with the energies that flow through me. I strongly feel that I would have had a harder time navigating through these past 2.5 years, if I had not done these programs. They are the best investment, for me on this journey.

~Cindy, Canada

As we go through life we are always hopeful and sometimes even pray for something magical or miraculous to transpire in our lives. I was very fortunate to have such an experience while working with AnaLaRai.

AnaLaRai is one of those rarities that come along to bless your life with magic and miracles. I had the opportunity to work directly with her and it was magical. She vibrates at such a high frequency that easily facilitates very loving high dimensional beings, and the most benevolent energetics to come through. The wisdom, intelligence, overview and understanding from this higher perspective assist us in shifting faster and with remarkable grace and ease.

In my latest Love and Light session with AnaLaRai she shifted so much that was affecting me from past lives and filtering through to this life. I immediately after had great relief and I continue to heal at a rapid pace that’s amazing. I am practically pain free now and the intestinal restrictions have been cleared. She is undoubtedly an Advanced Psychic Surgeon Extraordinaire.

The healing session took a most dramatic turn when Lord Lanto and the Blessed Mother Mary came in with some startling revelations and the next steps on my journey. The energies were so strong I was vibrating while having goosebumps. It was so profound I was moved to tears. Yes, real tears just pouring profusely as the revelations came forth. These insights compounded the magnitude of my journey in past lives and the tremendous responsibility I currently bear going forth with this new knowledge.

A guiding force in my life has been the age old saying : “When the student is ready the Teacher will appear“. That current teacher for me is AnaLaRai along with all the energetics she brings forth. On occasions these Guides line up to be given the opportunity to come forth to share and bless or guide us. I have been blessed with so many additional tools and processes that they gifted us through her.

If you have not been a part of one of her sessions or workshops you MUST do so soon! You will definitely be a changed individual with the possibility of fast tracking your Ascension process. I would recommend for starters trying one of her monthly Full Moon Workshops. After which I guarantee you will be singing praises and forever be in gratitude for answering the call. I always look forward to those with joyous anticipation as they are so full of surprises and ‘gifts’. Anyone who had worked or is working with AnaLaRai can attest to this.

AnaLaRai is the Real Deal!! No exception!! Her high frequency, her clarity, her generosity, her joyous demeanor, her love, compassion and her advanced psychic abilities have made her my go-to, one-stop Healer and Guide. I have been blessed and very fortunate to have been guided and led to her. She has a variety of ways to work with her to experience her true mastery. If you have been led to her it means that you were meant to be.

Thank you AnaLaRai for all you have done, are doing and continue to do for all on their Ascension journey. Much Love, Light and Blessings to you.

~Colin, USA

There was a lot of deep diving in this program. Ana-La-Rai helped me pinpoint and heal the root of some of my long-held beliefs steeped in fear. Though the process was challenging at times, I’ve grown much from it and now have a deeper understanding of myself. She, with this program, has helped me feel empowered to take steps and move beyond my fears into a life my heart desires. I am grateful for her abilities, patience, and understanding.

~Laurie, USA

About Ana La Rai

Ana-La-Rai is a Divine Planetary Liaison, Mumara (Teacher), Healer, Emissary of Love, and Universal Channel for many Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousnesses, and Enlightened Beings.

As a Universal Channel, Ana-La-Rai is unlimited in the Beings of Light she channels and works with, allowing for ground-breaking opportunities and profound experiences based on the newest frequencies available to Humanity and the planet. Currently, she has channelled over 70 different Light Beings and Collectives.

She acts as a universal translator and facilitator for the highest frequencies available to support humanity and the planet at this, the time of The Awakening.

With Ana-La-Rai’s exceptional Clarity, there is no set pattern for what will come through during group sessions. This is part of the fun and anticipation when co-create happens. The energy signature of participants contributes to the potentials of what can come forth in the moment, and the Guides always bring through something amazing!

Her journey has been many years and lifetimes in the making and still continues, but has been 20 years of deep focus this lifetime. Her awakening story was published in 2022 in a book, Meditation, by Sacred Stories publishing. She offers group classes, private sessions and recently began her YouTube channel.

Ana-La-Rai and her husband Christian live in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, BC.

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