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Stepping Out of Survival

Moving to Living Well

The Eclipses are upon us. And the effects they have on the mind and body of humans are immense. Have you had days recently where you can’t manage to motivate yourself? Perhaps you just feel blah lately and you can’t put your finger on what is happening. That is the Eclipse Energy working in your energy field. Here is a secret, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! That’s right, this is happening to everyone right now.

Now is the time to begin the work to move through this energy.

Are You Ready to Step Out of Survival Mode?

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30-Minute Personal Coaching session

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 30-Minute Personal Coaching session

 12 Pre-recorded Audio Classes on Changing Your Life in the New Year

 2 Pre-recorded Review Classes


  • Zodiac Signs, Rays, and Rulership PDF
  • Important Foundational Relationships PDF (Aries and Libra)
  • 30 day trial of Dimensional Consciousness

Package C

 30-Minute Personal Coaching session

 12 Pre-recorded Audio Classes on Changing Your Life in the New Year

 12 Pre-Recorded Audio Classes on Healing Yourself on the Astral Plane

4 Pre-recorded Review Classes


  • Zodiac Signs, Rays, and Rulership PDF
  • Important Foundational Relationships PDF (Aries and Libra)
  • 30 day trial of Dimensional Consciousness


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What others are saying about Andie DePass


“I have been working with Andie since June last year, after hearing about her on your summit and I can honestly say that my life has more joy and ease. I am so much more grounded and finally know what it feels like to love myself.
We have been breaking through patterns and limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know I had. I trust her implicitly, she can read my energy and reveal blockages and what I need to work on.

I have recommended my sister and my daughter to also work with Andie. Both have had amazing breakthroughs. I highly recommend Andie’s work.”



“I have had a one on one session with Andie DePass and I wanted to share how deeply beneficial and amazingly helpful it has been for me. I am so very grateful for the Heartache to Joy Summit for all the opportunity being provided. Andie helped me to see the greatness of who I truly am. I kind of knew some things but didn’t want to seem “too big for my boots” yet I know I am on the cusp of something more than me. Some of the things she spoke to me about myself I hadn’t fully recognised and I felt unsure how I might go forward……she opened the door more fully to the true being of who I am and what it is I came here to do and accept that…….know one has ever seen that in me before. I am most grateful beyond words. Thank you Andie DePass so much and much gratitude to you Eram for making this possible. I’ve loved the Heartache to Joy Summit.

Love and blessings to you all☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆”

~Beatrice S.


“Andie’s work really does help with generational healing. I had been quite alienated from my mother throughout most of my life, due to many traumas in her life and family. Even after my mother’s passing 20 years ago, it was quite clear that she did not want to be in contact with me nor anyone else in my family. One psychic told me he saw her with her lips pressed shut while she was making a “zipping her lip” gesture. I knew that was true and gave up. My brother had a similar independent experience. Recently, after coaching and working with Andie on many other issues including Male Microchimerism and Love, I experienced a spontaneous visit from my mother thanking me for all the healing I was doing and telling me how much it was healing the rest of the family. Absolutely astonishing, heartwarming and miraculous. <3 If this can happen for me and my family, it can happen for others, for sure. Thank you Andie.”

~Hestia F


“I had my first session with Andie yesterday and she is awesome! I told her she had my number before I even called! She is so knowledgeable and compassionate, I felt like I had known her forever! She gave me very valuable information and I have to work hard to make her proud before our next session! Thank you Andie,you are a joy!”

~Janie R.

I started working with Andie a little over four years ago and I’ve experienced so many changes in my life. Actually, not only in my life but also in my family members lives. After joining the D.C group, our lives have changed dramatically. My children lives have changed for the better, my husband who was always an angry man, has made a 360 degrees to a much calmer person. My son who was just as angry, is an awaken person and actually teaches me about spirituality. Our lives are in a great harmonious place. Enjoying what each person has to offer and enjoying what life has to offer by living in the moment and being awakened. Thanks Andie for all your love and support.


Dr. Andie DePasse’s love, light and wisdom supported me through breast cancer treatment, my Mother’s transition into the Bardo and now the Light, and the dissolution of a long repressed memory of violence that has held me in fear for over 30 years. Andie is remarkable-truly a gift to humanity. I highly recommend her.

~Shirley J.

About Andie DePass

Andie DePass, PhD., The Light Activator, is a Master Alchemist in Ancient Spells and Lower Entities and Densities containment and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy and Divinity.

She is a Quantum Energy healer, gifted writer, an inspiring coach, dedicated teacher, and transformational guide. She has helped thousands of clients over her decades of work. One of her greatest gifts is that she enables her clients to become master manifestors.

Andie focuses on going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived within the foundation of Christed love so that you can heal with grace and ease.

As a Certified Coach, Andie specializes in aiding those who’ve experienced sexual and physical abuse, particularly the removing and deactivating of the Male Microchimerism Virus. This Virus is connected to all humans through their DNA. Through extensive research, hands-on work, and powerful energetic upgrades, Andie possesses a unique understanding of the Virus and depth of knowledge other healers don’t. She specializes in the electrical, cognitive, magnetic energy of Male Microchimerism in the mental and emotional aspect of the body. She alone understands how its electromagnetic charge functions, what that means for you, and how it affects your Sovereignty in your Body Identity.

As a Metaphysical Coach, Andie has a deep connection to the universe, the ever-shifting energies, and takes a unique approach to understand what it is to be part of the Great Awakening.
Sacred Geometry by Endre Balogh – used with permission
Sacred Geometry by Endre Balogh – used with permission

Andie discovered her gifts early as a result of a traumatic childhood. She learned as a child that she could always step out of her body when in danger. As a little girl, she was sexually abused on a daily basis for years. During those horrific events, she would remove herself from her body for safe keeping and waited and watched from the corner until the violence ended and she could return to her own body again. She also called upon Mother Mary, her mother, Mother Ana, and Archangel Michiela (which is also known as Michel) for protection.

But Andie found this tool draining and exhausting to use and so she learned and developed others tools in order to survive. This necessity has given her the experience needed to enable her to develop the proper tools for you to use personally in order to achieve your desired results.

Andie is a birthright healer and descends from a family of healers. She’s the great-granddaughter of a medicine man from the Iroquois tribe from the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec Canada. Her mother was also a member of the Rosecrutian. As a child, Andie found Pentagrams and spells both exciting and scary all at the same time.

Andie DePass is a great reader and avid researcher! Her interests span a huge array of topics and she reads everything she can put her hands on Easter Island, Michel de Nostradamus, the Pyramids, Adam’s Calendar, Dr.Michael Tellinger, The Rainbow Body with William Henry, space weather, and so much more! She’s taken training and certification courses through Drunvelo Melchizedek, Human Design with Richard Beaumont, Bob Proctor –Body Code just to name a few! One powerful training with her friend, Sally A., through Harv Eker Warrior Camp had her bending steel rods with their throat — which they did! After all when you expect miracles, you produce miracles! If you’re looking for a healer who’s in touch with the intellectual as well as the celestial, then Andie is the one for you!

Are you ready to begin to recover from the abuse and trauma you’ve suffered? Be heard, be nurtured, be connected, and have someone present with you in your moment of need? Would you like someone to celebrate your wins and hold you when you’re low? A guide to show you aspects of yourself you never knew and help you into the next moment? Breathe you in a new direction? Then welcome to the first step of your transformational journey!

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