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International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, Speaker and Coach

45min 1on1 Energy Healing Reading

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Soul Purpose Frequency Reading

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Align to Soul Frequency

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Do you have a question about love career, soul purpose, about your health and well-being?

During our sacred time together I will energetically align with Spirit, Ascended Masters, Archangels and your soul’s Divine Self to bring forward the information you need to clear your energetic blocks, get unstuck and shift your energy. I will work with you by connecting with your energy field to ‘shine a light’ into each of your Energy Center’s to illuminate your inner riches, gifts, talents, strengths and dormant life purpose and gifts. Working with the Celestial Realm we will remove the blocks in each of your Energy Centers caused by the layers of false beliefs you’ve been carrying. Each reading is intuitively customized according to YOUR soul journey and integrates all of my intuitive and healing gifts to serve your highest good so that you can experience more clarity, peace and connection with your Purpose.

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45 Minute 1on1 Energy Healing Reading

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PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted – Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “1on1 Session” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Anne Deidre

Although I feel that I have an open mind and that I have a strong spirituality within me, I have to confess that I almost cancelled my appointment with the renowned Anne Deidre, Intuitive Spiritualist and Acclaimed Writer.

I had booked a private phone session with Anne during a particularly (and for me, tiring and unusual) depressing week around the holidays. Normally, I don’t harbor such negative vibes, but something about Anne had struck me from the time I visited her page on social media. I couldn’t explain why, but her face and the “glow” that seemed to emanate from her picture (I know – “from a picture”?) drew me. I actually felt a kinship with her just from looking at her beautiful face.

At any rate, I kept that appointment and spent the most incredible hour listening and talking to this woman. I found myself relating thoughts that had been percolating in my fertile and unconventional brain about spirituality (and kept to myself for decades) to Anne within the first two minutes of our conversation. I talked to her about other things that I had never even considered telling anyone else. Anne didn’t ask for my private thoughts, especially those that might be controversial, but she seemed like an old friend who welcomed my revelations.

Two things that impressed me other than the previously mentioned thoughts:

(1) Anne “scanned” my Chakras and as she worked to repair blockages in two of them, my body felt as though it expanded making me lighter. I had read about the Chakras but had never had anyone scan them or diagnose those that might be blocked. During our conversation, I had been resting on my side on my bed. I didn’t even realize that I was wound so tight until I felt that lighter expansion of my body’s cells.

(2) While we were talking Anne asked me if I had any pain at that time. When I told her that I had a pretty severe pain on the side of my neck, she concentrated on removing that pain, saying a few words requesting that my pain be removed by a Higher Power. When I told her that the pain that had been with me all day was completely gone, she seemed as happy with that result as me! The feeling I had in that former area of pain was a little tender to the touch, but definitely no pain. I have to say that whatever magic this woman welds within her and the power behind it is formidable indeed!

As I end this commentary, I will assert that I will most definitely be contacting this amazing woman for more lightening of my psyche and enlightenment as to what my life role appears to be while I have time left in this world. I would advise anyone who believes that they are open minded and who would want to experience a conversation like no other they may have had to contact Anne Deidre, a person of grace, light and understanding.

~Linda B

I met Anne last year fall for an intuitive reading and I was absolutely amazed by the experience. Her loving presence made it so easy to feel comfortable and safe with her. Her energy and chakra clearing brought powerful healing that penetrated my very being and life in a way I never expected to experience. She is now my Intuitive Coach. As my Intuitive Coach, Anne has helped me to feel so much better about myself and my own intuitive abilities. With the tools she provides she also helped me to take ownership of my own life. Having Anne as my intuitive coach has proven to be a powerful asset, especially when you need support in your spiritual journey. Anne genuinely and lovingly wants to help you. With all of her knowledge, insight, understanding and her powerful abilities you won’t be disappointed. She can help you bring back love and laughter into your life. I highly recommend her to everyone. Anne, you are truly amazing and a blessing to all. May you have many blessing to you and yours.

~Sandy C., Fort Myers, FL

The insights that Anne channeled were nothing short of astounding, and the entire experience uplifting and heart opening. As strange as it sounds to me as I write it, I have found a new lightness in my being. Forgiveness – the place to begin to resolve so many of our self-induced limitations. I would recommend Anne to anyone wanting to clear their chakras and find new openness, understanding and peace.

~Evelyn, Nashua, New Hampshire

I have worked with Anne for the past 2 1/2 years and have learned so much from her intuitive coaching & classes. She is a Master Teacher and extremely gifted in her Intuitive abilities. Anne brings an energetic support to your life that helps you to overcome limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns. She is able to envision you living your greatest dreams, and gives you the tools to help you reach those dreams! Anne is a pioneering Vibrationl Catalyst in this field of Energy & Vibrational Healing. I highly recommend her coaching or classes if you need that extra edge to help you create your Highest & Best life!
~Heather P., Louisiana

Sometimes we are blessed to be connected with one who genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Anne is that connection, that blessing, that encouragement, that gift in my life. Thank you, Anne, for accompanying me on my journey of awakening, liberation, and growth. You are a source of great encouragement and knowledge, always so willing to freely share what you intuitively and instinctively know, as well as lessons and experiences along your own journey. I have challenged and conquered restricting, non-productive beliefs and am so very much looking forward to what the future holds. It is an honor to work with you as I reach even higher pinnacles of growth, awakening, learning, and achievements.
~Sue S., Chicago, IL

Anne uses her intuition to raise my awareness about my past and future. She then provides the tools, guidance and encouragement to open me up to new ideas and how to implement them for success. She is TRULY gifted and helping me to be my best self!
~Jenny D., Massachusetts

Working with Anne has helped me go beyond my boundaries, look at my talents and where my passion lies. She uses her intuition to light up the parts of me that have been in the shadows and are ready to come forward. Thank you Anne, I am so grateful to be working with you 🙂
~Saskia C., Massachusetts

This is one class you won’t want to miss out on. I completed this class last year and it was AMAZING. My life has changed for the better and so has others because of it. ♥ Much love and thanks to you Anne for being so brilliant!!!
~Luanna A, New Hampshire

About Anne Deidre

Anne Deidre is an International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, Speaker and Coach. She has been featured on ABC and NBC TV, on The CW TV Network, HuffPost Live, also a FOX News Radio Contributor, on NPR, CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio, and many print publications such as Examiner.com, Beliefnet and Aspire Magazine.

Anne’s transformational gifts allow her to intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her clients energy system and illuminate their hidden and or dormant gifts and talents that their soul is here to share. Her unique and powerful gifts allow her to shift energetic patterns, heal trauma, and create new patterns so that they can bring their divine gifts to the world.

Anne’s access to higher realms began 20 years ago as an Intuitive Artist. Later in 2005, after a ‘dark night of the soul”, she was initiated into the Christ Consciousness during meditation which you can read about in her book Miraculous: How My Spiritual Awakening Cured My Depression, Inspired My Purpose and Ignited the Intuitive Powers Within.

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