Awakening from the Illusion – Kenji Kumara

Sep 16, 2017

There’s a saying that, if your beliefs, your attitudes and your emotional states create conflict, stress, pain or trauma in your life, that’s an indicator that you’re stuck in the illusion, the illusion of suffering.

When Buddha came, and actually he didn’t want to just like Yahshua create a religion around the teachings, but what he was trying to get humanity to experience and understand was, that the physical world, the incarnational world, has suffering; but there is a way to relieve yourself, to be free of this sense of suffering. That’s what he was trying to teach way back when. Yahshua also taught that, but from a different perspective.

You look at the news, you look at YouTube, you look at the internet and you see all this crazy stuff going on… so when you experience or when you perceive craziness going on in this world, that’s not really true and that’s not a part of our true nature inherently. Inherently, our essence is created from love and it’s created through wisdom in a balanced and harmonious state. So when we experience that, that’s what is real, everything else is not real. Like the course of miracles tried to teach the public through the books about what is real and what is illusion.

So, anytime when there’s suffering in a state of stress, you’re off your centre, you forgot at that moment to stay connected with your spirit. Your spirit knows everything and knows how to guide your life.

We were taught, pretty much across the board in every country on the planet, certain rules and ways of behaving, existing and surviving in the world and most of that is based on illusions and fear. So anything that comes from fear, any choices that you make out of fear is not going to be real in the end result, it’s just going to create more pain and suffering.

So there is a way out, and it just takes practice, it takes homework, to do your meditations, to do your prayers, to do your yoga, to do your fitness program, walks in nature… anything that will get you more connected with the self, the big self, the non-local and infinite self.

We were taught to develop our egos, which is necessary in this crazy world, but we weren’t taught about the spiritual part and we forget that we’re more than just this logical mind and emotional body thing. So at some point in the journey, when the suffering gets intense enough, that’s the wakeup call. Usually people in their forties begin to feel this stirring like there’s more to life than just my job, my marriage, raising kids and all of that… There’s got to be and there is.

So it takes great courage to step into that place and to really find out what is really real in your life.

Kenji Kumara

Kenji Kumara

Spiritual Catalyst, Creator of Quantum Lightweaving and Sedona Vortex Activations

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