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Meet Your Divine Healing Team – by Vandana Atara Aura

We have so much invisible support from beyond this world, this dimension and the timelines that we’re living on currently, more than we can ever imagine possible and yet we’re not taught in this reality how to call upon them for assistance. We’re actually taught quite...

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Live in The Moment – Kenji Kumara

To be yourself means to be spontaneous in your interaction with the world on a daily basis. A lot of people pre-think their actions and what they’re going to say to other people. You can begin to give that up because it doesn’t do any good really. If you’re in the...

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Awakening from the Illusion – Kenji Kumara

There’s a saying that, if your beliefs, your attitudes and your emotional states create conflict, stress, pain or trauma in your life, that’s an indicator that you’re stuck in the illusion, the illusion of suffering. When Buddha came, and actually he didn’t want to...

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