2024 Live Sessions — Calendar

May 21 ~ August 29 , 2024

Cathleena Hailley

May 21 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

May 22 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Cathleena Hailley is an embodiment of the divine feminine who works with the council of 9 collective and in particular with Jesus, Metatron, and other ascended masters. Her coding accesses the womb water of an individual’s birth so that they are brought back to their original soul expression, creating a rebirth to allow full expression of the soul’s imprint. As the lineage of the life Architect her Crystalline DNA signature not only carries the frequency of perfect pitch to align to the original Human templet, Earth templet and this Universes templet, but continually recalibrate this alignment.

Having incarnated as an Arcturian, Andromedan, and as a member of the Council of 9 Galactic Collective, Cathleena brings the knowledge of human patterns of existence, along with her extensive knowledge and work with interplanetary and galactic portals. Through this, she accesses human patterning with galactic information, technologies and energies to fully access their original soul’s blueprint.

Cathleena has a business degree and has worked with many professionals and medical practitioners in her massage therapy practice for over 28 years, she has experienced layers of human patterning, personalities, and life expressions. Her background in massage, using techniques as Rolfing and Myofascial has allowed her to begin to access more subtle energies connected to the emotional patterning that creates an individual’s life. Through her understanding of sacred geometry, she has channeled a vibrational device from the Arcturian collective. Cathleena now uses all of her business knowledge and experience with sacred geometry to align with her resetting the crystalline DNA.

Carmela Danna

May 23 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

May 24 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Spiritual coach, Energy healer, Intuitive, Akashic record reader, Reiki Master, Aura Reader.

Carmela is a spiritual coach and energy healer. As a certified akashic records reader, aura reader, reiki master, and intuitive, she prides herself in delivering messages in a positive, loving way.

With a deep passion for guiding others on the spiritual journey, Carmela is a renowned spiritual coach known for her transformative approach to holistic wellness and her expertise in akashic records readings, aura readings, and energy healing. She is a firm believer in the power of spirituality to heal and transform lives.

Drawing upon years of experience , Carmela empowers clients to delve deep into their souls journey, unlock hidden truths, and embrace, profound transformation. As a skilled energy healer , Carmela channels, divine energy and messages to facilitate healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. With gentle, yet powerful techniques, she clears blockages, releases stagnant energy, and restores harmony within the body and spirit, allowing her clients to experience profound shifts and renewed vitality.

Miriam J. Katz

May 28 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

May 29 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Miriam J. Katz is a shamanic healer and teacher who channels the divine feminine energy of the Goddess in all Her forms. Descended from ancient Hebrew high priests and the Opsprecherin folk healing lineage, this inherited wisdom has informed her shamanic practice. Miriam uses intention and words to direct healing energies that free individuals from unhelpful patterns.

As an Altomesayok carrying the lineage of Andean Q’ero master shamans, Miriam facilitates profound personal transformation and liberation. After completing 4 years of shamanic apprenticeship, primarily with the luminous Tracey Forest of Spirit Hollow, VT, she continues her advanced shamanic exploration through profound peer-led circles of women shamans.

In her healing work, Miriam collaborates with each person’s divine essence and spiritual support team to release emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual blocks, allowing their natural wellspring of joy and fulfillment to flow freely.

As co-founder of the School of Hebrew Shamanism, Miriam illuminates the shamanic roots of Judaism while connecting others with the magical earth-based traditions that predate monotheism. Most recently, she was inspired to co-found the School of Goddess Shamanism, supporting women to realize their full potential as embodiments of Goddess in human form.

Miriam is a certified professional coach, Reiki master, and co-author of The Other Baby Book. Her forthcoming book is a memoir about her encounters with Goddess.

Simmin Bawa

June 6 – 4:15am Pacific Time / 7:15am Eastern Time / 12:15pm UK / 1:15pm CEST / 4:45pm IST

June 6 – 9:15pm Sydney / 11:15pm New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Professor and Head of Department, Philosophy, Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Simmin has been a practising Holistic Healer from the age of 16 years and is a multi-modality specialist. She was born Clairvoyant and Claircognizant and knew from an early age that she has to contribute spiritually for the betterment of humanity. Her specialization is Channelling where she directly receives messages from Light Beings, Spiritual Masters and even from God’s Light. Most of her courses and classes are channelled.

Sarah Ellingworth

June 11 – 1am Pacific Time / 4am Eastern Time / 9am UK / 10am CEST

June 11 – 6pm Sydney / 8pm New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

A Master Energy Practitioner of the Healing Arts with over 17 years experience, Sarah Ellingworth is a highly skilled and intuitive healer who specializes in helping people achieve self-empowerment and alignment through the recognition and activation of their sovereign divinity. Sarah specialises in Shadow work, identifying and addressing blind spots within one’s consciousness, facilitating personal growth, healing, and transformation across multiple levels of being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Sarah’s expertise includes working with dark force interferences, entity, and discarnate removal, making her a seasoned practitioner in dealing with complex energetic issues. What sets Sarah apart is her compassionate and heart based approach as an empath and her commitment to coaching and mentoring clients throughout their healing journey. She will guide you in expanding your awareness of self-sabotaging patterns and addictions, helping you to transition from old paradigms into higher levels of consciousness and self love, enabling you to create a life filled with joy, peace, and harmony.

Elaina Cochran

June 13 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 14 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Inutitive and Quantum Energy Healer, Light Weaver, Earth Wisdom Carrier, Teacher and Speaker.

Elaina holds the potent ability to see each individual through the lense of love and beauty creating a safe space for vast expansion and transformation.

Pulled from a young age to experience what she considers real magic – to know what exists beyond our five senses, to feel firsthand that in every moment, we are loved, supported and in communion with our beautiful earth, as aspects of nature ourselves, connected to the deep love that weaves all things, and to our team of light, guides and ancestors. Elaina loves to reawaken the remembrance of our beauty, sovereignty and ability to create a life here of empowerment, peace and abundance in order to contribute to the powerful transormations occuring on the planet at this time.

Moncef Afkir

June 18 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 19 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Moncef Afkir facilitates group processes and journeys, where he creates an energetic space, along with Benevolent Beings of Light and the attendees, holding the frequencies of comfort, acceptance and love, and helping to connect to deeper levels of True Self. He is also the host of Your Divine Uniqueness show.

He started his career as an engineer, then followed his calling to shift his path, to a service that resonates more with his heart’s truth, and where he can create and serve more freely. He left his job in 2013 to dedicate himself to his new path. Before becoming a way of service, spirituality has been for him, a way of self-discovery and awakening.

Donna Hill

June 20 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 21 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Donna Hill is a soul reader, angelic channel, light and sound healer and Divine Wisdom Code activator. Donna’s calling is to assist people in reaching the infinite fields of bliss and unconditional love. This is the place of freedom to create a rich and fulfilling life. The Pleiadians have gifted Donna with a healing modality called Divine Sequencing. These are powerful light and sound transmissions, keys and codes channeled as light language, singing and toning. They are channeled in this way because God Source Creator speaks in light and sound. These keys and codes are specific to each individual soul blueprint to be empowered in it’s own unique way.

As well as working with the Pleiadians and other benevolent et, Donna works with Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, St. Germaine, Yeshua, Mother Mary and others. Donna’s healing and spiritual practices spans decades. She has trained in BodyTalk, Theta Healing, Quantum Light Weaving, NLP and Inner Child Healing. She also works with crystals, flower essences and nutritional supplements.

Kelly Boyer

June 25 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 26 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Kelly Boyer is a Psychosomatic Energy Practitioner & Transformational coach who specializes in trauma and mental health recovery. She works with clients all over the USA and globally.

Having a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and Program Design, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development, and Certification in Integrated Somatic Parts Work much of her professional experience has been helping those who have experienced trauma and mental health challenges understand the mind-body connection to reach their recovery goals. Kelly guides and supports individuals in discovering their own innate ways of healing through intuitive and mediumship insight, as well as Quantum Energy Therapy.

Kelly’s biggest teacher has been through her own trauma, abuse, and mental health struggles. It was during these most difficult times that she discovered her gift of healing and wanted to help others heal.

Siddhii Shaah

June 27 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 28 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

In the ever-evolving realm of holistic healing, Siddhii stands as an illustrious mentor, a guiding light whose influence transcends time and space. Over the past half-decade, she has established herself as a transformative force, empowering more than 10,000 individuals through her profound readings, life-enriching healings, enlightening workshops, and mind-expanding Mind Power Programs.

Siddhii’s journey is more than a vocation; it’s a sacred calling—a relentless mission driven by a singular purpose: to empower one million souls, guiding them toward lives brimming with happiness, vitality, and profound meaning. This mission takes tangible form in Yana’s Healing Studio, a sanctuary that nurtures a diverse community of gifted healers and readers, all passionately dedicated to advancing the well-being of those they serve.

Siddhii is celebrated for her visionary milestone programs, meticulously crafted to address pivotal facets of personal transformation and holistic well-being. Her innovative offerings encompass groundbreaking fat reduction programs, transformative relationship repair sessions, and profound money healing programs—each a testament to Siddhii’s unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to her craft.

Her tireless dedication to her clients and students forms the bedrock of her success. Siddhii’s unwavering support and boundless compassion are a testament to her belief in the boundless potential for positive transformation within each individual.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Siddhii was honored as the Best Healer of 2022 by the prestigious Miral Foundation—a well-deserved accolade for her dedication to the well-being of others.

Siddhii’s influence extends beyond the realm of personal healing. She has delivered inspiring mind-power speeches and programs to corporate setups and communities, sharing her wisdom and empowering countless individuals to unlock their full potential.

Her students today stand as living testimonials to her impact, earning substantial six-figure incomes as professional healers—a powerful testament to the abundance she brings to the lives of all she touches. Some have been fortunate enough to join the ranks of Yana’s Healing Studio, a testament to Siddhii’s belief in creating opportunities for everyone.

Siddhii is also the visionary founder of The Celestial Dragons Healing System, widely recognized as one of the fastest and most powerful healing systems globally. Her unique ability to channel the wisdom of Angels, Dragons, and Goddesses infuses her healing practice with an extraordinary dimension, offering clients and students a profound and transformative experience.

Siddhii’s compassionate approach has earned her numerous awards and recognition for her exceptional teaching methods and healing techniques. Her boundless generosity is evident in her willingness to share her vast reservoir of knowledge, which extends far beyond academic understanding. She enriches her teachings with personal experiences, infusing practical wisdom that transcends the boundaries of a classroom.

Siddhii is more than a mentor; she is a catalyst for professional growth and personal transformation. Her constant inspiration and unwavering support propel her students to achieve extraordinary success in their endeavors. She doesn’t just teach; she unlocks the professional within, elevating her students to new heights in whatever they learn from her.

In the world of healing and mentorship, Siddhii is a radiant luminary—an embodiment of wisdom, compassion, and transformation. Her journey continues to shine brilliantly, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those fortunate enough to cross her path. Siddhii is, undeniably, a visionary who lights the way for healers and seekers alike, leading them toward a brighter, more empowered future. She is not just a mentor; she is a life-altering force, reshaping destinies one soul at a time.

Erica VanEaton

July 2 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

July 3 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Quantum Alchemist Intuitive & Life Coach | channel | International Speaker

Erica VanEaton is a Quantum Alchemist Intuitive that helps others reimagine their internal knowingness. She teaches others how to reweave their foundational structure to curate new realities and expand their gifts. Her oldest son that was born with Down Syndrome and Autism, guided her through restructuring their own energy matrixes to become a new kind of human.

Through reimaging the roles of the human vessel, she learned how to create an internal unified way of playing in the Quantum Field. By playing with science and metaphysics she holds space for her clients to fall in love with being human and curate a new reality full of infinite potentials.

Sheryl Ann Noday

July 8 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

July 9 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

What pulls us out of suffering and into JOY, love is what I am passionate about. Dedicating my life to working with Spirit, we share with you the following opportunities for growth.

Trance Channeling/Mediumship, Healing, Light Energy Work, Sound Tonal Vibrational Healing and last but not least Magical Realism oil paintings. I invite all those that are wanting to shift from one state of consciousness to the next, to grow from the inside out and to know life as it was intended to be. A life of wonder, happiness, connection, and passion to come and “dance with us in consciousness” as Siria Family would say.

I along with Spirit have assisted thousands around the globe to find the essence of love, restoring one to harmony, and balance. Thus feeling the transformation within one’s life.  We offer  The Anatomy of Authentic Channeling. Classes.  Private sessions. One on One. Workshops in which one learns to grow in their soul self. We are guided by Spirit. Learning to respond in concert with our Spirit Guides. How they work. Why?  When people experience unconditional love, shifts occur in the subconscious, one connects with their divinity, remembers their own power. This dismantles the illusion of separation which is the core of all pain. Over the years, Sheryl channeled many high frequency beings. She is the sole channel for Siria Family, the same Beings she channeled in ancient Egypt who align with the star systems of Sirius often lead the way. A vibrant clairvoyant, and hands on healer, Sheryl experiences one’s energy field where energetic adjustments are being made helping others to live more profound integrated lives.  She is the founder of “Art The Silent Healer”, creating visionary paintings, Soul & Spirit Portraits~ personal drawings for clients whereby each artwork is a portal, an invitation into one’s own Soul.

She is a three time Recipient, juried by James Rondeau, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. She has produced, directed and channeled, the first channeling film on crystal skulls, whereby the skulls speak for themselves “The Voices of Crystal Skull Consciousness”, a short film. She was one of the channel/mediums interviewed for the Nostradamus Books with famed author Dolores Cannon. Sheryl has initiated and created the first channeling classes in the midwest, The Anatomy of Authentic Voice Channeling”. One of Sheryl’s passions is educator and teacher. Her classes have been a platform, a bridge for many others as a chosen career path. Sheryl is currently channeling, teaching, birthing new channels and making art about those ideas.

Zeenat Lakdawala

July 11 – 9am Pacific Time / 12pm Eastern Time / 5pm UK / 6pm CEST

July 12 – 2am Sydney / 4am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Zeenat Lakdawala, a spiritual artist and energy healer, stands out with her unique approach to healing. As the visionary Founder of SoulSearch®, she aims to heal and empower individuals, guiding them towards their highest potential.

Through Light Language Sacred Geometry Grids and Coasters & SoulSearch Sounds®, Zeenat offers a practical path to core healing. This transformative journey leads to tangible health, wealth, and relationship improvements, making her services highly beneficial. She collaborates with the supreme consciousness as a multi- and inter-dimensional energy conduit, receiving guidance from various Higher Dimensional Beings. This collaboration enables her to bring forth the most benevolent Language of Light in Codes, Instructions, and Sacred BluePrints, facilitating profound shifts from lower to higher vibrations.

With a distinguished track record as an International speaker and having impacted thousands of clients globally, Zeenat brings a wealth of expertise. She is a trusted authority in transformative healing with Light Language and Sacred Geometry.

Catherine O’Connor

July 16 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

July 17 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

As founder of Divine Temple, Catherine is dedicated to igniting humanity’s Divine sovereign state of being. So wise and joyful lives co create, enhancing the consciousness of each being, the Earth and Cosmos. Catherine co- creates with beings of light in light to activate internal states of being arising from the framework of abundance or wholeness. Thus attuning your authentic Self, so you may align your choices to that which matters most to you.

From 2012 to today she has integrated new Light codes and developed the Divine Presence and Source Love Codes programs. She is scribing two sacred texts. With the Council of Divine Sophia, she offers transmissions in Divine Service.

Catherine is initiated into the Lineage of Thoth by Danielle Rama Hoffman. She is a Sacred Architect; scribe of infinite knowledge and Divine Love. Catherine practices Quantum light and works with Arturian and Intergalactic healing modalities. She holds a graduate diploma in child mental health, and aromatherapy.

Dr. Oltea Iulia

July 18 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

July 19 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Dr.Oltea Iulia, with an academic background, M.D., PhD, medical doctor, pathologist , former University lecturer, she is an internationally accredited multidimensional master energy healer, shaman, quantum healer, accredited training provider. She came in this lifetime with healing abilities like healing hands, feeling, sensing, seeing energies. As she was aware of these she continued and developed all of her skills. After an NDE (near death experience) in 2006, extremely traumatic awakening she got into her true life’s purpose – Energy Healing, including recovering from the traumas, abusive relationships and more. She got her Internationally accredited Certifications in Holistic Healing Services, Energy Healing, Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Master, Reiki Grand Master, Science of Crystal Healing practitioner, Shamanic healing practitioner, Modern Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, Quantum Reiki, Past Lives Healing ,Quantum Healing, Health & Prod Coach, Mindfulness-Based-Cognitive Behavioural-Therapy-Practitioner, Mindful Mental Health practitioner.

In the pursuit of her calling, she left her University career and embarked on an adventure as a healer.

She has gone through the Dark Night of the Soul for years working to overcome all of her traumas. At first, she mainly used other traditional methods which do not work out as they should. So she decided to do it through energy healing combined with scientific methods. This is how was born her healing modality S.H.A Soul Healing Acceleration which connects to All That Is and All Realms helping clear all unwanted energies, emotional pains and states in the fastest, easiest, deepest way possible.

She is the developer of the Healing modality Soul Healing Acceleration which helps spiritual people to go from deep core wounds like traumas, anxiety, depression, feeling lost, feeling cursed, disempowered to break free from the Matrix, from the conditioning of a fear based society, money blocks, relationship blocks, feeling stuck to feeling amazing, free from within, empowered, liberated from within, shining their Light living their lives to the fullest.

She is on the Soul mission of the Divine Feminine Empowerment supporting this way the Ascension Process, which is happening right now at the planetary level.

She was born in Romania , Europe and she is living in Egypt near the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Katie Sutton

July 23 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

July 24 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Katie Sutton is a best-selling author, intuitive channel, vibrational healer, and energy medicine teacher. She is also the founder of Zen Within Academy and the New Earth Now School, an online and in person learning community to help guide people on their personal path to wholeness and fulfillment. Zen Within Academy also facilitates invaluable access to a community of like minded individuals who understand each other’s struggles and encourage one another in their healing and spiritual transformation. She, and her husband Josh Vogt lead retreats and workshops around the world sharing Katie’s healing modality 12th Dimensional Healing™️ to help people reclaim their Zen Within.
www.zenwithinacademy.com www.newearthnowschool.com

Rayania Chaenn

July 25 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

July 26 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Rayania Chaenn, known affectionately as the People Whisperer, is an intuitive Channel, Energy Healer, and Galactic Retreat Host. Rayania’s soul journey is nothing short of extraordinary; she was present at the very Creation of Earth Consciousness and has since reincarnated thousands of times in service to the evolution of Gaia and this galaxy.

With an Oversoul connection to Green Tara and a soul makeup intertwined with Kuan Yin, Rayania embodies profound compassion for this earthly human experience. Her Dragon soul lineage and past life as a Lemurian infuse her with the ability to traverse mystic realms and draw upon ancient wisdom.

Rayania’s path has been one of deep learning and mastery. Trained in Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Spirit Release, Crystal Healing, and a multitude of modalities, she skillfully blends her expertise with guidance from spiritual beings and higher consciousness to facilitate profound healing and clarity. Through this alchemy, she helps others realign with their true Soul Frequency.

From a challenging beginning—rejected at birth for being a girl, not allowed to have voice—Rayania embarked on a lifelong quest for meaning and success based on external validation. She suffered lifelong anxiety and immense fear programs. Her nearly two-decade career in Technology Business immersed her in the cutting edge of 3D reality, setting the stage for her transformation into a devotee of her Soul’s purpose. Now, she channels wisdom from higher realms and teaches the sacred truths she has unearthed along her journey.

Rayania is committed to empowering fellow Starseeds, Empaths, and Sensitives to reawaken to their own truth and innate creative power as embodiments of Creator Consciousness. Her mission is clear: to guide others in rediscovering their inherent gifts, reclaiming their true Soul Essence, and co-creating lives aligned with the highest timelines of New Earth Consciousness.

Join Rayania on this transformative journey, where the heart opens, healing flows, and authentic soul expression blossoms.

Bonnie Serratore

August 20 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

August 21 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Bonnie Serratore began her healing journey in 1984. While stuck in a period where she experienced many lows, Bonnie temporarily experienced a state of pure enlightenment. During this state she realized that she possessed certain innate gifts. Ever since, Bonnie has developed her talents, which she has used to help others directly and also to teach others techniques to help themselves. Her modality of healing ultimately shifts our subconscious, opens our heart, and deepens our connection with love and Creation. The result is liberation – liberation from our mind thoughts, emotional pain, self-doubt, inner prison and great suffering.

Matthew John

August 22 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

August 23 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Matthew John is an internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Astrologer, Starseed Guide, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coach working with angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. He is a gifted intuitive, wisdom channeler and transmitter of healing frequencies.

Matthew has been on a 14-year+ Awakening journey. His powerful and effective teachings and healings are a product of many intense Awakening experiences, deeply human ordeals and tens of thousands of hours of study. He receives clear guidance from his Guides which he shares with his followers and clients from around the world. He specializes in helping others to heal their childhood and past-life traumas, reading people’s life plans from a Soul perspective, as well as serving as a mentor for Starseeds and those who are looking to accelerate their spiritual development.

As a Sirian & Andromedan Starseed Matthew is intimately familiar with the mission of Starseeds on this Earth. He guides clients and followers to connect with their Starseeded essence and to align with their specific Starseeded lifework.

Matthew is a spiritual leader for the Golden Age. He has an innate ability to see the ‘big picture’, and this is why he is so effective in assisting his clients and followers to heal, transform, and accelerate their Awakening.

Matthew resides in Western New York, U.S.A. with his Ascension dog Sebastian.

Simmin Bawa

August 27 – 4am Pacific Time / 7am Eastern Time / 12pm UK / 1pm CEST / 4:30pm IST

August 28 – 9pm Sydney / 11pm New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Professor and Head of Department, Philosophy, Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Simmin has been a practising Holistic Healer from the age of 16 years and is a multi-modality specialist. She was born Clairvoyant and Claircognizant and knew from an early age that she has to contribute spiritually for the betterment of humanity. Her specialization is Channelling where she directly receives messages from Light Beings, Spiritual Masters and even from God’s Light. Most of her courses and classes are channelled.

Natalia MacLeod

August 29 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

August 30 – 6am Sydney / 8am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

I was a highly intuitive child, I knew that there was something benevolent guiding me. A spiritual seeker in my late teens and no stranger to metaphysical and quantum physics, I embraced all teachings and wisdom that I could find.

Since my teens, I have lived holistically and mindfully, a longtime practitioner of Ayurveda and a student of Vedanta, the ancient spiritual philosophy, which affirms the oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and harmony of all religions. I have been a practicing yogi for over three decades and am certified as a Hatha yoga instructor. I understand deeply the importance of the calibration of body, mind and soul.

I work with a combination of techniques and energy healing modalities that employ my intuitive skills and knowledge gathered from various disciplines.
This results in a profound physical and emotional transformation. Some of the modalities I engage within a session include; biofield sound therapy, bioenergetic healing, touch therapy, and chakra clearing and alignment.
My work is unique, as I have the ability to decode and reorganize impressions held in the body (samskaras in Ayurveda) that often occurred in early life or were passed down genetically. According to Ayurveda these impressions, emotional constrictions, traumas and memories are imprinted on the subconscious mind, and body. These memories are written onto the soft fatty myelin sheaths that surrounds neurons in the white matter of the brain, and held in the subtle layers of the body. My ability to see, feel and sense these imprints often result in the clearing of the distortion that was holding the vibration. This clearing allows for a new neuropathic system to be created and for the physical and emotional body to release the discomfort, pain or blockage. Healing in this manner does not require revisiting the trauma or the root of the illness. The human biofield can heal at the speed of light, unifying the individual into a coherent whole which moves one into a new dynamic.

The guidance I receive comes from my deep and dedicated meditation practice that began when I was 9 years old. My practice has deepened and transcended over the years endowing me the deep spiritual connection that I now embody. This allows me to receive messages, see energy blockages and release them in my work. I am open, willing and trusting of what comes forth. Allowing this infinite intelligence to guide and empower whomever I am working with, so that they too can feel the movement of energy and experience the connection to this vibration. To this love, trust, divinity that needs no name. It just is.

More Speakers will be joining soon

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