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Season 10 Program

Kasey & Brad Wallis

September 19th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

During a near death experience, Brad Wallis was welcomed by a group of enlightened beings. This Higher Light Teaching Group provided Brad with incredible information on how our human existence came to be, and what our souls are doing on this physical plane. After agreeing to return to his body with a promise from the group that they would continue their communication with him, Brad’s now wife Kasey became an open clear conduit of communication for the intelligence group. Brad & Kasey eventually started sharing the group with live audiences so that others could ask questions and receive information. They were also led to entitle the group “Julius”, after one of the entities who had shared significant past life experience with Brad.

Communication with Julius can and will transform lives. Through these expansive teachings students remember how to access the highest version of themselves. Julius’s teachings offer wisdom in consciousness, expansion, manifestation, and ascension, and will aid you in releasing the binding effects of judgment, fear, lack, and need.

Sarah Lynn Kennedy

September 21st – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Sarah Lynn Kennedy is a spiritual powerhouse with an open and expansive connection to source energy. 

Her willingness to dive deeply into the heart of any matter, and her finely tuned ability to see past words and appearances is benefited by her razor-sharp focus; crystal clear, multi-dimensional vision; and highly refined intuition, resulting in an elevated potential for rapid and expansive transformation for her clients and workshop participants. As a messenger for spirit, she channels wisdom and guidance with clarity and compassion.  Being in Sarah Lynn’s presence is an open invitation to return to one’s true divine nature. 

Sarah Lynn’s embodiment of love and allowance for everything that arises is apparent in her warmth, grace and her innately overflowing joy.  Her light-hearted humor and gentle playfulness allows people to feel safe in sharing their deepest emotions and to lightly step into the loving space she holds in divinity.

Susan Kennard

September 26th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

It is my passion and intention that we all feel empowered and have the choice  to have what we truly want in our lives.

I believe on a soul level that we choose our spiritual journey and that the obstacles along the way help us to learn to love ourselves more.  I also believe that in this lifetime we are meant to stand fully in our power, speak our truth and make choices from clarity. By clearing our energy fields we are able to be more connected to who we truly are and we are able to listen to what our mind and body needs.

I use my extensive tool box and fine intuition incorporating my beautiful guides and helpers to assist me in guiding my client’s and student’s to heal.

Anne Deidre

September 28th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Anne Deidre is an International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, Speaker and Coach. She has been featured on ABC and NBC TV, on The CW TV Network, HuffPost Live, also a FOX News Radio Contributor, on NPR, CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio, and many print publications such as, Beliefnet and Aspire Magazine. 

Anne’s work is channeled from the Divine Energy and Frequency that includes Spirit, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and each soul’s Divine Self to shift energetic patterns, catalyze dormant gifts and talents, and ignite the Divine intuitive powers within each person. 

Anne’s transformational gifts allow her to intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her clients energy system and illuminate their hidden and or dormant Divine gifts and talents that their soul is here to share. Her unique and powerful gifts allow her to shift energetic patterns, heal trauma, and create new patterns so that they can bring their Divine gifts to the world.

Ana Maria Vasquez

October 3rd – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

I’ve been an educator, trainer & coach for more than 19 years in various areas of personal transformation.  

I’m a natural energy reader, an interpreter of sorts, and I lift the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. As a multi-sensory intuitive, I’m able to tune in and see the places where your limiting beliefs are getting you stuck in old ways of being and showing up in the world. I have a profound connection with nature & animals and specialize in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do.

I’m also a certified Intuitive Strategist and I serve on the faculty of the Academy for the Soul. My prayer and intention is to BE of service and that prayer is the impetus for the creation of the “Here We Grow Again” webinar series.  

Angela Montano

October 5th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

An international spiritual coach and facilitator, Angela Montano began her career as a television reporter, host and producer on local news and PBS. She was a contributor to the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour and field producer on the Emmy Award- winning show.  In the hundreds of news pieces she covered, Angela saw something deeper in the human spirit—a richer story than the ones she reported to her TV audiences.  A soul call led Angela to explore a deeper spiritual path.

Licensed as a spiritual practitioner, Angela facilitated over 15,000 individual sessions with people of all different faiths and belief systems, from around the world.  Angela considers prayer to be our greatest technology to access a life of purpose and fulfillment.

A featured guest on Hay House radio, Angela is a sought-after keynote speaker and author of the forthcoming book, Rethink Prayer.

Patrick Durkin

October 10th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Patrick earned a million dollars in a year, built a huge house and paid cash for a Porsche which allowed him to realize the capitalism trap. Even the supposed winners will never be fulfilled because happiness comes from within. His life is dedicated to fulfilling his soul’s purpose by creating a world of Love and Oneness. Fueled by unrelenting passion, Patrick transformed a chronic illness into wellness and vibrance and has made a vocation of playful contribution, and entertaining life’s infinite possibilities.

Patrick engages with others and the Spirit of Water through his creations: The Wellness Enterprise, Inc., GodSelf University, Water Magic 101 and Jivara Water Products.

Dawn Crystal

October 12th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Dawn Crystal,  a recognized Voice Sound Healer a respected Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Reader and Pain Release Expert – is known as a leading transformational specialist incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success.

Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages so they can manifest from their Higher Self, step into their Full Potential and lead their lives and business in a way that aline effectively with their souls purpose.

Dawn helps her clients to quickly release themselves from pain, emotionally and physically, and is an active mentor for entrepreneurs, CEO’s & Celebrities helping everyone from the highest professional level to the stay-at-home mom. 

Dawn participates regularly on Global telesummits, Radio shows & podcasts. Dawn was recently interviewed by the Today Show, Dr Oz, Rachel Ray, The View etc. 

Dawn’s  unique sound healing CD is purchased by clients around the globe and she is available on both phone and SKYPE, as well as teleseminars.

Dawn lives a peaceful life on Maui, along with her adorable dog, Hoku

Avilone Bailey

October 19th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

As a child growing up, Avilone was in tune with her spiritual guidance.  At age 6, she could see the energy fields around the trees and bushes.  In second grade, during spelling bees, she was able to see in her mind’s eye how each word was spelled resulting in her being the last one standing.  In third grade, while at home reading a book, she was shown what turned out to be an answer to a bonus test question given in school later that week.  She was the only one in the class to answer it correctly.  Always in tune with her Inner Guidance, she gained a keen perception of people and events and at times was prompted to remove herself from potentially harmful situations.

Her life path was also revealed to her.  She knew as a young child that she would to be a nurse when she grew up.  It was a burning desire, one that could not be ignored, as she grew into adulthood.  She achieved her nursing goal with a career that spanned over 25 years earning a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree along the way.  During her successful and fulfilling career as an RN, she continued to follow her Inner Guidance.  She actively explored and participated in the many facets of the metaphysical world experiencing and studying meditation, psychometry, past life regression, auras, stones and crystals and found that she was particularly drawn to energy as a healing modality. 

She now focuses on her energy work as an Emotional Relief Catalyst, helping clients by using a modality she has created.  In her current work, she is able to remove stuck or stored energies in one’s energy field.  These stuck or stored energies can interfere with a person’s ability to move forward in their life or can keep them from experiencing a life that is healthy and fulfilling.   Removing stuck energies can assist a person in reaching their full potential.

Anrita Melchizedek

October 24th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Anrita Melchizedek is founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network, anascension network of Light offering numerous programs of Light in the form of ebooks, Mp3′s, CD’s and audio DVD’s, as well as vibrational energy products. In her personal capacity, Anrita is an author, channel, Light language star ambassador and workshop facilitator. She further has the gift of healing, and focuses this energy through the ascension workshops and lectures that she facilitates primarily on a global level. Anrita is a master teacher and also offers many training programs via tele/webinar as well as individual consultations, including DNA activations, Light Body/Merkaba activations and channeled readings by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek. Anrita’s teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery. For Anrita’s You Tube Channel, please view AnritaMelchizedek Website:

Caroline Oceana Ryan

October 26th – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channeler who has channeled information from Angels and spirit guides since childhood.

She currently channels the Divine wisdom and higher energies of a group of higher beings known as the Collective.

The Collective include the Ascended Masters, members of our Galactic family, Angels, Archangels, the Faery elders, Earth’s elementals, and other Light Beings who are here to support us as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Caroline is the author of the Amazon bestsellers, The Ascension Manual series (Part One and Part Two). These are collections of the Collective’s wisdom on different issues, including abundance, relationships, life purpose, fifth dimensional Earth, and the Ascension path.

The first book from the Collective’s new Fifth Dimensional Life series is Abundance For All: The Collective Speak on Creating Money and True Wealth (2016).

Dr Jean Logan

October 31st – 11am Pacific Time / 6pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Six Years in Toastmasters with Silver Award

Dale Carnegie graduate and Assistant Instructor

Dr. Jean Logan is an ordained minister, has a doctorate in Nutritional Healing and has an extensive knowledge of many types of energy healing. Jean is the author of Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, Sacred Symbols of Light, Symbols of the Dawn and recently released Sacred Symbols Healing Cards. Now in over 70 countries, manuals are available through and Barnes and Nobel; printed or eBooks from either website or www.

All profits from the sale of the books and cards are used to assist homeless children through the non pro t, Holy Ground Farm which is presently helping support two orphanages in Nepal and funding teachers in remote villages.

Facebook pages under the name: Unlocking the Power of Glyphs and Holy Ground Farm

Matt Andrews

November 7th – 11am Pacific Time / 7pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Matt comes from a very intellectual, left brained, training as a professional mechanical engineer. However he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

While Matt’s amazingly powerful work with ManTarA is a relatively new phase in this life, it is not an overnight transformation. Through his dedicated and disciplined practice of traditional yoga and meditation over the last 20 years he has purified his energy system, strengthened his awareness and raised his vibrational frequency, which allowed him to reconnect to his higher Self and ManTarA. However he is still a down to earth, well-grounded guy that enjoys a good laugh, and his progressive transformation has unfolded while living, working and raising a family in our modern society. 

Amy Flynn

November 9th – 12pm Pacific Time / 8pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Amy is a Facilitator of Consciousness, Change and Transformation; a Spiritual Energy Shifter, Source Guided Intuitive and Money Reiki Grand Master. As a business and people healer, Amy quickly shifts people into a higher vibration of love to remember who they really are so they experience manifesting a joyful and abundant life of Infinite Receiving.

As all babies are, Amy was born awake and connected, her path differed in that she remained awake and aware. Amy has been communing with and receiving unconditional love, wisdom and guidance from nonphysical Source since early childhood. Throughout her life this partnership with her nonphysical part has manifested in many exciting twists and turns. It is through direct knowing herself as a Blended Source Being that brought Amy to make her personal mission awakening all who are ready to remember and live as who they truly are. It is her passion to “awaken the world” to connect with the infinite, abundant and all powerful Beings that they truly are.

As the voice channel for an expression of nonphysical Source Consciousness known as “The Collective” who lovingly transform all they interact with, Amy makes the esoteric and the profound accessible and fun. The Collective are multidimensional Source Consciousness that Amy considers the “larger non-physical aspect of herself”. She has been channeling and receiving loving guidance from The Collective since early childhood. Amy has fascinating stories of The Collective even stepping in to save her physical life. The Collective are infinitely wise, loving, always joyful and along with Amy, absolutely committed to everyone’s expansion and evolutionary growth.

Amy is the creator of many powerful programs, including the paradigm shifting Call of Your Being©  Series, Forgiveness of Self, From Chained to Freedom, “meditations that work”  including the Money Reiki and Receiving Energy Alignment Meditations, Ideal Body Energy Meditation and the Instant Joy Process.  She’s developed a powerful process to completely clear Trapped Emotional Energy from the body that quickly produces astounding results in health, well being, prosperity and all areas of life in just one or two sessions. Amy publishes the inspirational ezine “Energy Currents” and appears regularly as a guest on radio shows, web podcasts and Telesummits uplifting and transforming audiences worldwide.

Vandana Atara Aura

November 14th – 11am Pacific Time / 7pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Vandana is a divine channel & light ambassador of Accelerated Light Healing. She is the CEO & Founder of Vandana Light Healing. Her soul calling is to empower & inspire all sentient beings to navigate the new earth energies of rapid transformation on the planet. She shares her intuitive gifts & psychic abilities as an energy healer, shamanic practitioner, soul guide, spiritual coach, & accelerated light master teacher. She travels and teaches accelerated light healing practitioner certification programs wherever she is called & whoever is guided to spread higher consciousness as a light & power source for others.

She was awakened by the star councils of galactic light in 2012 & was shown her soul mission is to empower * inspire new earth inhabitants to awaken to their multidimensional mastery & galactic divinity at this critical period known as the stellar ascension cycle. She then received star codes to serve as a stargate & portal to transcend human conditioning & embody multidimensional mastery. This quantum information allowed her to attune others to a higher dimensional octaves of cosmic consciousness & to be an even greater contribution on planet earth with ease & grace.

This nameless light allowed her to create a new system of transformational healing that everyone can use & benefit from. Accelerated Light Healing contributes unique processes & light language to send & receive instant messages from benevolent beings, channel cosmic consciousness & infinite intelligence from the great central sun, & embody self-mastery as a co-creator with the divine.  Her soul purpose is to empower & inspire all sentient beings as a wayshower, awakener, soul guide & world teacher.

The mutli-dimensional processes she transmits allows her clients to unravel old stories, unlock false beliefs, & unwind karmic knots on a cellular level. She’s helped thousands of clients to awaken their true soul path & embody their soulful presence as divine humans of heaven living on earth in person, by phone or skype, at a distance, or simply by listening to her healing recording mp3s.

Vandana is an gifted empath & many of her clients are starseeds & sensitives here to awaken & evolve the planet to a higher octave of consciousness & require loving guidance, clarity, & direction on their path of truth. She empowers & inspires her clients & students to access the quantum field of magical possibilities. Those that are ready seek out Vandana’s services so they can manifest their dreams, visions, & desires with accelerated light faster & easier than ever before.

Vandana’s path of healing began as a caregiver, guide, & healer to her Indigo son with Aspergers & her then husband who shut down his psychic & artistic abilities & numbed himself with various addictions to remain asleep & unaware of his soul purpose. After years of pain, struggle, & energy loss, she took her powers back gaining & claiming the divine wisdom & vision about how to use her healing gifts to help & heal others.

Katherine Parker

November 16th – 11am Pacific Time / 7pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Katherine Parker is an internationally acclaimed spiritual healer, author and the visionary founder of Resonance Alchemy, a new system of transformational energy medicine.
Katherine has been passionately engaged in the fields of holistic health and transpersonal psychology for 35 years. Before founding Resonance Alchemy Katherine had a private practice in Denver, CO as a certified massage therapist, astrological counselor and transpersonal therapist.

Beginning with an unexpected mystical experience in 1994, she started to receive the profound guidance of resonance frequency healing techniques that has become Resonance Alchemy. For over twenty years, Katherine has continued to develop Resonance Alchemy, teaching and working on clients worldwide. She continues to channel the higher dimensional sacred syllables Resonance Alchemy is based on, a universal language of spirit which comes from the galactic Tree of Life.

Katherine Parker’s training includes a five year intensive teacher training and ordination in the Diamond Approach under the direction of A.H. Almaas, a method which integrates modern depth psychology with ancient spiritual wisdom. She also trained in holistic energy medicine with Master Lar Short in Total Person Facilitation. She is certified in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, and trained in Upledger Cranio-sacral therapy and Thought Field Therapy. She studied personally with Dane Rudhyar, one of the foremost pioneers in humanistic astrology.

She continues to be passionate about bringing forth new resonance frequency healing techniques and sacred syllables from her higher dimensional guides for assisting healing, ascension, spiritual evolution and co-creating a new humanity and a new earth.

Tammy Majchrzak

December 5th – 11am Pacific Time / 7pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Tammy is a Metatron Channel & Scribe and serves as a link with the Divine Universal Light. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Alchemist, Quantum Healer and the Founder of Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL). Her work at this current time is involved in assisting those who are on their Ascension Journey path of enlightenment and to know for themselves, the divine truth itself through the light of the One Source and Universal Coding. One of Tammy’s spiritual gifts is introducing and sharing the latest information of divine truth to all those who seek. She works from a very humble space. Her work has been spreading throughout the Globe and greatly assisting others on their path of light.

I work through the light of Source, linking in with the Trilogy Masters – Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth, who are here assisting us at this time in our light evolutionary process. My Journey and my discoveries, my passion and my truths are just that. To feel something so powerful and life changing, to know this and feel this is what this work is based on. Divine truth, guidance, experience and knowledge. We are all constantly and continuously evolving in many ways. The work I am involved in is to assist people in how, they to can connect through this divine energy and can begin to change their lives so dramatically. My soul purpose in this life is as a spiritual teacher/Light Counsellor, Quantum Light Healer, and Humanitarian. I look not so much to give myself definition or labels, rather that I work as I am guided to work, as a direct link to Source and One vibration, assisting mankind at this time in his light evolutionary process.

Jill Mattson

December 7th – 11am Pacific Time / 7pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!   She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a four – time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  She offers an online Sound Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound! Free music & School of Sound Healing at

Micheila Sheldan

December 14th – 11am Pacific Time / 7pm GMT

Speaker Bio...

Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel. Micheila Sheldan’s spiritual awakening came during a struggle to overcome chronic physical pain. Through rigid meditation and spiritual practice to heal her body, she discovered her intuitive gifts, launching a journey to better understand her connection to the spirit world. Early on in her awakening, she was told her mission in this life was to support Lightworkers during a very transitional time on our planet, helping them to uncover truths about themselves, their history and their planet. In the course of her healing process, she left behind her role as a mainstream mom to step fully onto her soul’s path as an intuitive channel. By standing in her truth and walking this path, Micheila inspires others to discover and nurture their own personal connection to spiritual energies and uncover and live their unique signature imprint.

Micheila dedicates her life to helping others more clearly define and walk their life path and mission by sharing channeled wisdom and higher guidance to assist the ascension program on earth. This is accomplished by offering herself as an intuitive channel so that Lightworkers may communicate directly with their Spirit Guides, Angels, Teachers and Ascended Masters. Micheila also channels universal guidance and wisdom for groups and audiences during live demonstrations and lectures. The Guides and Collectives she works with share information about the shifting planetary energies, the ascension timeline, our history, and where we are headed in the future. Micheila also channels powerful energetic activations, allowing participants to heal resistant energies and release programming and density from the structure.

Micheila is primarily clairaudient, as well as clairvoyant and clairsentient, and able to relay detailed angelic teachings about the soul’s path and purpose that uplift and improve the quality of life. In conducting individual readings regarding relationships, personal challenges and career, she has experienced astoundingly accurate results. Micheila has the ability to channel a variety of interdimensional beings and collectives to answer questions about our history, current challenges and where we are headed in the future. In addition, she has the unique ability to receive detailed visions of significant past, parallel and future life experiences and can describe how they are impacting our current life path.

More spiritual teachers will be joining soon…

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