Summer 2021 Program — May 25th to June 18th

Mira Kelley

May 25th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

May 26th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
I discovered my passion for past life regressions at the age of 13. I came across Brian Weiss’ book Through Time Into Healing and I was so deeply intrigued by the idea of reincarnation that I decide to regress myself.

On the back of the book there was a suggested script for people to make a recording that they can play back and have their own regression. I thought to myself that even though I had no physical ailments or emotional issues to heal I was really curious and wanted to try. I recorded the script on a tape and a few moments later I began playing it.

What I experienced was so vivid and so dramatic that ¡t shook me deeply. I had a peak experience. In an instant I become this other person who was running scared for her life. Through the guidance of the questions that were coming from the recording I was able to understand the story of that lifetime, the lessons and how that life related to the person I am now.

The most unforgettable scene of my experience came at the end of the regression. I was observing from above how the woman in that life passed away. In that moment of divine serenity her spirit separated from her body and began rising. Her spirit was beautiful white light. There was a path of white light leading into the distance, which the spirit drifted towards. At the end of the light path there was an opening, a door at the threshold of which another spirit composed of bright white light was waiting to great the woman’s spirit. I was in awe of what I have witnessed.

Several years later I had some dental work done which exacerbated a pre-existing TMJ condition. As a result my jaw was in constant pain and it was hard to even open my mouth and eat. After a year of unsuccessful physical therapy my dentist, who is one of the most highly regarded dentists in New York City, advised me that I either needed to have an operation during which my jaw would be broken and reattached back with wires inside my mouth or that I was to learn to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I was desperate for a real solution — one which would miraculously take the pain away.

That is when I remembered the regression I did as a girl. Not knowing what to expect or how would the pain be taken away I found a therapist and had two sessions. During these sessions I experienced several lifetimes and learned the connections they share with my current life. But most importantly I understood the information and the lessons that my body was conveying to me through the pain in my jaw. In a few short days the pain was completely gone and my dentist called my healing a miracle he has never witnessed before.

My belief in the power of regressions was forever solidified. Connecting with my past lives has allowed me to not only gain a better understanding of who I am and receive guidance but to also have a very real physical healing. I wanted to share and assist others in experiencing the amazing possibilities that a regression session holds. My love and passion for this work lead me to study with Brian Weiss and Dolores Cannon who are two of the most renowned regression therapists in the world.

Today, I continue to be amazed by the journeys each of my clients takes me on and to be in awe of the healing miracles I witness. However, none of this would be possible without the divine love that has created us and constantly supports us. That is why I approach every session with absolute trust that the Higher Self of each of my clients will provide them with the most appropriate information and healing that will serve their highest good.

Tamaey Gottuso

May 27th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

May 28th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Tamaey Gottuso, PhD has been a compassionate, multi-disciplinary mentor for over 25 years, helping individuals uncover their soul’s deepest passion and purpose. She uniquely works with each of her clients to gain clarity for their lives while expanding their innate talents and abilities, creatively, intuitively, and spiritually.

A sought-after Metaphysician, Transformational Leader, Ascension Guide, and Spiritual Mentor, her greatest passion is to assist people with what she calls their soul acceleration so they can powerfully and purposefully synergize their strengths and talents to manifest their dreams and fulfill their souls highest potential.

Most importantly, Tamaey considers herself a humble vessel for the Divine. A dedicated yogi, vegetarian, animal activist, and nature lover, she believes that living and leading by example is her greatest strength. This gives her a unique ability to inspire and mentor others who are seeking to do the same, using a grounded, relatable approach.

Karen Kay

June 1st – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 2nd – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Karen Kay is a Bestselling Hay House author with two oracle decks, Oracle of the Fairies and Messages from the Mermaids. She is a former BBC News editor who literally saw the light! Lots of lights actually! Fairy lights to be precise! Karen shares her love for the elemental realms through her work. She is a co-founder of the UK’s 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, and also the founder of FAE Magazine (Faeries and Enchantment).

Karen connects to the elemental realms bringing through ancient wisdom from fairies, mermaids and unicorns into our human realm. A passionate nature lover, her friendship with the fairies began as a young child in her grandmother’s garden, where she used to collect rose petals to make perfume for the flower fairies. She is related to renowned fairy poet and author, Walter De La Mare.

You can find out more and join her free newsletter at and she also posts daily on her instagram page

Raquel Spencer

June 2nd – 12pm Pacific Time / 3pm Eastern Time / 8pm UK / 9pm CEST

June 3rd – 5am Sydney / 7am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Raquel is a Catalyst for Spiritual Awakening.

Her no-nonsense approach provides a refreshing and grounded pathway for personal growth and empowerment. Calling herself a Spiritual Warrior, her tagline says it all… “Guiding you through the B.S. and beyond so you can get on with what you’re here to do!”

Considered one of the Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders, she opens the dormant mind/body pathways and cellular codes of Light to assist you with remembering your Divine Sovereignty.

Referred to as a Multidimensional Energy Electrician and Cellular Light & Sound Specialist, her skills come from Direct access to higher states of consciousness and memory.

Utilizing skills from lifetimes as a Hathor, Tibetan Monk, Atlantean Atla-Ra Priestess, knowledge from the original 13 Etheric Crystal Skulls and many cosmic / universal expressions, she unlocks your Human Super Computer to embody the highest level of your Divine Essence.

Recognized by Shamans, High Priest/Priestess and Lamas alike, Raquel has traveled the world following her guidance to facilitate the awakening of Light workers, Star seeds and seekers of universal truths.

Assisting thousands around the globe, she helps you navigate through and understand your own multidimensionality, accelerating your Spiritual Awakening and Expanding Your Consciousness.

Her life shifted profoundly after an unexplained 5-week coma, during which she underwent a Soul Braid and a rewiring of her physical and energetic systems. The coma marked the beginning of her own personal awakening and preparation to fulfill her cosmic agreement to help prepare humanity for the “Shift in Consciousness.”

Through Ancient & Light languages, codes, downloads and more…, her multidimensional energy activations accelerate the return to YOUR natural original blueprint as a Divine Human.

She states “You are a bioelectrical, biochemical supercomputer of Light. The omni presence of your multidimensional self is always present. However; if your Divine vehicle or supercomputer is not functioning at an appropriate level, your ability to communicate, connect and integrate that level of your consciousness is compromised.”

For more information, visit:

Lisa Thomas

June 3rd – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 4th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Lisa Thomas is a sought-after epigenetics expert, speaker, author, and transformational leader who contributes to society by facilitating accelerated healing.

Through the expansion of self-awareness, people are empowered to embrace collaboration and contribute to transforming the future of society.

She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation.

Lisa achieves this within her small-group programs, private coaching, Infinite Opulence – Healing Activation products and her Soul Awakening Method (™) Certification for healers. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and family.

Lisa has been featured on Good Morning LaLa Land, Allie & You, Dare to Dream, Inspired Conversations, Spirit Purpose Energy, as well as other stages and podcasts. Her book, Mistakes into Money is now available on Amazon.

Trish McKinnley

June 4th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 5th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
As an author, in demand speaker, prolific YouTuber and lifetime psychic (much to her kids’ dismay), Trish has empowered thousands of lives over the past 25 years through the Forgotten Tools of the Universe™, her secrets, strategies and shortcuts to manifest success and prosperity.

Trish combines this with her background in personality behavior and temperaments to help individuals and teams to better understand what makes us all tick through her Goddess Personality Archetypes.

She proves that by understanding your Goddess Personality you can apply the ancient wisdom and spiritual guidance contained within the Forgotten Tools of the Universe™ to empower your Inner Goddess to overcome overwhelm, stress and self doubt and live a life full of happiness, love and abundance.

Andie DePass

June 7th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 8th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Andie DePass, PhD., The Light Activator, is a Master Alchemist in Ancient Spells and Lower Entities and Densities containment and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy and Divinity.

She is a Quantum Energy healer, gifted writer, an inspiring coach, dedicated teacher, and transformational guide. She has helped thousands of clients over her decades of work. One of her greatest gifts is that she enables her clients to become master manifestors.

Andie focuses on going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived within the foundation of Christed love so that you can heal with grace and ease.

As a Certified Coach, Andie specializes in aiding those who’ve experienced sexual and physical abuse, particularly the removing and deactivating of the Male Microchimerism Virus. This Virus is connected to all humans through their DNA. Through extensive research, hands-on work, and powerful energetic upgrades, Andie possesses a unique understanding of the Virus and depth of knowledge other healers don’t. She specializes in the electrical, cognitive, magnetic energy of Male Microchimerism in the mental and emotional aspect of the body. She alone understands how its electromagnetic charge functions, what that means for you, and how it affects your Sovereignty in your Body Identity.

As a Metaphysical Coach, Andie has a deep connection to the universe, the ever-shifting energies, and takes a unique approach to understand what it is to be part of the Great Awakening.
Sacred Geometry by Endre Balogh – used with permission
Sacred Geometry by Endre Balogh – used with permission

Andie discovered her gifts early as a result of a traumatic childhood. She learned as a child that she could always step out of her body when in danger. As a little girl, she was sexually abused on a daily basis for years. During those horrific events, she would remove herself from her body for safe keeping and waited and watched from the corner until the violence ended and she could return to her own body again. She also called upon Mother Mary, her mother, Mother Ana, and Archangel Michiela (which is also known as Michel) for protection.

But Andie found this tool draining and exhausting to use and so she learned and developed others tools in order to survive. This necessity has given her the experience needed to enable her to develop the proper tools for you to use personally in order to achieve your desired results.

Andie is a birthright healer and descends from a family of healers. She’s the great-granddaughter of a medicine man from the Iroquois tribe from the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec Canada. Her mother was also a member of the Rosecrutian. As a child, Andie found Pentagrams and spells both exciting and scary all at the same time.

Andie DePass is a great reader and avid researcher! Her interests span a huge array of topics and she reads everything she can put her hands on Easter Island, Michel de Nostradamus, the Pyramids, Adam’s Calendar, Dr.Michael Tellinger, The Rainbow Body with William Henry, space weather, and so much more! She’s taken training and certification courses through Drunvelo Melchizedek, Human Design with Richard Beaumont, Bob Proctor –Body Code just to name a few! One powerful training with her friend, Sally A., through Harv Eker Warrior Camp had her bending steel rods with their throat — which they did! After all when you expect miracles, you produce miracles! If you’re looking for a healer who’s in touch with the intellectual as well as the celestial, then Andie is the one for you!

Are you ready to begin to recover from the abuse and trauma you’ve suffered? Be heard, be nurtured, be connected, and have someone present with you in your moment of need? Would you like someone to celebrate your wins and hold you when you’re low? A guide to show you aspects of yourself you never knew and help you into the next moment? Breathe you in a new direction? Then welcome to the first step of your transformational journey!

Edward Mannix

June 8th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 9th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Edward Mannix is a spiritual teacher whose instruction on Truth & Compassion is supporting thousands of people around the world in stepping out of suffering and confusion into the light of their loving heart and the clarity of their Higher Mind.

He is the founder of The Compassion Key®, a simple yet powerful system for healing the inner child, clearing karmic imprints and bringing our heart and soul’s deepest desires into form. His work often leads to miracles in peoples’ financial lives, relationships, emotional well-being, careers, physical health, spiritual lives and more.

Prior to becoming a spiritual teacher and facilitator, Edward had a successful career in the private sector working in venture capital, management consulting and social entrepreneurship. He earned an M.B.A. from Columbia University where he studied Sustainability & Social Enterprise, an M.A. in International Policy & Economics from The School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), and a B.A. in Psychology & Economics from Indiana University.

While pursuing his Western Education and striving to find ways to do good in the world through business and help heal Corporate America, Edward was simultaneously undergoing sometimes intense spiritual awakenings and transformations. Important formative experiences during this period include practicing Vipassana meditation for 18 hours a day in a monastery in Burma, traveling to Nepal to receive teachings and empowerments from Tibetan Rinpoches, and working with hidden masters from a number of traditions and geographies, spanning Asia, Europe and the United States.

Drawing upon unique insight and an unusually diverse set of life experiences, Edward brings fresh perspective to ancient wisdom, and is an important new voice in the arenas of spiritual development, personal transformation and sacred activism. He is the author of two books and leads tele-seminars with participants from around the world.

Deanna Hansen

June 9th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 10th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy, a bodywork practice that is therapy, exercise and meditation all in one. Deanna began her practice as an Athletic Therapist in 1995, always focusing on deep tissue work. Unfortunately, as successful as her business was, Deanna’s physical health and mental wellbeing were eluding her.

In 2000, Deanna experienced a major breakthrough. While experiencing the worst of a series of anxiety attacks, Deanna intuitively pushed her hand into her abdomen and, at that moment, began a path of self-discovery. In a short period of time, Deanna’s body began to change. The weight was dropping, the chronic pain and issues were improving and, most importantly, the depression and anxiety disappeared. She immediately began applying this to her existing patients and the results were immediate and outstanding.

Deanna’s journey working with individuals has been very rewarding, yet her true passion is to teach people how to self-care. Block Therapy is the solution. Deanna has taken what she did in the treatment room and translated it into a self-help practice using a handcrafted wooden block, called the Block Buddy. This simple, efficient, and inexpensive approach is gaining credibility as people around the world are experiencing the benefits of Block Therapy and sharing with others.

Deanna’s work benefits people of all ages, as well as any condition. Focusing on the fascia system, her work teaches people to melt through adhesions and scar tissue, ultimately awakening cells previously blocked from blood and oxygen. From those with debilitating issues to the elite athlete, this work can be modified to address any situation.

Deanna has developed an online teacher-training program – Block Therapy University – so people around the world can teach in their communities and empower others to become their own health advocates. There are currently 200 people globally, either certified or going through the process.

Christy Whitman

June 10th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 11th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Christy Whitman is the channel for The Council, spiritual mentors here to spread the message of Quantum Energy Mastery. Christy & The Council teach classes, meditations and provide private sessions to help clients feel more aligned with their Divine Design of well-being, abundance, success and loving and supportive relationships.

For over fifteen years, and before channeling The Council, Christy was a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch.

Christy has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in Goalcast, People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

Solara Rose

June 11 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 12 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Solara Rose is liquid radiance in human form. She has the rare ability to entrance whip-smart, spiritually adept and high-achieving magical people into reaching life-altering levels that even they were unable to fully envision as possible for themselves — or believe themselves capable of. One timeless, immaculate moment in Solara’s field inevitably leads to the most extraordinary, luxurious thing an individual can experience in a lifetime: Divine Identity Mastery within a brave, brand new world all of their own making.

Solara’s clients step away from her miracle matrix fully expressed in Genius, dripping in success, exquisitely powered to share their beauty, brilliance and gifts with the world.

Allana Pratt

June 14th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 15th – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt is a global media personality and and go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically, and attract an open-hearted ideal relationship. She has been chosen as an Icon of Influence, is a columnist on the GoodMenProject, and has been featured on Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, CBS, ABC & FOX and more.

This Ivy League grad is the Author of 6 books, has interviewed Whoopi Goldberg and Alanis Morissette, and Hosts the edgy Podcast “Intimate Conversations” where listeners learn how to find the relationship they deserve. A certified coach with close to 5 million viewers on YouTube, Allana was asked by Leeza Gibbons to coach her during Dancing with the Stars.

While supporting a number of non-profits, Allana has created a new category with an inclusive Partnering App & Intimacy Training called where members to Become the One to Find the One… which Keeps the One! She also offers HeartMates for Couples, private and group coaching plus retreats so that her clients have a thriving intimate relationship with themselves first, which naturally attracts and enhances their ideal partnerships.

Sunny Dawn Johnston

June 17 – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 7pm UK / 8pm CEST

June 18 – 4am Sydney / 6am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...
Sunny Dawn Johnston is an acclaimed new thought leader, psychic medium,, spiritual entrepreneur and mentor. She is the author of twenty books, including her flagship bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, which have become the cornerstones for many of her keynote topics such as intuition, mediumship, and the angelic realm.

Through her courses, private sessions, and live events, Sunny has grown and cultivated a diverse global community. Whether in-person or online, her strong mentorship encourages thousands of students to connect with their heart and the core of their being and guides them to experience life in a newer, more positive light.

Sunny is the creator of the ELEV8 Your Life membership site … a virtual community focused on designing a high-vibrational life bursting with abundance, self-love, and joy. Leading the ELEV8 Your Life community, Sunny focuses on accountability, support, and guidance as the solid foundation of intentional and lasting transformation. All are welcome to join ELEV8 Your Life, where members have exclusive access to 20+ years of her knowledge and teachings.

Sunny’s latest endeavor, My Spiritual Biz, is a membership community for spirit based heart based entrepreneurs. Sunny’s 30 years of business experience and her multi-million dollar generating team guide and mentor members who are starting, building, or growing a spirit based business. Sunny and her team of experts provide the bridge between envisioning and actualizing your entrepreneurial dreams.

SDJ Productions has expanded Sunny’s work beyond writing and speaking engagements and into publishing and producing. Her latest projects include two multi-author compilations, 365 Days of Angel Prayers and 111 Morning Meditations, with more releases expected in the near future.

In her spare time, Sunny is actively involved in the spiritual community and volunteers as a psychic investigator for the international organization FIND ME. This is a non-profit organization of Psychic, Investigative, and Canine Search & Rescue (SAR) volunteers collaborating to support law enforcement and families of missing persons and homicide victims.

Sunny resides in Glendale, Arizona. She is a firm believer in work-life balance, or better said.. work hard play hard. Sunny focuses on family, service, hard work, and friendship to encourage harmony in all areas of life.

Amy Flynn

June 18 – 12pm Pacific Time / 3pm Eastern Time / 8pm UK / 9pm CEST

June 19 – 5am Sydney / 7am New Zealand

Speaker Bio...

Amy Flynn is a transformational teacher and intuitive, Source channeler of The Collective, Multidimensional Energy frequencies transmitter and healer, Money Reiki Healing Grand Master and more. Guided by her clear, strong connection with Source and her powerful energy gifts, Amy helps thousands of people around the world blast through lifelong blocks to create major shifts and breakthroughs!

Amy embodies the loving Source Energy of The Collective which is felt in the joyful energy she radiates. Amy and The Collective make the esoteric and the profound, accessible and fun! They quickly shift people into a higher vibration of love to awaken and remember who they really are.

Amy is the creator of the Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies energy program and powerful programs filled with Living multidimensional Energy including The Call of Your Being© Series, Creation 101, Living From the Heart as Love and “Meditations That Work”. Amy has developed a powerful proprietary process to permanently clear generational Trapped Emotional Energy that quickly produces dramatic results in health, well being, prosperity and all areas of life. You’ll find Amy regularly as a guest on radio shows, podcasts and Telesummits uplifting and transforming audiences worldwide.

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