2019 Summer Season Program

Angie LaRue

September 12th – 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 8pm CET

Speaker Bio...

Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist, Energy Practitioner, Reverend, Teacher, Reiki Master, Mystic, and healing innovator. She uses knowledge from masters like Nicola Tesla and Wilheim Reich to access and share subtle energy for increasing well-being and the evolution of consciousness.

She has been working with Spirit since her awakening in 2011. She receives clear guidance from higher consciousness to support her clients to experience life fully while restoring them energetically to their original blueprint.

Her clients are supported locally in Boulder, CO and also internationally over Skype, Zoom, or phone. Please look at the success stories below.

Amy Flynn

September 17th – Encore

Speaker Bio...

Amy Flynn is a Source guided intuitive, spiritual teacher, energy transmitter, healer, medical intuitive, Source voice channel and Money Reiki Grand Master. She is guided by her lifelong clear, strong connection with Source and her powerful abilities to clear, restructure and balance energy.

A born channeler accessing her spiritual gifts from birth, Amy is the voice channel for an expression of nonphysical Source Consciousness called “The Collective” who lovingly transform all they interact with. Amy and The Collective radiate uplifting, joyful energy as they make the esoteric and the profound accessible and fun! Together they quickly shift people into a higher vibration of love and realization.

Amy is the creator of the Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies, the Multidimensional Money Reiki Transformation program and a powerful proprietary process that permanently clears generational Trapped Emotional Energy that quickly produces dramatic results in all areas of life.

A seer through time, space and energy, Amy enables people worldwide to break free of lifelong blocks and existing belief habits. Her mission is to bring people into the direct realization of who they are as Divine Creator.

Susan Kennard

September 19th – Encore

Speaker Bio...

I started off my career training traditionally with a Psychology degree and a Post Graduate Degree in Psychotherapy at the Tavistock in North London.

I worked for over 10 years in London’s local authority as a therapist in child protection. This led me to understand the patterns of trauma that people experience and how we could prevent it.

I felt that we as a society and most definitely as a local authority were putting a plaster on the problem and not preventing it from happening in the first place.

I am known as someone who is a spiritual scientist, I love evidence and therefore won’t teach anything I feel is not in integrity with me. My work incorporates my traditional training and my ability to connect deeply with my guides and helpers. The ones you will hear me talk about as ‘The guys upstairs’.

I can help you to heal your life, mind body soul and get you fully aligned with your mission. That is my mission. Look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Roth

September 21st – Encore

Speaker Bio...

Peter Roth is an intuitive counselor/healer and medical intuitive who has been helping people for 23 years. He has a broad scope of intuitive insights that cover health, relationships, personal growth, business and more. He’s also a Human Design System analyst and works with Source Cards.

Peter is the founder and director of the Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing which is a school that began in 1997 and has taught thousands of people to become intuitives and healers. The school has ongoing web classes every Monday night.

Peter is also the host of Energy Stew radio podcasts which have been broadcast weekly for 14 years. He interviews the most profound people he can find who specialize in personal development and spiritual consciousness.
His website is heartriver.org.

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