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Restoring the Original Soul Fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body.

A 9 week activation series to align your Soul’s essence to interact with your brain and physical body in pure unity consciousness with all things.

Restoring the beginning Soul fragmentation imprint

Because of the indoctrination of false frequencies, we have experienced Soul fragmentation or quantum entanglement, which has caused humanity to become a story instead of the amazing Source sovereign creator that we are. Through false light and sound signatures there has been an imprint of certain false frequencies of which consciousness has aligned itself to, through this quantum entanglement.

The brain chemistry is malleable, that is, its composition to matter is easily changed. Through an understanding of how matter is influenced by brain waves or frequencies will allow for the creation of brain waves of your choosing to exist.

We will step into the brain as frequency, as sound and light, to bring the brain itself into a synergy with all body systems, as divine union of self with self, divine Hieros/Gamos with divine creator or source as consciousness.

This is the main frequency to engage with the brain as a pathway of grace and ease for the brain to understand and interact with consciousness as source consciousness.

To bring the brain in synergy with the body systems and all matter is to begin the zero balance point or opening, like a portal, of divine information (consciousness) easy access.

We will be stepping into the brain and body systems with a zero point of brain function as understanding. An understanding of self to your body, your relationship to the body, to call back home the original fragmentation or Soul fragmentation imprint of specific emotional responses. This will free up the story they carry that has been the unconscious Director of your life experiences.

Class 1: Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body- Cardiovascular system

The entire matrix exist on the belief that things are separate. The fragmentation of self based on this emotional response is immense.

To begin our journey through the brain and body with this most profound belief is purposeful in that all other frequencies exist because of this one.

As we move into the pliable structure of the brain, we find alleyways or vertices or vortexes to the frequencies of all other distortions within the mind structure, as the body, living within the consciousness of the mind it’s self. That is, there is a mind, of the brain and a universal mind complex of all things, as the masculine aspect of all creation.

As consciousness enters the physical body via the mind through the plasmic field of the brain, a connection of frequencies occurs. As this occurs, a communication network is established as consciousness to all other systems of the body. As consciousness follows, so to speak, the minds frequencies, those which stand out most or the most prominent so to speak, louder with light and sound, create the most profound pathways of communication.

The frequency of separation being the most profound of all frequencies engaging within the brain, creates immense pathways of distorted frequencies.

Each avenue of communication has its own distortions. Moving through the cardiovascular system first will allow for the life force itself of the carbon body to bring forward authentic light and sound codes for a recalibration, as self, as one, as source to be experienced.

Class 2 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-digestive and urinary systems

The fragmentation imprint of Separation stems from beliefs that,” I am separate from God or source”. Disbelief resides within the collective consciousness as a belief that, I am less than or greater than, that which created me. This plays roles through all human development as comparisons to family or friends, siblings, parents etc.

The belief I am greater or less than anyone is the greatest separation frequency that continues to play out as the false matrix control mechanism. Disbelief resides within the body, as the digestion, as the area of great ingestion of beliefs and they releasing of those to the collective through the urinary system. To allow the belief of separation to be integrated within the brain, digestion and urinary systems, allows for the balancing of the mechanism of bringing into and out to the world, those frequencies of control, change and separation as self to one another and to the environment.

As we bring back home the soul fragmentation of separation from these physical areas, we bring back into neutrality the pushing and pulling of will or life force energy from the collective. This is a huge release in the false matrix game of using ones light.

Class 3 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-Endocrine and Lymphatic systems.

To release the frequencies of separation from the endocrine and lymphatic system is to reestablish the communication of perfect health and stability into the physical body.

As the endocrine system communicates with the spiritual or emotional body it will continually engage in fight or flight when the separation frequency is continually engaged. The lymphatic system is the regulator of health or more so, stability or flow to the body systems, this engaging in separation will cause”Chaos” to the system as a whole, creating a confusion network to exist, this allows for fear to become a part of the system.

When this occurs, health as you know it, is very hard to maintain, as the communication is continually interfered with, this is why many of you struggle with chronic health issues especially auto immune issues.

To restore the true communication within these systems, is to restore communication with the authentic experience of being within a body, within the earth experience, as experience itself.

Class 4 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-Muscular and Nervous systems

To remove separation from these body systems is to restore true movement and creativity upon and within your individual lives.

The separation that has taken place within your society is mirrored within these body systems. The muscular system is the movement through space and time and the nervous system is the functioning of that movement, how the body feels as it moves.

Think about this as a metaphor of existence itself. The illusion of separation causes you to react toward others as though they are often your enemy, your competition, your opposite, as though there are limits to all there is. As this response moves through the body and nervous system, reactions of emotions of greed, selfishness, control, competition, arise and control the internal environment, allowing fear and a perpetual fight or flight response.

To restore balance, symmetry and flow to these systems with the removal of separation is an intricate part of the realization of self, as source and the law of one.

Many emotions lie within this matrix of separation and within these systems. Be gentle as we move through and adjust these systems. Many collectives will aid in this process as we recalibrate your individual souls connection, as all and all that you have experienced upon and as the earth experience.

Many of you have many lives, as we move through the layers, know there is no fear and it is important to not embody the experience, as this is just another illusion of separation, but instead to let go with faith, trust, and surrender. We love you and support you with all you are doing for the whole of humanity. The White Avions, Blue Avions, Magenta Avions.

Class 5 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-Skeletal system

To restore the fragmentation of separation from the skeletal system will allow for the bone structure to align itself with the natural flow of movement through space and time, as energetic synergistic movement. That is, to move free through space and time as energy itself.

Your carbon DNA has a rhythm of its own, one which creates matter, therefore the matter created of the bones also has a movement of its own based on your souls imprint. To create a structure of separation, creates a rigid movement, so in essence, it creates the bone structure to be out of balance with all other matter and space and time.

To remove this frequency of separation will allow for the synergistic motion of energy through Space and time to occur. This will allow for authentic movement both energetically through your life and physically as the balance of space and time can occur as it’s meant to be as one unit of measure so to speak.

Class 6 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-Respiratory system

To restore the frequency of separation to the respiratory system allows for the flow of divine breath to be received and delivered throughout the physical body and physical experience.

To allow for separation to exist within this system, creates, the separation of life flow within the breath of life or Element of air within Gaia, as the breath is the movement of the element of air. To allow for separation creates a block in flow of the element of air within all of life, that is to say ,as separation occurs within divine breath, air becomes an illusion of separation, this creates a need to feel divine breath as a construct, not as movement or flow of energy to all other aspects of existence.

Think of air as a divine flow of universal consciousness that is known, yet unseen. This is in fact all consciousness, yet as the human experience, breath is easily believed as an element as the human experience uses breath to flow life.

In truth, breath is a consciousness like all other consciousnesses. When in synergistic flow, creates or expands life force energy. Yet when separation is involved the synergistic nature of flow is not able to be received, thus creating distortions within many aspects of the physical body.

This is why there are many elements being added to air as you know it, to confuse the synergistic communication of consciousness within the circuit so to speak of divine breath.

To restore the flow of divine breath by releasing the frequency of separation, allows for the circuit divine life communication to be restored.

Class 7 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-Reproductive system

To allow for the separation frequency within the reproductive system allows for the separation of creation itself, from that that creates its self.

The illusion, creation is outside of self or outside of the physical experience. This creation of separation has created the false matrix it self.

The illusion of fear as a construct that creates more of itself. The Separation matrix begins here in this creator/Creation center of beingness within the physical body, many distortions have been created within the system of the body, including creation itself.

The infiltration of disease and distortions to the system is far too vast to explain to the human consciousness mind.

To restore the soul fragmentation of separation to this system, will allow for creator and creation to come together, as one unit so to speak. As above is below.

To restore the synergy of creation to the physical experience, is the foundation of synergy to all life’s experience upon and as one with earth herself.

The restoration of separation within the system will allow for the authentic creative process to be experienced as a fluid experience of oneness.

Class 8 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-integumentary system

To allow for separation within this body system allows for the separation of self from all others, the aliveness of self moves away as the separation matrix occurs.

One must stop feeling themselves or in other words the ability to simply be alive as life itself, as the illusion of survival occurs. This occurs because of the illusion of separation from one another or in fact from self.

The skin as an organ system regulates the sensations of emotions from what appears to be the outside world, as separation is engaged within this system, many elements of fear occur, allowing for all miss guided emotions to also occur, judgment, separation of self from others, competition, all occur as a result of the fear of separation, it creates a cycle or loop of enslavement/ imprisonment energy or frequency to be experienced.This in turn creates more of itself.

The hair as you know it, is like an antenna for all other frequencies, as this frequency band relates to separation, the fight or flight is engaged and never disengage, especially those with short hair as this allows a more direct pathway to the physical brain instead of the heart complex. Humanity not knowing the true nature of this system is all part of the separation matrix to simply regard the system as insignificant is part of this game.

To restore the soul fragmentation to this system will allow for a flow of life as life to the whole. The body, mind, and spirit so to speak or mental physical and etheric. To restore this false separation with further allow the authentic frequencies of experience or intuition to be recognized. This is a very important part of the receiving the knowing of who you are and why you were here.

Class 9 : Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body-Brain

To allow for the frequency of separation within the brain, allows for all separation to exist within the quantum field of your physical existence.

The brain as an organ houses the DNA signature of all other aspects of the physical body and therefore has a direct resonance to that of the communication to the cellular body of consciousness known within or as the physical carbon body.

To allow for separation within this organ, basically gives permission for all consciousness within the body, to make decisions outside of the will of the oversoul or soul self as Director of the physical experience. It creates a block or separation itself from the quantum level of divine will. This is a huge part of distortion in the human health matrix, as this separation creates the distortions themselves, then whatever communication of consciousness level that is communicating to the cells has the ability to create whatever it chooses without the direction of the soul of the one who is engaging within the physical body.

This is why humanity has lost the ability to directly communicate to the physical body.

To restore the fragmentation to this organ will drastically change the communication network or grid patterning to the quantum level of the DNA and all body systems. This after working with all the body systems, will plug-in so to speak the Network to its original template of divine communication, a crystalline template of communication.

You will receive:

Restoring the Original Soul Fragmentation and Releasing the imprint of “Separation” from the Brain and Body:

A 9 week activation series to align your Soul’s essence to interact with your brain and physical body in pure unity consciousness with all things

  • Class 1: Cardiovascular System
  • Class 2: Digestive and Urinary Systems
  • Class 3: Endocrine and Lymphatic Systems
  • Class 4: Muscular and Nervous Systems
  • Class 5: Skeletal System
  • Class 6: Respiratory System
  • Class 7: Reproductive System
  • Class 8: Integumentary System
  • Class 9: Brain

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What others are saying about Cathleena Hailley

On my spiritual journey there are only a few humans that I have experienced and known that have the level of multidimensional awareness that Cathleena possesses in relationship to frequencies. During group energy work she can zoom in on and discern the most minute frequencies that are playing out within the individuals as well as in the collective of the group. She is masterful at matching the frequencies required to alchemize and integrate deep healing work both in the micro of humanity as well as the macro of Gaia.

However, what allows Cathleena to stand out in my heart as a true Master healer of humanity and Ambassador of Gaia is that she shows up authentically everyday holding the mirror up and diving deep into her own shadows, while coming out on the other side embodying more of her true God Self. It’s an honor to be on this Earth journey together as a friend and fellow Light Colleague.

~Brooklin Rayne

Hello to everybody who has the great fortune to meet Cathleena. I came down from Bhutan with extreme pain in my knees. I went to the doctor when I came back and they took an MRI-scan of my knees. They found a tumor in my knee. they knew the kind of tumor and said it had to be operated as soon as possible. They send the pictures to the hospital and they would contact me. In the mean time I had a session with Cathleena. She guided me in a state where we cut loose the tumor and made it in smaller pieces so it could be integrated by the body. It all felt very good and tingling. A week later the surgeon and his specialist team phoned me and told me that they cold not find the tumor any more. And that an operation was not needed.

But… what I liked the most about Cathleena is how she embraces you into her heart energy. You feel so cared for. She easy taps into your energy fields and really connects with you. I felt so connected and cared for and somehow all by doubt melted away. I sincerely hope that many people may benefit from her extra ordinary gift and her warm personality. I feel extremely blessed to know her. Thank you very much dearest Cathleena.

~Bar-che Dorje

Buddhist teacher. at Nyingma Aro gTA

When I found out Cathleena was going to be in my hometown for a lecture, I immediately felt a strong nudge (push, shove!) to book a private session with her. At the time, I didn’t know a lot about Cathleena’s work but I was inexplicably drawn to her. I am so grateful I followed that inner wisdom to connect with her! I can honestly say that I left my session with Cathleena not FEELING like a new person – I WAS a new person. In the days that followed my clearing and reset, I felt surges of euphoria that I have never experienced before. The energy was palpable and electric. I have since come to realize my frequency did, in fact, change and my body was adjusting to the new energy. The feeling was profoundly liberating. I have met with many different practitioners over the years but my session with Cathleena was extraordinary. I’m so happy I purchased a Frequency Adjuster of my own so I can continue to attune and balance my energy moving forward. Thank you, Cathleena for sharing your tremendous love and light with others!

~Kelly DiPucchio

Cathleena is a masterful frequency alchemist. I still remember the surprisingly powerful Inner Child work during the very first session I had with her. It certainly was not easy to get in touch with the emotions that had been buried for decades! She created a safe and honest space and guided me through a profound process to enable the emotional releases and shifts. Since then, I have enjoyed and appreciated her support in many individual and group sessions – with each, she helped deepening my healing and the understanding of world of energies. I would come out of the sessions feeling more expansive, light, relaxed and more empowered. Thank you, Cathleena, for always providing guidance and support with beautiful integrity and love.

~Arden Springfield

I must share and post: “We all have the correct crystals, tools, and all that we desire to help us express ourselves into the world.” This is what I thought. I said this over and over. I recently was called to purchase a Frequency Adjuster, and then a 1-1 session and all I can say is “total and complete fine tuning” of the soul and expression. AMazing. Supportive and DIVINE. Amenmazing I’m smiling typing this. It’s been a leap, a jump, and supportive. Buy the adjuster and book a session. You won’t regret it.

~Brittnay Johnson

Distant Energy Session

Cathleena’s gift has a lot of unique characteristics. She’s almost like an energy therapist. Each bi-weekly session has taken me further down my path of enlightenment. I would say that the most consistent result is a positive mindset that just keeps humming along. I just don’t seem to “get down”, and if anything, that positive mindset keeps increasing over time. Some of her targeted work has direct and detectable results. I have a crazy knowing that some of the things I used to worry about are a giant waste of worry — which is extremely impressive! For instance, my concerns over money are completely gone. I now believe I’ll have all the money I need no matter what I choose to do, and that seems to be happening. Wow. ❤

~Xane Daniel, Soul Essence Activation

I just had a session with Cathleena myself an hour ago. Still buzzing. Working on “reconnecting” to Source Frequency and healing early childhood loss issues that shaped my beliefs about self, life, trust, relationships… nothing really big, haha, lol. Deep shifts and release at the cellular level. Very powerful. Thanks Cathleena.

~Kayla Kayce, Mulitdeminsional teacher

Cathleena pulled things out of me that I had not realized that were in the background and I had not even given thoughts too. I also had the same unique experience and yes it was so emotional I found myself finding it hard to talk at times and I will try all the ways she presented to expand me. I look fwd to seeing her in a week. I could feel real shifts in my own aura which was awesome. Thanks a very eye opening experience.

~Barbara Morey, Aura Reader

My experience with Cathleena is one I am so grateful for. Every session she hits it spot on with what is going on with me and after every session that area of my life is not as dense or problematic. I really really find a great value in working with her. I not only get a direct understanding intellectually but physically as well as I see how certain things shift in my reality. So thankful!

~Michelle B

About Cathleena Hailley

Cathleena Hailley is an embodiment of the divine feminine who works with the council of 9 collective and in particular with Jesus, Metatron, and other ascended masters. Her coding accesses the womb water of an individual’s birth so that they are brought back to their original soul expression, creating a rebirth to allow full expression of the soul’s imprint. As the lineage of the life Architect her Crystalline DNA signature not only carries the frequency of perfect pitch to align to the original Human templet, Earth templet and this Universes templet, but continually recalibrate this alignment.

Having incarnated as an Arcturian, Andromedan, and as a member of the Council of 9 Galactic Collective, Cathleena brings the knowledge of human patterns of existence, along with her extensive knowledge and work with interplanetary and galactic portals. Through this, she accesses human patterning with galactic information, technologies and energies to fully access their original soul’s blueprint.

Cathleena has a business degree and has worked with many professionals and medical practitioners in her massage therapy practice for over 28 years, she has experienced layers of human patterning, personalities, and life expressions. Her background in massage, using techniques as Rolfing and Myofascial has allowed her to begin to access more subtle energies connected to the emotional patterning that creates an individual’s life. Through her understanding of sacred geometry, she has channeled a vibrational device from the Arcturian collective. Cathleena now uses all of her business knowledge and experience with sacred geometry to align with her resetting the crystalline DNA.

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