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The Galactic Numerologist, Light Language Sacred Codes Transmitter, Divine Channel and Intuitive Soul Path Coach


Transitional Transformations – The Power of 7 – (60min Live Group Masterclass ~ with recording)


Package A + 45min Dragon Activation/Meet Your Dragon 1on1 Session

Package A

Transitional Transformations – The Power of 7

60-Minute Live Group Masterclass on Zoom
(with recording)

Join the Galactic Numerology Council of Light in this group transmission, and come to this workshop ready to receive life-transforming Divine Consciousness!

Friday, July 7, 2023

7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm UK / 4pm CEST

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Have you been experiencing a ‘rough ride’ during your soul expansions? Are your physical, emotional and mental bodies experiencing challenges during intense energy downloads?

Your soul’s transformations into higher states of consciousness can be stabilized as you transition from denser to lighter frequencies within your physical and energy bodies.

This July 7, 2023 a powerful Evolutionary Portal (7/7/7) is available to harness the energies for more peace and harmony as your life shifts and as you step more into your Divine Presence as the leading consciousness in your outer reality.

Join me and the Galactic Numerology Council of Light as we access the energies available through this 7/7/7 Portal to:

  • Transition through multidimensional states of being with each evolution you are experiencing so there’s a smooth and more harmonious shift
  • Embrace your journey in present moments so that you are living in the now and enjoying more richness in your life
  • Experience opening to new frequency levels that allow you to attract the abundance that you require to fulfill your purpose and mission

Using the Sacred Number 7 with the exponential momentum of this Portal, we’ll dial into the true infinite abundance of it by calling it in – not randomly (like the pulling the slot machine handle or scratching off the ticket to get “the win”) – yet through the true power of attracting what is desired through our birthright of abundance.

I invite you to this powerful GROUP ZOOM event that is happening on:
FRIDAY, July 7, 2023 at 10am EDT

(Audio Recording sent after the transmission – be sure to register to receive even if you can’t join live)


You will receive:

Transitional Transformations – The Power of 7

60-Minute Live Group Masterclass on Zoom
(with recording)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $33

Package B


Dragon Activation/Meet Your Dragon

45-minute One to One Private Session with Denise

Have you been called by your own dragon or by the dragon consciousness to connect on a deeper level to work with the dragons in Wholeness for the evolution in consciousness?

How it works:

As you are answering your soul’s calling to do the work that you’ve come to do in co-creation with the dragon kingdom, you receive access to their energies and they to yours, so you can work together to usher in the New Age and expand your consciousness.

One of my gifts and masteries is working with dragons as Dragon Mother Activator (as they describe it). This means that, as I channel their essence and speak and emanate Light Language in the DRAGON DIALECT, (multi-dimensional energy stream) keys and codes which you hold within your energetic field are unlocked.

In choosing this activation you set your intention for this connection with the dragons, then open to receive. And it’s always two ways – giving and receiving happen simultaneously. This is a co-creation. I channel through the bespoke energy streams that your Higher-self is calling for in co-creation with the dragons as per your path and mission. With my Light Language transmission, I am the bridge for you to access the energies that you, as an awakening Light Being, are asking for, and all that you are choosing to receive – that which you are calling forth. And what an exciting and magical experience it is! 🌟

This Dragon Session is for you if you:

  • Have felt like you’re connected to dragons in some way and wish to deepen that connection on the energetic level
  • Have met or would like to meet your personal dragon friend by activating keys and codes of this consciousness within your energy fields
  • Are interested in working with the Dragon Kingdom to co-create the shift in consciousness
  • Are interested in re-awakening the dragon essence within your own energy system to bring about the creations of your soul’s mission for this lifetime
  • Are so excited to feel the FREEDOM of taking flight by remembering other dimensions of your multidimensional self with the dragons

Dragon Activation Sessions:

In this session we will set up an energy vortex (container) to receive and integrate the activation energies, frequencies and vibrations that channel through for you. In this container we set up the intention and direction of this activation so it is bespoke for you. Then the activation begins and Dragon energies stream through Light Language for you to receive and integrate. We’ll have some time for questions and application of the energies as I channel for you.

Session and Transmission done via Zoom


You will receive:

Dragon Activation/Meet Your Dragon

45-minute One to One Private Session with Denise


Transitional Transformations – The Power of 7

60-Minute Live Group Masterclass on Zoom
(with recording)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $122

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted – Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “1on1 Session” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Denise Ricard

Denise is a brilliant bridge between the galactic, natural and human consciousness. She connects structural work such as galactic numerology with her keen intuitive guidance. This powerful alchemy allows you to become easily and spontaneously immersed in the experience of joy, love and flow. She is a magnifier of multi-dimensional abundance and a great ally on your journey to self-healing. She can also call in her dragon and other higher-dimensional friends to assist you even more on your path. I love working with Denise, because with her, it always turns out to be extraordinary. Thank you, Denise.

Denise is a gifted Galactic Numerologist. Her style is potent and direct, and I appreciated the depth of the light language transmissions. It is clear that she has done her own inner work as the frequency she emanates is off the charts. I felt divinely supported as I unraveled limitations with ease and re-calibrated my system with a fresh new vision for this year. I am definitely noticing an expanded sense of Divine Clarity, and I have noticed I am more inward focused. I definitely get the sense I am being “up-leveled” BIG time. I highly recommend working with Denise!

More has been revealed about my mission as it pertains to my galactic origins. I experienced a very powerful clearing during the transmission. Many sensations. Tears, heat, energy leaving. In waves. Wow. Looking forward to seeing how this energy integrates in the coming weeks, months, etc. Just based on my experience during the meditation / transmission, I know it will be profound. Denise, it’s such a pleasure working with you and getting to know you and your work!

I’ve always been aware of the flow of the universe by seeing synchronicities in my day to day life, having thoughts align with later to come actions, etc. After doing the Galactic Numerology Activations, I have gone through many shifts and changes with ease. There is a new flow to my life, a flow that is so deeply ingrained in my DNA. My passions and motives are becoming beautiful actions in my daily life. I no longer have to worry or doubt that there won’t be enough time to fulfill them. My true nature is able to dance through life with joy and gratitude. I am beyond grateful for the changes that came with the work of Galactic Numbers. It has also allowed me to stand in my power in a stronger, more Divine way.

I wanted to tell you how lovely and amazing the work that you do is. It is very powerful, but also gentle at the same time. A pure force of love pushing me in perfect velocity and strength forward into the unknown yet feeling safe and held not scared. I feel so much more supported and rooted in the cosmic energies and divine forces of love. Almost like I’m really in there surfing the waves of energy now— IN FLOW! The number 3 started to come in very strong for me, showing up a lot after that. And I also got a download about my soul group’s cosmic lineage connected to Sirius. I am of the alchemists / bringers of light magick (not sure the official words but that is the closest I’m getting now).

I have felt as though I have been on a trajectory of change, expansion, hard to put into words and I know Divine Clarity is one of the foundational pillars for all that is unfolding for me at this time. I definitely feel I am at the null/zero point no sense of where I am headed other than I know it is an expansion and more of an unfolding of me. Since our session I feel more self-assured, more removed from the collective chaos and I know Clarity is there with me.

Now, with Galactic Numerology energies activated within my energetic system, there’s FLOW in being who I am, and I’m feeling free to express that to others. This is a whole new way of experiencing my connection with Source and that has completely changed how I live my life to being in such an absolute state of trust. Fear no longer guides me, my own connection to Source is my guide. The clarity that I have now in everyday decision-making has been a game changer! I’m noticing numbers more and how it’s helping to spark the energies, and reminding me to believe in myself and the power within me – it’s the upgrade, the new DNA is activating.

Working with Denise is such a joy and has been an absolute game changer! Since Day 1 of working with Denise my entire life has transformed. I have come to a new place of functioning as the Light Being Incarnate that I AM. I’ve realized results like: finally leaving the corporate world when it wasn’t aligned to my soul path anymore, selling my home of 22 years as my Higher-self nudged me to relocate and move into an entirely new environment, and stepping into the Truth of who I AM so that I can create the life of my dreams! Each step of the way, the Galactic Numerology Beings of Light have completely supported me in such a magical, mystical way of being “spot on” as far as the Number that we’d be deepening into that week aligning fully with what was actually happening in my life. I come to each of our session zoom calls with great anticipation and excitement, because the unpacking of what is most important to me -and constant revealing of my soul’s deepest desires and highest truths – is always revealed in such a magnificent alchemical way that is exponential and different each time in the way that is synchronistic and perfect for that time. With all of this, I cannot imagine having gone through all of this transition and transformation and ascension more joyously and with more ease and grace than has been – and continues to be – offered through Denise’s Activation Transmissions of these new Galactic energies. This is what I mean by “game changer”. Because of this Galactic Numerology and Soul Path Coaching 1:1 Program, I am living each and every now moment more and more from an absolute state of peace and joy and the truth of me.

About Denise Ricard

It is my Soul Mission to Be of Service – to usher in the New Golden Age and co-create Heaven upon the Earth – as Ambassador of Light, Love and Magic in Divine WHOLENESS.

Divine Cosmic Alchemy is who I AM and how I share my JOY and Divine Magic with others – so you can remember who you truly are as a Divine Being (fully realizing yourself) – and be free once again.

FREEDOM is the awakening, remembering and connection to your Higher-self – your Divine Creator self. In this space, you are living your life from your birthrights of joy, bliss and abundance.

And, as you live in alignment with your soul, you experience more ease and grace as you navigate your life. You recognize the highest purpose of your reason for your incarnation upon the Earth at this time.

Here’s what I offer to assist you in reclaiming YOUR freedom:

  • I AM a channel, transmitter and emanator of Source Light Codes via Light Language, and continually evolve and upgrade my system to be receptor of the most highly-evolved energies available to support your continued expansion
  • I AM an Intuitive Soul Path Coach, and I channel and translate the most appropriate and relevant wisdom from your Higher-self, Divine Guides and Akashic Records, to assist you with crystal clarity that reconnects you to your highest path
  • I AM the Galactic Numerologist, and am the steward, activator and transmitter of those Sacred Number Energies, which awakens and reconnects you to the WHOLENESS of your Source Code Origins to support your evolution in consciousness
  • I AM a Sacred Architect and co-creator of powerfully expansive and evolutionary Energy Vortex Templates/Holograms that provide the energetic container and space to support the ALCHEMY of what you’re desiring to create, which adds multidimensionality and expansiveness to all that you actualize

…So you can experience that FREEDOM by being in complete alignment with your soul’s path and purpose – on the wings of abundance – for this lifetime.

I share with you my sacred tools to co-create bespoke experiences so you can manifest your dreams and desires, and be your unique contribution that you came here to BE.

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