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Chit Shakti healing program

A secret Energy System that no one talks about…CHITTA

The idea that opening the third eye and activating the pineal gland to become more conscious intuitive being will yield quick and profound results of enlightenment can lead to disappointment.

Like any form of personal growth, it often takes time and consistent effort to see significant changes. However, Dipal has discovered a quicker and more effective way in empowering you to make significant shifts in your life to help you evolve spiritually, heal the past, and transform your health by activating a specific energy that most people don’t know about. It is the only Energy that will help to activate the pineal because they are interconnected. It is called the Chitta. .

With Dipal’s Process she will take you on the deepest journey into the main control center of the mind called Chit Shakti “the dormant seed of Consciousness”.

Here are the benefits of Awakening Your Chit Shakti that you can experience when working with Dipal:

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness: Easy and Quick access to the “power of consciousness,” to enhance manifestation capabilities, successes, and psychic abilities as you are guided to altered states of awareness, explore your inner self,, and connect with higher realms of existence.

Increased Intuition and Clarity: Activating the Chit Shakti can help you make better decisions and see the world from the I AM perspective. It allows you to become for focused on your purpose and path in this 3 D reality towards a more fulfilling path of inner peace no matter what is happening around you.

Improved Health: Chit Shakti’s health is linked to your overall well-being. Cleansing and activating the Chit Shakti promotes better physical health by achieving a more balanced and harmonious state of being through every cell in the body. Chit Shakti has direct access to your cardiovascular system and nervous system. Once the dormant seed has awakened you will notice you no longer live in survival mode. Your body is no longer receptive to The fight, flight, freeze response.

Chit Shakti healing program is THE MOST POWERFUL HEALING of all time. It works to heal on multiple levels simultaneously addressing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of well-being. Chit Shakti wll help you access the universal consciousness quickly and effortlessly as Dipal’s program guides you through each area of your life clearing blockages and activating the center for empowerment, creation and healing. You will learn to live a life that is GUILT-LESS, FEAR-LESS, and WORRY-LESS.

This program will help you:

  • Restore balance with your mind and body
  • Rewire the mind for greater divine connection
  • Recalibrate the body’s energy systems to the new frequencies
  • Manifest 100 times faster and more
  • Succeed beyond your existing reality


25 minute 1on1 session with Dipal Shah


PACKAGE A + 5 MP3s + 60 Days of Chit Shakti Healing + Followup appt

Package A

25 minute 1 on 1 Session

with Dipal Shah

Dipal and her Guide Team will provide a transformative healing experience where they will connect with the different layers of the Chit Shakti accessing the Pineal Gland and 3rd Eye. They will scan each area to clear energetic, emotional, and spiritual blocks to help you rebuild your life the way you wish to see it unfold. The Chik Shakti will be activated and infused with high vibrational prana to bring about the sense of oneness, purpose, and alignment with the greater flow of life. Dipal and her Guide team will share a Vedic mantra, affirmation and/or a meditative practice specific to your situation and concerns at the time of the session.

  • Please come with 2-3 concerns that you may have.
  • A recording will be provided after the healing
  • You will connect via conference line through a webcast link or a local call in number


You will receive:

25 minute 1 on 1 Private Session

with Dipal Shah

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $127

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted – Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “1on1 Session” – whichever comes first.

Package B

You will receive Package A +

5 MP3s


60 Days of Chit Shakti Healing


Follow-up with Dipal

Item 2 :

5 MP3s

Dipal has created a powerful support system of healing audios that will help you clear blocked Karmic imprints, Ancestal blocks, Past life cords, and Present life blocks upleveling your healing, your frequency and guiding you towards greater personal and spiritual goals.

  • MP3s do not have to be listened to in any order
  • Mp3s should be listened once out loud
  • Mp3s should only be listened to once a day if listening to multiple( max 2 a day.)
  • Mp3s that are silent or music only can be put on low or no volume
  • Mp3s are effective even when listening from another area of your home
  • Mp3s will not effect anyone else in your home
  • Mp3s should only be used by you

1) Detox and Activate the Chit Shakti for health (Silent) (20 min) :
This healing mp3 will take you through a Detox and Awakening of the creative energy center promoting mental, physical and energetic detoxification. Allow the energy to go deep within your every cell as you are entering into a renewed state of well-being and harnessing the power of Chit Shakti for optimal health. Your health is guided by the energy and power of the Chitta. Imagine feeling in full control of your Health!!!

2) Access to the Infinite Self (Guided) (19 min) :
Dipal will guide you through a healing of Shadows and activate a powerful symbol to ignite the Chit Shakti to awaken the resilience and healing within the Shadows. The shadows that make you feel like you are not enough have a positive message. Get ready to reframe past experiences, transforming them into opportunities for growth and learning. This reframing will alleviate emotional burdens and promote a more positive outlook on life giving you the access to freedom from the inner turmoil.

3) Detox and Activate the Chit Shakti for Love (Music) (31 min) :
Self love is the greatest type of love. Clear and heal all the part of you that are lost, disconnected and misaligned to the love of self. Once your energies are aligned you will be able to love others and bring love into your life. This healing will clear blocks of limiting beliefs, past regrets, lack of trust, betrayals, abandonments, abuse, and cords that still keep you from loving yourself, having a loving partner and loving others.

4) Manifestation of Easy Successes (Guided) (17 min) :
Embark on a transformative meditation as Dipal guides you through a deep experience that provides potent healing to shape your successes and accomplishments in the realm of thought and, consequently, in reality. The dynamic method of powerful pranic frequency Dipal uses will help you move forward and ignite a spart of creating and manifesting what you already know and deserve. You’ll undergo a process of rewiring your mind, empowering you to manifest your aspirations and become the master of creation.

5) Chit Shakti Tool Box (Guided Video + Audio) (15 min) :
Turn the mind off and become one with consciousness. Put into action the energizing aspects of your consciousness through a powerful breathing technique that Dipal will guide you through. We will access streams of consciousness that are constantly flowing within and around your whole being. Flooding our system and body with a creative force that will be your everlasting life support toolbox that will help you stay energized, revitalized, boosting your healing, focus, cognition, intuition, metabolism, cardiovascular and nervous system energies, and balance your entire body taking you out of fight, flight, or freeze.

Item 3 :

60 Days of healing of the Chit Shakti

As soon as you purchase your program Chit Shakti Healing and Activation begins!

Over a period of 60 Days, Dipal’s guides will send you Remote Healing by tapping into your energy, connecting with your higher self, and assessing the state of your body and mind to ensure that you are receiving the healing energy YOUR mind, body, and spirit needs to bring more peace, freedom and joy into your life!

They will be using Quantum Body awakening modality which uses a high frequency prana to help scan blocks, clear inner chaos, heal the body and areas of need, and activate channels of manifestation so that SIMPLE is your new ENERGY.

You may feel the energy if you are very sensitive to Healing. If you do not it is okay…do not worry trust that you are being taken care of.

If you are doing another program this energy healing will not interfere with any other program.

You can set your intention if you wish upon purchase however Dipal’s Guides know exactly what to clear.

Trust in the process

Item 4 :

15 minute Follow-up Appointment

Once you have completed your Healing appointment with Dipal she will book you for a followup to discuss the healing progression and make recommendations. Note this is not a healing session it is a way for Dipal to understand how your body is accepting the Frequencies. She will also guide you with any next steps to take you on a Healing Journey.


You will receive:

5 MP3s


60 Days of healing of the Chit Shakti


15 minute Follow-up Appointment


25 minute 1 on 1 Private Session

with Dipal Shah

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $177

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Due to the nature of this work, this Special Offer is non-refundable.

What others are saying about Dipal Shah…

That was a very powerful healing. About an hour later (since you worked a lot on my gut) I completely flushed out my bowels, it was very cleansing. I feel physically in that area to be lighter and free from blockages. Your are a gem! I look forward to meeting with you again. Hugs,


I feel set free!!! Knowing there was a reason(s) for continuing patterns brings hope. I don’t have to second guess everything I do/don’t do, or overthink situations. I was always trying to fix or figure out what I did wrong, or could have done different to get different results. All that you teach is applicable, tangible, and bring results. When patterns repeat you can’t help but start to have it errode your confidence, competence, and you even question if you are a good person. It leaves you feeling isolated, confused and self-doubt takes over in everything. Thank you for the every-day usable techniques and practices…just loved it! It is like being given super powers. I felt more confidence and validation of what I know to be what I possess inside.


Thanks again for the mini reading you gave me regarding my third eye blockage from your recent workshop. So much resonated with me.


Just a follow up heartfelt thank you for all the powerful energy work that you’ve done with me. The joy is literally back in my heart and life because I’m able to channel my healing energy work again. I feel much better physically with the mast cell and SIBO issues that you helped me clear. The last big physical issue I’m still struggling with is my esophagus, but many other physical problems have improved. It’s joyful to get up every day and do the energy work that I love so much and that’s because of my healing through your sessions. Thank you!!

i have been feeling quite down and frustrated today.. but I’m grateful for your help in today’s call. It was so timely and spot-on… Thank you… It felt powerful and I do feel lighter and seen. Thank you!!! With Love,


About Dipal Shah

Dipal Shah is a Medical Intuitive and Mindset expert who offers a transformative experience for empaths to gain control of both your body and mind through powerful tools and techniques.

With her knowledge of Eastern and Western Medicine, you can awaken your spiritual mastery and achieve physical healing for your body, mind, and spirit. Dipal’s Quantum Body Awakening Modality teaches you how to communicate with your body, remove blocks, heal the hara and restore Prana to the organs, glands, and systems for healing at the core.

Dipal will guide you every step of the way to develop confidence, overcome fear, and live authentically. Her intuitive healing training equips you with the skills to heal yourself and others using your 8 clairs.

Dipal is an “Award Winning International Bestselling Author, who has spoken at events that included Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff, Rickie Byars and Keith Leon S. She has been Featured in Authority Magazine, Cover of BRAINZ Magazine, Best Holistic Life Magazine, Soeleish Magazine, The List TV Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

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