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Healing the Witch Wound & Stepping into Healer-ship


PACKAGE A + 25 minutes 1on1 Private Session with Erica

Package A

Healing the Witch Wound & Stepping into Healer-ship

Stepping into healer-ship can feel a bit like walking off a cliff. If I am the healer, who will catch me if I fall? Embodied self-doubt often runs deep in the subconscious minds of the body, passed down through generational lines. Not every lifetime experienced here or elsewhere were met with excitement regarding the gifts we had to share.

Doubt runs deep from our societies about the offerings we have as well but we no longer need to explain it. When we step into self-trust the voices of those that say we can’t naturally fall out of tune. Their words no longer resonate with your frequency, so their tones become quiet in your ears. This doesn’t diminish the importance of their own self-worth, but what they resonate at is not your concern.

These classes that have only been available to a select group of individuals will only be sold here on this summit. These classes are designed to take you into a field of self-trust with all your working parts so trust in yourself and the Intuitive hits you receive daily become the loudest thing in the room. This does take effort because we have been programmed to do the opposite.

1 – Healing The Witch Wound I

MP3 Recording ~ 60min

We begin by restructuring your spinal fluid so it starts telling each energy center that it is in a state of harmonic balance. The spinal cord begins telling each nerve ending , cell, and organ that we are safe to expand and safe to be here. I guide you through moving your spinal fluid up into your brain with the restructured waters to activate the pineal gland. In this class we also resurrect all body consciousness that were physically hurt and experienced pain for being psychic and a healer. We allow the Earth to bring back the original divine blueprint in our body consciousness to fully heal them all and release the memories of pain associated with healer ship or other psychic gifts.

2 – Healing the Witch Wound II

MP3 Recording ~ 60min

In this class we focus in on releasing fear of being seen from our core foundation. The deep wound and programs of fear that arose with the death of Jesus Christ has been embedded into our foundational structure across many lifetimes because it is spoken about and glorified through religion on a continual basis. To fully release this wound, we dive into healing and restructuring our core foundation as well as diving into healing the full 12 strands of DNA. We also talk about the subtle bodies and making sure when we are alchemizing frequencies in our field, we work through releasing them through all our subtle bodies. This class is jammed pack with a lot of information so it is one that you may consider listening to multiple times. Whatever you are ready to embody is perfect for you and is no better or less than another. It is always a practice to bring our point of awareness to those aspects of us that reside in different dimensional fields.

3 – Intuition Class I

MP3 Recording ~ 60min

Whether we are intuiting information for ourselves or others, we are bringing information through from the dimensional field we are most aligned with. If we do not have our Ego, Mind, and Body Consciousness in alignment with our Soul, they can create resistance in bringing through unfiltered information. In this class we learn how to receive intuitive information and play at grander levels of consciousness. We practice by looking at participants and sharing what we see with each other so we can work on expanding the information that is coming through for us. Building a bridge of trust within is crucial for us to truly step into our own knowing. The frequency of self-trust signals the body to heal, it signals the brain to function at higher levels, and activates our hearts to expand its magnetic field. In this first class you receive healing and get to practice sending healing and intuiting information.

4 – Intuition Class II

MP3 Recording ~ 60min

In this class we dive into reconnecting Cosmic Soul Fragments and healing them to regain use of our Psychic Abilities which is built upon Self Trust. In this class we learn how to receive information from the energy field without digesting this energy internally. The stronger our boundary the easier it is for us to project our third eye and other chakras to the outside of our field to begin the interpretation process. This allows our energy to remain strong and releases any sense of overwhelm that may arise with psychic gifts. Throughout this class we work on healing our internal emotional state and increasing the level of coherence between our mini brains.


5 – Intuition + Instincts Activation

MP3 Recording ~ 25min

In this light language journey you will dig into your Gut Mind which you will discover is overseen by your Primal Self. Your Primal Self is the beautiful aspect of you that was gifted to you by the Earth.

As a person goes through the spiritual process of awakening, their intuition increases. They often focus more upon their intuition instead of their earthly instincts to navigate this Earth Plane. They were designed to work together, the Instincts & the Intuition can Unite and create a Divine Union of intelligence to guide your experience here on Earth.

6 – Open Your Telepathic Communication Activation

MP3 Recording ~ 34min

In this light language filled activation, Kaun Yin and Ache Angels activated your pineal gland to open your ability to communicate telepathically with them and others. They make connections and clear limiting beliefs around communicating in this way. This allows for a beautiful flow of giving and receiving information.

Package A

You will receive:

Healing the Witch Wound & Stepping into Healer-ship Program

  • Module 1 ~ Healing The Witch Wound I
  • Module 2 ~ Healing The Witch Wound II
  • Module 3 ~ Intuition Class I
  • Module 4 ~ Intuition Class II
  • Module 5 ~ Intuition + Instincts Activation
  • Module 6 ~ Open Your Telepathic Communication Activation

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Package B

Everything in Package A +

25 minute 1:1 Private Session

7 – 25 minute 1on1 Private Session

Value $250

In our private sessions we move fast to identify limiting foundational frequencies that are causing instability and discourse in our expansion. In order to play in the Quantum Field we need to have a stable base that radiates out beyond our current field of play. These sessions are guided by your Soul and each is completely different. Sometimes we pinpoint your gifts that are ready to come forward and other times we heal past and parallel lives. This is your session and the intention that you hold is what is important. The number one thing said in short sessions is I didn’t expect to receive so much! It is always my intention to over deliver, and my team of light does not disappoint!

Package B

You will receive:

25min 1on1 Private Session with Erica


Healing the Witch Wound & Stepping into Healer-ship Program

  • Module 1 ~ Healing The Witch Wound I
  • Module 2 ~ Healing The Witch Wound II
  • Module 3 ~ Intuition Class I
  • Module 4 ~ Intuition Class II
  • Module 5 ~ Intuition + Instincts Activation
  • Module 6 ~ Open Your Telepathic Communication Activation

Normally offered at: $500

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2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your 1on1 Private Session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Erica VanEaton

I had no idea my mind could become so quiet and the internal struggle I’ve had with my ego telling me I’m not enough could be healed. I feel my ego as a beautiful expanded canopy around my energy field only allowing in what is in alignment with my heart. It feels almost nurturing and loving. I just didn’t know this was possible.

~BethAnn, Oregon

The resistance to my own expansion dissolved when you helped my beautiful Ego see the light of my Soul. It is as if the light of recognition got turned on and a deep feeling of joy overcame me. My Ego now finds immense pleasure in seeing me thrive in my own self expansion and knows its role is to allow for that expansion to occur. Thank you for this profound work Erica

~Iris, UK

There were things I didn’t understand but know my Soul wanted me to be present for. The infinity symbol grid was very helpful! My ability to visualize has been shut down for most of my adult life, but I was able to see that! Of course, I engage my other senses. As of late, I have more confidence that energy is moving even though my visual perception is still learning to see. Thank you ~ Erica!

~M, Texas

Thank you so much for this very profound work. It’s like removing the shackles of Ebenezer Scrooge! I also love working with the Fascia, it makes so much sense!

~Barb, New York

I feel that my sessions with you are freeing me up to say yes, despite my dysfunctional patterns and lack of confidence. I AM curiosity, I AM to see the unfolding. Blessing

~M, Canada

Erica is an exceptionally gentle, patient and compassionate guide. She has a gift for creating and holding safe space by meeting her clients exactly where they are in their journey. In just a few sessions, Erica and I have released and healed layers upon layers of deep limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that have held me back from my true self for many years. After each session with Erica I feel more embodied and more aligned with my Soul’s truth. She is so gracefully supporting me in the journey of remembering who I am and who I’ve always been, and I am beyond grateful for her support, light and love.

~Adrianne, Houston, Texas

Yesterday, I took a great leap, actually, I’m still a bit up in the air, but I was able to let go of many false beliefs because of the many times I used/worked with your divine love and money meditations. I laid down with your divine love meditation, and this time, my heart cracked open and I saw a long scroll of paper unraveling itself. The paper was covered with all my misbeliefs: shame, self-loathing, original sin, you name it, I had it. Please know that your work is powerful and deeply appreciated. I listened, and continue to listen over and over again.

~Julie, Florida

Thank you for the amazing healing I received yesterday. I’m so grateful for the healing and clarity that always comes from working with you, Erica. The transmission was powerful and opened awareness in me that I’ve been asking for. Your humility, authenticity and courage to be on the cutting edge of healing and wellness are powerful healing tools. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

~Kim, Houston Texas

Erica, Thank you for the wonderful experience. I felt safe and empowered by the experience. My vibration has been high since this session and I felt heavy burdens release. The light codes are oddly familiar and I hope they continue to help me open up.

~Brian, New Hampshire

Erica is a truly gifted healer. We have tried many different approaches, but Erica’s skills and intuition helped us get to the heart of what was going on for our son. I am understanding him better than I ever have and see him in a positive new light. It has helped us reconnect and we now experience a peaceful, relaxed relationship. It is wonderful to see him experiencing life with ease. Highly recommend Erica!

~Maria, North Carolina

In the short time that I have known Erica, she has helped awaken me to what has been in front of me always. She has given me tools to reach my children that work, when other methods have not. She has not only been working with us to heal our son, but our family.

Her guided meditations are very precise and even easy for beginners like us to go into meditation. Her knowledge is expansive, and she explains everything so well. Erica is truly a beautiful positive person. She not only teaches a way of living intentionally, but lives what she teaches. She is an angel living among us!

~The Sampsons, The Woodlands, Texas

In my first session with Erica, the feedback from John was that “the drums were clutter” in the house. I had to laugh, because we have been remodeling; the second-hand drum set I bought in pieces was still in pieces after many weeks. He was right. After my 2nd session with Erica, John told me “Thank you” when I woke him up to use the toilet before I went to bed. He was in the usual sleep stupor, and it was the first time he ever said that. I have been able to visualize both a more peaceful John and Mom.

~Gayle Fisher, The Woodlands, Texas

Erica is such a beautiful soul. I was actually at work when she worked on me and I could feel the pain in my shoulder and head melt away! I highly recommend working with Erica!

I had Erica Work with my daughter and I am happy to say that I have seen some positive changes! She has been a little social butterfly. I am looking forward to working more with Erica. I highly recommend working with her!

~Tristan, Derby Kansas

Mere words cannot explain the spiritual connection Erica made with me and my daughter. She was able to give us peace and knowledge on how to connect spiritually. She taught us how to release negative energy and to have better communication.

Everything she was able to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ spiritually was true both personally and medically. I cannot express my gratitude for her and her ability to help others!

~Shannon, Wichita, Kansas

Energy has been new to me and I originally began working with another healer just for my own healing. I had mentioned to the other healer I was having difficulty with my grandson that is on the Autism spectrum. She recommended me to work with Erica. Erica taught me how to connect with him in a completely different way and communicate with him on a spirit level. This created profound shifts not only in our relationship, but the behavior problems he was experiencing at school and home stopped. He started participating in school, helping around the house, and looking at me in the eyes when we spoke. I was able to see his brilliance instead of the disability and he was able to understand himself in this way too. I’ve started using this form of communication with my granddaughter as well who is becoming a teenager and it has made improvements with our relationship! Erica is a truly gifted healer, I highly recommend her work!

~Jane P., Houston Texas

About Erica VanEaton

Erica VanEaton is an Intuitive energy healer that uses sound, light, and quantum therapy techniques to access the entire matrix of the human for healing. The intention she holds is for Unification. She looks at healing and expansion of self-expression through the lens of wholeness, realizing that each aspect of the human was designed to work in flow with each other as Source Creator. She sees human containers as the bridge to Heaven on Earth and has a deep desire to help her clients feel and know themselves as Source Energy.

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