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Body Regeneration Program


PACKAGE A + 20 minutes 1on1 Private Session with Erica

Package A

Body Regeneration

The body is part of your Soul. The body is Source Energy in particle form. You are wrapped in a blanket of love, full of untapped wisdom. At one point in time all matter was connected, you are made of cosmic matter. What wisdom does your body hold?

This bundle is an accumulation of classes and activations that teach you how to open a conversation with your body consciousness and heal. Every seven years your entire body regenerates itself, receiving the directive on how to regenerate from the blueprint that surrounds every cell, organ, and structure in and around your body. Your body is a wisdom keeper and connects back into your soul.

Every distortion that you believed to be true for you altered the blueprints of your body, disrupting the divine perfection of regeneration. These classes guide you through a new regenerative process that promotes self-healing and self-love.

If you want to open your channeling, intuition, healing, or mediumship abilities safely it is essential that your spirit is fully grounded into your body. Your body must trust that you will listen to it and help it move excess energy through it. Your body is speaking to the universe through the subconscious minds that lay throughout the different energy centers in the body.

It is time to recode the foundational frequencies of your body to open specific codes of brilliance, longevity, self-healing, and expansive levels of consciousness residing within your own being.

Module 1 – Healing Blueprints

Detoxing alone doesn’t cure the blueprint your cells derive their information from. Detoxing is great to initiate a cleansing of the dis-harmonic toxins and peptides that have been stored in your organs and tissues. Cleansing and detoxing the blueprint that surrounds every aspect of your physical body is needed to stop the dis-harmonic repetitive regenerative pattern of each cell.

Blueprints surround every cell, every organ, and every aspect of your physical body. They carry specific information in the form of patterns that direct your cells how to rebirth. Blueprints lie within the energy field that surrounds every cell, organ, tissue, and whole body. There are times when the patterns become distorted causing dis-ease within the body’s ability to regenerate in a way that promotes vitality and health. In this class we learn how to tune in and begin to recode our blueprints to bring them home to their divine perfection.


When I record an activation, I walk people into a deep almost trance-like state to slow down the brain waves to access the limbic system. This is where real change is made as it gives us access to the subconscious minds of the body.

Bonus Activations for this lesson:

Cellular Healing (25mins): We begin the process of restructuring the waters inside the cells and recoding the microconidia to synthesize light.

Longevity Codes (1.05 mins): This is a class/activation that guides you to open your DNA and activate longevity codes! We shut down codes of disease & aging gifting the body an opportunity to heal and youthen by elongating the telomeres.

Module 2 – Healthy Skin & Bones I

In this class we addressed the body’s ability to synthesize light! We take out gunky webbing surrounding our blueprints to allow for energy to flow in and around our organs, cells, bones, and tissues. We learn how arrays of incarnation play with what chakras are easiest for us to have open and utilize and so much more!


Unraveling Insecurities (14 mins): Instead of fighting our insecurities and allowing them to diminish our self-worth, we learn how to utilize them for our highest and greatest good to push us forward. As we look through these shadow aspects of self we unravel the constrictive energy that causes di-ease states and stagnation to allow for the light to shine through and expand us!

Cleansing Sun Energy (14mins): There has been many programs in our cultures to make us fear the strengthening of the sun. The Sun is a powerhouse of healing and cleansing energy for us! Come back home to the body and allow the Sun to do a deep Cleansing and Rejuvenation for your Body.

Module 3 – Healthy Skin & Bones II

What is your body storing and telling you? In this class we learn why we sometime need to utilize physical healing modalities with spiritual and energetic healing. I give you direct examples from my own life and how I was affected so you can reflect to see what needs to be healed in you.

There are many layers building trust and releasing old toxins and chemicals from the body’s tissues. In this class we take a step back and really dive into a deep conversation with the body consciousness to continue our evolutionary goal of self-healing.


Clearing the Mucus Membrane (17mins): The mucus membrane covers a large majority of your internal body. In this activation we blast it with gentle loving light to cleanse and reset its intelligence!

Curating Powerful Intentions (20mins): This is a powerful MP3 that walks you through building the energy up for any intention you would like to manifest! You are guided on how to amplify the energy of the intention in the quantum field.

Get Grounded in Gratitude (10mins): Use this short MP3 anytime you feel yourself wanting to leave your home, which is your body! This helps you ground back into your home through feelings of gratitude.

Package A

You will receive:

Body Regeneration Program

  • Module 1 ~ Healing Blueprints
  • Module 2 ~ Healthy Skin & Bones I
  • Module 3 ~ Healthy Skin & Bones II

Value: $222

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Package B

Everything in Package A +

20 minute 1:1 Private Session

20 minute 1on1 Private Session

Value $250

In our private sessions we move fast to identify limiting foundational frequencies that are causing instability and discourse in our expansion. In order to play in the Quantum Field we need to have a stable base that radiates out beyond our current field of play. These sessions are guided by your Soul and each is completely different. Sometimes we pinpoint your gifts that are ready to come forward and other times we heal past and parallel lives. This is your session and the intention that you hold is what is important. The number one thing said in short sessions is I didn’t expect to receive so much! It is always my intention to over deliver, and my team of light does not disappoint!

Package B

You will receive:

20min 1on1 Private Session with Erica


Body Regeneration Program

  • Module 1 ~ Healing Blueprints
  • Module 2 ~ Healthy Skin & Bones I
  • Module 3 ~ Healthy Skin & Bones II

Value: $472

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $157

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your 1on1 Private Session – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Erica VanEaton

Thank you so much for being part of my healing journey Erica! The space you hold is extraordinary.

As soon as our session ended, the emotions were gone and my body shifted into ‘let’s do this’ mode as if an ancient switch got turned on.

I felt like I was in an ice cold bath and went through these movement and breath patterns which evicted energetic imprints from my field like a multidimensional peeling. it was amazing! Like alien parts that don’t belong to me leaving… I’m guessing this is what past lives feel like or perhaps the distorted bits of the past lives. Anyways, I am in awe of this whole process of re-membering.


Erica, Thank you for sharing your beautiful prayer and beautiful heart – it immediately revealed to me how I had drifted back in and out of despair and trust all day and how drained I felt. Especially spoken aloud, your prayer immediately grounded me back into the sweet earth and put foremost in my mind and heart again what is of highest importance.
Many blessings,


Thank You Erica,

I had already forgotten the power of self-consumption 🙂

I felt the whole movement , the void in the womb after recent surgery. Finally felt it, connected and cried. I am going through one of those healing journeys where one does not know. Too much noise and narrative around the name.

And my power

I Am

I finally could sense the movement of co-dependency. Like vectors: in out

Being able to listen and answer to my own needs…I felt it


Such Wonder

Just thank you for this gift ❤️

The SUN we are 🌞


I have said the prayer you sent out loud. I feel much more aligned and in my zone. Thank you!


I was so drawn by the light codes and took a risk to get to know Erica. It changed everything. It was magical. Over the past few years I have had the great pleasure of working with Erica. As a healer, coach, teacher, and friend she has provided me with many insights to my own higher self and possibilities that are limitless in the quantum field. Her work helps others gain deeper insights to this earthly experience and her guidance has personally provided me with a clearer roadmap for continued healing and growth.

I have benefited form her recordings, light language, and as a participant in her many course offerings. In addition I have participated in her powerful one to one sessions. Her care and concern is always on you as she strives to help you as a clients move forward along your journey. Her sessions, courses, and recordings are powerful and at times just magical. I have moved forward in my confidence and always feel a deep sense of peace after our one on one sessions together. If you choose to work with Erica you will not be disappointed, she is the real thing.


I have to share this with you because before we worked together I really never saw it as a possibility with my business. Officially today, I have surpassed what I made $$$ all last year in my business and we’re only halfway through the year! I am so excited!! Last year was the most I ever made and now this year will be the most I’ve ever made and it is amazing!!! Thank You!

~Kelly B.

The resistance to my own expansion dissolved when you helped my beautiful Ego see the light of my Soul. It is as if the light of recognition got turned on and a deep feeling of joy overcame me. My Ego now finds immense pleasure in seeing me thrive in my own self expansion and knows its role is to allow for that expansion to occur. Thank you for this profound work Erica


About Erica VanEaton

Quantum Alchemist Intuitive & Life Coach | channel | International Speaker

Erica VanEaton is a Quantum Alchemist Intuitive that helps others reimagine their internal knowingness. She teaches others how to reweave their foundational structure to curate new realities and expand their gifts. Her oldest son that was born with Down Syndrome and Autism, guided her through restructuring their own energy matrixes to become a new kind of human.

Through reimaging the roles of the human vessel, she learned how to create an internal unified way of playing in the Quantum Field. By playing with science and metaphysics she holds space for her clients to fall in love with being human and curate a new reality full of infinite potentials.

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