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Quantum Witchdoctor, “Unapologetically YOU” Soul Liberator, and Change Management Expert

Activate Magnetic Inner Confidence

Embodied Balanced Leadership-Emotional Mastery

45min 1on1 Private Session

Leadership is not a position or a certain role you hold in an organization. Leadership must be embodied, it’s who you are in the boardroom, in the bedroom or in the kitchen… It’s who you are everywhere you show up. It’s not what you say, it’s your Presence that makes others feel safe to trust you and want to work with you(personal or professional) or relate with you on a deeper intimate level, it’s the energy you exude.

How would you show up if you attract and hold the interest and attention of others with your presence?

You thrive in life by not forcing your way but by activating the enchanter or enchantress within, pairing it with the inner warrior and finding a balance between logic and emotion. Life asks you to BE human and embrace the evidence of life, your emotions. Emotional Stoicism doesn’t prove your strength.

Ever wondered why other people have this presence that makes you wanna pay attention without saying a word and you wonder what they do to captivate at that level?

Well, the truth is, it’s not about what you say but who you are being coz we exude the frequency that communicates without a word being spoken.

There are 5 little secrets that conscious Individuals use to ignite their Magnetic Confidence and be Unapologetic and this is possible for you too,

But you are not aware of them because:

  • You wanna force the outcome and this keeps you stuck in damage control.
  • You are looking outside yourself for answers
  • Stuck in your mind…the “be positive” has been a trap for many.
  • Disconnected from your body due to past experiences

and that’s what we are going to shift in this session.

In these 45 minutes, you’ll clear the emotional, mental and physical imprints and patterns that are blocking your magnetic confidence so that your authentic self can emerge and you can:

  • Ignite your Magnetic Confidence
  • Captivate with your presence
  • You are in touch with your emotions and deeply feel, leaning into the power of authenticity and vulnerability which opens you up to ecstatic pleasure.
  • Embrace Change without being overwhelmed by your emotions
  • Increase your capacity to receive and regain flow
  • Lead from the heart and create an impact

You will receive:

45min 1:1 Private Session with Gao

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $144

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PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted – Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “1on1 Session” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Gao Motsemme

My heart is more open, and I am trusting my body

My heart is much more open so I can feel more love which makes my relationships so much deeper and more lovely.I am trusting my body to guide my life much more so that my ability to create what I want in my life is increasing. I am able to “be” with and release uncomfortable emotions more easily, so I am less stopped and blocked by fear than before.

~Elizabeth G.

Endometriosis and low blood pressure cleared after 4 weeks

I had extreme pain around my pelvic area and it was hard for me to urinate during my period I had heavy bleeding which lasted 14 days non-stop with vomiting and cramps. I was diagnosed with low blood pressure and endometriosis but the ovaries were the ones affected and my doctor booked for me to have a surgery around May. My doctor said I have a high chance of being infertile due to this illness. I met GAO and we started working together, with her magical work it took me one month when I went back to see my doctor he did a scan, and we were both shocked not to find anything he told me that everything looked healthy, even my blood pressure was normal now I only take 5days during my period with no cramps. you never know until u give it a try yes at first I wasn’t sure because nothing was working for me and now I’m healed I have experienced her magical work.


Re-build stronger than before in a way where I could be more deeply in integrity and more deeply “in my body”

I was at war with my husband and wanting to move forwards repairing my lost confidence snd dealing with the hurt and anger that I could see could be potentially destructive

What I received was an ability to let go of pain and old stories so I could re build stronger than before in a way where I could be more deeply in integrity and more deeply “in my body”

I think that was at the heart of your work…it allowed me to relax into my body because my old trauma fear and pain was blocking me from doing that…

Being more in my body…well that’s the gift that keeps on giving


I am better human being radiating love n light wherever I go

The session we had opened my eyes and I came out of it a better person..it gave me clarity of my character, why some things trigger me and all… I got to dig deep and realized that I hadn’t dealt with my past traumas, dissapointments etc… So this created so much awareness that I’m more calm than I’ve ever been..I’m able to observe why something bothers me and react better than I used to…this includes my anger issues…. I don’t remember the last time I was angry Gao like really angry.. our sessions have helped me realize we are dealing with souls who are also dealing with their traumas too and hence I hardly react… so I feel like I’ve overcome a lot you know n feel so good inside… remember after our sessions.. I lost a lot of people I love including the 2 siblings… it was dark for a while as I had to understand more about death and now that I’m up again… the things we covered still stand and have made my life more meaningful..so what we covered has enriched my soul and can never be lost because is truth … you can see progress from where we left off..im better human being radiating love n light wherever I go.., and yes very unapologetic about it… can’t describe it


I am reunited with my higher self and I am genuinely Joyful

Before I started my healing with Gao… I was lost, confused, sceptical and just in the dark, she showed me that my power lies within, she opened me up to a world I never knew existed. She helped and guided me to own my light and my truth. She helped me re-unite with my higher self and now My soul is dancing every day and I am filled with nothing but gratitude. I am healing, I am rediscovering myself and I am genuinely joyful. Thank you, Gao, words can’t begin to explain how grateful I truly am🙏🙏


I used to be an angry person now am all chilled

I was a bit tense and all over before the call.. the minute she said “hello” something in me changed… because I didn’t believe that counselling does work or because I tried it before and it didn’t work I was like “here we go again”. When she talked about my past and my dad to be specific, I started to feel lighter and relieved. Throughout the call I was in tears. She didn’t leave me hanging we then got to talk about something lighter (my dreams) the reading she did helped me a whole lot…. she listened a whole lot and related more.. one thing about her, u don’t feel like you talking to a stranger, she made me feel comfortable. I used to think about my dad a lot before but now am okay he comes to mind, but it doesn’t make me sad anymore… I am a different person altogether. I used to be an angry person now am all chilled I think it’s safe to say I found the missing puzzle through Motsemme..


I am falling in love with myself again and my business is starting to flourish

I am living up to my best potential, am I my truesty self🤷🏾‍♀️. This questions always left me with more unanswered question, more confused and feeling like I am just floating in the air . I never knew how to really explain it or what to do about it, not until I scheduled a session with Gao, the first session was very intense with all the emotions coming through, some which I did not know I had, that brought my body so much pain, but Gao helped me navigate through them, and I have to say, it feels amazing and I am opening up more, I am falling in love with myself again and my business is starting to flourish,just over this past week, I had orders coming through left, right and center(I am a pastry chef) I am very happy to be on this journey to discover myself, be my truest self and finally understand my purpose. Gao, you are an amazing being and thank you, words can’t explain how you have changed my life..


She helped me also with discovering myself and I was able to leave my cheating partner.

I met Dr Motsemme from a colleague… I was really in a dark space by then going through a whole lot… I was really depressed from life in general from a cheating partner to a sick child to not accepting the loss of a loved one.. when we talked telephonically I was a bit hesitant.. ijooh Kante! she did a reading about my late dad and it was so spot on.. she helped me also with discovering myself and I was able to leave my cheating partner… right now am doing great.. I face challenges without a relapse. I get to think of the life skills she taught me.. I would like to thank her for playing such a big role in my life, especially for someone like me who did not believe much on counselling… thank you mma Motsemme.



Wow, What an amazing session. When I first came to Gao, I was having issues with my eyes that she was unaware of. During the session, she quickly tuned into my eyes and I am happy to report the burning and blurriness of my eyes has improved and I can see clearly now. Its almost like not only did she help my physical ailment with my eyes, but now I can see more clear in my future. She opened up the doors of so many possibilities for me in the future and brought me back fully into my body so I can experience the power within me even more. I am so excited to see what else unfolds. I would highly recommend a session with Gao not only for any physical issues in your body, but to bring you fully back into your body and your power center in your wound to increase your manifesting power. She is such an attentive and gentle yet powerful healer.

~De, Washington, DC

I walk freely without any pain and she helped me resolve emotional issues I had that I wasn’t even aware were affecting different areas of my life.

I started working with Gao when I had a debilitating pain on my knee, I tried lots of things and I gave in thinking its just old age. Just after the 1st session I started feeling a difference, the pain reduced a lot and I could walk, and as I write this now I walk freely without any pain, and not only am I healed from the physical pain I got to understand and resolve more of the emotional issues I was dealing with. she certainly gets to the core of the issues. I had a lot going on since my daughter was getting married and I was busy with the preparations and little did I know that my personal issues and fears were triggered, I am happy to recommend her. Thank you so much.



I had a session with Gao and she was amazing. She picked up so much about what had happened to me health wise and also traumas from childhood. We did a lot of release in our session and I felt much lighter when she finished. She also reconnected me with my inner child. My inner child went from angry and fearful to dancing at the end of our session. She is amazing. If you haven’t experienced her healing method, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. You will be amazed.


About Gao Motsemme

Gao Motsemme is a Quantum Witchdoctor, UnapologeticallyYOU Soul Liberator, and Change Management Certified Expert devoted to helping people navigate major life shifts and transitions without abandoning themselves.

For the past 6 years, she has been empowering people who felt lost, exhausted, and didn’t know what to do or where to start, rapidly rebuild, awaken confidence and pleasure, and become their Unapologetic selves.

She was initiated to her work through major life shifts, emotionally depleting relationships, loss of jobs, and divorce. Not only was she mourning the end of a relationship and marriage but she was separated from her children, feeling broken and powerless.

She watched the strong woman paradigm dissolve and learned her true power when she embraced authenticity and vulnerability.

She has a unique ability to tune in your energetic fields and work on the patterns that prevent you from moving forward in your life,( emotional, physical, and mental blocks).

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