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Conduits for an advanced intelligence named Julius who offers messages of empowerment for an enlightened humanity

Preparing For The New Wave Of Consciousness

In this time of now, there is much upheaval, confusion and change in the world. It is time. We, as the creators of our experience and the world that we see, have the opportunity to assist in the shift to a lighter, freer world for all. The power of our intention and our focus is incredible. Greater than we have been led to believe. So now is the time to raise our frequencies and our level of consciousness to create the reality we choose from our hearts and souls.

This package includes 6 audio modules, two of which are also available in video.

Module 1 ~ What is the Meaning of Your Life?

In this workshop, Julius inspires and unleashes some of your memories for you.

  • Do you truly know why you’re here?
  • Do you struggle with understanding it all?
  • Do you wish you had known all along? ….

Come sit in this contemplative space of love and higher truth, and learn a little bit about yourself as Source.

Module 2 ~ Creating A New Identity & Changing Destiny

This powerful teaching takes us to the next level of expansion as Julius expands our horizons and debunks limiting myths about destiny.

It is a teaching that will help you break age-old patterns of conscious and subconscious thought patterns that severely limit your life and the invaluable guidance will move you into fulfillment and joy.

What if you could change destiny?

What if you could alter the “TIME” that you will leave this realm?..

What if by changing your Current Identity into something far more Accepting, Expansive and AWARE, You Change Destiny?..

What if you had the power to alter what has been set into motion?…

Have You missed Your Opportunity, or not?

Have you given into these notions?..

“Just Accept it”,

“It’s your ‘Lot in Life’”,

“It’s in your Genes”,

“That’s your Religion, or Culture”,

“That’s who We Are”,

“That’s what We Do”.

Think of the possibilities you may be missing if none of this is true…

…Or have you accepted an identity of perceived and expected responsibility?…

The Father? The Daughter? The Mother? The Son? The Carer? The Cared For?..

What have you, or are you, Giving Away?..

“The true empowerment of Souls is the Day of Awakening” ~Julius

What does this quote mean?..

How do you use this information to Absolutely Transform Your Realities and Experiences?…

Talk about a ‘Game Changer’!..

How could we have been so limited in our thoughts?..

Get ready for the Grandest Adventure of Them All…

…The Adventure of CREATIVITY!

Module 3 ~ Feeding Courage

This teaching is undoubtedly a gem of high wisdom, information and valuable guidance. It fills a gap in our understanding that sometimes makes our conscious journey a struggle. Feeding courage is indispensable to master life, to have fun and joy as we continue our journey. This workshop is about where to put our focus and what to avoid in order to move into greater fulfillment. Our soul needs to grow, learn and love. It needs new things and thrilling adventures.

It is this aspect of feeding courage that provides the soul the expansion it continually seeks. Courage is patient, it nurtures, it selects the right environment for the experience. It is wise. Courage is a long term commitment and it takes intention and follow through.

You not only get practical guidance on how to feed courage on a daily basis but also some truly life-defining insights that make you sit up, take notice and use that wisdom in your movement forward.

Module 4 ~ Helping You to Activate Your Emotions

Julius provides suggestions to assist you to align with your Soul by activating your emotions.

If you are not feeling everything, then you’re missing everything.

Your emotions are what makes something real, alive, true for you. If you are detached from your emotions, your life can feel flat, unreal, and you have no direction for your Spiritual path.

Module 5 & 6 ~ The Power Source Within ~ Your Crystalline Energy Part 1 & 2

Crystalline energy is the particles that come together to make up our physical bodies; or the particles of consciousness within us allowing access to higher information and knowing.

Is this energy active within us all at all times?
Or do we need to activate it?
Can we expand its power?

This Channeling event provides extraordinary information on your body’s crystalline energies.

Julius, channeled by Kasey Wallis, provides cutting edge information on one of the hidden secrets of energy within us.

This topic is relevant in your healing, your lightwork, your creativity, and your Ascension.

Come with us as we dive deep into your inner knowings and activate this energy source. You will be able to use this energy to connect to Galactic energies and information.

The Ascended Masters group known as Julius is a powerful force of love and truth that comes thru to assist us on our human journey into magnificence.

Transforming audiences around the world, Julius assists you in your personal transformations and expansions of Consciousness.

You will receive:

Preparing for the New Wave Of Consciousness:

  • Module 1: What is the Meaning of Your Life?
  • Module 2: Creating A New Identity & Changing Destiny
  • Modules 3: Feeding Courage
  • Module 4: Helping You to Activate Your Emotions
  • Module 5 & 6: The Power Source Within ~ Your Crystalline Energy Part 1 & 2

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What others are saying about Kasey & Brad Wallis

How blessed we are! Because of your courage, strength and wisdom, you are lighting the way for so many of us. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for bringing Julius forward and sharing all this insight, wisdom and knowledge. I can’t get enough and everything that is spoken of resonates so true and deeply within my soul. Thank you also, for not just sharing the information, but also “demonstrating” for the rest of us how to utilize all these tools to grow, expand, transform, enlighten and awaken. You both are truly wonderful and since I have discovered you, my life has transformed and I continue to expand in great delight and joy as I discover my self beyond this illusion.

~Laura Kirk

Finally a teaching that rings tears of truth. I have been struggling my whole life to be understood and to be able to express who I believe I am. Julius speaks to me with a vibration that illuminates my soul. Thank you so very much for delivering this profound truth.
~Arlene – Denver, CO

As an energy worker I thought I had experienced most of what is offered by other light workers out there. Kasey and Brad have been an experience like no-other. The powerful energy coming through Kasey is truly something to be experienced. I now feel even more of my own gifts unfolding.
~Joshua H.

Never in my life have I received such life changing information from such amazing teachers. Thank you for showing the way to attaining such peerless enlightenment and for bringing such great truths of the Universal Cosmos down to the level of human understanding. Every class is like discovering a whole new world of endless possibilities. Your teachings have opened my eyes to the true meaning and purpose of life. But mostly, thank you for giving me what was missing in my life… the truth!
~Linda Brennan – USA

I have never experienced anything like KaseyBrad before. Hearing such powerful information has truly changed my life. I cannot wait to spend more time in their energy.
~Julie M.

I didn’t know why I was drawn to listen last night to Julius’ message, but what a life changing evening it was. Thank you Debbie (telesummit host) for hosting this incredible couple. Bringing their work forward can only help raise the vibration of this planet.
~Roger – Atlanta, Georgia

Kasey and Brad present ideas on life essential to your contemporary spiritual understanding. You can discover your ability within to attain your life’s dreams. The unlimited power that lies within your thoughts and how you apply them to your life are paramount to their teachings.
~Mary K.

The classes and the information given by Julius are truly empowering all of us lucky enough to be listening. Besides that, isn’t it amazing that each one of us – at soul level – has made this choice, at this time, to be present for the delivery of this knowledge.  All of us must be tuned in enough to be able to sense the energy that connects us, that IS us, and we are answering the call. That would include you, Kasey and Brad as the ‘instruments’ for communication with Julius,  along with each one who listens to these classes in this now or the next now! On behalf of everyone who hears you (if I may take the liberty of speaking on behalf of everyone) thank you for answering your call, so that we too can hear what we are meant to hear.

What I am hearing in these messages feels so familiar! Truthfully, it resonates so deeply, and at times I even remember experiences in this life which I now understand were a re-membering of my divine nature. It is so profound. I could give amazing examples, but I will refrain from doing that. In any case, let me simply say THANK  YOU to both of you and, of course to JULIUS.
~Heidi Marie, Connecticut

I have been with Julius Brad and Kasy for quite a while. It never ceases to amaze me every time I listen as to the feeling of love, and the way they take a topic time and time again and explain it from a different angle helps me in my l life and experience it in a new exciting and expanded way. Thank you so, so much!

Thanks for reminding me of who I Am. Thank You Brad and Kasey!!! Thank you…Thank you …Thank you.
~ Jennifer

I wish I knew a more gracious way to express my thankfulness for this opportunity to ask questions today. The words ‘Thank you’ sometimes don’t feel emotionally charged enough especially through email. Someday perhaps I will be able to shake your hands and offer a heartfelt hug. Thank you so much.
~Robert, Canada

Wow, I just wanted to thank you so much for such a brilliant class and I am spinning from all of the information that came through. I am finding the source power within to be so incredible that I feel joyous and excited about life and creating fun in everything that I do by just being aware. Bless you for teaching us how to raise our consciousness. Lots of Love.
~Diana Irwin

About Kasey & Brad Wallis

There is a love story, an ethereal love story; a story of love, upon love, upon love Though people who know Kasey and Brad Wallis will tell you that they really are just regular folks, they certainly are having an extraordinary life experience together. Prior to the events narrated below, it is curious to note that Brad and Kasey were only acquainted casually, through one of Kasey’s family members, who worked very closely with Brad at his construction company. Over time, they developed a friendship and as it was spiritually destined, love blossomed in their hearts. Their journey began to unfold through the unfortunate and traumatic events that ensued, when Brad was undergoing treatment for a brain injury; a direct result of a car accident. While recovering in hospital, Brad endured deadly complications, from a reaction to this medical treatment, and fell into a coma. While medical professionals were certain that “death” was imminent, Brad was in the midst of a near-death experience. During the hours that he was absent from this realm, Brad was tenderly and lovingly embraced, and taught by a most benevolent, high light-energy group. Through their perseverance and tireless work in this global arena, and enduring devotion to each other, Kasey, Brad and JULIUS can claim in unison, that all is falling into its glorious and rightful place.

Through their telesummits, online radio show, Expand With JULIUS, private sessions, published books, and their break out project, IAM Academy, Kasey and Brad Wallis and the ever passionate (high light-energy group from “the other side”, named) JULIUS, are captivating and empowering, growing audiences, from every walk of life and from all over the world. Together, this extraordinary trio is gently awakening us from our earthly slumber and widening our awareness of how and why the illusion of this realm purposely shadows the knowing of our authentic essence as SOURCE and the full understanding of ourselves as Masters.

As Kasey feels JULIUS’ energy within her consciousness, she transfigures into an exquisite expression of divine art in motion and begins to trans channel JULIUS’ message. As we are enveloped into their safe haven, JULIUS elegantly permeates and dissolves those aged, limiting perceptions that can bind us and replaces them with empowering, leading edge, yet practical information, from their endless menu of transformative teachings. Brad, listening attentively, probes JULIUS with his extensive intellect and takes conversations to heights that leaves audiences feeling full but wanting for more. We have been thirsty for the truth of our origin. Through Kasey and Brad, JULIUS has come to quench that thirst and assist us in nourishing the deepest part of who we are, while we are here on this earthly realm, and fully discover how limitless we can truly be.

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