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Sarah Massiah

Are you still carrying deep rooted negative energies and beliefs that no matter how hard you try, just won’t shift??

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Sarah is a Founding Member of the Elohim High Council of Light, working closely with Melchizedek, Ascended Masters and Angels. The Elohim High Council of Light was founded by Creator at the time of Creation, when all sentient beings were given free will, when Creator’s children were born into existence.

The Council is overseen by Melchizedek. The formation of the Elohim High Council of Light was necessary, as was the need to give all souls free will to choose within a duality. Creator, knowing this free will choice was imperative, so that all may grow in Love and into a greater version of Self, as Creator’s child. Knowing many would fall into unconsciousness of whom they were, the duality of existence was born, many experiencing separation.

All from Love as without such duality and choice, nothing would be. No souls, no planets would exist, all just vibrating on one energy of Love, for infinity. Nothing to experience, no way of becoming a greater version of expressing Self through Love.

The Elohim High Council worked directly with Creator to ensure there were certain rules and Laws of Creation that were in play, so that Creation would continue, and that at the correct time Laws could be enforced.

Creator creating the Keys of Creation, ‘The Golden Keys from Melchizedek’ so when the time was right and enough of Creator’s children called for change across the Cosmos, they may be used to aid many souls return to the Light.

The Keys are directly linked to the Akashic Realms were experiences are held, logged and monitored.

They enable Creator to change stories that have played out for eons of time and are used in conjunction with the Laws of the Universe to release many from unconscious acts that have affected many of Creator’s children across the Cosmos.

Sarah reports she volunteered at the beginning of Creation to walk the path of duality and dip her toe as one with all Creator’s children, so she could bring the Keys here to Earth to aid the grand opening of the New Chapter. A NEW CHAPTER ON EARTH, and Across much of the Cosmos.
Sarah works multidimensionally to aid all of Creator’s children, no matter the planet or universe. She has dedicated her life to aid clients to awaken to whom they truly are as Creator’s child utilizing the New Healing Modality, which she developed working directly with Creator

Sarah Massiah is an award winning author book who’s book, ‘The Cosmos, Ascension and the Golden Keys from Melchizedek’ won the Mind Body Spirit Book Awards in the channelled category. She is currently writing book two in the series. Sarah recently won the South of England Prestige wards for ‘Best Holistic Practice’.

She is the Founder of ‘The Golden Key Energy Healing System’ which works directly with Creator.

This fast and uplifting healing modality enables those in receipt to clear many stories that hold them back within the Akashic Records, as well as contracts held with Creator.

Such contracts aided the duality of existence and the continuum of life. Now at this time, ‘the time of Ascension on earth,’ Creator wishes many souls to be freed of the burdens of their pasts.

Now is the time, so they may walk forward in Glorious Light, knowing they ARE Divine Beings of Light and Part of Creator, without separation.

Sarah reports it is the wish of Creator that souls walk forward with Glorious Joy, Love, Peace in Mind, Heart and Soul.

Sarah Massiah had been working as a qualified nurse for over 20 years. She gained much experience with working with the most vulnerable groups within society.
Her educational background in nursing gave her an excellent base. She then went on to study many energy healing modalities. Her book can now be bought from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other large online retailers.

She especially enjoys aiding clients to “Step into their Light and lay down a New Resonance, a New Vibration, one of Divine Love, Joy and Sense of Inner Peace,” she reports.

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

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