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Inspiring others who are living in survival mode to reclaim their Divine Power and thrive

60 min 1:1 empowering session with Marla 

A 1 hour 1:1 empowering session with Marla via phone or Zoom video presentation, recorded for you to re-listen as you are guided.

Marla is a highly gifted intuitive. She is well skilled at connecting with her intuitive ancient gifts, which we all have but very few people are aware of. Marla is a powerful and compassionate facilitator and she has a unique way of holding space for her clients as they access the innate, ancient wisdom and power deep within themselves.

Are you ready to connect to, understand, and tap into your power and wisdom?

Are you ready to expand and grow beyond what you thought possible?


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60min 1:1 Empowering Session with Marla

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What others are saying about Marla Torres

I recently had a truly wonderful session with the lovely Marla. Her intuitive calming energy coupled with the shamanic reiki treatment really helped me de-stress. I have been feeling more in alignment since our session.
~Caroline N.

I had a session recently and found it to be relaxing and grounding. Marla made me feel very comfortable and created a very peaceful environment. I had a tough day at work that day, so I had a slight headache and was somewhat tense. Half way through the session I noticed my headache was gone. The session also helped strengthen my connection with my true purpose. I would definitely recommend her service.
~Dwight D.

Marla is a really powerful and empathic healer. Her patience, her graciousness, and her care translate into a meaningful experience that drives energy, wellness, and positivity.
~Kimberly G.

Marla has helped my dog multiple times with her amazing remote Reiki healing sessions. She is my go-to healer for many things, but especially my dog! She has an incredible gift with animals. So grateful for everything Marla offers and cannot recommend her intuitive care enough.
~Shakti Sita Kaur

Marla is such a compassionate and warm practitioner. She holds powerful space for the energy to go where it is best served in your field. You will feel immensely relaxed in her presence and will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself. I highly recommend Marla as an unconditional guide on your healing path. You will receive way more than you could consciously anticipate.
~Laura M.

The remote messages that came through in my Akashic Records & Tarot cards was exactly what I needed. I highly recommended it to anyone who is feeling out of touch with their true selves. Beautiful experience! Beautiful person with pure good intentions. Open your heart and try it! You won’t regret it. Blessings!
~Tamra M.

I highly recommend Marla as she is gifted, kind, compassionate and nurturing. She is an extraordinary person and has made a very positive impact in my life.
~Jennifer B.

Marla facilitated an incredible experience. I came for an akashic records session with no experience on what this was. My wife actually recommended it for me. What Marla was able to connect with was beyond any doubt I may have had. She is definitely in tune with what she senses. I felt the love and presence of my lost ones, and the messaging was consistent with what I believe they would have said to me. My heart swelled and I was close to tears. And I know that the guidance they sent to us is meant for my greater good and I am so grateful to Marla for helping me hear their call. Thank you Marla!
~Christopher B.

Marla lovingly supported me to find clarity around my blockages, and provided suggestions to bring about change. I loved the mixture of oracle cards and akashic records. Marla has a gentle energy that made me feel very much at ease, and confident in her skills. Thank you.
~Emma H.

Marla is such a beautiful, pure channel and I’m so blessed I got to work with her! When I came to Marla for a shamanic energy healing session I was experiencing stomach pain and lightheadedness. Marla intuitively customized the session to help address the discomfort I was experiencing and by the end of the session I felt an ABUNDANCE of relief! It was like night and day! I highly recommend and trust this practitioner. Thank you.
~Bethany E.

Just had a great Reiki session with Marla. I have never had one and it was amazing and so relaxing. It was just what I needed. She was so professional and walked me through what she was going to do. Highly recommend.
~JoAnna Y.

About Marla Torres

Marla has experienced living in survival mode, and like the mythical Phoenix, she has risen up from the ashes, renewed and standing strong in her Divine Power. She is passionate about inspiring women who are living in survival mode to reclaim their Divine Power and thrive! She believes that it is important to cultivate a safe and loving commUNITY where each woman can be seen and supported as they too rise up from the ashes. Marla utilizes ancient healing techniques to support each woman in their journey to reclaim their power.

Marla is a registered nurse with 15 years in critical care nursing and is an intuitive care provider. In addition to being a registered nurse, she has also participated in coursework to become a Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, an Akashic Records Practitioner, and a Kundalini Yoga Practitioner. And she is also a facilitator for supporting the body with frequency specific microcurrents. She is a creator of powerful, beautiful and authentic Tantric Malas that offer an additional layer of protection for your aura. She also creates Reiki and crystal infused essential oil blends that beautifully support the body using therapeutic grade essential oils.

From a young age Marla felt drawn to the healing and service of others. Marla was raised in a very strict and judgmental religion, and never felt like she fit in or belonged. It was in this environment where life felt uncontrollable and a battle with eating disorders developed. It was during inpatient and outpatient therapy for the eating disorders where she found and reclaimed her power. Shortly after, she then left the religion to begin a new life in a new state.

Marla’s first marriage was to a recovering alcoholic and drug addict.  Leaning into trust that they had both done the work and were in recovery she was delighted to find someone who loved all pieces of her, perceived flaws and all.  Unfortunately, her husband had a relapse which sent an already shaky marriage down a bumpy path towards divorce.  During the separation period her husband was found deceased due to cardiac issues that had gone undiagnosed.

​Here she found herself beginning again, and she married a man who was emotionally and verbally abusive.  It was here where her spiritual journey truly began when she gave birth to their daughter. Soon after she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the thyroid. Tapping into her natural healing abilities and intuition she refused to claim this diagnosis and set out to heal her physical body. Many experts later, she found a naturopathic doctor who helped her see that healing needs to start at an emotional and spiritual level first and then physical healing can also occur. After some initial resistance she dove in head first and has not looked back since!

Over the past few years there have been additional major life experiences including bankruptcy, resigning from a great job because some changes conflicted with her deeply held beliefs, and selling her home and moving almost 1000 miles, across many states, to start a new life with her daughter and fur babies. With each of these life changing events she was faced with the choice of whether or not she would let it destroy her or if she would let it be a catalyst for growth. Each step of the way she chose to stand in her power, be grateful and grow!

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