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Self taught, Internationally known; Master Manifestor, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Classical Feng Shui Advisor, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler

Cosmic Aura Cleansing

This is the time to build a Strong unwavering Commitment, Devoted to Self Care, Nurturing Oneself, Rest, and Just Be.

Gaining back Your Momentum, Clarity and Balance.

Your Success is Depending on You.

You are the source that fuels the fire within.

YOUR AURA Encases Your External Energy Force Field
(see example below)

Your Aura emanates color frequencies which permimmate around your entire energy field.

The vibrations are carrying out their Universal Mission. “Set to AUTOMATIC ALIGNMENT” (with Your current Aura Frequencies).

In other words, what you are aligned with is Manifesting in Your Life.

YOUR AURAS’ CURRENT CONDITION IS CONGRUENT (in agreement and harmony) with Your Souls Story.

Your Souls Story is a combination of:

  • Stored Memories of All Your Past Lives Experiences
  • Embedded in Your Subconscious Mind
  • Your Cell Memory
  • Your DNA
  • Your Cosmic Make-up
  • Your Blood and Bones and Marrow
  • Your Organs
  • Your Chakras
  • Your Cosmic Aura is thus Created

 What might be stuck in your energy field:

  • Stored Memories of All Your Past Lives Experiences
  • Inherited issues
  • Implants and Devices (spiritual weapons)
  • Dark energies which block Divine light and Joy
  • Negative energies draining you
  • Human/Spirit Attachments/entities
  • Harmful Energies in your Auric Field
  • Portals or tears in your Energy Field

Are You experiencing any of the following:

  • Emotionally Drained
  • Physically Drained
  • Overwhelmed
  • Fearful, Stressed out, Confused
  • Having Repetitive Negative Patterns
  • Struggling to move forward
  • Loss of Mojo

This is a Sign that You have lost Your Connection to Source/God. Which is why you are stuck in a struggle energy. The dark energy is subtle. It crepes in and pops up. Usually You’ll experience a cycle of negative events right before something good was to happen. Or right after you experienced something good. You can call it bad luck, karma, curses, etc…

It’s certainly an indication that something is off in your energy field.

The first thing to look at is Your Connection to Source.

Are you holding anger, unforgiveness, resentment in your heart?

Are you dealing with a slew of negative thoughts and feelings? (may not be yours)-(past experiences reminders)

How clear is your aura and energy field?

Is your home holding negative energy?

Let’s Talk….
No matter what…
You should do a Cosmic Aura Cleansing

This Powerful COSMIC AURA CLEANSING will help you transmute heavy energy and density anytime, anywhere.

Don’t let your past hold you back anymore!

Step into your greatest life ever and claim back Your Divine Magnificent Power with this extraordinary opportunity!

Grab Your Cosmic Aura Cleansing Package Now!!!
Inside You’ll Find… 9 of the Most Powerful Transmissions I ever released to the public! Take a peek…

The Aura Cleansing Tracks 1 and 2 will have a calming effect so it is best to be in a safe environment.

Aura Cleansing Music

The frequencies used to stimulate your aura are embedded in the music. Listening to this music will help to heal, balance and energize your aura. With regular use you will feel huge benefits.

You can listen to the music with or without headphones. You can relax in a chair or lie down. You will even get benefits from playing it in the background while you do other things like exercising, working, watching TV or even sleeping.

Cosmic Expansion Frequency

An innovative audio experience that provides powerful relaxation and clarity in just minutes. Experience the ultimate relaxation.

Auric Field Cleanse Healing Process

Guided Aura Healing Process with Your Angel Team.

You will be cleansed from all dark, negative energy attachments. Your Aura will be healed from all the dings and dents it has been subject to. Then opening your energy field to receiving exactly what You would absolutely love to experience.

Cosmic Connection Purification Process For Your Auric Field And Chakras

(You may lay your gemstones on a table in front of you)

This is a total detox and purification session. Listening to this on a regular basis will bring Amazing results. “You may play it at your work place” to purify the entire energetic field. Play it at home to Purify the Entire space.

My Spiritual Palace

Cosmic Home Space-Work Place Flusher
Playing this Powerful Cosmic Frequency daily changes the energetics of it’s entire sound reaching locations.

The Spiritual Palace was designed to uplevel You into a much higher frequency alignment. For some, this may first bring up some negative feelings due to it’s powerful healing effects. These are natural occurrences and will shift. “Simply play” and allow the New Cosmic Alignment to happen.

Angelic Assistance “Protection and Clearing”

The ALL-NEW “Instant Divine Angelic Assistance” MP3 audio is embedded with a secret frequency that will help you achieve spiritual awakening in minutes as well as primes your brain to eradicate any dark entity blockers.

The Protection and Clearing process will totally remove all entities and attachments from you. (covers the entire mind and body) Angels will form a Protection barrier around you.

Listen anytime, anywhere ~ You’re going to love this!

Cosmic Clearing Of Bad Luck

This track will clear the energetics draining your Positive Energy Frequency. Some might call it a bout of bad luck. We will be addressing this issue. Then we will be restoring Your Positive Energy flow.

This one can solve a LOT of problems in your life whether you knew the problems existed or not.

You see, bad luck is nothing more than negative energy…and negative energy can be the source of any pain, sadness, heartbreak, and desperation in your life.

In fact, negative energy could be the ONLY thing that is preventing you from living the life you truly desire.

Now it’s time to wash it all away… start with a clean slate… drain away any negativity and replace it with positive feelings and beliefs that can change everything for you.

You may play this anywhere you feel negative energy – IT MAY BE USED ON VIRTUALLY SILENT

Cosmic Blessings Activation

Once we have washed away the negative energy forms of bad luck-We will now replace it with Cosmic Blessings of all forms.

The unique Magical Activation can be used over and over again. *MAKE SURE TO PLAY THIS TRACK AFTER EACH “BAD LUCK CLEARING” We are replacing the void with positive blessing energy!

Bonus Connect To Source

This Wonderful Amazing Guided Journey is just what Your Being ordered.

Find a comfortable relaxing place and just receive every beautiful moment of it.

The process will reconnect you back to Source.

ALLOW YOUR MIND AND BODY TO BE IN THE ENERGETIC FLOW. I will be doing alot of clearing, and grounding for you.



This begins from the time of purchase.

You will receive:

“Cosmic Aura Cleansing” Program

Bonus Guided Journey

30 Days Of Remote Aura Clearing

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

What others are saying about Marlenea Johnson

The energy has returned to my body after listening to the healing tracks. I felt something was draining me here. You’re right, on the money here with this package. The first thing I did was smile because my entire body was feeling at home once again.
My aura lit up and filled the room. I am a fan forever.

~Ann, Philidelphia

Miss Marlenea,
From the day I met you and was introduced to your amazing work, my entire life changed. It was a call you were on talking about auras and rainbows. I love rainbows! My room filled with an essence of love and rainbows colors. I was awe struck at this. I started listening to your Cosmic Aura tracks yesterday and begin my journey of enlightening. This is all new for me. After the third track, I feel something has left my right side. Is this supposed to happen? I’m feeling better I can say. Mabey it was someone elses energy like you spoke about. Actually, I feel like a rainbow now. I am amazing bright. You sure were the light coming to me like an Earth Angel.


My testimony after using these Aura Healing recordings for your beta test. I had to run them a few good times due to all the weight of stress I was carrying on me. My ego was fighting me like a bull.
Your guided clearing tracks are so much more powerful than my attachments to family stress, and ancestral karma.
Yes, My stress has lifted out of me now. I have a much lighter feeling.
I see my glow has returned. This has been a positive experience for me.


Being on the go all the time with life in general, I’m so happy that I found you from a referral from a friend! I purchased Package A – listened to this on my way to and from work and I feel so less stressed, refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on all the demands in my home/work life with such calm and grace! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! XXO

~Cynthia, UK

Dear Marlenea,
Thank you for all that you do. I am feeling liberated. I FELT STUCK IN A NEGATIVE CYCLE all my life. My family seemed to have a curse like this. I heard you speaking about our inherited issues and how our family can have curses. I bought your package in desperation. The recordings were really powerful. When you were doing the clearings, my body shook and I felt heaviness leave.
I can honestly say, it was beyond words. My energy shifted into a bliss state. I feel all my chakras are in tune and My radiance is back!
My word, The negative cycle has left my life! I can testify!
O’So much gratitude. Thank you, Thank you.


Beautiful blessings… absolutely beautiful wonderful blessings thank you 😊 so much ! I’m resting but I’m allowing the process of all … I have so much creative energy I don’t know where to start now lol 😝 big big drawing board lol 😂 I’m have never felt so free til now I am so glad I finally trusted followed my intuition and spoken intentions to finally complete this pain for inner child I am grateful beyond my understanding I love you 😍 cxx yes I am doing the package and yes sign me up I’m with you now !! Hehe 😜 my star ⭐️ of joy 🤩 xx 💋


I would like to thank Marlenea from the bottom of my heart for the healing and her dedication. For the first time in my life, I feel free from the yoke of my ancestral line. I woke up this morning a new person. I don’t feel victimized anymore, I regained my self-worth, confidence, and courage. I cried during the session because deep down, I felt my dreams were finally becoming a reality with the big release I have had. On top of that, she really took her time and gave me useful advices on how to make my dream life a reality.


Hey Marlenea,

Wow, thank you so much for today’s amazing session and for all the guidance you shared with me! It really was like talking to an old friend. This healing was extremely powerful, and my energy feels so much lighter and balanced now. Extremely grateful to you and your gifts. Now I have the right words to say whenever I need to bring my joy back, and it’s amazing how fast it works just by telling the low energies to ‘get out of here’, lol! I went outside and it felt great to feel the air and the sun. Will be making this a daily habit now.

Also thank you so much for the creativity video!! I felt old energies releasing just from watching this, and it was much needed since I was about to draw. All of the art ideas/advice you gave today will be kept in mind!

Appreciate the recipes as well, those are extremely easy to make and I can definitely do that for a month. I feel so much better about my body already and I know it’s only a matter of time before I reach my ideal weight.

Thank you again for everything, this truly made my day! ❤


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