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Shamanic healer and teacher who channels the divine feminine energy of the Goddess in all Her forms

Triple Goddess Circle

Live as Your Inner Goddess

Hundreds of women have been profoundly impacted through their work with us.

“Miriam holding space for me–and the knowledge that comes in with it– has helped me shift from emotional and limited views to a broader, purposeful, and light-filled understanding of my place in the world.”

~Danielle Benaroche Gottesman

“I have been working with Sarah for about six months now and in this time I have grown exponentially in body, mind and soul. Her ability to hold and create a deeply calming space combined with her presence and intuition she devotes to every session serves for an experience that is hard to find elsewhere. I highly recommend working with Sarah if you’re looking for empowerment, healing and finding ease in all facets of your life.”

~Emily Rogers

“I’ve attended several programs facilitated by Northstar over the years, lasting anywhere from 2 days to 6 months. Whether in person or over zoom, Northstar’s superpower is to make people feel comfortably vulnerable in her presence. Between her intent listening, her own willingness to show her own vulnerability, and her ability to articulate gracefully the depths of mystery, she can help you navigate your way through your own soul journey.”

~Christine Terraferma

Hi, we’re Miriam, Kimber (Northstar) and Sarah

We are a triad of dear friends – soul sisters –
who have been working together across years and physical distance.

Holding space for each other to grow into our fullness while cultivating skills as earth tenders, healers and mothers.

We’ve stumbled and grown as we’ve explored and cultivated tools to deepen into our friendship.

We’ve found the courage to express the unexpressible, which has led us to shed the seemingly unshedable layers of inner imprisonment that most women carry today.

Our inner and outer collaborations continue.
And now, for the first time ever, we’re extending the radically accepting container of our sisterhood to hold all women who would like to enter.

We’re passionate about holding space for women to grow into their full potential as Goddesses – Divine Beings in Human Form.

Your Ancient Power Awakens.

Deep inside you, something is stirring.

You may feel unsettled, dissatisfied. Anxious. Impatient. But why?

Sink your attention below the surface, to the source of the shifting deep within.

Your wise, unbound feminine essence beckons you to shed all masks of limitation.
To shift from inherited self-denial to radical self-love.

Over 6 transformative moons, remember yourself as a divine woman who walks this earth.

Within circles of Virtual Sisterhood, witness your truest self emerging.

Remember yourself as the divine changemaker you were born to be.

What’s Included?

Our 6 month virtual Triple Goddess Circle offers a deep immersion for those sisters who are ready to embody the Goddess’ core teaching: You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For.

Our 3 interwoven monthly offerings connect you with your Goddess Essence:

🌑 New Moon Goddess Zooms offer a mystical dive into direct transmission from Goddess to you at this profound monthly manifestation window. 60 minute live ceremonies each month with Q&A to refine your access to non-ordinary reality. Debriefing will take place in our Virtual Council Container.

🌕 Full Moon Healing Zooms allow you to shed old layers and emerge anew as the Moon herself does each month. 75 minute live sessions with Q&A to support your maximum healing process. Debriefing will take place in our Virtual Council Container.

💖 A Virtual Council deepens your practice of being witnessed in your fullness by a circle of sisters. Our Virtual Council takes place via Marco Polo (video messaging app). Each sister will be given an opportunity to share within a sacred container of respectful witnessing. In addition, Miriam, Kimber (Northstar) and Sarah will each tend to and participate in this sacred council.

Live Session Dates:

🌑 New Moon Goddess Zooms: July 3, August 8, September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5, 2024.
– All live sessions take place at 12pm ET; all ceremonies will be recorded and shared with the group.
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🌕 Full Moon Healing Zooms: July 24, August 21, September 18, October 16, November 13, December 18, 2024.
– All live sessions take place at 7pm ET; all ceremonies will be recorded and shared with the group.
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Reviews of Your Guides

Becky shares her experience from a virtual Triad healing session with Miriam, Sarah and Northstar

Participants share their experiences learning in virtual community through the School of Hebrew Shamanism with Miriam

Unleash the Power of Your Inner Goddess

As you open to the totality of your essence, you’ll experience:

✨ Radical self-reverence
✨ Empowered sensuality
✨ Living from self-trust
✨ Deep mystical connection
✨ Accelerated spiritual awakening

Are you ready to shed that which binds you from living in radiant authenticity?

To experience the profound shift that comes from embodying your deepest feminine truth?

Join the Triple Goddess Circle – a sacred virtual sisterhood for those called to birth a life of sacred passion and purpose from the womb of their divine femininity.

Within this potent container, you’ll awaken the primordial Goddess energies that live within you.

This isn’t just an intellectual concept – it’s a transmission that will awaken you at a cellular level to the divinity pulsing within you.

Through shamanic journeys, immersive exploration, rituals, and the alchemical container of sacred sisterhood, you’ll shed false constructs and rebirth yourself as the Goddess you were born to be.

The metamorphosis begins as soon as you commit to this life-changing immersion.

Your soul is calling you home.
Will you answer?

Claim your spot in the Circle today.

Limited time Bonus

Kundalini Activation:

Are you ready to uplevel your energy?

Kundalini is the divine feminine energy that flows upward through our central channel of energy, from tailbone to crown, plugging us into universal consciousness and our deep storehouse of power.

When awakened spontaneously, Kundalini energy can be quite intense. But awakened over time through this 3-step process, the shifts are more manageable and more easily integrated.

Keep in mind, Kundalini energy is high-octane fuel. It’s for those women who feel a strong yes inside.

Risen Kundalini can activate your Siddhis, yogic abilities such as increased intuition, consciousness and pure magic.

These Group Activations will take place over the first 3 months of the Triple Goddess Circle, in July, August and September.

Register before July 1 to Claim this Bonus!

You will Receive:

Join the Triple Goddess Circle

6-month virtual journey to unleash your Divine Feminine essence. Experience your deepest truths through monthly Goddess zoom ceremonies and deep spiral council led by 3 priestesses. Awaken the Goddess within.

July 3 to December 18, 2024
The recordings will be provided

  • Profoundly safe spiritual container,
  • Radical acceptance for your individual path,
  • Direct revelation through immersive mystical encounters with Goddess,
  • Releasing and manifesting rituals each month,
  • Deep spiraling council facilitated via video messaging app over 6 month journey,
  • Invitations to further your growth individually,
  • See your truest self reflected back at you through the mirror of Goddess.

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What others are saying about Miriam Katz

Miriam is in a league of her own. You will be especially blown away by your time with her if you are new to Shamanism. I have continued to schedule sessions with her at integral parts of my healing over the past 4 years. She has added immense value into the way I think, and has spiritually helped me restore pieces of myself that I could never have achieved on my own. It’s tough to believe another person could possibly be the key to allow you to meet yourself deeper, but Miriam has the knack for cutting to the chase about where you are in your way, or what is stuck and needs to be gone. She executes amazingly insightful coordinations with the forces she works with, even dealing with extreme or overwhelming situations, she handles with ease. You will never doubt that when she is in the session, she has your best interest at heart, and 9/10, what happens in the session is 10x more than what I expected.The bliss that follows sessions with Miriam is usually accompanied with a deep appreciation and gratitude for myself, and the aspect of me that I’ve either welcomed back to my physical body, or an aspect of me that I’ve been denying for decades. It’s tough to put into words exactly how impactful this work is, but let’s put it this way, in one hour with Miriam, you can conquer obstacles that you, your father, your father’s father, and his father and so on, have been enslaved by for centuries. Instantly you can feel the healed aspects of your brain working in different ways that you never knew it could achieve. If you are someone who wants to heal, it’s a no-brainer.

~David Celli

I’m incredibly grateful that the universe put Miriam on my path. She is one of the few magical people that has ever really helped me to make huge shifts . She is immensely gifted & intuitive!!! During my last session/adventure, everything that I saw with my eyes were closed, she also saw and verbalized. AMAZING ✨🧚🏻‍♀️ ✨✨ truly, transformative.

~Lisa Victoria

Miriam is an extraordinarily gifted healer. I have had the privilege of working with her several times over the years, and time has only enhanced her already well-honed abilities. She has the gift of sight and a lack of inhibition around sharing valuable wisdom. Miriam holding space for me–and the knowledge that comes in with it– has helped me shift from emotional and limited views to a broader, purposeful, and light-filled understanding of my place in the world.

I have experienced the chance to work with other healers, and working with Miriam has served to have the most profound impact, primarily because of her willingness to share everything that comes through to her. She excels in calming acute issues, though working with her has proven repeatedly (to my benefit and delight) that there is safety in celebrating the beauty of the unknown and unexpected.

I feel so fortunate that fate has put me in Miriam’s path (and her in mine), and I trust her implicitly as an honored guide in my life journey. Highly, highly recommend time with this special being.

~Danielle Benaroche

This was the first Shamanic Healing that I have done. I had tried some other energy healings, but none got to such a deep healing level than I experienced with Miriam. She is incredibly compassionate and from the very start, you feel at ease working with her. We started with a grounding exercise which left me feeling more grounded than I ever had after trying numerous meditations and other techniques. My session revealed and helped me recognize some deep rooted challenges that I thought I had addressed, but clearly needed to still work through. This was an incredibly powerful healing for me, I am so grateful for Miriam and her work. I do recommend a session with her in which she guides you through your healing, it is very powerful and empowering to know what you holding on to that needs to be let go.

~Julie Ciolino

About Miriam Katz

Miriam J. Katz is a shamanic healer and teacher who channels the divine feminine energy of the Goddess in all Her forms. Descended from ancient Hebrew high priests and the Opsprecherin folk healing lineage, this inherited wisdom has informed her shamanic practice. Miriam uses intention and words to direct healing energies that free individuals from unhelpful patterns.

As an Altomesayok carrying the lineage of Andean Q’ero master shamans, Miriam facilitates profound personal transformation and liberation. After completing 4 years of shamanic apprenticeship, primarily with the luminous Tracey Forest of Spirit Hollow, VT, she continues her advanced shamanic exploration through profound peer-led circles of women shamans.

In her healing work, Miriam collaborates with each person’s divine essence and spiritual support team to release emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual blocks, allowing their natural wellspring of joy and fulfillment to flow freely.

As co-founder of the School of Hebrew Shamanism, Miriam illuminates the shamanic roots of Judaism while connecting others with the magical earth-based traditions that predate monotheism. Most recently, she was inspired to co-found the School of Goddess Shamanism, supporting women to realize their full potential as embodiments of Goddess in human form.

Miriam is a certified professional coach, Reiki master, and co-author of The Other Baby Book. Her forthcoming book is a memoir about her encounters with Goddess.

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