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New Earth Chakras” Series + The “Day Rising Meditation Activation


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Package A

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“Beloveds, I am so excited to bring you the New Earth Chakra Series!!

2023 is really propelling us into a new timeline and paradigm; a completely new embodiment in ALL ways. Everything has changed and this includes the Human body and its “functioning”. As we awaken our 12-strand DNA to embody the 12 Dimensions of consciousness we will now be tapped into, our body and chakras are changing in frequency to uphold a new amount of light we are now able to hold and access.

The Chakras are a vortex/portal of energy that functions in every part of our physical and mental body. It’s an Ancient Energy System that has been used and is known for Eons. In India, they are known as Chakras while in Ancient Egypt/Kemet, they were known as life force disk of Source energy. They are 7 main chakras that are known but in theory, they are hundreds of Chakra points all over the body which are also known as meridian points. Chakras were “created” so Higher communications through the body could be accessed. this was to connect us to God, our Teams of Light and higher dimensional energies which can be reached when we have connected to the deeper aspects of ourselves, emotions, traumas, and belief systems; this is where we can link to infinity within our cells/energy. The 7 chakras deal with the energetic health of our physical and mental body and each Chakra deals with a certain system/organ in the body (Karmic Connections (3D) The Chakras are a living embodiment of the Universe in our physical body and were created as a communication device between us and Star Families.

With the switch to higher consciousness, our bodies now have to have a new “higher” operating system to traverse all 12 dimensions of higher world embodiment so who we are among the Stars are now being activated within our bodies! This is HUGE!

As we ascend this means how our body functions MUST change as well. This also means our sacred healing systems such as the Chakras will begin to open up to their FULL functions and capabilities to access a greater amount of Light.

This series is from Spirit, Source, GOD, The Elohim and our Teams Of Light. This is to awaken your newly functioning sacred portals to aid in your Ascension and your embodiment as a Starseed on Earth!

I introduce to you, the New Earth Chakra system for the Embodied Starseed!

What are some embodied benefits of the New Earth Chakra Activation:

  • Clearing old distortions that have kept you capped or limited in your Body and DNA
  • Clearing of blocks from not only this lifetime but past lifetimes as well
  • Ancestral Clearing of Dis-eases and Sickness that has run in your Lineage
  • Activating your Soul remembrance and POWER
  • Clearing old stories that you have held in your lower Chakras that keep you in a perpetual Karmic Loop
  • Activating your New Earth Embodied Template
  • Activating your Ka or Light Body
  • Being more attuned to your body’s unique energetic Signature/Frequency
  • Timeline and Dimensional Shift in Perception/Reality
  • Deeper Connection to your Body
  • Clearing of old Cellular Distortions

What is Light Language?

Light is what we are created from and into Light, we will go when we are finished within this Dimension. The First sound that God made was OM; Light is the sacred code of the Divine Source Creator. Every Being of Light speaks the Language of Light within their own unique expressions of it. Because we are in a dense reality/stimulation we are the only Beings within our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond that do not “naturally” speak the Language of the Stars but this will begin to change soon! On Earth, we express our Light in different ways, through our voice/tone and through our energy body. Part of the upgrades happening this year is the attunement of the voice and switching on our “Star Tongue”.

It has been a while since I have wanted to create a sound Library where I can go deeper in my Activation work and incorporate Light Language. I was guided by the Divine Mother to start using a new attunement that I was given a few years ago when I was visited by the Divine and was told that my sacred medicine would soon change. This attunement carries much sharper frequencies and codes that will assist your metamorphosis into higher timelines of light consciousness. 2021 is a MASSIVE year of change especially to the body; so this birthing came right on time like everything with Spirit usually is!

These codes will sound funny if you haven’t heard them before and if you have they may sound a bit sharper and more potent. Some feedback that I have gotten over the years of using light language is that you will begin to see your Star Families. You will begin to see your past lives among the Stars and really begin to communicate and bridge a connection to your Ancient Lineage and Ancestors.

My intention with making this Light Language Library is to assist with the re-writing of the codes of light within the body. My intention is to assist with healing, and recalibration of the HUman body into higher embodiment of functioning and BEING. This is who and what I do among the Stars. I work very closely with the Arcturians, Lyrans, Siriuns and the Divine Mother.

It is such an honour to be here with you all again in the greatest shift in the History of Creation.

So much Love and Light Beloved Star Family


Item 2

The “Day Rising Meditation Activation”

When we awaken, this is a powerful time to set intentions for what we wish to create in our day. Spirit has been showing me for the past few years how to create a sacred grid for my day and by setting your intention for exactly what you want to occur, solve, manifest, accomplish etc. You are the master creator of your reality. This is an extremely powerful ritual that drastically shapeshifted my life. This is how I birthed MOSK by using these pockets of time to visualize and put the puzzle pieces together of my future reality. By intending first thing in the Rising you SHAPE the grids of your timelines so you can eventually WALK it in this space and time.

As you listen to this meditation as you rise be in a comfortable position and breath. Let the Light Frequencies of Mother/Father God gently guide. Please drink water after you have listened. Ground into your body when you are finished and have a blessed day!


You will receive:

New Earth Chakra Series


The “Day Rising Meditation Activation”

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $79

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Package B

Everything in Package A +

Item 3

45min 1:1 Intuitive Consultation

We are in an immense time of radical transformation and shifts on Earth. I have been on my Re-membering journey for over 20 years and during this time I have transcended my mind, body and spirit to align with a higher embodiment lifestyle and commitment to creating my own reality. When I began my Ascended journey there was no Facebook or Instagram so I know how important community and having support from someone that has “been through” it can feel. Within this Consultation, we will connect with your Teams of light as we answer some pressing questions!


You will receive:

45min 1on1 Intuitive Consultation with Natoya Hall


New Earth Chakra Series


The “Day Rising Meditation Activation”

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $179

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

PS: Refunds are not available once the 1on1 Session is conducted – Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “1on1 Consultation” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Natoya Hall...

Light language from Natoya’s library activated and continues to upgrade me in so many ways. My clairs are heightened. I’m able to access my Star team beautifully and integrate frequencies now that were blocked prior. This light language library has helped me experience my multidimensionality more fully.

~Shashu D. MOSK alum, Master Teacher, Energy healer

Natoya’s light language activates from the DNA out. There are no words to describe how subtle and how powerful her work is. Her morning meditation really does add magic to every day, and I’ve noticed the days I don’t listen to it are my more difficult ones.

Since meeting Natoya and becoming familiar with her light language I’ve found much more ease in life. I can feel myself becoming a clearer channel through which the light comes and it is so much thanks to Natoya.

~Mel, artist and Cohort 5 member

Natoya’s transmissions in the light language library activate my entire being! I’ve grown a deeper connection with my body, releasing old programming and activating DNA. From working with the library for the past year I’m able to see light codes, sign in light language and am remembering songs from my Lyran lineage. I’m so grateful for this gift!

~Lauren V, MOSK Student & Energy Worker

I have taken so many courses, classes and retreats (SO many!)…and I have NEVER experienced anything like MOSK. When I closed the computer after opening ceremony I heard a voice say “Welcome to Natoya’s temple”…and whew! What a temple it is! Natoya DOES awaken the Masters! The activations were so unbelievably powerful and life-changing. Natoya has a way of keeping it real and delivering things with such power…while also embodying so much nurturing loving patient energy.

The others that were in my same cohort are now family…I got more family! What a bonus! I am so very grateful that I decided to answer my intuitions call and join MOSK. I will never be the same (in the best of ways). I would (and probably will) shout it from the rooftops “Join MOSK! Join MOSK!” I feel that everyone deserves to wake up to their mastery and be given tools on how to embody that and how to keep nurturing that….how to stay on this journey while standing in your power. Natoya awakens the Masters. And that’s exactly what’s needed on the planet right now.

Thank you Natoya. I am forever grateful.

~Catherine G.

When I saw Natoya’s offering, I couldn’t sign up fast enough!

Natoya is a powerful, honest, integrity-filled teacher, healer, guide and mentor, that will lovingly guide you to unlocking your full potential. She has put together a mind-blowing 12 weeks of information to guide you through this next step in your ascension journey. This class calls you to go DEEP, we release, we laugh, we cry, we share, we hold space, we get our groove on, we send love and healing, whatever is called or needed, we do for ourselves, one another and the collective.

I am so thankful to Natoya and my Starseed Classmate family for giving me a SAFE place to grow, learn, be seen, heard, and celebrated. I have fallen in love with each of them and have been honoured to witness their divine vulnerability, truth and beauty.

You are here and reading this review for a reason, you are called to come home to your inner knowing. Natoya and MOSK will welcome you with a Divine Embrace and wrap you in a sacred and safe container to REmember and learn. This is a deep dive into YOU.

~Denise R.

Natoya is a profoundly compassionate visionary that holds phenomenal power. To be in her presence is a remembering of the Whole Self in a wild and yet gentle way. MOSK is a thoughtful culmination of this energy with the added benefit of heart-centered community that we can learn from and honor.

~Kirsten W.

I have done other spiritual classes and meditations before MOSK… but MOSK is a spiritual/physical experience unlike anything I have experienced before! Natoya puts her heart and soul into MOSK. I love how truly intimate and familiar it becomes once you get to know and meet all of the members. From learning the basics of energy to full blown beautiful activations. From beginning to end I looked forward to every single class.

To experience MOSK is to experience spirit itself. Is to experience your truest most authentic self. The remembrance that takes place is mind blowing and every ounce of wisdom poured from Natoya is priceless. Thank you Natoya for your love, your honesty, integrity and for truly caring for each and every one of us members of MOSK. Thank you for treating us like family. I look forward to more adventures with MOSK.

~Adela C.

MOSK has truly changed my life. I am thankful and honored to have such a beautiful teacher that is kind, warm, with such an amazing spirit. She feels like home, that is Natoya Hall. Her words are poetry, they flow effortlessly. In Mosk I felt seen, heard and especially loved. She saw in me what I am learning to see in myself. From the classes, to learning materials and connections with follow beings of light, all of it is priceless. I am so humbled to be part of such a force that is MOSK. I now have my family, my tribe, my fellow warriors of light to be on this journey called life. There is nothing in this universe quite like it!

~Maria P.

There aren’t really words to fully describe the beauty and magic of the container Natoya creates and holds and the information she provides. She is a being of incredible light, understanding, wisdom, and power. She leads by example as a true master come back to this earth realm while simultaneously lifting everyone in the cohort up to see their true potential. I am so grateful to have been a part of cohort 5 and even more grateful to have become part of the larger community of MOSK.

~Mel S.

One of the things that makes this container so invaluable is the space Natoya creates to guide you through the development, or deepening, of your own self-trust. It’s a given that we all have an innate inner knowing, and unique inherited gifts, but having the faith to believe in them is another thing that will take you to the next level. Natoya is weaving such a beautiful and magnificent web here, one that liberates rather than ensnares. It does so by tenderly connecting us to the disparate or dismembered aspects of self that we have forgotten or been fragmented from. Besides reconnecting you to your Self, this container comes with the added bonus of helping you reconnect to your soul tribe, to your Star family, and to a brilliant network of fellow Masters.

Would I have claimed the title of Master prior to joining MOSK? No, it would have made me uncomfortable. But now I can comfortably, and safely, sit in the radiance and grandeur, not just of my *potential* but of my active truth: that I am divine. I am royal. I am sovereign. I am All. If you’re interested in joining, I bow to you because your interest alone reveals a resonance that you and I share, and I’m grateful for that connection. Thank you for being here and being willing to co-facilitate our collective Ascension. Now all that’s left is for you to step forward!

~Serena M.

About Natoya Hall

Natoya’s love of Humanity and Healing has guided her Spiritual path to assist with awakening the New Earth Humans.

My Soul’s purpose is to activate beings on Earth to Re-member the Totality of their Spirit Selves; Higher Selves, Multidimensional Selves and be EMBODIED in their power and Magic.
She is a Messenger and Teacher here to guide those seeking to ground and make sense of their Spiritual journey. This sacred information is now being activated deep within everyone’s Cellular Memory. Natoya has the gift of “Seeing” and “Sensing” energies as they pertain to the rise in consciousness and the recalibration of the Human body. Her path and purpose are to awaken the Masters to their most authentic, empowered form of self-expression so they may navigate their realities and timelines from higher consciousness.

There is a Shift happening in the World right now and it is a Spiritual Shift. Everyone is awakening to something “Greater”. The old Matrix is collapsing and Humanity is making its own rules. The Collective is following their inner guidance and following a higher calling for their lives. My mission is to heal and activate what is already known within you so you can go out “there” and be the HIGHEST version of yourself. Natoya uses Light Language and Energy Weaving in her teachings and healings to activate individual sacred codes of light within her students and clients.

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