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Intuitive Quantum Energy Healer, Teacher and Coach

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Clearing Vows, Oaths & Contracts That Block Your Connection to Source Energy

60 Minutes 1:1 Quantum Shift Healing Session

Profound shifts into deeper harmony and remembrance of your divine self and create powerful shifts in your life. The quantum shifts that you make on the inside then ripple out into your external life as the energy is completely changed at the root cause. During these one on one private intuitive quantum shift sessions you will experience.

This session is especially beneficial for anyone wanting to:

  • Get unstuck
  • Clear energy blockages
  • Release limiting blocks or patterns
  • Feel deeper inner peace
  • Raise their vibration to feel more spiritual connection
  • Create powerful shifts in their life

Everybody’s personal journey of transformation is totally unique.

On your unique path of evolution there will be many gifts, strengths and qualities you discover and develop through this human experience and your spiritual encounters.

Along this courageous path of self-discovery towards deeper self-love, alignment, abundance and embodied soul expression, it is totally normal to sometimes feel a bit stuck, lost or frustrated that changes you want to see in yourself or outside circumstances aren’t happening. Or you have old patterns, fears or traumas that are still controlling your expression and life today that you just want to shake off and move beyond.

During these quantum shifts sessions we will work deeply and directly with your bodies wisdom, source energy and light encoded frequencies to assist you in accessing your genetic and galactic akashic records to heal, transform and release your issue or challenge throughout your cells, energy grids and across all timelines. Activating and aligning you with higher frequencies and new programming to create deep and profound shifts into deeper harmony and remembrance of your divine self and create powerful shifts in your life. The quantum shifts that you make on the inside then ripple out into your external life too as the energy is completely changed at the root cause.

BONUS: Connect to Source Series

This profoundly deep and powerful audio series will help you to re-activate and remember your cosmic connection with the creative universal source energy. Divine Source Energy and Cosmic Light Codes to

1. Audio one – Cleansing Your Connection

Clearing layers of fears and disruption to your divine connection through the power of light encoded frequencies, ascended rays and sound. Includes clearing common limiting beliefs that can block connection and healing self judgment.

2. Audio two – Remembering Your Connection

Recalling, restoring and activating your connection. During this audio, you will experience a deep recalibration of your light field and connection to source at a higher frequency through cosmic light codes that activate the knowing that you are source energy that already lives dormant within you, allowing you to come back into deeper wholeness and remembering of your true and divine nature.

3. Audio three – 101 Downloads for Remembering Your Cosmic Connection

Listen to these powerful downloads as often as you like to strengthen your remembering of your cosmic connection with the oneness of creation. Infused with light encoded frequencies that your soul will recognise like an old friend who you haven’t seen for a long time.

You will receive:

60 Minutes 1:1 Quantum Shift Healing Session


Connect to Source Series:

  • Audio one – Cleansing your Connection
  • Audio two – Remembering your Connection
  • Audio three – 101 Downloads for remembering your cosmic connection

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PS: Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of your “1on1 Session” – whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Pippa King

I’ve known Pip for a few years, after attending some of her energy healing classes. As a well-established psychotherapist and energy healer, I am quite selective in who I choose to work with for my own healing. I love working with Pip, because she always works very deeply and directly, discovering multidimensional layers and transforming them quickly and safely. I feel the shifts immediately, but it after the sessions that they really show up in my life. I would highly recommend Pip and her healing work for anyone wanting to clear life blocks and evolve personally.

~Susan Kennard

Prior to seeing Pippa, while I have had many healings with excellent healers. Healing with Philippa was mind altering. My issues were a cluttered mind around purpose in life, anxiety about public speaking plus abundance attitudes. I decided to work with Pippa due to the glowing testimonials I read and a strong gut instinct about her as a healer. I enjoyed the sessions immensely due to the enormous release of negative feelings and emotions and also Pippa’s easy going personality while working at the deepest levels of my mind. The biggest single sessions were around public speaking and especially abundance – what a session! I have noticed I am much more easy going around people, and more confident in speaking my mind in public. I believe healing with Pippa would be great for so many problems previously considered too complex or incurable. Pippa’s intuitive and healing ability is amazing. Thanks Pippa.

~Gregory Burke

Teacher, Australia

I felt excited to attend a course and meet Pippa after hearing so much positive stuff about her. I had been trying to understand all I could about our souls and purposes after an abrupt awakening just a few months before the course. Philippa’s energy was so beautiful, positive, light, uplifting, nurturing and safe feeling. The clarity and healing I felt was very profound following the course and sessions I did with Pippa. The biggest shifts that I noticed was in my ability to connect so easily to source energy. Anyone who is struggling with any aspect of their life would benefit hugely from working with you. I would recommend them to come to you and see their life rapidly change for the better

~Taanya Williams

Healer, UK

At first I just got a fantastic sense of inner peace and harmony but in just a few days the whole of my life got a boost. I was feeling as if I were on a runway, ready to take off. I did not know my destination, but a lot of things happened in just a few weeks, completely changing my life. Now I can’t wait to work more deeply with Pippa, a fantastic healer! Sharing my journey and experiences with her has been really great, she is helpful and patient, her positive energy flows all around. Thank you .

~Alessandro Razze

Healer and Coach

I have attended courses with Pippa, as well as having a private one to one healing session. Pippa is an amazing teacher and healer. I’ve been going through some extremely challenging times for several years. We have worked through many physical and emotional blocks together, including a very traumatic past life experience which was having a huge in pact on my current life. Pippa works with speed, empathy & compassion and her healing delivers amazing results, many of them instant. If I can be any where near as good as Philippa and can help others change their lives for the better then it will be wonderful. I now use healing in my every day life and it has been truly life changing. I can’t thank Pippa enough, I highly recommend her healing and courses.

~Denise Withey

Reiki Healer

Pippa King is an amazing channel for light. This healing works deeply at the core of the soul transmuting old energies that hold you back. During the session I actually felt old energy leaving from my head and experienced deep calm as light returned. It is really powerful as following the sessions I felt many shifts and joy return. I am now able to complete tasks which I felt blocked in. Thanks Pippa I will be booking more sessions.

~Sarah Hampton

Author and Healer

I worked with Pippa at different intervals over a period of several years after being impressed by the quality of healing training I received with her. I had always enjoyed her humour and down-to-earth attitude, and she made our sessions feel fun, even when we were working through heavy issues. I have always found her insights very helpful and it was one of the reasons I stayed working with her for so long as she helped me through a major life transition. Two experiences stand out: the first, after a session to help with my adrenal fatigue when my cells felt like they were actually ‘dancing and singing’ the next day – a sublime boost to my well-being and energy. Secondly, a time when I was having a lot of difficulty relaxing and grounding, I felt very tense and on edge and this was causing problems. The day following our session I felt extremely grounded, calm and safe – super chilled out – and a complete reversal of how I had been feeling on a physical level. These are just two examples of Pippa’s remote healing powers. If you are looking for a healer and guide on your journey, someone knowledgeable who can support and inspire you towards more freedom and to realise your dreams, Pippa is a perfect companion.

~Amy Garner

Life Coach

I came across Pippa when I was in deep need of help as my therapist was away for a while…. ever since my first visit Philippa has helped me out a lot with the issues that have arisen and helped heal them 😇 I am very grateful for all the hard work and heart that Pippa puts in. No other therapy can match what Pippa offers, her approach is just so different and very unique and involves a lot of experience from her part, while at the same time making it easy for me to release what needs to be dealt with in a delicate manner. Thank you Pip, your work is not easy and I don’t know how you make me feel so relaxed…. Love and Hugs, Anna.

~Anna Galka

Life Coach

About Pippa King

Intuitive Quantum Energy Healer, Teacher and Coach. Working with source energy, the bodies wisdom, the Galactic akash & cosmic light codes.

My purpose is in empower sensitive souls to return to profound self-love and full soul expression through remembering their divine self, embracing their gifts and creating a life they love. My passion is to help you to embody your souls light and live your best most fulfilling life.

For over 23 years I’ve been assisting people to connect with their body wisdom, remember they are part of source energy and activate their healing gifts.

Beneath all the blocks, fears and limitations you are love, a unique expression of love. I love empowering people with the tools to reconnect with and remember this truth of oneness.

As an Intuitive cosmic channel, I work directly with the body’s wisdom, source energy and my soul support team, working with quantum grids, the Galactic akash and channelling high frequency cosmic light codes from the higher realms to support you to heal, dissolve and resolve layers of energetic blocks, trauma, unresolved patterns and limiting beliefs.

The cosmic light codes that I work with are new to Earth at this time and hold codes and geometry that activate remembering that you are a cosmic soul and by bringing disruptions in the light field back into harmony. Changing limiting patterns and freeing stuck emotions across all levels, timelines and quantum realities. Whether the causes of imbalance are beliefs, emotions, contracts, spells, implants, attachments, ascension symptoms or more, beneath all of that you are love. The cosmic light codes activate and re-awaken you to this truth of oneness.

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