YDU58: Accelerating Your Oversoul Evolution Through Embodyment with Jeilene Tracey

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Jeilene Tracey is a Vibrational Geneticist who channels light-coded sound vibrations to create shifts in the energetic, emotional and physical elements of the body. Working with multidimensional light beings, she identifies areas of imbalance, disease, and disharmony in the body and channels specific tones to address each one.

About this Episode:

An inspiring call with Jeilene Tracey, about these current times in which we are clearing density from multiple lifetimes at once. Learn about what is happening in our bodies as Earth and humanity is shifting collectively through all what is happening in the world.

Jeilene talks about fully embodying our physicality, releasing timeline density and actively participating in the global shift while staying grounded. You’ll understand how you can feel your emotions without draining your body’s energy.

In the group process, Jeilene performs a very beautiful and healing series of light-coded tones, to clear timelines of traumas from our DNA, and help step into an expanded heart field, and space of freedom and peace.

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Moncef Afkir

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