YDU50: Activating your SOUL’s own unique codes and energetic signature with Grace Cavanaugh

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Grace Cavanaugh is a second generation Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium and Intuitive Psychic. She had an extreme awakening in 2005 immediately after her father was suddenly killed in a head on collision. The shock moved her perception to a new level, and all the psychic gifts she’d had as a child began to awaken. Grace went through and experienced a very steep expansion in consciousness in order to open, learn and balance these new ways of being– all of which led to the creation of Eternal Light Foundation and her life’s work.

About this Episode:

Grace shares her story of opening up to her gifts and to channelling Osairah and The Divine Feminine. 

She profoundly talks about our soul’s unique codes and embodying new ways of living, being, creating and adoring life!

The channeled messages from Osairah and Mother Mary, brought aha moments about igniting the soul’s mission beyond what we believe is possible, about the key to trusting our heart no matter what happens, and about being leaders in the evolutionary jump from the old to the new paradigm of existence.

Grace also shares, through the Q&A, her powerful perspective on twin flames, if they have similar signature energies and if there are missions they are supposed to do together.

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