YDU24: The Beauty Way, Anchoring in Your Divine Self During Times of Global Awakening with Adena Tryon

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Adena is a bestselling author and divine feminine mystic who offers group sessions, healing ceremonies, and sacred retreats around the world. Embracing life as a modern-day priestess, Adena teaches the Beauty Way, a divine feminine way of life that honors inherent divinity, joy, and wisdom. The Beauty Way path blooms the sacred heart and inner guidance system to create a joyful, inspiring, and meaningful life. Adena is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver and a Certified SoulCollage ® Facilitator. In her free time, she is immersed in the ocean, listening to nature, writing, painting, and playing with her family.

About this Episode:

This call with Adena, is a heartfelt invitation to awaken the Divine Feminine within us, as we are returning to Unity Consciousness.

Adena genuinely empowers the Master within us who is willing to dive into the unknown, vulnerable and courageous to go deep within, and willing to connect to our Sacred Heart.

You will learn about The Beauty Way and anchoring in our Divine Self, and why we are being invited to live in this way.

You will go even deeper with The Stella Maris activation that Adena guides you through it. You will experience the Dolphins collective energy, connect with the light beings that are here to support your highest expression, and merge more deeply with your higher self… knowing that all is as it should be, and it’s going to be more amazing that you can imagine…

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