YDU9: The Power of the New Decade and a Guided Journey Time Traveling with Amy Flynn

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Amy Flynn is a Source guided intuitive, spiritual teacher, energy healer, energy transmitter, Medical intuitive, Source voice channel and Money Reiki Grand Master. She is guided by her clear, strong connection with Source and her powerful abilities to clear, restructure and balance energy.

A born channeler accessing all her spiritual gifts from birth, Amy is the voice channel for an expression of nonphysical Source Consciousness called “The Collective” who lovingly transform everyone they interact with. Amy and The Collective radiate uplifting, joyful energy as they make the esoteric and the profound accessible and fun! Together they quickly shift people into a higher vibration of love and realization.

Amy is the creator of the Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies, the Multidimensional Money Reiki Transformation program and a powerful proprietary process that permanently clears generational Trapped Emotional Energy that quickly produces dramatic results in all areas of life.

Amy empowers people worldwide to break free of lifelong blocks and existing belief habits to remember who they really are. A seer through time, space and energy, Amy’s mission is to bring people into the direct realization of who they are as Divine Creator.

About this Episode:

Amy Flynn and the nonphysical Source Consciousness called “The Collective”, shared about 2020 & upcoming decade’s energy and the major upgrade in human consciousness.

Learn about the opportunities to live in a blended state of being with heightened awareness of both, your human aspect and Source energy; and how to ride the wave of rapid change and expansion.

They also guide you on a multidimensional journey, time traveling into the new decade!! They will take you through magical frequencies, portals and dimensions to connect with your future selves, where you anchor the energy of the large possibilities you can create.

Experience Infinite Possibility and Unlimited Abundance!

Includes 30 minute Personal Frequency Sequencing and Energy Surgery Session with Amy

These programs are designed to effortlessly shift your vibration into alignment with your knowing yourself as Source Energy and opening the flow of your Unlimited Abundance so that the magnificent life you want to experience begins to be your reality.

All of the programs in this package are fully channeled with The Collective and intentionally designed to shift your vibration through love, teaching, inspiration and beautiful experiential journeys.

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