YDU68: How to believe in yourself and your future with Moira Shepard

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Confidence Expert Moira Shepard.

I’m the perfect person to teach confidence because I grew up without a shred of trust in myself, in my parents, or in life itself. I know confidence can be learned … and that it can change your life.

My 20-year career in mass media abruptly ended with a back injury that left me unable to sit, stand, or walk. After five failed surgeries, the doctors gave up on me.
I spent the next seven years in bed until alternative healers got me to the point where I could stay vertical for about 15 minutes a day. That was fantastic – yet I wanted more.

One blessed night, loving voices woke me up out of a sound sleep. They seemed to be calling me: “Moira, get up! We need you! It’s time for you to play your part in healing the world. GET UP!”

Before that day, nothing could get me out of bed. After that day, nothing could keep me down. How was I going to help heal the world? I had no idea. Where would I start? Not a clue. How did I keep going? Belief in my calling drew me forward. Why did I keep going? My faith in you.

About this Episode:

Moira Shepard guides us into transforming the old way of living that is based on giving away our power to the outer circumstances and authorities… clearing that from our ancestral timeline, and building the confidence in who we are, our inner wisdom, and the Light we are here to share.

She also shares three steps to genuinely stop worrying, to believe in yourself and your future, and shift from life situations mastering you to mastering your own life.

We went deep in the group healing process that Moira performed. She created a healing space to help let go of the false safety, to release fears and worries about yours and your loved ones future, and to show up confident and inspired.

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