YDU45: The Book of Choices, The Tree of Life & the Lightworker’s Sanctuary with Lanna Spencer

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Lanna describes herself as a lightweaver, bridger of realms & Spiritual midwife for progressive Awakening, personal freedom and transcendence from 3D to 12D and beyond, ushering in the New Wave of Human Being™© from birth to death and all stages in between.

Lanna works in concert with the spiritual wisdom & mentoring of all of the Ascended masters, interdimensional light beings and Realms who support the biophotonic evolution of Earth into the full manifestation of the Unity field.

She has been tasked with facilitating the rebirth of humanity into new Earth through her multi and interdimensional Vivaxis work along with the support of Mother Mary and a collective of Ascended masters known as the Sisterhood of the Rose which includes Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Tara, Hathor, Isis, and White Buffalo Woman.

About this Episode:

Lanna Spencer talks about the cosmic cycle we are experiencing, the personal growth and intense clearing period we are coming out of, and the period of activation and embodiment we are stepping into, that will ignite new possibilities of Oneness and quantum awareness.

She explains what the Book of Choices, The Tree of Life and the Lightworker’s Sanctuary are. Learn about igniting and expressing them into form, which will free us, open all part of our consciousness that have been fragmented and allow us to step into the Superconsciousness.

And don’t miss the powerful group activation that Lanna facilitated to connect to the clear Cosmic Heart that has been formed in the collective!

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