YDU61: Your Diamond Light Body and Quantum Evolution with Julie Umpleby

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Julie Umpleby is a teacher, new energy worker and healer/therapist who is known to be a catalyst for spiritual growth and healing among the thousands of people she has worked with internationally.

Working with the Octahedral Geometry, Diamond Light energy and Diamond Light Codes is something that many around the world have been intuitively guided to work with over very recent years. This aspect of advanced consciousness is restructuring our energy bodies to support our growth and evolution at all levels, and restoring a natural harmony with cosmic information flows.

About this Episode:

Julie Umpleby’s story is full of inspiration about trusting our higher self and Spirit, and being leaders of what we’re here to create.

The information she shared about the Diamond Templates, our Diamond Light Body and also receiving the incoming Diamond Frequencies is so profound! You’ll learn about the story of our quantum evolution. And the group process which she guided us through afterwards, is a great opportunity to experience what she talked about.

Julie also touched upon the process of “cutting cords” with people we don’t feel comfortable with. She explained how the release can be much more profound without the need to go through this process.

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