YDU75: Can Empaths Completely Detach with Kasey and Brad Wallis

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Kasey and Brad Wallis are renowned speakers, global workshop leaders, and facilitators of consciousness and why we are here. For over 10 years now, the Wallis’ have been inviting people worldwide to embrace their true limitlessness. Originally Kasey was trained as an award-winning platform stylist and hairdresser of 35 years, and Brad was drafted to play for a professional baseball team. They came together because of a car accident in 2007. Now they have a completely different approach to teaching by facilitating people to heal all limitations and fear and instead release their creative flow. For over a decade they have been transforming thousands of lives.

Today Brad is the author of several books, while he and Kasey travel the country speaking, leading workshops and being interviewed. Through their programs, retreats, online courses, and personal readings, they guide and support people in eliminating judgement, resistances and lack in their life. This high wisdom and practical guidance aids people in their journey to becoming aligned with their inner wisdom, clarity and profound creation.

About this Episode:

This is an incredible episode not to miss!! It’s for you if you want to awaken to the gift of being empathic instead of seeing it as a curse.

Kasey and Brad Wallis share profound insights into living with intention instead of reaction, and acting from compassion instead of sympathy.

You’ll understand why it is essential to discern between our own emotions and others’, to embrace our own emotions, and unleash our empathic abilities. They also talk about how to use the triggers to strengthen your empathic gifts and remember who You Are as Source Energy.

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6 Teachings Package

To know yourself as a light being is a journey with some seeming challenges, one of them is being or becoming an empath. It is a fact that you are going to become empathic on your conscious journey, it is part and parcel of who you expand into being.

Experiencing a multitude of emotions, some of them not your own, can be a confusing and draining experience because we are mostly surrounded with fear-based energy. For most, empathy is more of a curse than a blessing. Yet when we understand from Julius that to cut off from emotions is to cut off from the soul, what do we do? This package of teachings shows us how to turn the challenges of empathy into opportunities for more expansive knowing and compassion. It contains some of the most illuminating and uplifting teachings of Julius.

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