YDU103: In Between Lifetimes Mastery For Soul Purpose Now with Anne Deidre

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Anne Deidre is an International Celebrity Expert on Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive, Best Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, Speaker and Coach. She has been featured on ABC and NBC TV, on The CW TV Network, HuffPost Live, also a FOX News Radio Contributor, on NPR, CBS Radio, Business Talk Radio, and many print publications such as Examiner.com, Beliefnet and Aspire Magazine.

Anne’s transformational gifts allow her to intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her clients energy system and illuminate their hidden and or dormant gifts and talents that their soul is here to share. Her unique and powerful gifts allow her to shift energetic patterns, heal trauma, and create new patterns so that they can bring their divine gifts to the world.

About this Episode:

This is an inspiring call with Anne Deidre, about the in between lifetimes decisions we take, activating the wealth of our Creator Consciousness and embodying our Divine Intuitive Abilities serving us and the world.

You’ll learn what happens in between lifetimes, why we experience a Divine Amnesia not remembering our purpose and who we are, and why it takes so long to figure it out in life.

Anne shares about tapping into the resources that are always available for you to fulfill your divine service on this planet. You’ll also learn if we carry vows, agreements and karma, and what’s their purpose.

And more…

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