YDU16: Living A Soul Aligned Life With The Akashic Records with Jennifer Longmore

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Jennifer Longmore is North America’s leading Soul Purpose expert. As an internationally-acclaimed radio host, 3-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice. She is now best known for teaching healers, visionaries, and spirit-based entrepreneurs how to also create a profitable, sustainable, highly-conscious businesses model.

Jennifer’s contagious and radically different spiritual genetics approach to solving life’s big issues, sharing her wisdom and allowing others to summon their courage, and move beyond the status quo to a new set of expectations—comes from her own unlikely personal journey.

From being a baby in a crib seeing orbs of light, to a real life CSI investigator with torch aglow in hand visiting horrific crime scenes, to standing in the spotlight on a stage in front of thousands, Jennifer Longmore’s own life voyage has seen her transition after being involved in a tragic car accident which allowed her to reassess her own life and follow her true calling.

In recent times as North America and much of the developed world struggles financially, Jennifer has sharpened her focus on helping thousands to Heal Their Money Story and have greater abundance.

It is her belief that the results of how we view money, how much we acquire or push away, comes from deep routed DNA Money Cells that hold the key to the basic structure and function of our lives.

It is here that Jennifer, a master at helping others eradicate self-judgments and break conventions, takes the microscope to individuals, and helps to establish a new fingerprint and strong foundation for the building blocks of their lives leading to new comfort zones without fears and labels.

About this Episode:

Jennifer Longmore shared so inspiring insights on fully embracing your uniqueness, aligning your life decisions with your purpose and stepping out to share your gifts independently on how they will be received by others.

She talked about the transformational power of the Akashic Records and using them to receive the guidance and healing that serve your purpose and highest good in each moment.

During the Q&A, Jennifer also touched on subjects such as:

  • Fear of exposure encountered by so many lightworkers
  • Requiring the Universe and the Akashic Records keepers to support you in what you’re choosing
  • Letting go of the limiting pattern of “Am I right or am I wrong”
  • Living your life in your own terms
  • traumas that may be carried on from previous incarnations
  • and more…

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