YDU41: Wake up from the illusion to what is real with Kenji Kumara

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Kenji Kumara is recognized world-wide as a spiritual catalyst and is the creator of Quantum Lightweaving and Asheville Sacred Hikes.

With academic training in Education, Psychology and the healing arts, Kenji serves as a facilitator of consciousness to assist those who wish to explore their personal path of illumination and awaken to their Soul’s destiny and life purpose.

He serves as a “channel-holder and initiator” of expanded grounded awareness and provides a vibrational space for one’s awakening, self empowered healing and soul mastery.

Upon attending one of Kenji’s intensive retreats and online series, many have reported profound life changes and clarity on their life purpose. Many receive on-going benefits such as stress relief, reversal of physical conditions and reduction and elimination of worry, anxiety and self doubt.

Kenji is currently living in North Carolina, and he is one of the top healers in Asheville.

About this Episode:

Kenji Kumara invites us to wake up from the illusion, even if what is happening in the world seems to be so real. He shares practical guidance about transcending the survival programing and embracing your true essence that is created from love.

He talks about dropping the pre-thinking and pre-arranging everything, and about allowing yourself instead, to be guided by your Soul and Spirit in every moment. He also shares about cultivating the courage to walk your highest path and embracing your Life Purpose.

Kenji also guides you on a powerful Activation to be in the flow, and in a state of peace and pure love.

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