YDU48: Manifesting with Ease with Marlenea Johnson

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Marlenea is a Self taught, Internationally known; Master Manifestor, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler.

You will find her Speaking on Global platforms, Hosting Her own Radio show, Producing Music, Teaching and Training individuals and large groups of people daily.

Helping thousands of conscious beings manifest the life of their dreams through an array of “Her Golden Key” energetic processes. Marlenea has assisted over 20,000 people worldwide.

Recently, she was guided to share her “COSMIC CONNECTION MODALITY”. She received the divine instructions to create PERSONAL CONNECTION ATTUNEMENTS for her clients during a meditation and channeling session. Since then, Marlenea has used them primarily for her healing practice. Which has massively helped her clients manifest their dream lives!

She has worked with her Angel Team, Guides and Source to bring energetic healings and to bring back their Divine flow.

You may experience The Energy of Lakshmi, “The Goddess of Wealth” It flows 24/7 wherever Marlenea is. People have experienced high energy shifts just from being on calls or walking by her. She radiates an energy of pure radiant love which magically flows out and shifts the vibration to a Joy frequency. And as she says, Money follows Joy! And Joy follows Marlenea! HER INITIALS SPELL IT OUT “M.J.” Marlenea’s Joy…

About this Episode:

Marlenea Johnson shares powerful insights into believing in ourselves and our power to create anything our heart desires; and about moving from the “work hard & poverty” mindsets and ancestral lineage limitations, into manifesting with Ease.

She explains how to focus your energy into the things that really matters to you, and channel that energy to thrive and live your dream life.

She also talks about dissolving the struggle, stress and confusion, and about navigating the times when things take time to show up in your physical reality.

In the end of the call, Marlenea guides you on a very powerful and uplifting process called “GLOW UP!”, to assist in raising your overall vibration and chakras, and in clearing the deep dense energy.

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