YDU67: Your Creator Technology and how to Operate from Joy with Nora Herold

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Nora Herold is a Pleiadian & Faerie Channel and Incarnate Guide.

About this Episode:

With Nora Herold and the Pleiadians, you get inspired, expand, receive a lot of clarity and you laugh a lot 🙂

This episode is so inspiring and with real life examples about our operating systems, and how to operate from joy by default, without the need to bury our past pain and traumas.

They talk about how we are able to operate from joy, and detach from the unconscious dramatic reactions, since the closure of the enslavement contract and the remembrance of our Sovereignty in 2012.

They also share about accessing our Creator Technology and manifesting from a higher level, while releasing the illusion of control.

And don’t miss the Q&A as it also holds very profound guidance from Nora and the Pleiadians.

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