YDU96: Radical Honesty, Fundamental Choices with Michael Andersen

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Michael Andersen grew up in a small, one stoplight town in Western Nebraska where on the wind-swept high plains the pioneer life/work-ethic is still in daily practice. Being a young man in this environment did not encourage him to be open to his emotions, femininity or be rooted deeply in his heart. The traditional male archetype was the only model: hyper-masculine, straight, does not eat salad, head of the household, hard-working, tough, logical, practical, non-emotional, non-feeling, non-spiritual, hidden.

At an early age he felt something amiss. He did not fit into the traditional male archetype. His intuition was strong as was his connection to the divine. No one around him seemed to be connected as he was. Everywhere he would feel and see people out of integrity with their hearts and truth. He felt very confused and eventually did what he could to fit in, which meant turning off his intuition, heart connection and true expression and painfully stuffing himself into the singular strictly-defined male box.

His ever-present, dormant gifts could no longer be ignored shortly after he arrived in LosAngeles, California in 2003 when the activations began. Unpacking and embodying his gifts became the driving force in his life beginning in the spring of 2004. His entire life rearranged and the sole focus of his life was spiritual embodiment which led down many a strange and wonderful road. It was not an easy path for him. It required many leaps-of-faith. He believed that his friends and family thought him mad.

It is truly the culmination of his life-experience, reigniting his direct connection with the divine, working with master teachers, countless activations, and self-embodiment that leads him to teaching and healing.

About this Episode:

Michael shares deep insights into what radical honesty is, and why it is so important on our awakening path.

He also shares how to go through the process of waiting, with its discomfort, when nothing happens in your life.

He talks about connecting and developing your intuitive abilities, to find the truth within and make the choices that support your rightful path. And more…

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