YDU97: Starseeds! Find Out Where You’re From and What Your Destiny is On Earth with Matthew John

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Matthew John is an internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Psychic, Intuitive Healer, Starseed Guide, Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive working with angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. He is a gifted intuitive, wisdom channeler and transmitter of healing frequencies.

About this Episode:

This episode is very rich with information and guidance for Starseeds about their origins and role on Earth. Matthew John shares about: 

  • Who are the Starseeds and what is their role in this age in relation to the great awakening on Earth
  • Why Starseeds feel more affected by the current energies whether physically, in their relationships or in any area of their life
  • What you can do as a Starseed to navigate these current times
  • He describes several extraterrestrial/galactic races (origins) and talks about the First Contact.

Matthew John also discusses:

  • The typical signs that you are a Starseed 
  • A little bit about some of the most common extraterrestrial races that Starseeds come from 
  • How to figure out which Starseed race(s) are yours 
  • How it is possible to be from more than one place in the Universe 
  • Does being a Starseed mean you haven’t had any past lives on Earth? 
  • Why Starseeds come to Earth 
  • What is the difference between an “Old Soul” and a “New Soul” 
  • How to find out your Starseed mission 
  • How to overcome the most typical obstacles that Starseeds face 
  • How to connect with your Galactic Guides 
  • …and MUCH MORE 

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