YDU15: Live Through the Eyes of Love : Expand Your Divine Love Connection with Tammy Braswell

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Tammy Braswell has been sensitive to energy and the unseen planes of existence since she was a young child. She is highly connected to Spirit, higher energies, and the unlimited consciousness of Source itself, which she channels as ALL THAT IS. She understands how energy moves and our role in creating from the vibrational level we are at.

Through her own experiences, she knows the value of having support, which for many years she did not have, so she assists others along a similar path in their journey to navigate through all the unknowns, unseen and unfamiliar. In this way, they may embrace who they really are by stepping into their truth to experience and express their unique gifts, abilities, and connection in ways that serve them and the collective whole, as their soul intended.

Tammy’s work is her proprietary blend of all that she has studied, intuited, channeled, and experienced firsthand in her own life, as the intuitive channel, high-vibrational healer, Energetic Creation coach/guide/teacher, and creator of new energy methods, she shares now.

About this Episode:

Tammy brought deep and heartfelt guidance on shifting from separation to connection, and accessing Divine Love.

She reminds us of our true nature and how Love transcends the duality of the human experience. She shared about easing the process of releasing stagnant and constricting energies, to allow more love to flow in.

She also beautifully talked about creating from Love when it comes to our vocation and aligning with our highest path.

You will experience a powerful group healing process where you release blocks to Love that Tammy transmutes them into the Light!

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