YDU78: Tapping into Your Optimal Well-Being with Brad Yates

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Brad Yates is recognized as one of the top teachers of Emotional Freedom
Techniques® (EFT), a quick, simple, effective method for overcoming fear
and relieving stress. EFT, also sometimes referred to as Tapping, can help
just about anyone dealing with anxiety and negative emotions, he says.

Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book The Wizard’s Wish,
co-author of the best-seller Freedom at Your Fingertips, and appears in the
film The Tapping Solution as a featured expert. He has presented at the
International Energy Psychology Conference, the Walk On Water (WOW)
Fest in Los Angeles and Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success.

About this Episode:

Brad Yates shows how to use EFT effectively to remove the uncomfortable emotions. He shares great guidance on releasing the frustration you feel when you don’t see your desires manifested, and how to make the creation process more flowing and fun. He also shares insights into letting go of the false belief that you need to struggle or suffer to help others who’s suffering.

Brad guides you on an EFT tapping process to release blocks for success. It will help you discover your fears and limiting belief that hold you back from what you desire. Brad will then guide you, using EFT, to decrease the intensity of the dense emotions.


Tapping Into Abundance

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