YDU52: Uncovering your life’s inner and outer story with Cathleena Hailley

Hosted By: Moncef Afkir

Today’s Guest:

Cathleena Hailley is an embodiment of the divine feminine who works with the council of 9 collective and in particular with Jesus, Metatron, and other ascended masters. Her coding accesses the womb water of an individual’s birth so that they are brought back to their original soul expression, creating a rebirth to allow full expression of the soul’s imprint. As the lineage of the life Architect her Crystalline DNA signature not only carries the frequency of perfect pitch to align to the original Human templet, Earth templet and this Universes templet, but continually recalibrates this alignment.

Having incarnated as an Arcturian, Andromedan, and as a member of the Council of 9 Galactic Collective, Cathleena brings the knowledge of human patterns of existence, along with her extensive knowledge and work with interplanetary and galactic portals. Through this, she accesses human patterning with galactic information, technologies and energies to fully access their original soul’s blueprint.

About this Episode:

Cathleena Hailley talks about Crystalline DNA, what happens through our birth, and how our beliefs and identities are created.

She shares about letting go of the old beliefs that became limits to our true self expression and the experiences we are stepping into. You’ll learn how to access your multidimensional self and organically incorporate it in your physical life… and how a reset of your Crystalline can shift your physical experience and serve your evolution.

She also shares profound insights about relationships in which you operate at a different level of awareness, and how to hold the space that honors your path and supports others’ freedom to choose.

Cathleena will guide you on a profound Crystalline DNA Reset Process.

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