Soul Advancement & Healing Programs

Special Offers created by our Speakers to our Community. These programs include transformational & healing activations, trainings and 1on1 private sessions:

Sheryl Ann Noday

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Private Session with Sheryl channeling Siria Family

30 minutes Energy Healing

Karen Wecker & Girez

Special Offer

4 Live Calls & Q&A with Girez:

2 Live Girez Group Calls with Q&A ~ May 28 & June 25

2 Exclusive YDU Activation Calls with Girez ~ June 14 & July 12

Natoya Hall

Special Offer

– 45 Minutes 1on1 Intuitive Session

– New Earth Chakra Series

The “Day Rising Meditation Activation

Eliana Barosco

Special Offer

– 90min 1on1 Private Session

– Academy of Dauntless Creators from the Heart ~ 6 or 12 months membership

Dr. Oltea Iulia

Special Offer

– 45min 1on1 Private Session

– 30 Days Space Energy Clearing of Negative Energies, Entities, and Discarnates (Home or Business Space)

– 10 Recorded Audio Healings: Stop Your Spiritual Sabotage, Negative Energies, and Clear Your Trust Issues, Self Doubts & Procrastination

Marianne McGuire

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Personal Session with Marianne

– The Three Stages of Awareness Program

Natasa Stojanovic

Special Offer

– 45min 1on1 Quantum Leap Ocean Light Session

– “Focus, flow and conscious creation in times of great change” Program

Gabrielle & Michael Spencer

Special Offer

21 Days Treasures of Transformation Program:

Set Your Energy Body Free & Become the Co-Creator You Are!

Jennifer Lynn

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Personal Shamanic Healing Session

– 30min 1on1 Personal Intuitive Reading Session

Recorded Heart Song Meditation

Cathleena Hailley

Special Offer

– 50 minute 1on1 Private Session

– “Embodying the Hieros/Gamos” 5 Week Activation Series

Kasey & Brad Wallis

Special Offer

“Preparing for the New Wave Of Consciousness” Program

Kelly Boyer

Special Offer

– 45min 1:1 Private Angel Reading & Healing Session

– 60min 1:1 Private Intuitive Guidance with Quantum Healing Session

Gao Motsemme

Special Offer

45min 1on1 Private Session with Gao

Marlenea Johnson

Special Offer

– 30min 1on1 Session

– Experience The Magic! Program

Brenda Lainof

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Session (Personalized Pathogenic Light Audio included)

Pathogenic Light Language Audios

Access to 2 Months Group Healing

Donna Hill

Special Offer

3x 45min 1on1 Energy Sessions + 2x Divine Sequencing Recorded Personalized Sessions 12 Recordings and 5 bonuses & 30 days of email mentoring

Catherine O’Connor

Special Offer

A 75 minute 1on1 Private Session ~ Channelled Sovereignty Transmission

Ana La Rai

Special Offer

The Self Love Package + Activating the Code of Love from the 33 Codes of Origin + Master Kuthumi, How to Receive Love + Arrival and Separation of the 12 Original Pairs + Clearing the Fears of Love + Digital Art download with channelling called Love Within + 2 Live Classes

Elaina Cochran

Special Offer

90 minutes 1on1 Private Intuitive Energy Session

Gisela Gonzalez

Special Offer

Your Custom Made Mandala (Physical Paintings)


Choose from 10 Pre-made Intuitively Inspired Mandalas (Physical Paintings)

Denise Ricard

Special Offer

60min 1on1 Galactic Numerology™ Personal Year Activation Session

Live “Awaken Your Personal Numerology Codes Your Birthday and Your Numerology” Masterclass (March 16 – Recording will be provided)

Anne Deidre

Special Offer

45 minutes 1on1 Clairvoyant Reading Session

Marla Torres

Special Offer

60 minutes 1on1 Private Session with Marla

Jamye Price

Special Offer

Being the Change Series

This series contains over 8 hours of profound change. Each powerful class contains channeled information, Light Language transmissions, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to help you become the changewith grace and powerful Love.

Jim Oliver

Special Offer

– Transformational Healing Music Volume One (10 titles on 10 CDs or 23 MP3 tracks)

– Music Meditations and Inner Journeys (12x 1 hour long programs plus all the music separately for the 12 programs)

Mijke Ketting

Special Offer

– Release of Abandonment 1on1 Package

– Dental Issues (Perfect Oral Health) 1on1 Package

Brenda Lainof

Special Offer

60 Minute 1on1 Private Session

Personalized Pathogenic Light Audio

Access to 2x Months Group Healing

Brenda’s Pathogenic Light Language Audios

Laura Maesaka

Special Offer

A 60-minute, 1 on 1 Private Session with Laura Maesaka

Amy Flynn

Special Offer

30 minute Personal Frequency Sequencing and Energy Surgery Session with Amy & The Collective

Programs, Meditations, Energy Transmissions and Sessions with Amy & The Collective

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