Soul Advancement & Healing Programs

Special Offers created by our Speakers to our Community. These programs include transformational & healing activations, trainings and 1on1 private sessions:

Erica VanEaton

Special Offer

– Body Regeneration Program

– 20min 1on1 Private Session

Mijke Ketting

Special Offer

Cosmic Quantum Sacred Sacrum Support

Remote 15min pre-session Scan + 30min 1on1 Quantum Cosmic Healing session + Light Language Activation to restore the bone tissue

– extra 15min Bone Restructuring Process to be added to the 1on1 session + 7 days of Remote Healing

Dr. Oltea Iulia

Special Offer

Removing Blocks to the Full Expression of the Divine Feminine

Recorded Healing Package: 10 recorded audio healings

– 45min or 60min 1on1 Private Session on any issue

Cathleena Hailley

Special Offer

– 50 minute 1on1 Private Session with Cathleena

– 9 Week Activation Series: “Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and releasing the imprint of “Judgment” from the brain and body”

Denise Ricard

Special Offer

– 60 minute 1on1 Private Session with Denise

Sylvie Oliveiri

Special Offer

– Nervous System Alchemy Course with Sound Healing

– 60min 1on1 Private Session

– 14 days Remote Energy Healing ~ Establishing Self Confidence and I Am Enough

Kim van de Sande

Special Offer

Seeds of Love, The Empowerment Series ~ March 25 to 30, 2024 (+ Recordings)

+/- 45min group live opening ceremony

For 5 days, each day, receive a +/- 20min Empowering Seeds of Love transmission

+/- 45min group live closing ceremony

Catherine O’Connor

Special Offer

–60min 1on1 Alignment Transmission Session with Catherine, Thoth, and beings of light in light

– Step into the Spotlight: Live 90-minute Masterclass ~ April 9, 2024 + The recording will be provided

Sarah Massiah

Special Offer

– 90min 1on1 Key Healing Session

– 2.5 hours 1on1 Key Healing Session

– 60min 1on1 Golden Key Healing ~ Akashic Records Session

Tammy Braswell

Special Offer

– 15 days Private 1:1 Desire Accelerator Experience

– The Ultimate Life & Vibration Upgrade Package

Sophia Kryst

Special Offer

90 minute 1on1 Private Session With Quantum Healing with Sophia

Inaya Oakroot

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Vocal Sound Healing Session

A Remote Soul Realignment Cleansing in the Akashic Records

– 3x 60min 1on1 Divine Duality Sessions or 60min 1on1 Follow-up session


Donna Hill

Special Offer

– 45 Minute 1-1 Session with Donna

– 5 Abundance Recordings

– 1 Divine Sequencing Recording

Natalia MacLeod

Special Offer

1:1 Private Attune Energy Sessions:

60 minutes

Roshney Mistry

Special Offer

1 or 2x 45min 1on1 Private Sessions

Audio Recordings of 2 Workshops with Presentations

Tamra Oviatt

Special Offer

– Sacred Activations 1-Year Basic Membership (Over 200+ Life Shifting Activations & Webinars)

Alchemy of the 4th-11th Dimension

Nanobyte Technology

The Ultimate Metaprogramming

3 Free Activations

Joy Baker

Special Offer

– 45 minute 1on1 Personal Session with Joy!

Your own Personalized Remote Freedom Clearing (25 minutes)

14 hours of MP3s + Over 16 hours of remote healing

Matthew John

Special Offer

2 or 3 months of Ascending as One Group Mentorship (Tier II or VIP)

– 2 or 3x 1on1 Readings Sessions

– Up to 20 Bonus Recorded Classes

Pippa King

Special Offer

– 60 Minutes 1on1 Private Quantum Shift Healing Session

Connect to Source Series

Kelly Boyer

Special Offer

– 45min 1:1 Private Angel Reading & Healing Session

– 60min 1:1 Private Intuitive Guidance with Quantum Healing Session

Simmin Bawa

Special Offer

Astral Projection & Astral Traveling: 60min experiential workshop ~ March 24

A personalized detailed channelled message from Spiritual Beings of the Astral World

Dipal Shah

Special Offer

Chit Shakti (CHITTA) Healing Program:

25min 1on1 Private Session

5 MP3s + 60 Days of healing of the Chit Shakti

15 minute Follow-up Appointment

Sheryl Ann Noday

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Private Session with Sheryl channeling Siria Family

30 minutes Energy Healing

Amy Flynn

Special Offer

30 minute Personal Frequency Sequencing and Energy Surgery Session with Amy & The Collective

Programs, Meditations, Energy Transmissions and Sessions with Amy & The Collective

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