Soul Advancement & Healing Programs

Special Offers created by our Speakers to our Community. These programs include transformational & healing activations, trainings and 1on1 private sessions:

Dawn Crystal

Show Replay:

Natural way for Dental Health with Source Energy Frequencies!!!

Special Offer

25min Power Health Session with Dawn Crystal

“Complete Dental Health Clearings & Activations For Life!!!” Program

Bonus: Discover Sound Healing

Brooklin Rayne

Show Replay:

Water as a Multiversal Source Consciousness

Special Offer

– 60 minute Private Session with Brooklin

Dr. Jean Logan

Show Replay:

Take Back Your Power and Health with the Sacred Glyphs

Special Offer

– 60min private 1:1 Session

Four Powerful Healing Manuals as eBooks

Sacred Symbol of Mu eBook

– Programming Statements

Matthew John

Show Replay:

Discovering Your Purpose in the Earth Game

Special Offer

 You can choose between: 2 hours Past Life Regression or 90min Starseed Discovery Session

– 45-minute Soul Plan Reading

– 13 Recorded Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation

Brian David Andersen

Show Replay:

Light Particle Assimilation, Better Hydration, and Tri-Vortex Technology

Special Offer

Tri-Vortex Technology:

Tri-Vortex Gold Plated Disc(s)

Gold Tri-Vibes

Joy Baker

Show Replay:


Special Offer

– 35 min Private Session with Joy!

– 25 min Personalized Remote Freedom Clearing

– Creating Your Abundant Money Story Program

Marlenea Johnson

Show Replay:

How’s Your Wealth Esteem? Do You have Blocks to Money?

Special Offer

– Wealth Esteem
Program 1:
5 Modules

– Wealth Esteem
Program 2:
12 Modules

THE WEALTH CONTAINER: 30min Private Session with Marlenea

Erica VanEaton

Show Replay:

Unification of The Ego, Mind, Body, & Spirit

Special Offer

– Private Session with Erica

–Unification of The Ego, Mind, Body, & Spirit Program: 4 recorded sessions

Carol Keppler

Show Replay:

Quantum Healing — Need a Miracle?

Special Offer

Quantum Healing 13-Week AltWaters™ System for Sensitives & Strong Personas

5-Week SUSE System for Sensitive, UltraSensitive & Empath

 “Vet-in-a-Bottle” + Maltese Medallion + Energy Field Clearing + EnergyScan

Brenda Lainof

Show Replay:

Med Bed & Light Language – Control Your Health & Wellbeing

Special Offer

60min 1on1 Session

Med Bed Light Language Audios

– 21 Day Light Language for An Abundant Business

1 Month Access to Private Med Bed Membership Group + Bonuses

Amy Flynn

Show Replay:

Somersaulting Through the Cosmos: How Freeing Yourself From the Belief Trap Will Set You Free

Special Offer

– 30min Personal Frequency Sequencing and Energy Surgery Session with Amy Flynn & The Collective

– Create Your Dreams Through Source Joy and Love Program

Dipal Shah

Special Offer

25min Psychic Clearing Session

30min Silent Remote Healing

6 Powerful Quantum Body Awakening MP3s

4 Bonuses

Eleanor MacDonald

Show Replay:

Transform from Chronic People Pleaser to Empowered Love Manifestor!

Special Offer

– 60 minute 1:1 session with Eleanor MacDonald

– Live Your Truth Series – (Be Empowered) in your Body, Mind, Spirit and Love

– Empowered Love Training Series

Vicki Alcott

Show Replay:

Jin Shin Jyutsu — Inviting and Listening to the Harmony from Within

Special Offer

– 15min Personal Consultation/Coaching Call

Remote 60min Jin Shin Jyutsu Session facilitated by Vicki

“Inviting and Listening to the Harmony from Within” Flows/Protocols Program

Sally Pullinger

Show Replay:

Strengthen the Bonds of Love & Release the Ties that Bind

Special Offer

– Private 1 Hour Session with Ascended Master Chung Fu

– Strengthen the Bonds of Love & Release the Ties that Bind Series

– BONUS: Grace, Gratitude and Good Faith Transmission

Don Lynch

Show Replay:

Shifting the Body’s Energies for Health and Vitality

Special Offer

– 45 minute 1on1 session with Don Lynch

– 12 Vital Energy Activation Videos to be RELEASED from your sensitivity to EMFs and 5G

Aurora Juliana Ariel

Show Replay:

Keys to Eden – Awaken into the Enchanted Life that is Your True Destiny

Special Offer

Keys to Eden: A Dynamic Soul Advancing – Ascension Accelerating Program

Master Clearing & Alignment Reading & More

3 Months in the Community of Light Membership

Dawn Crystal

Show Replay:

Total Body Rejuvenation

Special Offer

Dive Deep Body Rejuvenation Healing 1on1 Session!

“Total Body Rejuvenation” Program

Bonus: “Discover Sound Healing CD” (MP3)

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