Soul Advancement & Healing Programs

Special Offers created by our Speakers to our Community. These programs include transformational & healing activations, trainings and 1on1 private sessions:

Laura Maesaka

Special Offer

A 60-minute, 1 on 1 Private Session with Laura Maesaka

Theresa Vee

Special Offer

Embracing Your Energy Flow & True Potential workshop

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Holiday Survival Guide workshop

Angel Transformation Hour LIVE call

 LIVE Group Energy Therapy in the Healing Temple

Marlenea Johnson

Special Offer

Feel Incredibly Awesome Again! Program:

– 30min 1on1 Private Session

– 5 Videos + 18 MP3s

Brenda Lainof

Special Offer

60 Minute 1on1 Private Session

Personalized Pathogenic Light Audio

Access to 2x Months Group Healing

Brenda’s Pathogenic Light Language Audios

Dr. Oltea Iulia

Special Offer

60min or 45min 1on1 Private Session

Recorded Healing Package (10 Clearings)

30 Days of Space Clearing of Negative Energies, Entities


Special Offer

– 60min Ancestral Clearing OR Channeled Intuitive Guidance Session

– Eluv Light Language – 3 Audios + 3 Healing Charts + 3 Videos

Emily Gosh

Special Offer

60min 1on1 Intuitive Blueprint and Soul Purpose Planning Session

Amy Flynn

Special Offer

30 minute Personal Frequency Sequencing and Energy Surgery Session with Amy & The Collective

Programs, Meditations, Energy Transmissions and Sessions with Amy & The Collective

Marla Torres

Special Offer

60 min 1:1 empowering session with Marla

Bonnie Serratore

Special Offer

Finding Peace in Chaos : 6 recorded videos

Always in Crisis? + Feeling UnsafeFear of Change + Fear of the Unknown + Embracing What Is + Heartfelt Gratitude

Marlenea Johnson

Special Offer

Marlenea’s New MAGIC SWITCH
To Automate Infinite Abundance:

– 30min 1on1 Private Session

– 15min Booster Session

– 11 Magic Switches

Additional 17 Incredible Life Changing Switches

Sheryl Ann Noday

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Private Session with Sheryl & the Beings known as Siria Family

30 minutes Energy Treatment

Dr. Leslie Kalyn

Special Offer

– 45min 1on1 Private Session

Journey back to wholeness: Balancing the elements of love” Program

A free Human Design chart with Strategy and Authority article

Jennifer Lynn

Special Offer

– 90min 1on1 Personal Shamanic Healing Session

– 60min 1on1 Personal Intuitive Reading Session

– 30min 1on1 Rune or Ogham Reading Session

3 exclusive videos

Tamaey Gottuso

Special Offer

– 50min & 75min 1on1 Reading Sessions with Tamaey

 3 Bonuses: 2 Activations and a Workshop

Mijke Ketting

Special Offer

– Release of Abandonment 1on1 Package

– Dental Issues (Perfect Oral Health) 1on1 Package

Catherine O’Connor

Special Offer

Activate your Divine Presence – 2-Hour Live Group Masterclass – October 6th (Recording will be delivered)

– 1on1 Private Session with Thoth & Catherine

48 hour Energetic Vortex

Solara Rose

Special Offer


High Level 30 Minute Immersive Experience with Solara

Adalina East

Special Offer

50min Private Session with Adalina East

Auric Imprint: A 5-part channeled course

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