Soul Advancement & Healing Programs

Special Offers created by our Speakers to our Community. These programs include transformational & healing activations, trainings and 1on1 private sessions:

Erica VanEaton

Special Offer

Releasing The Energetic Ties to the Past Through Play:

– Large Group Class: Healing the Consumption of Limiting Beliefs ~ July 22 + Replay

20min 1on1 Private Session

Dr. Oltea Iulia

Special Offer

The Wounded Healer
The Witch Wound
Healing the Divine Feminine

Recorded Healing Package: 10 recorded audio healings

– 45min or 60min 1on1 Private Session on any issue

Catherine O’Connor

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Alignment Transmission Session with Catherine, Thoth, and beings of light in light

Step into the Spotlight ~ 90min Masterclass

Sheryl Ann Noday

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Private Session with Sheryl channeling Siria Family

– 30min Energy Healing

Carmela Danna

Special Offer

60 minute 1on1 Akashic Records Reading Session

Sarah Ellingworth

Special Offer

–60min 1on1 Private Intuitive Energy Clearing Session

 Meditation Gift : I Am Safe ~ Subliminal Meditation

Elaina Cochran

Special Offer

– 90min 1on1 Private Intuitive Energy Session

–8-Week 1on1 Personalized Frequency Series

Foundational Group Clearing

Donna Hill

Special Offer

Aligning with Your Purpose and Sharing Your Gifts with the World:

–45 minute 1on1 Personal Session

2x follow up 30 minute personal recordings

Simmin Bawa

Special Offer

Automatic Writing and Channelling : 90min Experiential Workshop

Automatic Writing and Channelling Mini Workshop

1 or 3 Channeled Messages

Cathleena Hailley

Special Offer

– 9 Week Activation Series: “Restoring the Original Soul fragmentation and releasing the imprint of “Judgment” from the brain and body”

Siddhi Shaah

Special Offer

– 4-Week Fat Reduction Program! (Pre-recorded video sessions)

– 4-Week Fat Reduction Program ~ Includes Live Healing Calls on Weekdays + Replays

– Start Date: July 8 onwards

Caroline Oceana Ryan

Special Offer

– An Intro to Channeling Program: Receiving the Wisdom and Energies of the Higher Realms

– Mastery Empowerment Course ~ Your 12-Strand DNA: Calling in the Power of the Gold Frequencies

Kelly Boyer

Special Offer

75min 1on1 Foundation QHD Reading Session

– 30min 1on1 Intuitive Quantum Heart-to-Heart Reading Session

Pippa King

Special Offer

– 60 Minutes 1on1 Private Quantum Shift Healing Session

Connect to Source Series

Miriam J. Katz

Special Offer

The Triple Goddess Circle

6-month virtual journey to unleash your Divine Feminine essence.

July 3 to December 18, 2024
The recordings will be provided

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