Soul Advancement & Healing Programs

Special Offers created by our Speakers to our Community. These programs include transformational & healing activations, trainings and 1on1 private sessions:

Moncef Afkir

Special Offer

Feel at ease with yourself and nurture your connection to your heart’s truth

3x Guided Group Journeys with Moncef & The Pleiadeans

August 7, 14 & 21

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Marlenea Johnson

Special Offer

– 1 to 3 x 1on1 Private Session(s)

– “Conscious Manifesting” Program (6 MP3s + 30 Days Remote Healing)

Janet Doerr

Special Offer

– Live In Your Light Body Program –Essential Energy Tools to Accelerate Your Ascension

– 90min Semi-Private Energy Healing Session – 4 participants per session

LIVE 90min Group Q&A! – June 29th

Tamaey Gottuso

Special Offer

– 50min 1on1 Reading Session

– or a 75min 1on1 Reading Session

Brian David Andersen

Special Offer


– Tri-Vortex Gold Plated Discs

– Gold Tri-Vibes

Natasa Stojanovic

Special Offer

– Own Your Powerful Truth Program

– 60min Pure Potential 1on1 Private Session with Natasa

– 4 Bonuses

Grace Geokyin Hom

Special Offer


21 Days and Three Treasures for a New YOU!

10 Healing Tracks

2 Bonus Healing Gifts

Desirée Dunbar

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 private session – A Priestess Power Session to break the chains and step out of the shadows

Heal The Witch Wound” Program

Omaji Andaria

Special Offer

– A Bridge into ONENESS and Sovereignty Program: Transmissions of Light with Omaji and The Council of Light

– Includes one LIVE 90 Minute Interactive Group Session

Andie DePass

Special Offer

Male Michrochimerism Package:

– 45min 1on1 Personal Session

– Up to 21 MP3s to walk you through Male Microchimerism

– Up to 10 Recorded Group Calls

Wonderful Bonuses

Marlenea Johnson

Special Offer

– Manifesting Miracles Into Existence! Program

– Advanced Remote and Distance Healing Session For 30 Days

– Divine Manifesting Container For 30 Days

Eva Eternal

Special Offer

– Multidimensional Realm Reading

– Divine Self Activation Portrait

Waxela Sananda

Special Offer

Embodied Ascension Foundations Masterclass Series

Pippa King

Special Offer

– 60 Minutes 1:1 Intuitive Energy Healing Session

– Live Cosmic Connection Healing Retreat (July 21st) +  Replay

Connect to Source Series

Joy Baker

Special Offer

– Healing Generational Trauma & Pain Program

– 45 minute 1on1 Personal Session with Joy!

– Personalized Remote Freedom Clearing

Donna Hill

Special Offer

60min Intuitive Reading/Healing with Archangel Michael

Blessings of the Masters Package: 8 Recordings + Three Bonus MP3s

Cathleena Hailley

Special Offer

– 50 minute 1on1 private session with Cathleena Hailley

– 5 Weeks Pre-Recorded Activation Series: Restoring your Human Templet to it’s Truth Frequency – Relationships Series

Dawn Crystal

Special Offer

– “Harmful Environmental Stressors – Clearings & Activation’s for Life!!!” Program

– 1on1 Private Session with Dawn Crystal

– Bonus: Immune Super Charger booster

Karen Wecker & Girez

Special Offer

Girez – Love, Presence, Connection:

2 Live Group Calls with Girez: May 22, June 26

Girez Album: Connecting with the Four Elements

Brenda Lainof

Special Offer

– 60min 1on1 Session with Brenda

Brenda’s Med Bed Light Language Audios

21 Day Light Language for An Abundant Business Program

Dr. Oltea Iulia

Special Offer

– 30-45 Minutes Private Session

– The Rising Of The New You Program: Releasing the original traumas of Separation, Abandonment, Trust Issues in the Ascension

– Healing Training Recording / Aired on April 22nd, 2022

Erica VanEaton

Special Offer

Live Group Course: Releasing the Imposter by Accessing the Quantum Field – April 22, 26 & 29

Replays will be provided

Matthew John

Special Offer

– 16 Recorded Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation

Adalina East

Special Offer

50min Private Session with Adalina East

Divine Guiding Light: A 5-part Course

Amy Flynn

Special Offer

 “Being Source: Living as Limitlessness – Be all that you are” Program

30 minute Personal Frequency Sequencing and Energy Surgery Session with Amy Flynn & The Collective

Donna Hill

Special Offer

– 2x 45min focused heart centered healing & expansion attunements (2x 1on1 Sessions)

– 45 minute Akashic Record Reading and Healing Attunement

– Soul Song Transfomational Attunement ~ Exclusive to Your Divine Uniqueness

Yedyamya Star Light

Special Offer

60 minutes Star Light Healing Individual Session

Marlenea Johnson

Special Offer


– Up to 2x 30 minute Private Sessions

Preparation for Transformation Series

– Awaken and Ignite Your Money Mastery Series

– 30 days of Remote Healing


Naomi Harel

Special Offer

– 4x 75min Live ThetaHealing Group Sessions (July 20 – Aug 10)

– 30 minute 1on1 ThetaHealing Private Session

– Self Acceptance Audio with ThetaHealing & Clear Stress and Manifest Your Dreams

Tammy Braswell

Special Offer

60min Private Elevate Your Life Session with Tammy

Membership in The Higher Consciousness Circle for 3 Months

Bonus Events

Eliana Barosco

Special Offer

The Soul Expansion Program

6-week 1on1 program with Eliana

Barbara Canals

Special Offer

60min to 75min 1on1 Private Session with Barbara Canals

– Integrating The Qualities Of The Buddha – Light Language Energy Transmissions

Jennifer Lynn

Special Offer

– 90 minute 1on1 Personal Shamanic Healing Session

– 60 minute 1on1 Personal Intuitive Reading Session

– A recorded Soul Singing Session

– 3 exclusive recorded videos

Jane Dance

Special Offer

60 minute 1on1 reading with Jane Dance

Laura Maesaka

Special Offer

A 60-minute, 1 on 1 Private Session with Laura

Pippa King

Special Offer

– 60min 1:1 Intuitive Energy Healing Session

– Heart Power Series

Pippa’s Live ‘Heart Codes Healing Retreat’ : A powerful 2.5 Hour Workshop – hosted on March 5th 2022 + Recording  

Joy Baker

Special Offer

– 45min Private 1on1 session

– Personalized Remote Freedom Clearing

– The Living your Best Life Ever! Program (Includes 2 Live Calls – Replays available)

Chara Armon, Ph.D.

Special Offer

– 75-minute 1on1 Mentoring Session with Chara

– Collaboration with Earth: Support & Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service ~ 7-Week Course

Eesha Patel

Special Offer

Quantum Wealth Activation Program

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