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Item 1: Sound Alchemy for Your Complete Well-Being

  • 5 Day Energy Detox and Cleanse
  • Sound Sleep
  • The Transmutation of Suffering
  • Transforming Your Relationship With Pain
  • The Ease of Whole Being

The 5-Day Energy Detox and Cleanse

Is your energy system ready for a detox? Why not let it be easy? This 5-day cleanse has tracks for releasing densities such as anger and sadness along with the vibrational boost to bring in joy, peace, and love. It’s incredibly powerful, and comes with the strong suggestion that you listen to only one track a day in order to allow your system to gently and gracefully upgrade to a new level of clarity, freedom and ease.

The Sound Sleep Energy Album

This extraordinary Sound Alchemy Album was created to let you sleep with the angels in peace and ease. Clients utilizing the alchemy tracks have consistently reported falling asleep easier, staying asleep, sleeping more deeply, snoring less, and waking more rested, even with less sleep than usual. A must for anyone with sleep issues. For maximum benefit, play this album through the night while you sleep.

Tracks include:

  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring
  • Calming the Mind
  • For Restlessness and Wakefulness
  • For Sleeping Deeply
  • For Nightmares
  • For Frequent Wakefulness
  • For Inability to Return to Sleep Once Awake
  • For Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep
  • Support for Changing Sleep Cycles/Times

The Transmutation of Suffering

This extended Sound Alchemy Track takes us deep into the space beyond and before polarity, allowing a cosmic unwind of the paradigm of suffering. Deeply powerful and transformative.

Transforming Pain

Four transmissions that allow you to heal by completely transforming your relationship with pain through the power of your Divine Presence.

The Ease of Whole Being – Transcending Limitation and Disease

1. Prepare

This track addresses the field that transcends time, clearing the energy where it begins before its inception in your form, awareness or experience. So it’s addressing whatever became “cancer” before it was cancer, or any struggle or discord before it was manifest.

2. Clear

This addresses our responses to our perceived limitation, lack, illness or dis-ease, including fear, betrayal, grief, anger, sadness, fatigue, and resistance.

3. Transcend

This track is for the physical form, for the form and atoms and spaces that we be. It is a recognition and enlivening of the innate space that all is as body, cells, mind, experience… and a recognition that this space is joy and freedom. It acknowledges that all is created new in every eternal now moment.

4. Ascend

This track allows that All is Divinity in the Eternal Now, and allows this awareness to be shown, recognized, embodied, and lived here and now.

I feel a deeper joy and love for myself. There is more of an inner joy, an excitement. Things that may have bothered me before either don’t have a charge or it doesn’t matter. I have a more carefree attitude. It felt like the angels were singing to all parts of me reminding me of the love that I am.

~PN, Arizona

My motivation is higher, my frustration and inner critic is quieter and I feel freer and with more energy to be open, less guilt ridden, safe and secure in me!

~Arianna Z, Ontario, Canada

I felt a great love and your angelic voice always brings me to tears. During your “I am” singing, I felt a remembrance. Things are happening within my energy field for certain, I can totally feel it, YAY!!!!! And the energy is different every time. You are amazing. Thank you & I love you.

~Rosanna LP, Florida

I’m just happier. All the time. In every setting. I’m not holding on to negative emotion for more than a nano-second…it seems as if it does not have a vibrational ‘footing’ within me.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIFTING ALL OF US WITH THIS DIVINE TRANSFORMATIONAL MUSIC, CHRISTIEL!!!   LOVE LOVE LOVE — !!”

~LS, Oregon

Item 2: Transformational Toning Video Workshop – Learn to use Your Voice for Your Healing and Awakening

Learn how to utilize Transformational Toning for yourself and others, and begin experiencing the benefits immediately! This two-part video workshop includes the Energetics of Toning and the Basics of Singing. Whether you are a lifelong singer or one who has always thought, “I can’t sing,” this workshop gives you everything you need to begin experiencing the power of toning today.

Toning is a vibrational transmission of sound through singing, and is the one of the most powerful and easy tools we have available today for transformation, healing, awakening, and relaxation. I use it in every session with clients and groups, and daily in my personal meditation. It is the quickest and easiest way I have found to move, open, transmute and illumine energy. It’s nothing short of miraculous! And in this workshop, you get to learn how to do it for yourself and others!

In this 2-part workshop you’ll get to learn:

The Basics of Singing – How to make the sounds you want to make!

  • Resonance
  • Placement
  • Breathing
  • Support
  • Body Mapping
  • Registers of the Voice
  • Troubleshooting

The Energetics of Toning – How to embody and transmit transformational frequencies including:

  • Clearing
  • Healing
  • Relaxation
  • Vibing up into joy
  • Entering Transcendent States
  • Illumining the Truth of your Being
  • Aligning with Oneness

You don’t have to be a singer to learn to tone and to experience the amazing physical, spiritual, and mental benefits of toning. Whether you’ve sung forever or not at all, this workshop can show you how to begin using toning for yourself and others today!

How much this helps is incredible. I don’t know how to put it in words – the way I feel now and during and just this whole journey is, oh my gosh, amazing!


Your Transformational Toning workshop was transformational for me! It opened up my voice in a whole new way…I channeled and sang songs…it was brilliant!!


This workshop was great. I had no idea that toning was so powerful. You are a very comforting presence for exploring new worlds. I discovered that toning raises my vibration in a light and easy manner. The transformation that I have experienced has been overwhelming at times, but after playing with this wonderful new tool I feel grounded and peaceful. Thank you!


I loved the beauty of toning that you awakened in so many ways. And I found it helpful to feel the differences between toning from the different areas of our bodies. I Loved the crown chakra toning.

~Workshop Participant

Item 3: Living in Awakened Mastery Video and Sound Alchemy Series

3 video classes, 9 sound alchemy videos, 9 bonus energetically activated bonus transmissions (documents)

This powerful series is designed to illumine you and your unique path to awakening. It is all about empowering you to have the confidence, peace, and wisdom to recognize yourself as the awakened master that you have always been. It is about pointing you toward your way, your knowing, and the power of your infinite Being.

Here is what is included in this profound and powerful series:

  • Three videos that succinctly and clearly open up that module’s topic.
  • Nine extended Sound Alchemy transmissions, both in video and audio-only format with the fewest, most powerful words possible to bring home the core principles of Awakened Mastery into your full awareness.
  • Nine bonus transmissions in the form of prompts to assist you in finding your own wisdom within.

Module 1: Awakening Ease of Being

  1. Opening Into Release: Living Beyond Understanding
  2. Opening Into Ease: Living Beyond Control
  3. Opening Into Love: Living Beyond Judgment

Module 2: Awakening Divinity in Form

  1. Opening Into Health: Living Beyond Pain and Disease
  2. Opening Into Relationship: Living Into Oneness Within and Without
  3. Opening Into Abundance: Living Beyond Lack

Module 3: Awakening Our Mastery as God

  1. Opening Into Freedom: Living Beyond Fear
  2. Opening Into All that Is: Living Beyond Illusion and Time
  3. Opening Into Universal Flow: Living As God

Check out these 9 signs to see if you are ready to Live In Awakened Mastery:

  • You are ready to be finished forever with looping through the same issues in your life.
  • You have found that understanding something has never equalled healing from it, or being free from it. You are now more interested in the way forward rather than the why.
  • You know that you are light and love, but that hasn’t shown up as your every day experience in life. You’re not sure how to move from knowing into being, but you know there must be an easier way.
  • You have all of the information about self-love and abundance, but you are still struggling with feelings of unworthiness, self-criticism, or lack.
  • You realize that there is no point in trying to control life, but you still do! You’re aware that if control worked, control freaks would be the happiest people on the planet.
  • You are aware that judgement serves no purpose, and feels constrictive in your system, but you still do it in your head, to yourself and others.
  • You have a physical struggle or limitation, and you simply know there is a way beyond it that you just haven’t found yet. You know this with all of your being.
  • You are ready to integrate ALL parts of you into the wholeness that you are, no longer demonizing fear or any other vibration on the lower end of the spectrum, as Oneness includes All.
  • You don’t want to learn another system, way, process, or follow another teaching. You are interested in the wisdom within you as your guide.

We have designed Living In Awakened Mastery to be as simple, profound, and illuminating as possible. What will be illuminated is you, that which you already are, which is no less than God. Once this awareness fully lands, you never are without it again, and life changes forever.

“I loved being held, energetically, in ChristiEl’s loving, gently encouraging embrace.”

“My sense of identity has shifted from more human oriented to more experientially divine.”

“ChristiEl, your offering– in words, tones, and above all, your example– is the first I have found that feels completely congruent and relevant to me. The overall sense of having found the core concepts with which I want to align is like a rigorous yet ultimately stabilizing homecoming.”

“This series exceeded expectations in a glorious way, allowing me to feel supported and connected, focused and unconditional love.”

Item 4: Unveiling Your Brilliance: Life Beyond Consensus Reality 4-part Video and Sound Alchemy Series

This four-week video class equips you with all of the information, tools and energy to live beyond collective consciousness including trajectories, timelines, and consensus reality, and to experience the true freedom of your brilliant consciousness and heart.

Topics Include:

  1. Living Beyond Consensus Reality
  2. Getting Personal: Beyond Sympathy and Empathy
  3. Transcending the Collective Veil of Forgetfulness
  4. The Power of Sovereign Consciousness and Awakened Choice

We know there are multiple realities and timelines progressing simultaneously, and one of the most magnetic and influential of these is collective consciousness, belief, and limitation. When we gain the awareness to step beyond consensus reality (including that to which we have unconsciously agreed within ourselves), we begin to live in true freedom and unconditional love.

In this series, you will gain the insight and awareness to live in the freedom of your own sovereign wisdom and consciousness. You will learn how to master not taking on others’ energy, how to see the hidden limitations of sympathy and empathy and to begin living beyond the collective veil of forgetfulness and to live in awakened choice.

Item 5: Your Divine Uniqueness Calls to Support You on Your Journey

  • When Those We Love Have Passed – Tele-call  – with Shamanic Journey to Encounter our Loved Ones
  • Are You Tired? – Video Call with activation into the unlimited energy of our Being
  • Healing Our Relationship with Pain – Tele-call
  • Instant Healing at the Speed of Sound – Tele-call


You will receive:

  • Item 1: Sound Alchemy for Your Complete Well-Being
  • Item 2: Transformational Toning Video Workshop – Learn to use Your Voice for Your Healing and Awakening
  • Item 3: Living in Awakened Mastery Video and Sound Alchemy Series
  • Item 4: Unveiling Your Brilliance: Life Beyond Consensus Reality 4-part Video and Sound Alchemy Series
  • Item 5: Your Divine Uniqueness Calls to Support You on Your Journey

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

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Everything in Package A


a 1/2 hour ChristiEl Intuitive Guidance and Sound Alchemy Session

This single session has been more helpful than all of my years of therapy combined.

~Shauna, Portland, OR

In one session, Christine gently assisted me in discovering and healing a 30-year-old emotional wound that had caused me to resent my daughter rather than seeing that in fact I had been resenting and not forgiving myself. She uses a unique combination of emotional/spiritual inquiry, compassion, and music. I walked out with a very old burden utterly lifted, and the resulting lightness and joy has remained intact since that session. I have had sessions with many spiritual teachers and healers over the past 40 years, and can truly say that none have been as efficient and insightful as ChristiEl. She is truly unique.

~Lucy S., Oregon

You have touched my heart and soul in such an amazing way. You have forever changed my reality and I know it will never be the same again! I can feel my body changing and opening up as I too experience the freedom and the joy of being my god-self in this beautiful new world. I am so grateful to you.

~Marita, Australia


You will receive:

  • Item 1: Sound Alchemy for Your Complete Well-Being
  • Item 2: Transformational Toning Video Workshop – Learn to use Your Voice for Your Healing and Awakening
  • Item 3: Living in Awakened Mastery Video and Sound Alchemy Series
  • Item 4: Unveiling Your Brilliance: Life Beyond Consensus Reality 4-part Video and Sound Alchemy Series
  • Item 5: Your Divine Uniqueness Calls to Support You on Your Journey


  • 1/2 hour ChristiEl Intuitive Guidance and Sound Alchemy Session

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.

What others are saying about ChristiEl

Christine is amazing, I have never met anyone that does what she does. When she is toning with you, you can feel the sound coming into your body and dissolving any blocks or barriers in your system. My system was in overwhelm from being on the road for too long and working on so many people. After my session with Christine I felt brand new again.

~Zach Rehder, Healer and Intuitive Guide, Sedona

Your toning was so powerful. It was the voice of God.

~Rikka Zimmerman

Christine Elder is amazing! She is heaven on earth, angel and therapist, a guide to the light, eternal, blissful freedom that dwells in you. Knowledge and Energy, Wisdom and Love, the real deal!

~David, Los Angeles, CA

About ChristiEl

ChristiEl is an Awakening Guide and Sound Healing Channel who serves as a portal to pure, divine awareness. Through the embodiment and vocalization of her vibrational signature of ChristiEl, she creates a luminous bridge between Infinite Being and Human Perception, allowing you to easily experience your life as the peace, wholeness and joy that you are. In other words, she vibrationally points you home to what you already are.

ChristiEl is often described as an “Archangel in a Body,” and her ethereal sound alchemy has been called “The Voice of God.” Her unique ability to dissolve blocks and open awareness through sound transmissions and consciousness facilitation has resulted in the spontaneous healing of physical, mental, and emotional issues, as well as facilitated deep soul retrieval.

As a classical singer and university music professor, she performed at Carnegie Hall and on a nationally televised CBS Christmas Eve special viewed by over a million people. She now devotes her musical and spiritual gifts exclusively to the awakening of the planet and beyond.

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