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“Season 10”

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Kasey & Brad Wallis

Transform your life with the incredible zing of zest!

Sarah Lynn Kennedy

Connect Deeply and Intimately to Your Wholeness

Susan Kennard

Zap your trauma & release the stuck energy

Anne Deidre

Discover Your Personal Energy Signature

Ana Maria Vasquez

Activating Our Sacred Alliance with the Natural World

Angela Montano

Unleashing The Healing Power of Prayer

Patrick Durkin

Transformation Ninjas: Freeing Ourselves From the Muck

Dawn Crystal

Experience “Voice” Sound Healing…Results that are Long-Term!!!

Avilone Bailey

Free Your Emotions, Free Yourself

Anrita Melchizedek

Feeling our Way through our Light Body

Caroline Oceana Ryan & The Collective

Soul-Powered Manifesting: Connecting With Your Soul’s Ability to Create Abundance

Dr Jean Logan

Healing from the Light of God with Sacred Symbols

Matt Andrews

Embrace Joy and Fun in a Purposeful Way

Amy Flynn

Quantum Activations, Frequencies and Wisdom to Create Your Fabulous FUNbundant 5D Reality!

Vandana Atara Aura

Experience a Divine Healing Intervention & Align with the Divine – Meet Your Divine Healing Team

Tammy Majchrzak

Align with the Divine Light, Divine love and Conscious Vibration of the One through Archangel Metatron and the Trilogy Masters of Light

Jill Mattson

Chakra Attunements & Dimensional Shifting Power


Your Perfect Timing of your Perfect, Divine Plan

Micheila Sheldan

Moving into 2018

Aurora Juliana Ariel

2018–2033: A Glorious Future Unveiled!

Amy Flynn

Honoring Solstice, Creating Your FUNbundant 5D Reality in 2018 + Special Quantum Frequencies & Activations