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Intuitive Therapist, BA Hons Psychology, PG Dip Psy Obs, AAMET Adv, AMT EFT Master Practitioner/Trainer, Meta Health, Theta Adv DNA, Rahanni 5D Angelic Healing

1 on 1 Personal Sessions Susan Kennard

Zap Your Trauma Points with a Personal Session with Susan!

Susan and her galactic guides will scan, pinpoint and zap your trauma points releasing the stuck energy.

You will receive deep clearing of whatever issue, block or resistance is needed to be transformed. Throughout the session you are guided by Susan’s team of guides from whatever dimension is right for you. You gain insight in why you are attracting the situation in your life. By going back to the point where it was first created, clearing using my tools and processes, awareness and incredible shifts happen. Not only do you clear blocks but you are more directly in tune with your mission and your own guidance team.

30 minutes Session

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60 minutes Session

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What others are saying about Susan Kennard

Susan is a remarkable person – intuitive, sensitive and empathic. I was slightly unsure about EFT, having never had much truck with ‘alternative’ therapies, but her combination of this with her background in and knowledge of psychology provides a very real therapeutic benefit. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

For the first time ever in my life I feel at peace with myself, and accepting of myself. My self-confidence and self-esteem have already improved, and I think they will continue to do so.

Thank you Susan, I feel like you have given me the best gift ever. x


Immediate shift in relationship

I would just like to say that after just one session with Susan my relationship with my mother shifted completely. I have no idea how the processes she used achieved this. I have felt like my mother’s parent for most of my life and she is suddenly speaking to me in a motherly way. Just amazing! Subsequently my attitude towards myself is shifting and I no longer feel guilty when putting my own health and self care first. I can’t thank Susan enough and look forward to training with her on her Sparkle to Success Course.


May 10th, 2017

Reassuringly expensive

I have tried a number of therapists in my time.They all have their tools for making you better. The difference with Susan is that she brings not only a toolbox but the whole mobile garage to work on your issues.

Never in my life have I relived so much trauma and had so much relief. Susan may not be cheap but my God, she’s worth every penny. Sell your grandmother if you have to.

Im on my way!

Colin Larcombe

November 18th, 2016

For the last three weeks l have been visiting susan on a weekly basis and l can honestly say she has changed my life. I am now in such a better space, l can see things changing. Susan has helped me free myself of past experiences and l now know l can go forward into the future in a happy positive frame of mind. I just want to thank you Susan from the bottom of my heart for hepling me to realise my worth and potential. Bring on the future lm now ready for it.

Stephanie Seeley

August 18th, 2016

Free from trauma and medication

I went to see Susan Kennard last June 2016 as I had been in psychotherapy and Counselling for years. This had helped me but still my days were haunted with Flashbacks, Depression and Anxiety.

This was due to four years of sexual abuse age 7-11. Rape. A series of abusive relationships, bullying and family issues. I was on prescription medication for 20 years Anti-Depressants and Sleeping pills. It felt like the cycle was never ending.

Susan has a different approach her aim is to help you access your own inner healer. Susan guides you with the most magical processes to shift the cause of the trauma at first point and release that stuck energy in your energy field.

Susan has changed my world and after 6 sessions I was off my anti-depressants and sleeping pills.

After 9 sessions I had rejected meat, feeling happier and challenging myself with things I found so difficult before, I was achieving these at such ease. I was also no longer carrying Valium around with me encase I had a panic attack. I no longer wake every day to face the flashbacks that haunted me. I feel free and not chained down by the past.

It’s now 8 months on and I am still prescription drug free.

I have already attended one of Susan’s courses and I’m now a qualified EFT master practioners. I am also going to do Susan’s Sparkle to success course in March 2017 where I will learn all the magical processes she used on me.

My aim is to help others as well.

I so recommend Susan she is a beautiful gentle soul, wonderful to work with. No one needs to have Trauma, Loss, Pain, Physical or mental symptoms dragging them down. I believe Susan can help you and guide you to access your own inner healer.


It’s worth every penny, It may seem expensive. But you will not need years of Therapy with Susan. So overall it’s a great investment for your health to a happier and brighter you. 

Call Susan now and start to Sparkle in your life.


February 4th, 2017

Susan Kennard

It is my passion and intention that we all feel empowered and have the choice  to have what we truly want in our lives.

I believe on a soul level that we choose our spiritual journey and that the obstacles along the way help us to learn to love ourselves more.  I also believe that in this lifetime we are meant to stand fully in our power, speak our truth and make choices from clarity. By clearing our energy fields we are able to be more connected to who we truly are and we are able to listen to what our mind and body needs.

I use my extensive tool box and fine intuition incorporating my beautiful guides and helpers to assist me in guiding my client’s and student’s to heal.

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