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Divine Channel & Light Ambassador of Accelerated Light Healing. CEO & Founder of Vandana Light Healing

Meet & Greet Your Spirit Doctors, Surgeons & Divine Healing Intervention Team

Experience a divine healing intervention and align with the divine.

The Accelerated Light Divine Healing Codes have arrived to give humanity relief from many causes of physical, mental & emotional addictions to pain and suffering.

The Divine Healing Codes have been brought to us by the kindness of Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael who are concerned for our well-being as we walk upon Gaia.

Each soul has its own team of spirit doctors, surgeons, counselors & specialists assigned to us at birth.

They guide us, direct us & protect us when we tune in & slip into the gap between our thoughts, that space of sweet stillness & deep comfort.

They heal us on every layer & level of our being. They visit us in dream time.

Our medical spirit team respects our free will & will honor us by waiting until we call upon them.

When we remember to ask for their blessings, miracles & grace, they always come.

You may experience their loving & kind presence nudging you into making different choices, leaving old relationships, changing careers, moving to a different location, changing your diet, & showing up in a completely new way.

The higher dimensional messages, information & guidance can be felt, heard, seen and witnessed only when you align with the divine & are willing to receive the highest healing outcome when you follow the intuitive guidance of your sacred heart space.

The medicals, angelics & celestials frequency transmissions awaken your sleeping heart & activate your multi-dimensional DNA to heal yourself as a divine Hu-Man in physical form.

These enlightened beings carry inter-galactic star medicine & the nameless light to experience spontaneous or miraculous healing.

The Divine Healing Intervention Team intervene to support & protect you if exposed to energies or realities that are not part of your soul plan.

These councils of light & love reside in the galactic core of the great central sun, the milky way & the 22 multi-diamond heart-centered galaxies surrounding it. Multiple Ascended Masters, Rishis, Saints & Healing Beings reside high atop the Himalayan etheric healing retreats on mountain peaks, in Shamballa & the hollow inner earth extending to the earth’s core through the halls of Amenti & from your star tribes & soul families on your home planet.

These highly evolved benevolent beings consist of spirit doctors, their healing assistants, spiritual interns, surgeons, counselors, ministers, psychologists, theologians, saints, guardians, archangels, teachers, masters, rishis & healing guides of unconditional love, kindness, compassion & mercy.

They work with your higher soul selves & beloved I am presence to raise your vibration so you may align with the divine & be guided on the new 5D crystalline earth harmonics.

As a group soul, they know which team member with specific expertise can help & heal you & be your guide to help you:

  • Heal Yourself
  • Love Yourself
  • Forgive Yourself
  • Change Your Diet & Lifestyle
  • Be Your Own Spirit Guide
  • Master The 5D Ascension Timeline
  • Embody Heaven On Earth
  • Live In Your Body All The Time
  • Be More Present In Your Presence
  • Live A Blessed & Charmed Life
  • Rise Above Density & Duality

They gather from all dimensions, timelines, dimensions, galaxies & realities & are happy to meet you in your soul healing temple & pyramid of light on your home planet to restore you to optimal health & well-being.

Every soul carries a different frequency & requires different medicine to experience mental, emotional, & physical healing so you can rest in peace on your highest 5D soul ascension timeline.

They provide the perfect dose of divine intervention & soul elixirs to:

  • Release unresolved emotional trauma
  • Extract negative energetic imprints & implants
  • Heal & Seal broken hearts
  • Retrieve & Restore missing soul fragments
  • Harmonize our divine masculine & feminine aspects
  • Activate our higher evolved brain
  • Upgrade our multi-dimensional DNA strands
  • Disentangle & unravel quantum entanglements, cords & hooks
  • Cleanse & purify cellular debris, density & artificial insertions
  • Calm & soothe the nervous system

No sedatives or anesthesia is required & recovery time is minimal depending on how long the trauma has been in effect & how many incarnations it has played out & recreated itself.

Each spirit surgery, procedure or treatment is gentle & non-invasive.

If required, you may be invited to a healing hospital in higher planes of existence to adjust, shift, unlock & reverse toxic debris to be filled with source light to heal you from the inside out.

Your medical team knows which course of treatment is most beneficial for you.

The nameless light & star medicine is intelligent & is evergreen so the powerful healing frequencies have the power to shape shift into:

  • Vapor Mist
  • Liquid Light
  • Laser Light
  • Solar Radiance
  • Star Light

The Star Keys & Source Codes will run as long as they need to & will continue healing imbalances, misalignments & replace corruption codes with resurrection codes to upgrade your operating systems & activate your God Spark as your natural state of well-being.

During the divine healing intervention, you may experience the following physical sensations:

  • Heat
  • Buzzing
  • Tingling
  • Chills
  • Peace
  • Expansion
  • Relief
  • Lightness
  • Relaxation
  • Laughter
  • Tears

These sensations are a reflection of energetic movement, release & re-organization as your medical team knows what’s best for you & what you need to heal your physical, mental, & emotional bodies so you can experience ease, joy, space & grace as your divine birthright.

The divine healing intervention team works closely with the karmic board of teachers, masters & loved ones to review, re-negotiate & revoke non-beneficial soul contracts, sacred vows & karmic agreements that no longer serve your highest good so you can live on your highest preferred reality & soul ascension timeline.

Pain & Trauma are often caused from Separation to Spirit, Genetically Inherited or from Gestational Trauma in the womb, Ancestral Karmic Imprints, unconscious belief systems, corruption programming, learned & conditioned family patterns, past injuries, or dense vibrational energy stuck in certain areas of the body.

The Divine Medical Intervention Team (DMI) will intervene & recalibrate your entire being, body, field & systems & restore your original multi-dimensional divine birthright to experience radiant health & vibrant well being.

The celestial medicals have volunteered to help & heal all of humanity at this time of accelerated ascension, chaos and uncertainty.

This galactic council has been assigned to each soul who has chosen to incarnate in physical form. They see you through their eyes of tenderness, compassion, & loving kindness and will come when you ask & remain open to miraculous & magical healing outcomes.

Their expertise is in dissolving & releasing ancient & ancestral core wounding you’ve stored and carried that are now ready to return back to pure source with unconditional love & forgiveness.

They will show you the unlearned karmic lessons in your book of life so you can forgive & release yourself & others, break binding soul ties & karmic agreements & re-write your story from a quantum perspective. You have permission to feel good again & experience ongoing blessings just by being a living breathing vessel of heaven & earth.

These sacred visitations allow you to envision & feel your bodies align with the divine to deepen your trust in a higher power that exists off planet & resides in the ultimate dimension that has no name.

These celestial medical beings are egoless, shapeless, timeless & formless. They are simply orbs of light that are multi-colored, luminous & vast. They know what you need, how you feel & what method of treatment will be the most effective for you even when you do not.

The Healing Process Includes:

  • Mental Healing – Discharges false beliefs, negative thoughts & limiting points of view
  • Emotional Healing – Dissolves Heart Walls & Mends broken hearts
  • Physical Healing – Energetic Extractions to uninstall implants, imprints, cords & bindings that leak life force energy & diminish our light

Every session includes a chakra alignment to harmonize our divine masculine minds with our divine feminine hearts to align in sacred union in our well of light (soul stomach center)to release buried burdens, fears & trauma from childhood, past lives & from the pain of the collective human race.

Each time you listen to the remote healing transmissions, another layer or level of energetic armor that blocks your light to dissolve and release  the root cause of core wounds & soul trauma so you can ascend with ease & grace back home to pure source & be free of the past.

~ All MP3’s are downloaded with Accelerated Light High Frequency Source Energy that cleanses karmic debris & density on a cellular level.

~ Vandana transmits the Nameless Light Frequencies to Accelerate your healing process & align you with your divine birthright of perfect health, wholeness and well-being

Meet your divine healing intervention team who reside in higher dimensional consciousness. They are here to serve you, relieve your pain & accelerate your recovery process. Their job is to help you feel good & restore your life force back to its natural state of divine DNA perfection.

The perfect spirit doctors, surgeons, ER specialists, counselors, ministers, & specialists with specific expertise in what you need or are lacking will step forward to align misalignments, clear blockages, and balance imbalances.

They will come when you call as they respect your free will!

Some of the medicals have lived previous incarnations on earth & some are ascended master beings assigned to your soul & soul groups who have worked with you in other incarnations, timelines, dimensions & parallel universes.

Learn how to connect with them, recognize their soul signature & feel their loving & compassionate divine presence & healing hands as they transmit their blessings & unlock the root cause of your pain and discomfort for your highest & greatest good.

Discover what your karmic lessons are, see the gifts you’ve experienced as a result of your souls journey & be prepared to experience what it looks & feels like to be whole & complete as a divine vessel of infinite love & eternal light.

The medicals do not require anything from you to release stagnant energy, ancestral pain, family patterns and unresolved emotions. They know what to do & where to go to raise your vibration & restore your entire being, bodies, systems & field back to their multidimensional divine DNA blueprint.

  • Liberate yourself from limiting human patterns and programs
  • Raise your vibration to experience your peak potential
  • Switch on dormant DNA and telepathic super human abilities
  • Transform root causes of suffering and discomfort
  • Quicken manifestation of your highest preferred reality
  • Open more channels for Higher Self embodiment
  • Express your dormant gifts and super powers

The best part is there is no after care involved, anesthesia is not required, & the recovery process is completely natural & takes place in all timelines & dimensions.

They will also perform an inter-dimensional soul retrieval transmission to release negative karmic miasmic imprinting, quantum entanglements & non-beneficial soul ties you’ve inherited from your ancestral lineage & re-print your cellular consciousness, chakras & meridians with their original life force, creative spark, infinite intelligence & quantum information you require to be of service & love yourself free in the eternal now.

The medical team teleport to your soul home where they instruct you how to merge with your soul bodies so you can be your own bodies spirit guide!

They download you with information on how to care for your body, what foods to eat or not eat, where to live, how to exercise & what types of relationships are best for you.

You can listen and receive these high frequency transmission recordings and even play them while you’re sleeping to clear hidden layers of imprints & implants that won’t allow you to fully heal on a cellular level.

When you feel the need to unplug from the 3D matrix of density & intensity, just plug into a 5D power source and teleport to the ultimate dimension of your preferred highest reality & feel your pain melting away faster than you ever dreamed was possible.

  • Unravels your Belief Systems from the root cause
  • Helps your vital Life Force Energy flow through the body, so your body can heal itself Naturally!!!
  • Restores your natural state of well-being
  • Helps to regulate your weight naturally

Helps bring in more abundance flow into your Life (More joy, happiness, love, money)



  • Clears Inflammation
  • Rebalances your Feelings & Emotions
  • Clears Depression
  • Clears Negative Thoughts
  • Clears Traumas (past and present)
  • Clears Blocked Energy
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Clears Inflammation
  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears Upper/ Lower Back Pain
  • Clears Adrenal Glands
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Traumas (past and present)
  • Clears after Surgeries
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Clears Inflammation
  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears All Organs
  • Clears the Full Stomach
  • Clears the Reproductive System
  • Clears the Digestive Tract
  • Clears after Surgeries
  • Clear Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Clears Inflammation
  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears the Full Heart
  • Clears Heartbreak
  • Clears a Closed Heart
  • Clears after Surgeries
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Clears Inflammation
  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears Blocked Energy
  • Clears after Surgeries
  • Clears the Throat to Speak Clearly
  • Clears Right/Left Lungs
  • Clears after Surgeries
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Clears Inflammation
  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears Unconscious Mind
  • Clears Right/Left Brain
  • Clears Physical Trauma
  • Clears all Arteries
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Clears Inflammation
  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears Right/Left Shoulder/Neck
  • Clears Scar Tissue
  • Clears Stiff Neck
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Blockages
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears Inflammation
  • Clears Blockages
  • Clears Ankle Spurs
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Belief Systems
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears Inflammation
  • Clears Blockages
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Past Lives
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy



  • Rebalances the Area
  • Clears Inflammation
  • Clears Blockages
  • Clears Ancestral Energy
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy
  • Clears Belief Systems
  • Clears Past Lives
  • Clears Low Vibrational Energy


Contains 8 Tranquil Transmissions from Vandana & The Divine Healing Intervention Team

Messages from The Divine Healing Intervention Team:

Both emotional and physical pain are messages that we need to stop and pay attention.

Every wound is an opportunity to love ourselves even deeper than ever before.

Receive Divine Healing & Pain Relief  From The Medicals, Angelics & Galactics who oversee your Soul Bodies to Upgrade Your Physical, Emotional & Mental Bodies Back to it’s Original State of Divine Perfection.

Lie Back, Listen & Open to Receive Interdimentional Healing, Deep Relaxation & Profound Peace as You Set an Intention to Regenerate & Rejuvenate your Body Temple from the Inside Out!

For Accelerated Healing, Listen to Each Frequency Transmission in a Distraction Free a Noise Free Space, Light a White Candle & Your Favorite Incense, Sage or Resins & Repeat this Mantras:

“I choose to & Am Open to Receive The Highest Healing Outcome As I Aligh With The Divine”

“I Am Grounded Onto My 5D Soul Ascension Timeline On The Earth”

“I Release All Expectations About The Way I Heal, How Fast I Heal & How The Healing Shows Up”

“I Am A Child Of God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Higher Powers That Surpass Human Understanding”

“I Ask For The Most Gentle, Soft & Loving Healing Helpers to Cleanse, Clear & Purify Me & Release The Root Core Of My Suffering For Myself, My Loved Ones @ My Ancestors”

“I Am Grateful For This Healing”

“I Am Free to Create Perfect Radiant Health”

“I Deserve to Get Well, Feel Well, & Be Whole & Holy”

“I Am Worthy Of Feeling My Best At All Times”

“I Will Do Whatever It Takes to Restore My Mental, Emotional & Physical Strenght & Well Being”

You May Feel Healing Hands, Angelic Wings, & A Divine Presence Working On You as You Surrender into Stillness.

You May Experience Tingling Sensations Or May Feel Warmer or Cooler Bosy Sensations as Your Energetic Systems Are Being Rebalanced, Recalibrated & Reset.

To Assist The Letting Go Process & Release Stress, Anxiety, Trauma a Their Symptoms, Place Your Healing Hands Over Your Heart, Inhale For 7 Seconds, Hold The Breath For 7 Seconds & Exhale For 7 Seconds, 7 Times As You imagine Golden White Liquid Light Spirating Up & Down & All Around Your Field.

Imagine All Density & Armor Dropping to Your Feet & Dissolving Away.

Ask your Higher Soul Selves, Beloved I Am Presence & Spirit Doctors to Handle All The Details For You So you Can Simply Relax & Receive The Ultimate Healing Experience In Your Accelerated Light Healing Chamber Of Peace, Space, & Wellness.

For best results, listen to each transmission before going to sleep or when you awake if you have at least 2 hours to rest after each frequency transmission.

You can program each MP3 download on a loop so it plays continuously while asleep.

The transmissions are evergreen & will run each time you play them. If you’re a light sleeper, you can lowr the volume & even turn off the volume completely.

Each time you listen, the healing energies build & grow stronger as you create infinite space from the inside out on a cellular level.

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours to rest after each transmission.

Transmission # 1: Accelerated Pain Healing

80 Minutes – $43.33 Value

Listen to this divine light transmission to heal the root cause & origin of the trauma that created your pain. Vandana invokes the accelerated light master beings to unlock the energetic blockages held in your tissues and systems. Once you become aware and allow yourself to feel those buried feelings and unresolved emotional content, you can release & dissolve the dis-ease and dis-harmony with unconditional love & forgiveness & embody your natural state of well-being.

Transmission # 2: Pushing Past Pain

80 Minutes – $33.33 Value

Listen to this accelerated light healing infusion to unlock emotional trauma locked in your body from your childhood, past lives & even while in the womb that were passed on to you by your birth parents. Receive deep & profound transformation to break free of core wounds so your body can flow from ease, space & peace.

Transmission # 3: What If Pain Didn’t Exist?

80 Minutes – $41.33 Value

Listen to this quantum healing activation to sacredly let go & restore your original multi-dimensional divine DNA blueprint back to its original perfection. Release density & detach from negative energies, trapped trauma, & cellular memories of unworthiness that won’t allow you to experience your natural state of radiant health & wholeness. This MP3 helps you to release unconscious blocks that won’t allow you to be free of pain & suffering.

Transmission # 4: Unlocking Back Pain

100 Minutes – $44.44 Value

Take a sacred journey into your past to free your body of back pain, spinal misalignment & unresolved trauma stored in your neck, shoulders, vertebrae & cervical, thoracic, lumbar & sacral anatomy. Free up space between your joints, ligaments & connective tissues to ease & unwind tension & injuries so you can experience what it feels like to be pain free for longer periods of time. The more you listen, the more blessings & re-sets you can receive from the spirit doctors, surgeons & spinal specialists & the divine healing intervention team from the dimensions of health & healing.

Transmission # 5 – Creating Miraculous Healing, Divine Intervention & Rapid Recovery

75 Minutes – $33.33 Value

Watch & listen to this sacred healing video & source light infusion bathes you with waves of bliss as you gaze at the members of your divine healing team & legions of intergalactic light.

Vandana & Macaya have charged & embedded these images of saints, masters, angels, guides, & holy healers with Accelerated Living Light & Star to attune you to the 532 hz solfeggio frequencies of rejuvenation, regeneration, re-birth & renewal.

These highly evolved spiritual beings have agreed by choice to perform divine miracles & healing intervention on our behalf as per our request to transmute pain into peace & dis-ease into ease, peace, & grace. The kind, compassionate & benevolent light beings have specific expertise, knowledge, & training in all forms of healing & are trained as doctors, surgeons, healers, saints, counselors, and theologians. They will always ask permission to scan & work on you to diagnose the root cause of your pain & discomfort in miraculous ways.

All you have to do is trust, lie back, & be open to receive the highest & most loving frequencies that you deserve.

Transmission # 6 – Stomach De-Armor Activation

100 Minutes – $33.33 Value

Listen, lie back, open up & receive golden waves & ribbons of liquid light to soften, loosen & melt barriers, walls, and armor in your stomach, intestines, pancreas, spleen & digestive tract. The longer you listen, the easier it is to feel safe & supported in your sweet vulnerability & true nature.

Receive Powerful RICH & RACE Clearings and Creations to unwind & dissolve density, frozen emotions & undigested stress & trauma you’ve absorbed & carried for you & your ancestors.

Experience a divine density detox to safely and gently let go of anything or anyone that you simply “cannot stomach” so you can embody peace, loving kindness, self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness in your beautiful body.

Transmission # 7 – Heart De-Armor Activation

90 Minutes – $33.33 Value

Listen to this heart opening divine light illumination to melt heart walls that disconnect you from trusting & honoring your feelings & emotions & awaken your wise & compassionate sleeping heart.

Receive gentle & non-invasive heart therapy, surgery to live from your christed lotus heart to deepen your natural abilities to love yourself & others unconditionally.

Vandana invokes the divine intervention & dispensations from Archangel Raphael & his divine complement Mother Mary to harmonize the divine feminine & masculine energies of pure love emanating from your sacred holy heart space.

Solar Angels will melt away heart walls & dense armor so you can vibrate from a higher love.

Transmission # 8 – Healing Pre-Birth Trauma & Stress In The Womb

80 Minutes – $43.33 Value

Welcome to this sacred journey of rebirth & renewal. This divine light transmission frees you from unresolved trauma and stress from your earliest experiences in your physical body & gestational trauma in your mother’s womb space that may still be affecting you & your body in the now. Our pre-natal experiences and sensations can shape our sense of who we are, how we see ourselves & how quickly or slowly we manifest our dreams & desires. These early formative experiences can affect your health, well being and feelings of self-worth, Unresolved pre- and peri-natal experiences shape our whole belief system and sense of identity.

Listen to this audio track to accelerate your natural ability to move through any unresolved stress, struggle or trauma you’ve taken on that don’t belong to you.

Vandana assists you to unravel long standing issues stored in your tissues using the RICH (Release, Integrate, Create, Expand) soul codes, commands & processes from the ultimate dimension of health, wholeness & healing so you can re-set your entire reality & heal your mind, body & emotions on your 5D soul ascension timeline.


Contains 8 Tranquil Transmissions from Vandana & The Divine Healing Intervention Team

You will receive:

  • Transmission # 1: Accelerated Pain Healing – 80 Minutes ($43.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 2: Pushing Past Pain – 80 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 3: What If Pain Didn’t Exist? – 80 Minutes ($41.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 4: Unlocking Back Pain – 100 Minutes ($44.44 Value)
  • Transmission # 5: Creating Miraculous Healing, Divine Intervention & Rapid Recovery – 75 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 6: Stomach De-Armor Activation – 100 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 7: Heart De-Armor Activation – 90 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 8: Healing Pre-Birth Trauma & Stress In The Womb – 80 Minutes ($43.33 Value)

Valued at $305.75

Total Savings For Package A is $210.75

69% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97


Includes everything from Package A plus a 30-Minute Private Accelerated Light Healing Session or Akashic Reading

30-Minute Private Accelerated Light Healing Session or Akashic Reading with Vandana

Receive An Accelerated LIght Healing Session & receive a liquid light transmission, healing activation, and a high heart opening attunement under the loving guidance of Benevolent Beings, Guides, Angels & Archangels that Vandana embodies.

Vandana loves to unravel & unlock your core wounds, the root of original trauma & generational pain from your ancestral lineage to raise your personal vibration, expand your cosmic consciousness, and re-set your entire being to your highest preferred reality. As a result, your natural gifts & soul purpose awaken so you can empower and inspire the entire planet with ease & grace!


Package B Includes everything from Package A plus a 30-Minute Private Accelerated Light Healing Session or Akashic Reading with Vandana

You will receive:

  • Transmission # 1: Accelerated Pain Healing – 80 Minutes ($43.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 2: Pushing Past Pain – 80 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 3: What If Pain Didn’t Exist? – 80 Minutes ($41.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 4: Unlocking Back Pain – 100 Minutes ($44.44 Value)
  • Transmission # 5: Creating Miraculous Healing, Divine Intervention & Rapid Recovery – 75 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 6: Stomach De-Armor Activation – 100 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 7: Heart De-Armor Activation – 90 Minutes ($33.33 Value)
  • Transmission # 8: Healing Pre-Birth Trauma & Stress In The Womb – 80 Minutes ($43.33 Value)


  • 30-Minute Private Accelerated Light Healing Session or Akashic Reading with Vandana

Valued at $605.75

Total Savings For Package B is $410.75

67% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $197

Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.

What others say about Vandana...

It was WORTH WAITING my whole LIFETIME for this. I am so without words and so hopeful for this amazing connection….I was dumped off the phone twice and came into this instead. Brilliant work, Precious One. Brilliant.


I just have to thank you for this profoundly beautiful and potent call.  Vandana’s energy and the processes she did were so brilliant and elevating, and I definitely felt like a new person by the end! Wow! I feel so tremendously blessed to have been a part of this experience! I received a huge healing today. I just can’t thank you enough


FROM GRIEF to PEACE  “3 years ago, I lost my beloved cat. I had her for 16 & 1/2 years. I now realize there was a huge amount of grief and sorrow that I wasn’t willing to look at or feel until one day I could no longer ignore the pain and sadness I was feeling. I was looking for answers about our soul connection and why my beloved feline companions soul chose to return to heaven. That’s when I met Vandana, a caring and compassionate soul who  always has my best interest at Heart. Each time I have a session with Vandana, I feel more peaceful and joyful. She has now become my teacher and I am happy for the experience I have through the Akashic records. I highly recommend working with her and I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance. In one of our Akashic reading sessions, my loving cats came through to Vandana. She patiently and lovingly took the time to channel messages from my cats in heaven which resulted in me finding acceptance and peace of mind and Heart in knowing I could never lose them and their love. It’s been a  while since I have felt so good. Thank you Vandana for your spiritual guidance in my life. I have finally found the peace, ease and grace I was looking for. Thank you & Bless You Vandana!

~Mai-Britt, Denmark

Dear Vandana, you created a miracle for me a couple of days ago. I lost a substantial amount of money in my apartment when 3 people came to paint. They really threw me off balance, and when I couldn’t find the envelope containing the money, I thought they had taken it. When we had our session, you said that it was in fact in my apartment…so I spent a few months looking high and low, and couldn’t find it…but the last time I talked to you and asked where it may be you said “You’re going to find it when somebody visits you”.  A few days ago I took your advice and invited a friend for lunch and when I opened the kitchen drawer, I was in absolute disbelief! The envelope was there on the side in the drawer. I’ve looked in the same drawer for the money but I never could find it before. It only came to light when I opened the lower drawer! Wow!!!Every word you said about the details of finding the money was true and amazingly correct!!! You are a fabulous psychic, and I’m so grateful.Thank you!

~Iren, NYC

I discovered Vandana’s work recently and she is beyond-phenomena! Many, Many shifts have taken place since I first listened to her transmissions from family clearings, to soul retrievals to deep emotional trauma release and working with the Akashic records. Her gifts are more than I can describe here. On the night before a Court Case last month, Vandana was ‘guided to connect with me’ during an intense night before the Court appearance. I am amazing how she knew I needed support and her guidance was spot on to connect with me at a very low point that night… And the most amazing thing… I have not even had the pleasure yet of working directly with her, or any of her show packages. I just know that beyond-rapid shifts are occurring just from hearing her voice. So many, many, many blessings since discovering Vandana’s work.


Vandana, I’m so grateful to you and the akashic records course! I’m practicing every day & just wanted to share I had a very deep experience on your last call. I’m not usually one of those people who falls asleep during energy work but on this call I do…so  this is very deep! I am always left with lingering images from the Akash and I have a book just for this and keep everything written down. Everyone feels the energy of the akashic readings after your attunements. It was so palpable how much this energy changes things so quickly. I am finding it amazing how much the inner Akashic Work is flowing into the outer world. If I need to clear something, I just RICH & RACE all over the place. It’s brilliant!! Thank you so much! I Love you.

~Al, WA

I wanted to say thank you for the incredible class yesterday and the personal work you did on me as the surrogate. It feels like you saved my life. I was completely clouded and disoriented and for the last 24 hours I have felt clearer and happier. I have felt more like myself then I have in a long time and ready to take the next steps on my highest path, whatever they may be. Thanks again for the Akashic Records training classes. I feel better then ever and the wisdom to trust is helping tremendously.


I LOVE You, Vandana! You have no idea just how much your work has helped me… from incredibly deep sexual trauma in just this one lifetime. At times, I truly did not think I would survive the pain… I RICH it, and RACE it, and Reality Reset it… just trusting in my reactions to just your voice on the shows. I AM so very grateful to God, Source, Universe for you and your gifts… As I listen, I often find myself asking how you know all that you do… thank you for your investment in yourself… in your gifts… truly… the work that you bring forth is unique.

~Jaishree, India

Dear Vandana, I just wept on receiving my soul message from you. I feel blessed. You are one of the chosen few and I am so grateful to you for facilitating my accelerated healing session. You have such a beautiful voice, very soft, soothing and comforting.

~Pauline, Ireland

Wow Vandana, That was huge! Thank you for awakening me to my inner truth. I’m still experiencing showers of bliss and downloads day and night after receiving your activations. I’m very grateful. You are right. There is a program running that keeps holding on to expectations. It feels just one step ahead , even less. I’m confirming your soul reading that I did take bodhisattvic vows in so many lifetimes …..well, that is deleted now. I’d rather be that now on earth and enjoy the immortality of living and thriving right here on the new earth. Thank you so much

~A.W. – Berlin

About Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana is a divine channel & light ambassador of Accelerated Light Healing. She is the CEO & Founder of Vandana Light Healing. Her soul calling is to empower & inspire all sentient beings to navigate the new earth energies of rapid transformation on the planet. She shares her intuitive gifts & psychic abilities as an energy healer, shamanic practitioner, soul guide, spiritual coach, & accelerated light master teacher. She travels and teaches accelerated light healing practitioner certification programs wherever she is called & whoever is guided to spread higher consciousness as a light & power source for others.

She was awakened by the star councils of galactic light in 2012 & was shown her soul mission is to empower * inspire new earth inhabitants to awaken to their multidimensional mastery & galactic divinity at this critical period known as the stellar ascension cycle. She then received star codes to serve as a stargate & portal to transcend human conditioning & embody multidimensional mastery. This quantum information allowed her to attune others to a higher dimensional octaves of cosmic consciousness & to be an even greater contribution on planet earth with ease & grace.

This nameless light allowed her to create a new system of transformational healing that everyone can use & benefit from. Accelerated Light Healing contributes unique processes & light language to send & receive instant messages from benevolent beings, channel cosmic consciousness & infinite intelligence from the great central sun, & embody self-mastery as a co-creator with the divine.  Her soul purpose is to empower & inspire all sentient beings as a wayshower, awakener, soul guide & world teacher.

The mutli-dimensional processes she transmits allows her clients to unravel old stories, unlock false beliefs, & unwind karmic knots on a cellular level. She’s helped thousands of clients to awaken their true soul path & embody their soulful presence as divine humans of heaven living on earth in person, by phone or skype, at a distance, or simply by listening to her healing recording mp3s.

Vandana is an gifted empath & many of her clients are starseeds & sensitives here to awaken & evolve the planet to a higher octave of consciousness & require loving guidance, clarity, & direction on their path of truth. She empowers & inspires her clients & students to access the quantum field of magical possibilities. Those that are ready seek out Vandana’s services so they can manifest their dreams, visions, & desires with accelerated light faster & easier than ever before.

Vandana’s path of healing began as a caregiver, guide, & healer to her Indigo son with Aspergers & her then husband who shut down his psychic & artistic abilities & numbed himself with various addictions to remain asleep & unaware of his soul purpose. After years of pain, struggle, & energy loss, she took her powers back gaining & claiming the divine wisdom & vision about how to use her healing gifts to help & heal others.

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