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Internationally acclaimed Wisdom Teacher, Award Winning Multi-Media Artist, Author, Sacred Choral Singer, Musician and Master of Ascended Consciousness Principles

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{Limited to 33 Master Beings}

Divine Dispensations
Luminous Transmissions + Metamorphic Miracles
The highest principals of causality and the deepest mysteries of reality unfold in our hearts… Our Blessedness is our Blissfulness…We Are an Unfolding Prayer!
~KA’ryna SH’ha


  • Private time with a world-renowned spiritual teacher,
    to ask the deepest questions in your heart.
  • Profound messages, openings and remembrances of your True and Holy Self.
  • An email follow-up with extra guidance and wisdom from one of KA’ryna and GrandMother’s Teachings
  • A recording of your personal session for continued growth and awareness.
In this private Heart-Harmonization experience with KA’ryna SH’ha and GrandMother AH’Lu’SHa’Mah, you will be bathed, soaked and saturated in the highest honoring and deepest vibratory Blessings of Divine Love.

In each power-filled unfoldment you will discover sacred knowledge and wisdom teachings of how to prepare “The Vessel of Your Being”… to enter into the fullest expression of awakening, mastery, enlightenment and ascension.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is a Divine Dispensation session?

The word dispensation in the context of a Divine Dispensation means to give forth or bestow upon someone a spiritual /sacred gift or revelation.

A Divine Dispensation session consists of a series of ceremonial “Overlighting and Anointing” experiences.

Each involves:
The Teaching
The Embodiment
The Metabolization
The Assimilation
and The Upliftment…

What is an Overlighting?

The word Overlighting is a spiritual term used to describe an over-seeing or directing principle of divine truths offered to us from the “I AM Presence” or True Divine Self.

These profound and powerful gifts are free from all conditions and offer a way in which we may restore the original intent of creation.

Within these spiritual principles we discover the “Unified Flame” or Over-Soul of The I Am Presence.

An Overlighting ceremony, offers humanity precious jewels of wisdom that teach us about the unified cause and creation of all Being….known as the “The Heart Sutra of Divine Providence”.

What is an Anointing?

In ancient times anointing was a physical task of placing oil or balm onto a person’s head and feet or other parts of the body to signify a transference of healing power and consecration of God’s light. In metaphysical principles anointing symbolizes a transference of healing power from a holy source such as the “The Holy Spirit” to us as God’s Grace.

In the context of a Divine Dispensation anointing means to consecrate and make holy by means of an Offering of Grace… a Divine Gift is Offered and one is free to accept the gift or not.

You can heal, clear & release energies you’ve stored & absorbed from past lives, the womb & in childhood.

These energetic transmissions contain accelerated ascension codes, star medicine & high frequency light to heal past trauma, access your true self & align with the divine with ease, space & grace!

1st Anointing and Overlighting

“Harmonic Immanence…“Light Language Acceleration and Sacred Sound Activations”

Claiming our Universal Sovereignty”: The receiving and giving of the gifts of full actualization and harmonization of the primary instrument or vehicle of creation.

Designed to create harmony and balance within in our heart and soul!

Redefining and realigning what signal our vibration is sending out, helps us tune the primary instrument of our being to a higher frequency.

Establishing a coherent and harmonic relationship with the universal creative forces within us insures that what we send out and what we receive is exactly what we intend!

What is delivered to you?

The 3 Gifts of Source…

First Gift: Omnipresence: The Love Of All That Is
*All-awareness, the ability to be present throughout all space, time and dimension… For the good of All.!

Second Gift: Omniscience: The Supreme Intelligence
* All-knowingness, the ability to realize the infinite in all things and all things within the infinite… For the good of All!

Third Gift: Omnipotence: The Divine Wisdom
*All-powerfulness, the ability to create and manifest within divine will… For the good of All.

2nd Anointing and Overlighting

“Heart Sutra’s…The Ancient Pathways of Primordial Wisdom Teachings

Weaving Threads of All Beings: Emanations of Divine Grace. Delivering the pure codes of emancipation and liberation to you, from personal well- being to supernal (heavenly, ethereal) majesty.
Origin of the word “Sutra”: Sutra in Sanskrit means “string” or “thread”. An Indian literary term, meaning to string together words and phrases for divine transmissions of inner truth.

Designed to open up the heart-space for receiving the codes of Luminous Leadership.


Mysteries of the Sacred Heart Masters revealed! What lays hidden and dormant in the secret bliss codes of our heart?

Our Dilemma: Originally we were pure consciousness–spirit–alone. Then we took on the will (the faculty of objective consciousness), intellectual, sensory, magnetic, and material bodies. But we lost our mastery of them from being instruments of our evolution.

Our Answer: Blessed, then, are those who have regained the mastery and returned to the consciousness of their true nature as spirit–not in mere intellectual philosophizing, but in the power of practical demonstration.

What is delivered to you?

“The Sound of Light”… Harmonic Humanity:

“Nothing exists without music, for the universe itself is said to have been framed by a kind of harmony of sounds, and that heaven itself revolves under the tones of that harmony.”

“The body needs time to relax and rejuvenate. Research has confirmed that listening to certain music can effectively and rapidly elicit the relaxation response and bring about chemical, hormonal, and cellular change that actively promotes healing.

When our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated [via our vagus nerve] with soothing sounds, we are sending a message of calm and relaxation to every part of our body. So when we say that something is “music to our ears,” it’s actually so much more. It’s a massage for every organ in the body.”

Utilizing the rich hues and textures of her voice, as a sonic sacramental bath of illumined frequencies, KA’ryna SH’ha delivers the sound currents of “Harmonic Love” to open the Heart and purify the mind…

Placed in a space of total unconditional love our frequency shifts, our heart opens, our mind expands as our being ascends…our highest and truest nature opens as a sacred song sung through our D.N.A

3rd Anointing and Overlighting

Opening the Libraries of Liberation: “The 3 Gifts of Source… Master Keys to Enlightenment”

“The Golden Light of Grace”: Eliminating all programs of separation that keep us from realizing our true nature.

Designed to prepare our D.N.A for full alignment and upliftment of the frequencies of Grace.


Each step of the journey into the heart of creation involves a three part harmonic relational dialogue between you and the higher and deeper dimensions of yourself.
As you discover and uncover the hidden truths stored at the foundational levels of your own D.N.A what we call ” The Libraries of Liberation “a vibratory circuitry of Sound and Light Language opens our heart into infinite grace, merging us into the heart-space of… All That Is !

What is delivered to you?

*The 3 Connections of Creation…

Establishing Connection: “the power of creating sacred space”…
– Divine Grace, Divine Love, Divine Bliss
Open your heart to align and harmonize with the infinite power of divine grace, harmonic love, and coherent bliss…Thereby establishing sacred space.

Creating Connection: “the power of multiplying and synchronizing vibrations”…
– Unification, Union and Unity
As the Golden Light enters our sacred space an atmosphere of energetic union and unity is created.

Keeping Connection: “the power of recognising and restoring relationship with causal forces”…
– Reconnection, Restoration and Re-ignition
A deeper and higher relationship with the forces of our being is manifested. Reconnecting and restoring what was lost and re-igniting our powers of creation!

4th Anointing and Overlighting

Primary Promulgations: “ Light Body Essence Expansion and Dilation of the Holy Heart”

Origin of the word “Promulgation”: to make known by open declaration :PROCLAIM

“Holy Breath of Light”: Discourses with an ascended master teacher sitting in your own mastery. Divine dialogues on our “Sovereign Birthright and Universal Nature”

Designed as a focusing of the master-teacher-healer dialogues of the heart!


Today we join in our hearts in the pure Light of Oneness, the sacred spark that connects us all! We have taken the necessary steps to realize who we are.
We are ready, able and willing to emancipate and liberate our greatness for the good of all!

As each conscious being decides to reconnect and reintegrate back into the portal of light contained within the divine vessel of the heart, a new archetypal reality is birthed.

Thus, the emerging consciousness within our light body is merged and re-associated with its cosmic and divine origins.
Each Promulgation is delivered by way of revelation and transmission.

What is delivered to you?

* Divine teachings, dialogues and fields of awareness on our “Sovereign Birthright and Universal Nature”.

The Unlocking of Perception: The presence of our challenges and opportunities.

The Keys of Creation: An auspicious invitation of Union and Unity with All That Is.

The Gifts of Source: The path of Ease and Grace.

Our gift to you in each session…

  • A “clear and executable vision with a deep and comprehensive understanding” of you at the core of your very own heart!
  • Divine Encoding’s and Ceremonial Consciousness clearings for Positive Harmonic Health.
  • In-toning’s to uplift and purify your body mind and being.
  • Ascension Anointing’s and Blessings for deep healing and clearing.
  • Soul-Calming, Gentle Breath-Quieting relaxation techniques to revivify our living spiritual light.
  • Q & A with GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah (The Universal Oversoul) regarding your life and luminous legacies.

How are the sessions held?

  • Virtually in video-chat via Zoom

Who Would Benefit from These Teachings?

Individuals who:

  • Already have studied spiritual practices and are ready for more advanced teachings.
  • Are ready to lift the veil and see themselves as they truly are.
  • Are ready to embody and embrace their full Mastery!
  • Are ready to allow Source to Uplift their Whole being.
  • Have a deep knowing that now is the time to… open their Sacred Body of wisdom.
  • Are ready to open their own set of instructional codes for theirs and humanities path towards Enlightenment, Ascension and the Embodiment of pure states of Bliss.
  • Anyone who knows and feels at their core that this is right for them.

KA’ryna appreciates and honors all beings….but prefers to allow other teachers to guide and assist those that:

  • Want quick answers and easy solutions to fix their life.
  • Are looking for a life coached or business mentor.
  • Wanting to start a spiritual practise ie Reiki or Healing with Crystals.
  • Are thinking this is lightworker or new age teachings.
  • Are still searching and seeking to find themselves.
  • Curious but not sure if they are ready.
  • Want to dabble and play with spiritual concepts.
  • Looking to find their lucky numbers for the lottery.
  • Have not done any type of spiritual work
  • Are superstitious or fearful.

Personal Session Offer

{Limited to 33 Master Beings}

You will receive:

  • Private time with a world-renowned spiritual teacher,
    to ask the deepest questions in your heart.
  • Profound messages, openings and remembrances of your True and Holy Self.
  • An email follow-up with extra guidance and wisdom from one of KA’ryna and GrandMother’s Teachings
  • A recording of your personal session for continued growth and awareness.
Regular price $777

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $222

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page
Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.
What others are saying about KA’ryna SH’ha…
Whether in Circle with Grandmother, a Private Session or in our quiet moments of resonance as Beings of Light, you bring through the energies which allow us all to rise up and feel the True Self within us.

Our communications have brought me to a new place of honesty within myself that had been locked away since birth and feared of being seen and felt. Now it is weaving its threads into the hearts of all.

Your commitment to the Divine in each of us is truly a gift to humanity and I thank you for moving through all of the density and never surrendering to its false powers.”

It is always such a Joy to share in this Sacred Space with you and Beloved Grandmother.

Each of these Blessings have brought forth so many avenues of transformation for each of us who have been present.

WE have come through so much to be here now and find our Family in so many different places operating now in their fields of expertise. ~Charlie Riverman Bergeron

KA’ryna, thank you precious heart. My soul rejoices and tears come through my heart when I listen to GrandMother’s message. Thank you and all of the sacred circles. Many Blessings. ~Guilherme B astos

Dear Grandmother, something strange is happening to my energy levels. After our call this evening… my mood wasnt spectacular because i was at the office just soaking up the energy… then during the session… i can feel my body elevating to a higher source… it was so high that i would normally notice the symbols and sounds but was taken somewhere entirely new. And your melodic singing… adjusted something inside. Then we finished with a group mindshare… it was really very lovely and pure heart. I had so much fun, thank you:-) for calling us in.

This is a sacred channel to connect with… in my case, my awareness has doubled and my intuition tripled — thank you KA’ryna and GrandMother for giving this. When energy wishes to get thru… the energy climbs over and through others… the energy flow is like a stream. Thank you and best wishes. ~William Hugo Yang

Ka’ryna! Thank you so much for your incredible gracious generosity of sharing the gift of Grandmother with us, and gathering Beloved souls in such a sacred manner. I truly enjoyed my first experience of circling with you, and I’m deeply honored by Grandmother‘s presence. I feel profoundly deep reverberations from her personal blessing to me last night in my being still and I’m holding this tenderly and with great gratitude! Wishing you much much grace and ease as you share with wider circles these powerful transmissions to uplift us all into the 0neness! Many many blessings, and much love to you, KA’ryna! ~Leslie Ney O'Neill

Finally, finally, finally joining your beautiful circle KA’ryna SH’ha! ….and it is gloriously sacred!!!! This significant subject is oh, so timely broadcasted… Thank you for your love-transcendent work to the Divine…..much much MUCH LOVE and Appreciation to you, dear one,!!!!!!!
Absolutely embracing the heart and soul and core of this most inspiring message. There are no words to describe the resonating Truth this bears. Thank you KA’ryna SH’ha for your pristine presence and your ongoing determination to create a sacred space where all may sit in the Presence. <3 ~Brandon Brown

So beautiful … tingles all over whilst reading and tears flowing as the soul recognizes the beauty of just BEING … heartfelt gratitude … magnified blessings of the beautiful Golden Light of the Cosmos. ~Lillian Marion

Such wonderful illumined Truths from beloved Grandmother. Thank you for your Heart Uplifting clarity and immense service, dearest KA’ryna ~Philip Young

so grateful to you GrandMother and KA’ryna.. “a perfect prayer offered through the breadth and breath of your Living Light in all of Creation.” ~Greg Haner

Thank you, KA’ryna As I travelled through your word-tones, I experienced various parts of my form begin to sparkle It felt like a shower of Light being beamed and received by my right shoulder, my left hip, the side of my throat, my lower back, the top of my head ~ simultaneously my heart was filling filling expanding filling expanding through each of these areas, and more, until we became ONE WE ARE ONE HEART

Thank you, KA’ryna SH’ha and GrandMother AH’LU’SHa’Mah, for sharing yOUR exquisite Blessings of Truth-Speak, in so many intersecting realms of reality. I always appreciate, deeply, the Grace of yOUR offerings. This moment of NOW is equally resonant. I am particularly grateful for your opening remarks. I welcomed your confirmation with great gratitude. ~Joie Bourisseau

My goodness… The eloquence, potency, bliss and power of this love letter from Grandmother has further expanding my already bursting heart…we’re becoming Suns. ~Haumea Hanakahi

Thank you KA’ryna for sharing your deep profound truth. This speaks so deeply within me and is much needed. In deep gratitude for the divine messages that you share ~Heather Leonard

KA’ryna SH’ha is a profound beautiful name from the orbs of creation. Thank you for this exquisite post of comfort and joy from GrandMother. ~Faith Alexander

Feeling very blessed to connect with one very lovely beloved soul sister KA’ryna SH’ha tonight. She is a goddess and sings like a beautiful enchanted angel, she is one! She sang and drummed and our hearts connected on zoom tonight. Shine On Karyna! ~Berndette Davis

Thank YOU, Beloved KA’ryna for this purely powerful and authentic message! The truth you have shared went straight to my heart tonight <3 May we all step deeper into the sharing of our Highest Expressions of Love in service to Gaia and ALL Life <3 ~Heather Powers

Let the light shine on – I am open to this powerful transmission…..I love that image of the sacred self being so protected and safe by the light and divine intellegence. ~Rebecca Renee Randolph

Personal Session Offer

{Limited to 33 Master Beings}

You will receive:

  • Private time with a world-renowned spiritual teacher,
    to ask the deepest questions in your heart.
  • Profound messages, openings and remembrances of your True and Holy Self.
  • An email follow-up with extra guidance and wisdom from one of KA’ryna and GrandMother’s Teachings
  • A recording of your personal session for continued growth and awareness.
Regular price $777

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $222

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page
Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.

About KA’ryna SH’ha

KA’ryna SH’ha, has devoted a quarter century to creating powerful shifts in awareness through Heart-Principled Leadership….Zeroing in on the keys to unlock our dynamic sacred and spiritual potential for profound growth through Love. When an individual human heart harmonizes with its deepest gifts and highest calling we all grow…everyone’s life increases in Love.

She is an internationally acclaimed Wisdom Teacher, Award Winning Multi-Media Artist, Author, Sacred Choral Singer, Musician and Master of Ascended Consciousness Principles. Her radiant, sensitive and loving awareness inspires us to awaken into “The Grace of Presence”; she calls the “Heart-Field” of Enlightenment.

Known as Grandmother AH’LU’ Sha’Mah- A Master Shambhala Byung Tau, Spiritual Teacher of Advanced Metaphysics, offering the “Sacred Gateways of the Heart Masters”, realizing permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness.

As the youngest of eight children in a spiritually–centered family, KA’ryna’s 3 near death experiences have shaped the loving essence of her Ascended Heart Teachings. Her many years alone in contemplative practices have shaped her philosophic and artistic ascetic. Her love of ceremonial performance and sacred musical arts are derived from a deep yearning to connect humanity with its cosmic and spiritual roots of Presence through the heart of Love.

Chronological Life Events:

  • Ka’ryna’s early life and up to the age of 33 was almost cut short 3 times due to severe illness. The deep overwhelm of being in the midst of mystical experiences was something she kept to herself…with a prophetic knowing of her times to come.
  • In 1991 she met her husband and partner Gaspar who brought her out of her cloistered world and onto the World stage. Together from 1992 to present they have traveled and offered teachings and ceremonies to thousands around the world.
  • In 1993, after a lengthy illness she gave birth to her only child, a son named Liam (Elysium).
  • In 2004 she received and began the journey of developing the 13 Golden Codes of Creation as a direct transmission of Golden light to share with humanity the Ancient Practices of the Harmonic Heart Masters.
  • In 2011 she delivered the first major global appearance of the 13 Golden Codes of Creation before an audience of 5,000 in Denver Colorado at a ceremony to mark the 11 11 11.
  • In 2012 she held ceremonies world-wide for the Fertilization of Global and Universal Consciousness marking the Completion of the Cycle of Cycles.
  • In 2013 she held council for the first time with visionary and spiritual leaders to mark celestial events world-wide.
  • In 2014 as a Guest of the United Nations…she embarked upon a 4 ½ month (July-Nov) “Global Heart Attunement” Tour and Spiritual Residency through the U.S. Launching the World premiere of her DVD, “Opening the Libraries of Liberation” Holding Private and Public Ceremonies, Multi-Media Events and Meetings with Global Spiritual Leaders.
  • In 2015 along with her beloved partner Gaspar Magistar, KA`ryna SH`ha Launched the Global Heart Attunement for Harmonizing the “Waters of the World”.
  • 2016-2018 KA’ryna began to share the teachings of “GrandMother Speaks…” to audience’s worldwide bringing further recognition to the Heart-Principled Teachings of Luminous Living and Luminous Leadership Training.
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