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Channel for ManTarA, a group of Light Beings – Angelic Light Language


The Divine Spark Empowerment Course
Nurturing and Kindling the Divine aspects of You to Awaken Your Spiritual Abilities and facilitate the Confidence to Use them
No matter what range of abilities you have available to you we can help you relax into their empowered awakening and strengthening so that you can experience the Joy of feeling Purposeful and in Alignment with your Divine nature.

This course is for you if:

  • You now choose to play a bigger game in any aspect of your Life
  • You know you have spiritual gifts and abilities but have been frustrated in allowing them to flourish and be active in your life.
  • You desire to live an authentically purposeful life
  • You are ready to release what has been limiting your ability to show up with confidence
  • You wish to EnJoy Being your Divine Self
  • You may have done various trainings but you can’t manage to start utilising those abilities in a big enough way.
This opportunity will:

  • Be a powerful energetic catalyst for you to achieve individual intentional outcomes.
  • Provide lots of information and tips on how to practically develop and own your spiritual gifts and abilities.
  • Liberate you from your preconceived beliefs regard what your gifts look like and what you “should” do to activate them.
  • Release the limiting emotional energy that has prevented you till now from stepping into this expansive reality for yourself.
  • Help you relax and allow this process to flow easily and gracefully.
  • Be exciting and High vibrational, because this is really ManTarA’s mission and My passion.
  • Lead into the Bright Lights Activation Course for those who feel drawn to go further.
What’s included:
PART 1 – 2 Recorded Calls of 4 Hr duration each

These are the calls that were delivered live when we delivered this package originally.
They cover a wealth of information and inspiration to help you move forward on your path to Being the Divine Spark, as well as awesome Question and Answer sessions that helped facilitate powerful transformations that are available to all who choose to listen at any time.

The calls can easily be broken up and listened to in parts, and the following MP3s were recorded on the Live Calls- and are available as seperate files to download in a good audio quality format.


  • Relaxing into the Authentic Divine You (15 min): A foundational meditative experience to set your intentions on the big outcome, and help you to relax into allowing it to actualize.
  • Calling In and Re-Igniting Your Gifts and Abilities from the Past (15min): You have done so many amazing things in the distant past when the Light was strong and you were not so influenced by a controlling society, this meditation helps you to recall the energy of those abilities to boost your confidence in stepping forward today.

Light Language Sessions:

  • Embracing the Confidence to Show Up as the biggest version of You (30min): A powerful experience in a space created with Light Language to truly embrace the real confidence of your Divine or Higher Self.
  • Releasing the need to be Perfect, Releasing the need to Fix Yourself, before you can have your Gifts You are Worthy (20min): Utilising Light Language to lubricate the process of releasing indoctrinated beliefs that keep you locked in critical self-judgment and thus limited in what you will allow yourself to share.
  • Releasing the Fears and Limitations to Owning and Utilising your Gifts and Abilities, You are Safe (30min): A deeper releasing process, using powerful Light Language to free you of the old energetic limitations.
  • Calling in Opportunities, Clients, Allies, and Support, to help facilitate your Joyful Purposeful Life (15min): Looking towards your goals and calling it in. Aligning with the outcome of a Joyful Purposeful Life, and Tusting that the support will be present.

PART 2 – 7 videos

7 videos that were recorded live on facebook answering questions and Requests that presented when we delivered this package live. They are spontaneous and candid sharings that both deliver some inspired wisdom as well as transmitting the energy that facilitates transformation that serves you.

Some of the titles include:

  • Forgiveness and Self Love
  • Using Tools in an Empowered way
  • The Power of Listening and Holding Space
  • The Blank Canvas

PART 3 – 6-Week Remote Energy Support

We will work with the whole group as well, as with you individually, to hold you in a supportive energetic container, each day for six weeks starting from the day of purchase. Our intention will be to support you, as you use the mp3’s from the package, in releasing those discordant energies from your field that have been keeping you out of the experience of Divine Authentic Confidence, Self-Worth and Love and Freedom to Be the Divine Spark.


You will receive:

The Divine Spark Empowerment Course:

  • 2 Recorded Calls of 4 Hr duration each
  • 7 videos Q&A calls
  • 6-Week Remote Energy Support

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page


Everything in Package A Plus
The following MP3 programs (a supportive library)
  • Opening to be the Channel (English 8:08min, Light Language 16:22min): Channelling is not nearly as weird as many people believe, and can easily become a natural part of your life. This Session will help you relax into allowing your authentic higher wisdom to be expressed through you, whether verbal, written, or in some other way.
  • Trusting your intuition (English 5:55min, Light Language 16:00min): Most people want their intuitive guidance to become more obvious, but in my experience to make good use of our intuitive guidance requires us to accept that it is subtle and then be prepared to get quiet and listen to it at that level and then trust what we get, despite the fact it comes with no proof.
  • Free to Be Me (English 2:42min, Light Language 9 x 6min individual releasing sessions, Ambient wave soundscape over the LL 9 x 6min individual sessions): Awesomely powerful tool to help you release 9 very common fears that may be limiting your ability to be free to embrace the truth of You and allow your gifts and abilities to be present. There are two versions of each track, the original Light Language, or the Light Language volume turned down and overlaid with an ambient soundtrack of waves against the shore. The sessions can be looped in any series and played in the background with great effect.
  • I Breathe In My Divine Light (English 6:24min, Light Language 22:33min): This foundational practice is very simple and involves combining your intentions with deep breathing to consciously bring more light into you being, and thus raise your vibration. Then to employ your exhalation to release the discordant energies that oppose the new higher vibration that you have chosen. Resulting in a faster and easier transformation into the life you desire.
  • Being the Greatness of You (English 3:12min, Light Language 19:49min): So, the intentions that we bring to this session of Light Language, is to facilitate enough expansion and relaxation in your field that the indoctrinations and energetic limitations and fears that have you stressed and scattered and busy proving yourself worthy of survival can be released so that you can come to know and claim and just BE your Greatness in a very relaxed and Authentic way. Nothing to prove and nothing to hide, simply happy and content to be Great as You are.
  • Relaxing into Authentic Purpose (English 5:27min, Light Language 20:00min): As you release the contraction around needing to find the mythical, grandiose purpose, and just start following your Heart into purposeful actions you can just relax and then the resulting expansion in your energetic field allows bigger or more expansive purposeful actions or projects to become options for you to choose.
  • Nothing is more Powerful than You (English 9:10min, Light Language 22:50min): The main intention of this Light Language session is to help you realise the truth that no other being is inherently more powerful than you so that you can release the fear of being overpowered, victimised, and harmed by other beings. Knowing that as you release the Fear you are always inherently more safe. Also as you accept the truth that you are an equally powerful being, you necessarily accept your own worthiness and thus facilitate the release of self-doubts and beliefs of not good enough and other huge limitations to living a happy abundant lifestyle.
  • Authenticity – Recorded Group Call (90 min): This call discusses the challenges to living authentically. The Light Language session releases the most important energies that have been holding you back from being authentic, including indoctrinated belief systems, leading you to a more joyous life.
  • Purpose – Recorded Group Call (90min): In this call, we help you understand that purpose is more about you expressing yourself in an authentic way in the world. The Light Language session creates a space where whatever limiting energies from your past that have been keeping you out of being able to show up in an authentic purposeful way can be released.
  • Connecting with a Guide – Recorded Group Meditation (30min): A guided meditation with Light Language to help you connect more deeply with a spirit guide to receive information, transformational energy, or support that will serve you in moving forward on the process of Embracing your Divine Light and shining out bright.


You will receive:

  • 10 MP3 programs (a supportive library)

The Divine Spark Empowerment Course:

  • 2 Recorded Calls of 4 Hr duration each
  • 7 videos Q&A calls
  • 6-Week Remote Energy Support

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page


Everything in Package B Plus
60 minutes Personal Session with Matt

This is an opportunity to have ManTarA address your personal issues or limitations and have specific energies brought forth to assist you in expanding into your greater potential and releasing the deep discordant energies from your field that have been attracting unpleasant situations into your life.

The format of this session will be tailored to suit your requirements. In addition to working with the Light Language to facilitate expansion on the energetic front, we also quite often support the work with coaching-style practical steps to empower you in the process and help your intellectual mind to evolve and become more allowing of the process. Although we work in an intuitive way, we do not do “readings” as such — we are much more interested in facilitating the energies required for you to become empowered enough to know for yourself.

Note: The session will be recorded.

An Awesome Bonus Set
  • Release, Reset, and Restore (21:00min): Whether you are experiencing emotional turmoil, mental anxiety, or physical discomfort, this session is intended to be like and emergency first aid treatment to Release the energies that have you stuck in that loop and allow a Reset to energetically occur, so that you can Restore a sense of peace and balance, and Regain your empowered confidence, almost like the Light Language equivalent of the Rescue Remedy in flower essences.
  • Here Now Grounded (14:44min): This session is intended to support you in Grounding into the present moment, and grounding into the being that you are, so that you can stand firmly here on the earth in the 3D world and act in an empowered way with all of the wisdom and divine knowing that you have available to you as a magnificent Being of Light.
  • Clear, Purify, & Uplift V2 (18:18min): The language of this session very powerfully shakes out density darkness and discordance from the spaces that it is played in. The intention is to remove all energies (whether residue fragments or living entities) from the space that are not conducive to your highest Joy and Happiness, then to allow the natural balance and harmony to be restored so the space can support, nurture and uplift you into your higher frequencies.
  • Angel Grease 2 (15:55) (New): Angel Grease, as we understand it, is an extremely fluid energetic substance that can be applied to an extensive range of situations or processes to reduce friction and allow ease and fluidity. This short activation is intended to empower you with the ability to invoke and use Angel Grease in all sorts of applications in your day to day life, so that things can flow more smoothly and easily for you and those whom you choose to help.


You will receive:

  • 60 min personal session
  • 10 MP3 programs (a supportive library)
  • 4 Bonus MP3s

The Divine Spark Empowerment Course:

  • 2 Recorded Calls of 4 Hr duration each
  • 7 videos Q&A calls
  • 6-Week Remote Energy Support

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $247

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page
Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.

What others are saying about Matt Andrews & ManTaRa


I had a session with Matt Andrews / ManTaRa last night. Working with them is such an enormously transformational and enriching experience. I don’t know anybody else who is able to hold such unconditionally loving, non-judgmental space.

I have been working with ManTaRa for about a year now and I have grown tremendously in the last 12 months. I have experienced a huge opening in the acceptance of my own intuitive gifts and am still in the process of discovering and developing new psychic abilities. My confidence has grown enormously and I can move through challenges with a totally different attitude. In his various support groups on FB, Matt goes out of his way in supporting every single person present. ManTaRa’s work is not a quick fix, it requires your time and commitment to what you choose to manifest in your life – but it absolutely does work and it speeds up the process quite a bit.

I can’t wait to start working with their new package. Matt is such a joyful person and this package will bring such powerful uplifting change to everyone who will decide to engage with it! It will be so worth it!!

Lea, Sweeden

“I knew my session with Matt/ManTaRa was going to be profound twenty four hours before it even began.

I had just purchased a series of their mp3’s and was listening to one when I noticed that the constant pain in my left shoulder (which has been a chronic problem for the past 15 years) had suddenly diminished considerably. I hadn’t been focusing on the pain at the time or even thinking about it, but its lessening was powerfully noticeable.

During my one on one session with Matt/ManTaRa the next day, I found them to be empathic, congenial and wise, with profound wisdom to share. The Light Language was incredibly relaxing and soothing and I came away from the session with clear insights and a strong sense of peace. My shoulder has continued to improve and I am finding I now have more clarity in decision making, as well as greater self awareness in identifying my needs and implementing self care.

Matt himself is a delightful and generous soul and it is a true pleasure to work with him and ManTaRa. I am excited to continue this journey.”

Zina, Author, Canada

Hari Om Tatsat ( light is the only truth)
this is a #testimonial for dear Matt Andrews and beloved ManTaRa… who work with pure light <3

I had somehow been attracted to light language (not knowing what it was), and bought the pkg to try it out…

Matt puts a LOT of effort in preparing the pkgs – as you can see that he not only provides an explanation to each mp3, but separates out the light language mp3s, which may be separated out to listen with/without sound (he knows his audience, and how best they can use the beautiful work <3)

When I started out with them.. the mp3s provided me with immense calmness… and I felt filled with light… and beautiful sound vibrations….

I revisited the pkg…recently…I was in deep depression and had lost my job (despite being an honest worker)… and felt like nothing in this world could help me….

The amount of safety and love I felt after I heard the mp3s brought me back to my sanity. I knew I had not done anything wrong… and I felt strong that its ok…
trust me, I have had my worse days, but his work is of one of the highest qualities (and yes, I have worked with some of the best healers and light workers), and has helped me become better…..

We ALL have these issues…relationship, money, something going wrong.. etc, etc… but if we can retain our inner peace, I think that’s the best gift…

Love n Light <3


“This package has created for me a powerful Divine Container for transformation. After a major health issue, I have been able to reclaim my gifts and, adjust to my 3D reality in order to develop a purposeful project that I could concretely implement. I moved from dreaming to taking action. I found an unexpected financial support and obtained from my day job a half time starting in a few months so that I can work on launching a meaningful business, aligned on who I am and still enough integrated in the current mind-set that my day job is fine with that. This is the smooth financial transition I have been hoping for years. I even got a raise from my day job regarding how much they pay each hour! I have found the inspiration for my first workshop and am delighted to be designing my website!

I received tremendous support from Matt through the session and in the group. His witnessing is both uplifting and encouraging when you intend to take concrete step toward embodying more of Who You really Are. His understanding of the process of “release” of old energy is invaluable when you let go of your old energetical luggage. The degree of unconditional Love that flows through his channelled processes is nowhere else to be found.” Sylvie, art therapist

Many Breakthroughs that Helped Me be a Better Healer

So much gratitude to Matt and ManTarA! My 1-1 session was so phenomenal; feel I can’t do justice with my words describing it. Matt was so loving, patience, kind, and sooo supportive. ManTarA Light language speaks to my Soul so profoundly that I “cried a river”, so much releasing & clearing, so many insights, immersed in infinite Love, and support from Above. What I also love about Matt and ManTarA is that they lovingly help guide us back to our True Essence, who we REALLY are, and effortlessly abiding in the Heart space of allowance, peace, unconditional love, support, and trust where the concerns from our “list” are irrelevant. I also quickly had a lot of breakthroughs shortly after working with Matt & ManTarA that helped me become even a better healer, shining my Light even brighter, and feel empowered to make several more powerful healing MP3s for which before I was definitely not confident before since these MP3s topics were way out of my comfort zone. Also, before my 1-1 session, just after listening to 3 of Matt’s MP3 early in the day, that evening I spontaneously started to speak similar Light language. This never happened to me before and the experience was so healing, filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude.

Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM, Dimensional Healing

Replaced Exhaustion with Light and Ease

“I want to thank Matt Andrews for such an amazing session. Many people forget that light workers are also prone to exhaustion and stress on occasion and it was such a blessing to be able to connect with Matt and his amazing Channel of Light who lifted my tiredness and replaced my being with light and ease and also answered many of my unspoken questions regarding the direction I am taking. There are no words to describe what the session is actually like! It has to be experienced to be believed. Matt and his Channel spoke in Light Language that reached into the deepest levels of my being and were spot on with the issues that I was holding on to. Thank you Matt. The changes continue to be felt. You are a blessing to this World.

Sandra St.Yves (Quantum-Transformations)

A Huge Gain in Self Worth and Confidence

Previously I had done a lot of inner work and healing work, and yet from working with Matt and ManTarA I have received remarkable results. My major breakthrough has been a huge gain in self worth and confidence, which was a major issue throughout my life. I came to the May immersion program with an open mind, and really wondering why I’m trying yet another healing journey. I had half given up that a good life is for me, very heartbroken that although I could access my intuition; I could not put things into action due to self-esteem and worth issues. Matt is an amazing facilitator of transformation, holding a loving space, and looking out for your best interest. A great hearted man. I love the combination of Empowerment with support and Matt’s wisdom, making the experience fun and effective. I have accessed greater trust in my intuition, focus and feel great and excited to be alive, experiencing all life offers. I also developed a deeper relationship with Spirit. I feel empowered. Life is All good. Thank you Matt and ManTaRa.

Michelle, Sydney

After 40 years I could feel that my spine was unwinding the twists

I have had the most wonderful experience after the support call. The next day, I felt really off and was having a lot of discomfort in my whole spine and especially my neck and feeling like my head was not on straight even more than usual. Over the next couple of days, I had severe pain in sections of my back where the spine was twisted from a car accident many years ago. Then, my body began to integrate all of the changes that it was making and I could feel that my spine was unwinding the twists. I played the call again last night and have felt really good today.

I have been working on this for forty years and now in just a couple of days it feels like my spine is able to release the trauma. I am so grateful to you and ManTarA.” Thank you.

Much love to you Matt,


The Experience is Deeply Nurturing to every part of My Existence

I have been listening to Matt’s cleansing mp3s for about 2 weeks. I have been picking which ones I feel to listen to each time as I go. I have been in a dark night of the soul experience for about 6 years and doing lots and lots of work on myself. I have been diving deeper and deeper, and it’s been hard on all aspects of me and my life. I’m sure many can relate at this time. These Mp3’s and the intentions layered within have been blasting away HUGE amounts of the struggle I usually experience through my growth while clearing the field at the same time! Exactly what I have needed. The experience whilst in the space Matt creates is deeply nurturing to every part of my existence as with all his work. Thank you Matt and ManTaRa

Emily, Sydney

Body is Finally Pain Free after Years of ongoing Problems

It is with a very humble heart and great privilege that I have this opportunity to express my great love and gratitude for the healing journey Matt Andrews and myself have walked…

From our very 1st session together it has been a journey of discovery, trust, healing and love. Matt’s beautiful nature, friendliness and authenticity shines through in the way he conducts himself and his healings. There is a great sense of Faith and belief in the process. The healing and transformation together has been one of great growth and awakening in all areas of my life. I’m in much gratitude for our time spent as we have peeled away layer upon layer of suppression, limiting beliefs, fears and long since done memories. I’m proud to say I’ve re-awakened to so much self-love, inner trust, freedom, truth and understanding of the gift that we all are, through our sessions. ManTaRa’s healings have allowed me to see the abundance of love and support that is in, and around, my life. My body is so much stronger and finally pain free after years of on going problems.

Paul Jackson, Titahi Bay, NZ.

About Matt Andrews
Matt comes from a very intellectual, left brained, training as a professional mechanical engineer. However he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

While Matt’s amazingly powerful work with ManTarA is a relatively new phase in this life, it is not an overnight transformation. Through his dedicated and disciplined practice of traditional yoga and meditation over the last 20 years he has purified his energy system, strengthened his awareness and raised his vibrational frequency, which allowed him to reconnect to his higher Self and ManTarA. However he is still a down to earth, well-grounded guy that enjoys a good laugh, and his progressive transformation has unfolded while living, working and raising a family in our modern society.

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