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Why is this course important now?

The 3D Matrix is transforming and Starseeds are activating now across the planet to embrace a higher potential of light and flow. During this process our 3D limited ego selves are also going through an upgrade. This is because it is not possible to take our 3D ego selves into a higher frequency band of light. Our ego-personality needs to be upgraded so that it can become a faithful container for our light. When the war ends between our ego selves and our Higher Self then we can take the next step forward in our evolutionary path.

What will this course give you?

This course consists of four pre-recorded modules (video format) that are designed to help you explore and experience transcending your ego and connect you to the true nature of spiritual power. In turn this will help you release lower frequency energies and associated layers of struggle in your reality. Each module consists of an attunement, a talk with Q+A, a transmission-meditation.

What is the structure of the course?

The four levels are; etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each session allows you to access a greater potential of clarity, energy, joy, intuition, love and power to ignite in your life.

  • Session 1. Clearing and upgrading the Etheric Body.
  • Session 2. Clearing and upgrading the Emotional Body.
  • Session 3. Clearing and upgrading the Mental Body.
  • Session 4. Embracing Your Higher Self.

Are you ready to bring more light to your personality and thereby birth a new you? Are you ready to transform all sense of limitation and separation to know the magnificence of your inner light, your Higher Self? If you are ready to release struggle and suffering and step into more of the wisdom, power, inspiration, and freedom of your Higher Self, then this is the course for you.

Please Note: This course is recorded and you will receive the recordings (attunements, information with Q+A, plus a transmission).

Special Offer
5D Light Medicine Technology Online Course
Regular Price $195
Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97
What others are saying about Steve Nobel
I just want to offer you the deepest deepest thanks and gratitude for your wonderful transmissions. They have become an integral part of my life (and well-being), and honestly I don’t know where I’d be without them! Ananja

I want to share and experience with Steve because of all the joy I have received from his meditations. I was sitting meditating and visualizing the golden white light from the universe entering my body and then I felt something not quite complete with this. Just like I never really could fully relate to breathing in this light and exhaling all the darkness out into the Universe. Every skin pore on my body became a portal for this light and energy to enter and I could feel all the darkness and negativity dissolve in this golden white light inside my body and when I exhaled I exhaled an even brighter light than what I had inhaled. Unbelievable to feel myself adding to the beauty and light of this beautiful planet and not sending all my darkness out. Making every pore on my body the portal felt so complete and not just the crown chakra etc. There are so many meditators breathing out negativity into the universe and not realizing what is really happening, if all meditators would send out beautiful light WOW. Love your site. Terry

had an amazing experience, listening to the Lyran starseed…downloading the 5D, I cried of thankfulness 3 times during this, my palms were flattened out totally, never seen my palm like this, almost impossible posture. My face was like opened up. Had a little pain but was not afraid. Still shaking and my palms still so hot and for a long time like a stream of water flowing inside my palms. Thank you for this and I am going to follow you and explore more videos. Namaste Karla

Steve Nobel is a master healer. He has such finely tuned intuition, years of experience working with people, and a wide set of tools. His work is deep, fast and powerful. He is the healer all the healers go to. Dominique

THANK YOU for the wonderful workshop. Since the workshop, so much has come into alignment for me, I can’t begin to describe how joyful I feel as I had been stuck for quite a while. I ‘woke up’ in 1989 and have been honoured to have had many amazing leaps in life through various healing, workshops, retreats and so on, but the Starseed one was legendary! I knew when I left the Columbia Hotel that some very deep healing had occurred and that it would consolidate over time. Judy

Special Offer
5D Light Medicine Technology Online Course
Regular Price $195
Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

About Steve Nobel & Tarryn Slade

Steve Ahnael Nobel is the author of 5 non-fiction books, the most recent entitled ‘Starseeds’. Steve is a spiritual coach and mentor. He was the director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years. After leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012 he founded a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing which helps people clear multidimensional blocks and opens up the channel for more of your soul potential to flow. He runs a very popular YouTube platform that offers meditation-transmissions. He runs workshops and retreats, at the present mostly in the UK and Europe. He also offers online courses.

Tarryn Slade is a gifted Intuitive Guide & Mentor passionate about guiding lightworkers to discover their own personal greatness. She works with individuals who feel innately called & ready to make changes in their life and dive deep into ‘The Human Experience’.

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