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Stella Maris® Guided Meditations

Stella Maris® Awaken Your Divine Feminine Super Powers

Stella Maris® Divine Light Blessing Labels

Stella Maris® Guided Meditations

The Stella Maris guided visionary meditations are designed to:

  • Connect you with dolphin wisdom and the healing energy of their consciousness
  • Activate your divinity/Higher Self and anchor your ability to walk as your true self
  • Heal and restore your inner child
  • Clear and heal energetic blocks
  • Open your intuitive channels
    Awaken your ancient wisdom and gifts
  • Align and balance all 4 levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Help you discover your Beauty Way so you can follow your highest calling and live in spiritual connection
  • Learn daily practices to bring the sacred and beautiful into your life
  • Affirm the qualities of your true self
  • Ignite your sense of wonder, fun, laughter, and joy
  • Dive into the unknown and create the life of your dreams through the divine feminine approach
  • Reclaim the power of your imagination and visionary ability so you can embrace your role as a New World Imagineer
  • Remember your role as a light activator, leader, and warrior: recognize yourself as a catalyst for shaping the future of our world.
  • Magnify your ability to co-create with Source for your own life and the good of all beings
  • Balance your divine feminine and divine masculine energy
  • Infuse you with more joy, fun, and laughter
The meditations include twelve different visionary activations guided by the individual members of Stella Maris. Meet each pod member up close and personal. Theseus invites you to the Temple of Delphi in ancient Greece. Mahadra brings you to a water healing ceremony where your senses are healed and your quantum human abilities are activated in the sapphire blue water. The Stella Maris children take you on magical adventures from islands to ocean temples to activate your inner joy, light, and love. Visit the Stella Maris temple in the Pleiades where Queen A’Mara will help you to remember your divine nobility. Join Stella Maris for this unique audio journey designed to awaken your consciousness and bless your life.
Included tracks of the Stella Maris Guided Visionary Meditations 
(3.5 hours, MP3 format).

  • Introduction
  • The Gift- Adena
  • The Prayer of Stella Maris
  • 1 Kaleosi- Messenger of Divine Vision
  • 2 Luz- Messenger of Divine Light
  • 3 Lolli- Messenger of Divine Joy
  • 4 Ra – Messenger of Divine Play
  • 5 Phaedra- Messenger of Divine Laughter
  • 6 Ama- Messenger of Divine Love
  • 7 Mahadra- Messenger of Divine Water Healing
  • 8 Theseus- Messenger of Ancient Wisdom
  • 9 Grandmother Izoma and Grandfather Skylan- Messengers of Divine Alignment
  • 10 Kelti- Messenger of Divine Freedom
  • 11 Queen A’Mara
  • 12 Drahana- Light Warrior Messenger

Stella Maris® Awaken Your Divine Feminine Super Powers

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Super Powers (Series 1)

Do not look at the world and ask why, imagine what is possible and ask… why not? Stella Maris

We invite you to be the catalyst of world awakening through the power of your love and light. Awaken your divine feminine super powers with Stella Maris! Travel beyond space and time by accessing the freedom of your light body and inner abilities. Visit empowered sites and receive activations from Stella Maris, Divine Feminine Ascended Masters, the Water Being, Nature, and Source. Experience attunements to restore your innate receptivity, imagination, and ability to access other realms through your inner world.

The guided meditations combine Stella Maris’ powerful vibrations of love and light with the initiation of sacred feminine sites to catalyze your awakening, healing, and evolution as a divine human. They are designed to attune your inner wisdom, heal your heart, activate your self love, clear your channels, awaken your divine feminine gifts, align you with your highest destiny, activate your divine creativity, and to support the life of your dreams. Each class includes a Stella Maris light messages related to the topic and guided activation journey.

  • Align with Your Destiny Path
  • Heal Your Heart
  • Travel to sacred sites on Gaia Earth and Beyond
  • Remember the Power of Your Imagination
  • Receive Help in Grounding and Anchoring New Frequencies Within Your Body
  • Restore Your Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balance
  • Claim Your Divine Leadership, Will, and Power of Your Voice
  • Activate the Wisdom of Your Starlight Heart
  • Immerse Yourself in Sacred Intuition
  • Clear Your Divine Feminine Channels (ESP and Clairs)
  • Access Your Infinity Creativity and
  • Learn Principle of Co-Creation with Source
  • Receive the Blessings of Stella Maris and Divine Feminine Teachers
  • Experience the Incredible Healing and Transmission of Water
  • Restore Your Innate Divine Feminine Gifts and Inner Doorways
  • Come to Peace with Your Humanity
  • Learn how to Live Your Divinity
  • Delight, Play, Laugh, and Enjoy
  • Remember Who You Are
  • Create Your Beauty Way

Super Power #1: Your Divine Will and Empowered Voice
Mary Magdalene, Saint-Baume, France

Journey to the south of France for an initiation with Mary Magdalene. Awaken the power of your divine will and activate your true voice. Receive her blessings for your life and role as a divine feminine leader. Release fears and access support for coming out of the spiritual closet. Activation of inner listening, courage, writing, and speaking ability.

Super Power #2: Your Rose Star Heart Guidance
Mother Mary, Red & White Spring, Glastonbury, England

Experience the beauty of Chalice Well Garden, the red and white springs, and receive the activation of your starlight heart guidance from Mother Mary. Transmissions of the rose and flower beings. Healing of your inner children and reclaiming of your imagination.

Super Power #3: Your Sacred Intuition
Mermaids of Atlantis & Stella Maris Dolphins, Bimini, Bahamas

Dive into the Bimini blue waters and explore the crystal pyramid with the mermaids and dolphins of Stella Maris. Explore the golden temples, receive light language blessings, and attune your sacred intuition. Receive clarity on what is your intuition and what is your mind.

Super Power #4: Your Divine Feminine Channels (Clairs)
Quan Yin & Stella Maris Dolphins, Mount Putuo Island, China

Travel to the island of Mount Putuo to Quan Yin’s temple to receive her blessings of self-love. Restore your divine feminine sensory abilities, the clairs, so you may see, hear, feel, touch, and perceive in new ways. The dolphins of Stella Maris will facilitate the healing and clearing of you channels.

Super Power #5: Your Infinite Creativity
Divine Mother & Queen A’Mara, Kaua’i, Hawaii

Leap into your infinite creative power by traveling to the beautiful island of Kaua’i, the land of the priestess. Receive Divine Mother blessings and empowerments from Queen A’Mara and Goddess Pele to activate your Creatrix/Creator energy in partnership with Source. Discover practices to use in daily life for co-creation and the expression of your Beauty Way.

Stella Maris® Divine Light Blessing Labels

The Stella Maris® Blessing Labels are sacred symbols and energy healing tools designed to bless your life. Stella Maris specifically chose each sacred geometric symbol for its transformative and healing power. The labels were created to use with the Stella Maris™ Colored Bottle Collection to infuse water with sacred geometry and the radiance of color, light, and sound. They can be used to make healing elixirs, activate your prayers and intentions, and bless the waters of the world.

The blessing labels connect you to the healing essence of the Divine Source. These powerful symbols can charge your food or drink with healing energy. They can be displayed on mirrors, windows, or doors as a focal point for your intentions. Gazing at these sacred symbols can help you create and live your Beauty Way. Labels include information on the back of the package about the sacred symbols and how they can create healing in your life.

You will receive:

  • Stella Maris® Guided Meditations
  • Awaken Your Divine Feminine Super Powers (Series 1)
  • Stella Maris® Divine Light Blessing Labels

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What others are saying about Adena Tryon…
Adena Tryon is such a Divine Gift to everyone, especially the Crystar Children and the Women wanting to “remember” their Divinity. She is an amazing light activator, showing us how to heal within and then emerge out of the chrysalis, becoming who we truly are, to express fully our creative potential and to shine  brightly in this world. Since connecting with Adena, I now see and feel how Dolphins and Whales and other Divine Beings are not “out there” but are guiding us and surrounding us all the time. Let’s listen to the incredible wisdom they want to share with us as we emerge into this beautiful new Golden Age of Spiritual Awakening.

My awareness has greatly expanded and my life feels so magical since connecting heart to heart with Adena and Stella Maris. I highly recommend connecting with them and reading her incredible book if you desire to polish more of the diamond that you truly are. ~Christina DeRoche, founder and host New Earth Family

I have known Adena for 20 years and have been continuously touched by her generous spirit. I am deeply inspired by her commitment to a spiritual path and following her heart. She lives with integrity and models the wisdom of the divine feminine. Through her work with Stella Maris, I have been inspired to live the Beauty Way and have experienced joy and gratitude beyond my wildest imaginings. ~Suni Teker

Based on their exquisite book Stella Maris Speaks, I had high expectations for my reading with Adena Tryon and Stella Maris but even those fell short of what actually happened: the suggestions provided in the reading, once I went to explore and follow up on them, led to breakthroughs that have given me a whole new, fresh perspective on my interaction with the world and within myself, and that momentum continues. New possibilities are arising and taking shape that surpass what I’d thought possible to imagine. It was one of the most valuable readings I have ever had in my entire life. Adena’s Stella Maris readings are done from a place of high grace, compassion, and beauty and I recommend their work (? is it right to call something “work” when it’s done with such joy?) with my whole heart! ~Laura Marjorie Miller

We were sitting under my Spirit Tree called Miracle and the Ancients came forth with a beautiful vision of Adena Tryon. She was in the ancient continent of MU or more popularly known as Lemuria, which is currently Hawai’i. Adena was in the ocean and around her was a pod of magnificent dolphins. They were communicating inter dimensionally. As she vibrated very high to their frequency she was able to be teleported to other dimensions … to the Stars and her original home in the Pleiades, they also showed her other galaxies. The dolphins showed her how to use their energy to heal, to bring joy to others and to see the divine light in all living things. These experiences and many more are stored in Adena’s DNA, in her Akash. She has awakened to these things because the consciousness on the planet is finally high enough to receive this precious knowledge and many gifts she brings through her book. The souls who are ready, and many are, will resonate to it and be drawn to it creating a collective consciousness that says to the Universe, we are here! We are ready to receive these news gifts from Spirit through this channel Adena. Bring it on! We are divine and we know it! I celebrate these new times and this new energy on our beautiful Gaia and the beauty of Adena’s soul and her courage to come out of the cave and shine her light and share these exquisite teachings with the world. It is time. ~Kahuna Kalei’iliahi

Holy dolphin WOW! This beautiful book and its cast of magical beings is the real deal- a divine transmission. Adena drew me into these holy oceanic realms. And I experienced their profound love and light directly. If you long for the sacred, or simply yearn to serve on a higher level, dive into the illuminated waters of Stella Maris. ~Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

I am so deeply soaking in my session with Stella Maris. It was the medicine I needed, the most beautifully soothing to my soul. My spirit and back are feeling much better. Adena has such an amazing gift and I am so grateful. ~Carley Corrado

Adena’s teachings will give you insight to your own inner power and divine feminine spirit. You will be awakened, held, supported, connected, and encouraged. I had an awakening and remembrance of my divine true spirit in going deep with her teachings. She has a gentle, yet powerful, loving presence and she honors you, sharing her knowledge and gifts of intuition in an authentic, grounded, and creative manner. ~Erini Koulouris

About Adena Tryon
Adena is an author and oracle for Stella Maris.

Adena is a bestselling author and divine feminine mystic who offers group sessions, healing ceremonies, and sacred retreats around the world. Embracing life as a modern-day priestess, Adena teaches the Beauty Way, a divine feminine way of life that honors inherent divinity, joy, and wisdom. The Beauty Way path blooms the sacred heart and inner guidance system to create a joyful, inspiring, and meaningful life. Adena is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver and a Certified SoulCollage ® Facilitator. In her free time, she is immersed in the ocean, listening to nature, writing, painting, and playing with her family.

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