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Special Offer

Voice Sound Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Reader, Pain Release Expert and Medical Intuitive

Learn to connect in Stronger to the Inner Knowing of your “Heart” that knows every answer, to any question you will have in this Lifetime!!!

Discover how you can access your own “Source” of untapped energy and wisdom, but also find out how to integrate your “Higher self” into your everyday life!

This Program Will Assist to:

  • Prepare you to meet your Higher Self.
  • Energetically clear you & your environment out of all lower vibrations in the way of your Higher Self integration.
  • Helps you ascend to your Higher Self.
  • Helps you merge with your Higher Self.
  • Connect stronger to your Soul.
  • Ground in your Soul’s Life-force Energy.
It will help you connect, integrate and merge with your Higher Self and feel the bliss, acceptance of what is, and joy that comes with radiating your True Self to the Universe!
Free yourself of energetic debris and discordant energies from your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

You Will Receive In This Program:

  • Meditations
  • Activations
  • Clearings
As you get rid of more and more low-vibrational, dense energies, you will become more and more “you”. that is , Your true self. Now begin your journey to your innermost self!
Package A
  • Guided meditation to connect you stronger to your Higher-Self for your answers.
  • Ready to hear the small, still voice of your own Higher-Self!
  • This is helpful for someone who would like to attract love into his or her life and get over the heartbreak of a past relationship.
  • Bring deep peace & grounding to your physical body
  • Replenish your energy, while balancing, centering and aligning yourself.
  • Achieve greater clarity and focus.
  • Flush your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to leave you feeling light, free and energized
  • Discard energies that are not the highest and best good for you..
  • Restore 100% life force energy
  • Release all environmental distortions in the way of you receiving your Divine guidance.
  • Make your Home-sweet-Home your Sacred space.
  • Bring in Love and the highest vibrations of Source energy in your Home.
  • Clear the Land and Foundation of your Sacred Home.
  • Receive guidance and direction from your Higher-Self/God/Source easily.
  • Flush your emotional, mental bodies to leave you feeling light & free!
  • Eliminate anger, dis-identify from your emotions.
  • Take back your Power, listen to your inner master, be yourself freely!
  • Root chakra – located at the perineum- Red color
  • Sacral chakra- Lower abdomen- Orange color
  • Solar Chakra- few inches above the navel- Yellow color
  • Heart Chakra – center of chest- Green color
  • Throat Chakra- middle of throat- Blue color
  • 3rd Eye- Brow Chakra- Indigo color
  • Crown Chakra- Top of head- Violet color
  • Feel more vibrant!
  • Raise your vibration and elevate your being to a higher level of consciousness.
  • Facilitate your Higher-Self merging completely with your body, mind and Spirit.
  • Mending Soul fragmentation from past lives to the present moment.
  • Upgrade your Upper Chakra’s to the Highest vibration of Source.
Free Bonus: A $20 Value!!!
Discover Sound Healing CD

You will receive:

“Soul Embodyment – Merging with Your Higher Self” Program

Bonus: “Discover Sound Healing CD” (MP3)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $111

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page
Package B
Everything in Package A
Plus!!! One “30 minute” Session per person!
Higher Self Integration Session!

One 30 minute session is allowed per customer as a one-time new customer trial session. You Cannot combine more than one program special offer.

All sessions must be booked within 90 days of the purchase date.

  • 100% Spirit Restoration
  • Align yourself to your souls purpose.
  • Open and clear blockages in your energy centers.
  • Activations of your pineal & pituitary glands.
  • Expansion of your Aura
  • Removal of Non-physical entities
  • Energetic infusion of higher vibrational loving energy.
  • Flush out energetic debris and discordant energies from your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • Ask any questions

You will receive:

– 30min Higher Self Integration Session!

“Soul Embodyment – Merging with Your Higher Self” Program

Bonus: “Discover Sound Healing CD” (MP3)

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $187

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page
Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.
What others are saying about Dawn Crystal
I have purchased 2 of your packages-Total Body Rejuvenation and Anti Aging both from the Eram show and I think they are brilliant!

I think your work is outstanding and I have done much spiritual and energetic work.

Thank you for your pure openness and generosity of spirit!

Much love and light, Michelle

I have purchased 3 of Dawns programs and had a session with her. I cannot encourage anyone enough to participate in her wonderful healing love and beautiful vibrations. I felt so much energy and love from Source through her I was floating. Speaking with her I felt as I was talking to my long lost sister. She is a beautiful wonderful, truly loving lady. I am grateful that she shares her beautiful gift with us. I am grateful she has helped me remove my blocks.

Many Blessings, Shawn H.

It has been quite a journey since you helped me embody my soul, April 20th. A lot of deep clearing since you removed the implant etc.I feel a lot lighter and freer to Be me. I still feel like I am detoxing every morning, as I wake up feeling hung over every morning with skull and neck/shoulder pain shifting and moving. Thank you so much! No one else was able to do what you have done for me. Katherine

I purchased Dawn’s Total Body Rejuvenation and her Anti-Aging Packages. I first purchased the Anti-Aging package and noticed improvement in my back after listening for a couple of days. Then I heard about her Total Body Rejuvenation a few weeks later, while I was still working my way through the Anti-Aging package, and switched over to it. I also had a personal session with Dawn. I have noticed some other shifts, particularly in my knees. Other things seem to be taking longer, but it seems like the energy keeps working and I feel like with more time, other things will improve as well. During my personal session, I really appreciated Dawn’s loving presence. Bonnie

My first private session with Dawn Crystal had a profound impact on how I feel. I’d had other energy clearing before her, but none got to such a deep level. She restored the energy that had been drained away from me and I could sense and feel my own energy for the first time. Since then I’ve been using the Whole Body clearing meditations every morning. When I had the flu I used the “clearing the throat and lungs” module and I believe this really kept my symptoms manageable. It’s a beautiful, easy, and relaxing way to start my day!

Thank you! JM, Maryland

Dear Dawn I loved the mp3s specially the youth elixir , i have been using the program for 2 days now and i noticed that i feel more energized, my skin looks radiant .. really exited to have the session with you. much love and blessings. Rabab

About Dawn Crystal
Dawn Crystal, a recognized Voice Sound Healer, Medical Intuitive, respected Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Reader, Medium, Pain Release Expert and Best-selling Author- (Pain Free Made Crystal Clear!), is known as a LEADING TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERT incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success.

Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages, so they can manifest from their higher selves, step into their full potential, and lead their lives and businesses in ways that align effectively with their souls’ purpose.

Dawn helps her clients to release themselves quickly from pain, emotional and physical, and she is an active mentor for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and celebrities, helping everyone! Dawn is the “go-to” person to get out of pain fast, in minutes!

Dawn participates regularly on global teleseminars, radio shows and podcasts. Dawn was recently interviewed by the Today Show, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, The View,etc. Dawn hosts her own radio show, Pain Free Fast & Easy! on the News for the Soul Network.

Dawn’s unique sound healing CD has been purchased by clients around the globe, and she is available on both phone and Skype, as well as teleseminars.

Dawn lives a peaceful life on Maui, along with her adorable dog, Hoku.

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