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Everyday Mystic and is known as “The Healers’ Healer”

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Our Soul Evolution & Enlightenment Codes

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The power to create something new begins with leaving the past behind to create space and allow something new to surface and awaken within. That something new is ancient within you. The truth of your essence.
Frequency Holder are you ready?!!

Spirit has shown me the matrix of the new Earth that is waiting to be birthed this synergy lies within the imaginal cells of your blueprint.
It is time to remember the future to create it now.

Awaken Your Codes to the Full Unbridled Potential
Are you ready to……

  • Remember and anchor the Beauty of who you are?
  • Be your sovereign self?
  • Release from the chaotic Mind of Humanity?
  • Be free from sabotaging patterns?
This is the series made for you!!
You will feel supported and given tools to Disconnect from the Mind Matrix.
So you can Create with all your accumulated knowledge


Inner Awakened Mastery – Awaken Your Code Series


PACKAGE A + 30 minute 1 on 1 session


11-day Awakening Transmission Retonements


Awaken Your Codes
Be Embraced by New Earth
Are you ready to restore your divine birthright and reclaim a balanced life, peace and success in all areas of your life?

Do you know you are a frequency holder and it’s time to be supported!!! Receiving these downloads, adjusts your Blueprint with awakening the dormant codes, through your cells, acknowledging and transforming, through the agreements you personally made. We have held these codes for the moment, planned.

The Invitation

Come play with me and receive the upgrades

  • We anchor the Codes of Creation and receive the Cosmic Rays
  • We as a collective move past the limitations of this contained universe.
  • We awaken remembering our Inner Awakened Master self.
  • Embrace your Divinity with me as your sacred witness!
This series contains approximately 8 hours of channeled guidance,“Light Language transmission with “I Am” Retonement Healing frequencies. Receive supportive tools with practical exercises to help you reclaim your Light Codes to your Inner Awakened Mastery. To be the gift that you are!

You will receive Support with recordings of Energetic Transformative Transmissions and Sacred Teaching.
Plus ongoing support with live Group calls

Bring your energy into alignment and upgrade to the frequencies that are available now !!

Kimberly Crowe transmits a Field of potential to anchor higher dimensional octaves into sacred embodiment utilizing her

Inner Awakened Mastery(I AM) Retonements transmissions.

The”I AM” Retonements are Transmissions and Activations that clear out the distorted matrices that are in the 3D illusion so that you can embody the true essence that you are. Kimberly works deeply within the Soul contracts, energetic structures and cellular memories to clear out the root causes of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks so you may reclaim wisdom, and empowerment of your Master Self.

The transmissions within these recordings support the truth of your divine self.

Like others, you may experience from these IAM Retonements:

  • clarity about your life choices and directions
  • more inner peace
  • release of struggles and fears
  • remembering your Divine Blueprint
  • divinely guided inspiration

Your Support Package Includes

  • 13 mp3s with Timeless teaching and Transmissions
  • 3 Live Q&A support calls. Calls are recorded as Mp3 and embedded with the transmissions
  • Total Access to 16 Mp3s including calls
  • More ongoing support private FB group

Inner Awakened Mastery

Awaken Your Code Series

Kimberly’s Inner Awakened Mastery programs with her signature “I AM” Retonements” are based on powerful Alchemical Synergy that is palatable throughout the teaching transmissions. She works with the group energy of the “Greater Aspect”. The “Greater Aspect’s” empowering wisdom are uploaded with transmissions within this series that builds upon itself. The sportive teaching and healing frequencies upgrade all levels of awareness, build a foundation of restoring the divine self, collapsing the distorted matrices within the mind to reclaim and utilize your energy for your full potential. The recordings are embedded Light Code Language which bypasses the intellectual mind and communicates directly with the Soul, Heart and Physical Body of the recipient. This speaks to the spiritual self to repair the Light Body and upgrade the octaves to the most beneficial potential.

MP3 #1

Awaken Your Code Series Intro

What’s happening on earth and with humanity’s consciousness???

This mp3 is an Introductory to the Awaken Your Code series. The series was recorder for the high gravitational portals that are happening now. This introduction goes into the explanations of the present energy that is available from the cosmos for your support.

Includes Explanations of 2 Process

  • How to Disconnect from the Mind Construct
  • Entering into your Awareness Triangle within the Sacred Chamber

MP3 #2

Disconnect from the Mind Matrix

The Greater Aspect showed me the Mind Matrices of Humanity’s Conciseness and and gifted me with this process of how to disconnect from the frequency of the chaotic mind. This enables to embody your own psychic awareness to utilize to it to it’s highest potential.

MP3 #3

The Empath Healing Temple

This mp3 We enter into the Healing Temple of the Sacred Empath

We connect to the sacred inner child allowing it to be embraced and received as the gift that it came to be for humanity. Opening the high heart and release the trauma and grid from the wounded heart freeing the empath from the crazies of the world. We release generational survivor codes an earth the beauty and power of the Sacred Empath and the truth of its Holy gift

MP3 #4

The Timeline of Miscreations

This Teaching discuses the time that we are in Now to clear Creation from the past of miscreation by traveling to the unlimited potential. Understanding miscreation and concepts around the truth of DNA activation to move beyond the overwhelm of this timline or the old parallels. How to connect to the healing temple timelines to clear the miscreation bandwiths to restore harmony.

MP3 #5

Healing Journey To Heal Miscreation

I AM Retonement Process Supports you to:

Feel the support from spirit Activating the high heart. We dive deep into the mind constructs of humanity, personal,family and DNA mind constructs to heal from the past miscreations to embody the full potential of creativity

Opening the heart and throat from the time it was disconnected from the trauma of non acceptance. Healing the miscreations spoken to you and by you

Heal the lineage miscreations clearing out the distortions within humanities DNA strands and take a soul bath with the divine.

MP3 #6

Releasing the Disapproval Matrix

This mp3 shares the teaching of how the Disapproval Mind Matrix is embedded within humanity’s consciousness.. Discussion around how this was revealed to me from the Greater Aspect and understanding the reaction that is created within the emotional and mental constructs within your own system. How it blocks the intuitive flashes. This matrix puts you into slow motion and replay of the past. It utilizes your personal energy to stay alive in your source codes. Understanding the reflection to release the matrix and clearing form the central nervous system and the dendrites of the brain waves.

MP3 #7

Healing Temple to Clear the Disapproval Matrix

I Am Retonement supports you to:

Feel the Cosmic rays surround us as we enter the Healing temple to disengage from the disapproval energy. Your systems are cleansed from the false survival codes as we reconnect to the truth of your own intuitive flashes of your own source codes. We banish it from our consciousness and close the access point. Release the woooops energy of miscreation. The Karmic board itself opens the gates and clears the pathways. Clear the anger and resentment that bound the frequencies.

Receive the upgrade of acknowledgment love and support from Gaia.

MP3 #8

The Temple of New Earth

This mp3 was recorded during the sacred balance of the Equinox. Teaching discussion involves The invitation of the New World from your authentic self. Releasing the perception of the mind of projection. Embodying the zero point and utilizing the energies to anchor in the New World. The transmission opens to be anointed by the frequency of the new earth herself . We receiver full unbridled potential and meet the spirit of New Earths dirt itself. Feel the energy of the completion receive the vitality of the new. When you feel it in your cells you will manifest it.

I Am Retonement supports you to:

We enter into the healing Temple of New earth clearing the old energy concepts within the DNA stands that is no longer appropriate for you NOW, Connect to your own authentic self the truth of who you came to be. Release that which no longer dreams the dream. Receive support to harvest your accumulated knowledge to use in the New earth consciousness.

MP3 #9

Entering the Lions gate

This mp3 was recorded during portals of planetary shifts. The frequency of the ancients is encoded within the recording. The teaching explains the energies of this auspicious time. This is an opportunity to embody the understanding of the planetary support given to release parallel timelines that you created from regrets. How to use the exalted planetary energy for your most beneficial pathway. How to connect to the inner flame of harmony and embrace your own eternal beauty and harmony.

MP3 #10

Lions gate healing temple journey

I AM Retonement supports you to:

We enter into the life force energy and connect to the eternal flame of balance and disconnect from the mind matrix as we connect to the omni essence of beauty. Journey into our own inner balance and harmony. Connect to the Divine child as you are supported by the Cosmic rays of creation. Activate your Divine sparkle. Anchor the most beneficial timeline for now. Clear out the energy of mistrust and deception. Connect to your all knowing that has witnessed all of your beauty and understands your grace and harmony. Clear the implant of distortion of the inner reflection of true divine self. Clear the energies of self mutational to be accepted by others and free yourself form the game of manipulation.

MP3 #11

Temple of Harmony

This mp3 was recorded during the 88 Portal. We receive the Ray of Harmony and grace from our own creation codes as the inner child clears the dis approval frequency. Release the Mind constructs and activate the golden spiral of your own Trinity codes. Opening the frequency of divine truth clearing the traumas that have been spoken in all timelines. Balance the cerebellum charka opening and balancing the energy systems. Receive the frequency from the cosmic rays and release the God codes that no longer serve. Receicve the Divine synchronizes and align your Destiny codes.

MP3 #12

The Shift :The Point of Totality

After the 2017 Total Eclipse the Greater Aspect shared theses teachings about the shift that occurred in humanity consciousness. They introduced me to the spheres of creation and the controllers within the Mind Matrix. Who they are their roles and how to disconnect the release from the mind matrix controllers. This awareness will Free you to go into the the high heart with a freepass to connect to the future self empowerment

MP3 #13

Point of Totality Healing Temple

I AM Retonement supports you to:

Release from the Constructs of the Controllers deception, manipulation and enter into the truth of your knowledge. Clear the parts of the shadow and receive healing for wander. The aspect of the wander that has No place; fragmented from other times. Be downloaded with what it feels like to be at HOME in this DNA body existences. Reconnect the DNA strands, heal to utilize the knowledge. Healing the DNA sequencing that is broader than human DNA, Release the soul from contracts that no longer serve to embody unity s Soul. Bring back the particles that where left in Soul trauma and to be your whole light.

Receive the Creation Codes

Three Live Group Calls: 60-90 minutes

Teachings and Ascension upgrades for your support!

Kimberly Crowe facilitates the activation of your Soul Enlightenment Codes within your Divine Blueprint with Infusions from the Divine. These calls are created for the forerunners who are ready to be the portals of the divine plan within your remembrance carried within your Soul, physical and spiritual essence. The call will be channeled in real time. Call duration about an hour to 90mins and will be recorded. Format is Q&A followed by Kimberly leading group with a journey, opening the recording and beginning the work. Come release from the distorted matrices that hold you back and step into your Divine full potential!

Awaken your Soul Enlightenment Codes
Open The Doors To Your Enlightenment Codes
Create Planetary Change

These calls will be geared to the quantum field of the soul essence and infusion codes that are available for the highest benefit. Kimberly as guided by spirit will upload the group with retonements that will enhance the frequencies that are available now for you to support your divine alignment. We are all unique to our own Divine cellular structure of our templates of light. This work will clear the distorted pathways of the corrupted matrices. We will align with the frequencies of the Greater Aspect.

Receive More Ongoing Support

Access to Private FaceBook Group


You will receive:

Inner Awakened Mastery – Awaken Your Code Series:

  • 13 mp3s with Timeless teaching and Transmissions
  • 3 Live Q&A support calls
  • Calls are recorded as Mp3 and embedded with the transmissions
  • Total access to of 16 Mp3s
  • More ongoing support private FB group

Retail Value: $700

86% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page


Everything in Package A Plus

One on One Session with Kimberly Crowe

30min session with Kimberly Crowe

Kimberly Crowe is an Everyday Mystic and is known as “The Healers Healer.” She is the Sacred Witness to the Inner Awakened Mastery (“I Am”) Retonements. She is an internationally known visionary teacher, artist and transformational healer with 30 years’ experience. She can help you achieve your heart’s desires by tuning into, clearing and harmonizing your unique energy system. As guided by divine creator, Kimberly can tap directly into your soul to help you achieve your purpose and passions in life. With precise inner vision and loving compassion, Kimberly will work with you to identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances that have kept you limited. She can assist you in letting go of fear and negative thought patterns so you can truly live your most passionate and successful life! Kimberly witnesses the matrices of the Divine (and not so Divine). She uses this awareness to transmit multidimensional healing frequencies infused in Light Codes. She holds space to assist the awakening of your Mastery purpose for its highest expression, bypassing the rational mind and clearing obstacles to destiny embodiment.


You will receive:

  • 30 minute One on One session +

Inner Awakened Mastery – Awaken Your Code Series:

  • 13 mp3s with Timeless teaching and Transmissions
  • 3 Live Q&A support calls
  • Calls are recorded as Mp3 and embedded with the transmissions
  • Total access to of 16 Mp3s
  • More ongoing support private FB group

Retail Value: $840

83% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page
Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.


Awakening Transmission Retonements Grid

with Kimberly Crowe

Powerful 11-Day Journey of Retonement

Transmissions start December 12 until December 22 2018

This is an invitation of support to Awakening to your Divine Master Self.
Would you like to restore your divine birthright and reclaim a balanced life, peace and success  in all areas of your life?

I’m inviting you to receive and experience support .I serve as a sacred witness as a gateway keeper to of anchoring and sending pure Infinite Love Christed Transmissions.

What do you have to do?

Be ready to  open to love, wholeness and health as  true nature and let go of old stories that no longer serve  to reclaim  perfection with grace and love and ease.

During this 11-day journey we will activate the codes of your divine essence and anchor in the Crystalline DNA of Divine Love, rewriting and restoring your Lightbody to support optimal vitality physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
The Divine Mother Earth.. Gaia is here ready to support your transformation into the Love that you are.

Greater Aspect of  all there is, is here waiting for you to reclaim your accumulated wisdom.
I am here to support your Soul’s journey of remembering its true nature of light and love and all “you be” within the Christed light of love..
Your Divine essence self is waiting .

Are you Open to receive these transmissions?

What is a Retonement Transmission?

A Retonement Transmission is when the Greater Aspect of Divine truth, Gaia and I as a transmitter remotely and energetically send forth pristine waves of Divine Love from our Hearts into your Heart, purifying distortions and re-toning the awakening  of the Truth of your divine nature. I will embody and transmit a vibration of Light and with each transmission we invite and align your heart to receive infinite love.

What happens when I get a Retonement Transmission?Frequencies are available for all to open their hearts to receive more love and in so doing experience less distress in their lives. 

During these Retonement Transmissions a field of  infinite love is established within which you receive waves of pure Divine Love originating from the Greater Aspect ,the I Am Presence for the purpose of remembering and reclaiming your Awakened Master perfection.  This octave of light activates the Divine Love within you,  As a receiver you begin resonate with and hold this cohesive vibratory rate.  As your heart opens to the memory of your Truth you begin to live in greater health, abundance and clarity, relating to yourself and others more compassionately, peacefully and lovingly.

Each day for 11 consecutive days I will transmit the Retonement energy from my heart to your heart at 11:11 am EST. You do not need to do anything. Simply rest in the knowing that you are receiving this high vibration of pure Divine Love and it’ll be so.

 Do you need to do anything to receive these transmissions?

No, all you need is an open heart and the intention to receive these transmissions at any time you choose the energy will be present for you. At the designated time the frequency may be more apparent. Of course, it will be an additional benefit and blessing to yourself if you can sit quietly for 20 minutes while receiving and relax into your heart and open to these transmissions. However, please know, these transmissions do not require your attention in order to be effective. They are accessing your subconscious, unconscious and multi-dimensional levels of your Master Self and your Soul knows exactly what to do and what you need to receive within each transmission. Your divine Master Self will partner with Soul for what is perfect for you.


You will receive:

Awakening Transmission Retonements:

  • Powerful 11-Day Journey of Retonement
  • From December 12 to December 22, 2018

Retail Value: $88

63% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $33

What others are saying about Kimberly Crowe

Something I noticed, prior to your calls, the energies are downloaded and a feeling of receiving what will be revealed during the calls. Intense and powerful. Felt like being in the cosmos – a bit cold and yet tingling all over. Was bathed in this beautiful white light as my divine presence filling me with a sense of calm and peace. I noticed my 3rd eye being worked on but what felt so strange was this feeling of not perceiving my body as one would from a 3D point of view. The Grail and the Heart codes have re aligned / up leveled me yet to another level Josaine, France

The information was beautiful and inspiring, and you are simply amazing. I am most grateful for the opportunity to participate with you and this group of light workers. C.

While I was not able to get myself to participate on the ‘live’ call, am just now listening to the recording. [guess have been caught in the darkness]Hearing your voice and listening to your introduction is giving me feelings of hope and an upliftment I previously have not been feeling. Thank You SO much for who you are and what you do. Wow- thank you for saying ‘no’ to the hierarchy for permission and claiming your sovereignty and making it now possible for us to move beyond that ‘sealing’ and moving past the energies we have been held in .Oh my gosh… I have sure been needing help moving into a whole different consciousness ..Infinite Blessings. G.

I have had two private healing sessions with you and each one was profound.
The focus and integrity and healing energies coming through you definitely feels like the healing presence of God coming through you.
Thank you for all that you are and that you help to facilitate for the good of all open to receive……May you be blessed beyond measure. G.

I went into the session with heart and blood pressure issues. My father’s head appeared and it became obvious it was time to deal with an issue I had been putting off for years. My father had a narcissistic personality and my relationship with him has always been confrontational. After communicating with the inner child and releasing a lot of pain and bringing in understanding I was eventually able to release and integrate the issues. Fast forward to now: My blood pressure had been in normal range and I have not taken any medication;have e. Finally: the path that I have been traveling for 50+ years is gone. I used to be able to think of my father and would chew on the issues, building on the anger and making it larger. I cannot do that anymore.
Thanks Andrea

Just wanted to share my lovely experience of Kimberly working on me the other day. She cleared some events that occurred in utero that were both fearful and destabilizing to my soul. Afterwards I felt a great peace within me and a new compassion for my mother as a person on her own difficult life journey, as well as an unexpected tenderness when I”accidentally” stumbled across some old pictures of her a few days later that I hadn’t looked at in years. All in all, a very successful session! Katherine R.

I worked with Kimberly at a time of tremendous change in my life. I found her healing energies amazing, she was insightful and quick to laugh. Kimberly is a outstanding healer who was a facilitator in bringing forth a new platform for me of my divine purpose. I am so grateful for this teacher, healer, visionary…she is pure love. Karen

Kim Crowe is my go to healer. She’s tuned in and when she works on you she doesn’t just make you feel better. She removes the bothersome problem and counsels you on how to keep it from returning. I’ve taken her classes. Been in her sessions. And had one on one support through her gifts. She’s talented. Hard working. Ethical and a joy to know in every way. Scott Vaughn

Dear Kimberly, Today I felt so inspired to write you a thank you note. Thank you for sharing all of your gentle caring, and grace that shines from your loving, beautiful heart, and for all of your awesome and incredible healing energy you resonate, and for all of your humble, strong Spirit led words of wisdom, my mentor, bringing guidance on my path of growing stronger in Spirit, deeper in wisdom, and more at peace. Celebrating the wonderful person you are! You are a true healer in every aspect, mind, body, and Spirit, and you are such a wonderful blessing for me and many others you have shared your gifts. I am grateful for Gods own way of sending you to me. I truly know “Gods Love”, because I know you!
Love, Carolyn Dillard


Awaken Your Code Series

(Total access to of 16 Mp3s + Private Fb Group)

Retail Value: $700

86% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $97


30min 1 on 1 session +

Inner Awakened Mastery – Awaken Your Code Series

Retail Value: $840

83% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $147


Awakening Transmission Retonements:

Powerful 11-Day Journey of Retonement

Retail Value: $88

63% Off

Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $33

2-Payments Plan available at the Checkout Page
Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the personal session–whichever comes first.
About Kimberly Crowe
Kimberly Crowe is an Everyday Mystic and is known as “The Healers’ Healer”.

She is the Sacred Witness to the Inner Awakened Mastery (“I Am”) Retonements. She is an internationally known visionary teacher, artist and transformational healer with 30 years’ experience Kimberly witnesses the matrices of the Divine (and not so Divine). She uses this awareness to transmit multidimensional healing frequencies infused in Light Codes. She holds space to assist the awakening of your Mastery purpose for its highest expression, bypassing the rational mind and clearing obstacles to destiny embodiment. Kimberly’s transformational “I Am” retonements are received from Greater Aspect and gifted to humanity. These retonements speak directly to your core essence, activating DNA and allowing your Master Self to retone your individualized energy signature. Kimberly’s sessions accelerate life-changing solutions by transcending destructive energetic matrices so that your divine essence is fully empowered.

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