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Package A

3 Group Power Healings *NEW CLIENTS ONLY*

Package B

5 Group Power Healings *NEW CLIENTS ONLY*

Package C

1 hour Individual Session *NEW CLIENTS ONLY*

Package D

3 Group Power Healings + 1 Hour Individual Session – *NEW CLIENTS ONLY*

Package E

5 Group Power Healings + 1 Hour Individual Session – *NEW CLIENTS ONLY*

Package F

Self-Inquiry and Discernment Series – *AVAILABLE TO ALL CLIENTS*Learn more 






Ambujam’s Gifts Work With The Sacred Healing Powers Of Group Wisdom, Intention And Grace.

Everyone’s Soul history, through today’s current life-themes, holds key wisdom for healing and freedom for all.

The combined power of the participants’ true desire to know and heal themselves opens the gates of Grace, granting access to accelerated healing energies and higher consciousness.

This accelerated healing consciousness energizes the truth within each participant, revealing the wisdom needed, helping participants awaken and heal at a rapid rate.

Old complex energy patterns instantly release, personal and world karma reconciles, self-embodiment anchors and the rightful path of each participant is support-ed.

Group Power Healing is here to help YOU awaken, heal and embody as fast as possible.


Personal Healing Accelerates
Inner Knowing Awakens
Your Rightful Path Supported

  • Group wisdom brings significant, missing pieces of information to your personal issues and life-themes.
  • Your true self is magnified and reinforced.
  • Your system’s capacity to heal itself strengthens and expands.
  • Core ego identities and stuck, repetitive emotional patterns reveal and effortlessly let go.
  • Your personal karma reconciles and balances.
  • New, present choices are made, manifesting through you multidimensionally.
  • You’re leaped forward into your next levels of healing, awakening, self-embodiment and rightful path.


  • Each GPH meets YOU on your path of healing, self-awareness, embodiment and expression of purpose.
  • Each GPH is one-of-a-kind, addressing the in-common life themes, awakening and rightful paths of all attending.
  • Spirit brings understanding and instant energetic releases to your past self, anchoring you into the True Self.


  • The call is muted except for Ambujam’s voice.
  • Ambujam begins by explaining the instructions for the session.
  • You relax and receive the healing for the first 60-70 minutes as Ambujam narrates the specific details of the healing.
  • When the healing is complete, Ambujam opens up the Q&A to answer any questions about the healing.


Call In Live Or Receive Healings Via Proxy

  • Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Sessions are done over conference call and include a free recording.
  • You will automatically receive all sessions via proxy. (Proxy: receiving all healing energies, leaps forward and support for your rightful path without attending the live calls.)
  • It’s your choice to join the live calls.
  • Call instructions emailed 30 minutes before all sessions.
  • Call-in from: Mobile, Land Line, Skype, Web, Free APP for iOS devices and Android, Local International Numbers.


  • Root causes of present and past-life emotional patterns.
  • Karmic choices and behaviors.
  • Past and present Soul-significant relationships.
  • Notions of self and life.
  • Physical/emotional/spiritual traumas.
  • Family/generational/lineage ways of being.
  • Physical pain patterns.
  • Abuse/Enslavements.
  • Sexual trauma.
  • Rooted identities.
  • Funky-weird stuff challenging to name/stop/understand.
The Groups have supported and affirmed my growth in ways that I can only describe as miraculous. Each time I have participated in one, the energy and information that comes through is exactly what is currently up in my life that needs to be looked at and cleared. The process is gentle yet powerful and although it is a group healing, it feels as though Spirit is addressing me as an individual; this makes me feel supported and loved as I know others are more than likely having the same experience. Linda, FL

Ambujam Group Power Healings are powerful, transformational, fun and truly healing. The energy and information received have helped me grow immensely in all areas of life. Ambujam has magnificent gifts that she shares in rich and rewarding ways in her Group Power Healing sessions. I highly recommend working with Ambujam. Riquelle, CA


Quicken Awareness
Free Core Issues Fast
Reinforce Your Truth Within
Support Your Rightful Path

  • Free original, multi-dimensional complex energy patterns.
  • Complete past Soul choices and agreements.
  • Heal Soul-significant relationships.
  • Energize and activate your trueself and rightful path.


Your Being, Spirit, And Divine Grace Guide And Regulate All Sessions.

  • Sessions serve the highest priorities of your awakening, embodiment and rightful path in each moment.
  • Sessions energize, activate and support your knowing, true-self and rightful path.
  • Sessions bring karmic resolution, balance and accelerated leaps forward.
  • Sessions free and heal original Soul-agreements, multi-dimensional patterns and relationship dynamics.


Ambujam Sees Your Significant Past And Present Life Experiences In Microscopic Detail To Provide ‘Root Cause Awareness’

  • For you to know what’s foundationally motivating your situations, feelings about yourself and relationship dynamics. To help you reclaim YOUR power of knowing, self responsibility and freedom of choice, creating core forward movements.

Ambujam Sees Your Unresolved Emotional And Karmic Patterns That Are Energizing Your Situations And Ways Of Being Today.

  • You’re taught how to heal, reconcile and complete life-themes faster so you can move on and get on with things!

Ambujam Seed The Complexities Of How You’re Awakening, Helping You Understand And Let Go Of Your Old Self To Embody Your True Self.

  • Ambujam helps you navigate your path of accelerated healing and awakening as the truth within you continues unfolding and calling you forward.


Sessions Are Done Via Conference Call

  • Call-in instructions are emailed after session is scheduled and Ambujam’s Session Policies & Guidelines Agreement form has been received.
  • Sessions include a free recording via Dropbox to download and save to your computer and mobile devices.
  • Call-in from: Mobile, Landline, Skype, Web, Free App For iOS Devices and Android, Local International Numbers.
Ambujam’s sessions have been a vehicle for the voice and presence of God which has cut through layers of resistance to the depth of my soul providing me with truth and grace. Carol, CA

Ambujam is truly one of a kind. No one I have encountered matches her insight, compassion, and dedication to her clients. There will definitely be a shift in your life once you have been a client. G.R. CA

00 Intro:

  • Spirit has created this series for you to have direct, experiential inquiry into the nature of your mind emotions and heart.
  • Discern the difference between mental thoughts, emotional reactions and heart centered choice and action.
  • Experience for yourself what the differences are and how to make choices that support, feed and nurture your path.
  • Every recording includes a short healing to support your embodiment and discernment.

01 Mind:

  • The first recording focuses on brining your attention to the mind and its ideas of what the answers are to your question.
  • You’ll get to know the mind’s energy, characteristics and qualities.
  • Spirit will then bring healing, clearing and awakening to the mind.

02 Emotions:

  • The second recording focuses on the emotions and what they feel you should do about your question.
  • You’ll get to know their energies, characteristics and qualities.
  • Spirit will then bring healing, clearing and awakening to the emotions.

03 Heart:

  • The third recording focuses on the heart.
  • You’ll get to know your heart’s energy, characteristics and qualities and what the heart’s guidance is and feels like to your question.
  • Spirit will then bring healing, clearing and awakening to the heart area.

04 Overall Healing, Clearing, Support:

  • In the forth recording Spirit does an overall clearing, support, healing, balancing and anchoring you into yourself and your heart.
  • Spirit brings through the energetics of clarity and discernment for continued support.

Package A

3 Group Power Healings

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $90

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Package B

5 Group Power Healings

Regular Price: $250

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $150

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Package C

1 hour Individual Session

Regular Price: $358

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $100

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Package D

3 Group Power Healings + 1 Hour Individual Session

Regular Price: $508

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $190

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Package E

5 Group Power Healings + 1 Hour Individual Session

Regular Price: $608

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $250

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Package F

“Self-Inquiry and Discernment Series 2018”

Regular Price: $97

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Special for “Your Divine Uniqueness”: $57

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What others are saying about Ambujam
Group Power Healing Testimonials:
The Group Power Healings I’ve receive from Ambujam have been very powerful and transformative. The topics and themes of the healings are always in alignment with exactly what I’m dealing with. I feel like I’m receiving a private session! I usually have shifts during the healing, but then later in the night either in dreams or a subconscious state I have insights, realizations, energetic shifts, transformation, and awakening. Ambujam is a very powerful energetic healer. I’m grateful for her work. Tricia, CA

Ambujam has an incredible gift. I’ve known and worked with her for 10 years now. She is able to do group sessions for an unlimited number of people simultaneously. Something magical happens so that the Group Power Healings are always relevant to whatever is most needed for me. She is able to gently facilitate awakening and deep healing. It’s amazing how much is accomplished in just one Group Power Healing session! Anna, MA

I have participated in Group Power Healings remotely due to time zones. Surprisingly, it doesn’t matter as the empowering energy, support and healing happen exactly as it is meant to. It is a very profound and deep support, which is incredibly helpful. Please try it for yourself, you will be transformed. Fi, UK

Individual Session Testimonials:
Ambujam’s work doesn’t magically ‘heal’ from the outside. Rather, she has an amazing ability to penetrate veils of unconsciousness and empower you to access your own inner healer in a profound and life changing way. I find working with her to be an invaluable support on my journey. Jai, CA

Ambujam is a great gift to humankind. She is a very clear vehicle, which makes her one of the rare effective energetic healers. Anke, NV

Before I went to see Ambujam I felt stuck in my path as a healer. Ambujam was amazing in pruning all the branches on my tree of life that no longer served me. After the session I felt like I was flying in my new body. I had never felt such a true presence in my body before. Her accuracy has propelled me forward in my journey. Thank you for pruning my soul…I needed it. Staci, NY

About Ambujam Rose
Ambujam is a Self-Embodiment Guide & Healer. She sees where you are on the path and helps you stay on the path. You’re asked to own your choices, reconcile karma and be who you are.

Ambujam sees multi-dimensionally, zooming into the original roots of life-themes, situations, relationships and how you experience yourself. Your knowing partners with Ambujam’s gifts, freeing patterns to their core, propelling you on your rightful path.

Ambujam’s sessions & Group Power Healings have accelerated the path to freedom for over 27 years. Her dedication to embodying her own path continuously creates her work to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity. She works with large groups, individuals, businesses, couples, families, teens, children and animals.

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